Alt Danzig - Kirovograd

The chapter for this village is Bessarabia & Dobrudscha Chapter (BESS)

Village Coordinator: Curt Renz

  • Region: Black Sea
  • Area: Kherson
  • District:
  • Rayon:
  • Founded: 1787
  • Religion: Evangelical
  • Location: 32/48 Stumpp Map
  • Longitute and Latitude:
  • Parish:
  • German Name: Alt Danzig
  • Russian Name: Anienskaja/Annenskaja
  • Ukrainian Name:

from Giesinger book/page 94; "Among the earliest of the German Black Sea colonies, more or less isolated from the rest, were the following:

1. Alt Danzig, the earliest of all, 15 versts southwest of Elisabethgrad (Kirovograd), founded 1787;" from the Stummp book/page 952; "50 Fam. kamen aus der Gegend von Danzig-West-Presßen. Ein Teil gestorven a=und abewandert in die Schwedenkolonien. — Es bliev ein Rest von 19 Fam. Dazu kamen 1803 10 Fam. aus dem Kr. Bittau/Pom." 

From Catherine to Khruschev by Dr. Adam Giesinger (page 94)
The Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763 – 1862 by Karl Stumpp (page 952)

Village History - 1848

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