Privacy Policy

  1. GRHS Youth Committee Contact information:
    Youth Committee email  
  2. The GRHS Youth Committee does not collect any information as to visitors to our site.   The only information collected by the GRHS Youth Committee is the information provided by students entering the essay contest to the GRHS Youth Committee, which does not distribute that information in any way.  Further, the GRHS Youth Committee does not use that information in any way not directly related to corresponding with entrants to the contest as it pertains to their entry in that year’s contest.
  3. The GRHS Youth Committee does not share any information concerning winners of the Essay Contest with any entity outside of the GRHS organization without first obtaining written permission from each contest winner as to what, if any, information they would like released.
  4. NO entrant in the GRHS Essay Contest will ever be enrolled to receive extraneous emails and/or solicitations of any kind.  Any correspondence from the GRHS Youth Committee will be directly related to the GRHS Essay Contest, and shall include an option to remove themselves from the distribution list for the Essay Contest.