Letters from United States - South Dakota

Letters written by our ancestors that lived in South Dakota, USA

Surname Letters
Abel us2069
Aberle us1316 us1393 us5239 us5614 us5615
Ackermann us2 us4706
Adam us394
Adams us5714
Adle us4261
Adler us259 us631 us704 us730 us1051 us1244 us1330 us1438 us1521 us1651 us1704 us1716 us1792 us2010 us2065 us2656 us2657 us2778 us2904 us2955 us5040 us5592 us5714 us5769 us6297 us6413 us6451 us6695
Ahl us1182 us5909
Aifenbrey us4761
Aipperspach us5909
Aisenbrey us5903
Aktoersky us4705
Aldinger us2651
Allerdings us2
Alwin us4403
Aman us6064
Amann us4167
Anonymous us1243 us2692
Arbeite us4981
Arsenbrey us4853
Arzt us5040
Axtmann us858 us2475 us2518 us2746 us2797 us2851 us3509 us5661 us5684 us5737 us5788 us6150
B back to the top
B. us4704
Bachmann us731 us1578 us1637 us1648 us1720 us1976 us2013 us2014 us2948 us5714 us5903
Bachmayer us5920
Baer us281 us282 us587 us767 us1250 us1316 us1534 us1795 us2401 us2499 us2656 us2657 us2904 us3194 us3336 us3506 us4218 us5634 us5642
Baerr us4010
Baetsch us5705 us5796
Baeumgaertner us5983
Baeumgärtner us5661
Balliet us2
Bamgartner us5386
Banz us3028
Bar us513
Barth us2 us4789
Barthle us1216
Bauder us2
Bauer us857 us1316 us3485 us3619 us4764 us5059 us5104 us5935
Baumann us3199 us5582 us5972
Baumgaertner us3867 us4241 us4271 us5960 us6018
Baumgarten us5916
Baumgartner us6150 us6154 us6159
Baumstark us273 us716 us1246 us1781 us2659 us2854
Bech us5032
Bechtholt us1182
Bechtle us733
Beck us2692 us2850
Becker us281 us3164 us5615 us5970 us6632
Beebe us797 us6695
Beierle us5314
Beihard us1576
Beinenfett us2188
Bell us5744
Bendemann us5337
Bender us1182 us1347 us1534 us2401 us2938 us3164 us3765 us4765 us5289 us5303 us5473 us5735 us6093 us6095 us6598
Benfet us6046
Benfit us6507
Bentz us1182 us4702 us4703 us4789
Benz us85 us1182 us2700 us3164
Bereth us771
Berg us5933
Beringer us3060
Berkins us3624
Bernhard us2386
Berreth us1046 us1366 us1776 us2112 us2293 us2497 us2661 us3754 us3822 us4707 us5933
Bertsch us16 us228 us290 us3127 us3159 us3200 us5428 us5935 us5959
Bes us731
Betsch us16 us3655
Betz us1779
Beutelspacher us2
Bichle us5340
Bichler us775 us874 us898 us1122 us2746 us6507
Bickel us3623
Bieber us5289 us5783 us5957
Biegler us6063
Biel us2
Bielbauer us3623
Bielhauer us2293
Bier us2
Biereck us2854
Bierig us1574
Bietz us4749 us5601
Bill us2651
Binder us6846
Binfeit us5614
Binfet us6049 us6063 us6069 us6154
Binfeth us6849
Binfett us91 us381 us3708 us5296 us5650 us5681
Binset us1676
Binsett us1021
Bippus us2
Birnbaum us5650
Bischke us85 us364 us653 us771 us1030 us1046 us1182 us1366 us1776 us2112 us2135 us2293 us2322 us2386 us2497 us2529 us2561 us2589 us2647 us2661 us2778 us2849 us2850 us2905 us2945 us3028 us3121 us3159 us3467 us3485 us3509 us3510 us3511 us3619 us3623 us3667 us3754 us3822 us3839 us3840 us4144 us4167
Bissart us3667
Bitterman us1269
Bittermann us6068
Bitz us513 us2010 us2089 us2652 us2890 us2957 us3623 us5340 us5735 us5972 us6005
Black us858 us3341
Bland us5643
Blando us811 us900 us1397 us1881 us2231 us2794 us2890 us3108 us4676 us4906 us5190 us5386 us5657 us5661
Blank us4650
Blanko us540 us2652
Blechner us2652
Bleile us5653
Boas us5627
Bockemaier us5297
Boeger us2651
Boepple us2692
Boese us6137
Boeshans us2651
Boess us2797 us4650
Bogenmeier us5473
Bohle us85 us771 us2561 us2661 us2850 us3028 us3159
Bohnet us5947
Bolling us2647
Bollinger us1046 us1182 us1465 us2112 us2497 us2589 us2661 us2905 us3028 us3509 us3623 us3667 us4167
Borchert us3708
Borke us4490
Borman us1944
Bormann us282
Boros us1905
Borschank us5681
Borssart us2854
Bosch us974 us1091 us1717 us3199 us6154
Boschee us5929
Boschmann us2850
Bossert us3754
Bottum us381
Brandel us1541 us5684
Braun us16 us281 us767 us1355 us1534 us1663 us1704 us1824 us1880 us2065 us2401 us2938 us2957 us3109 us3353 us3506 us3535 us3546 us4404 us4558 us4650 us5025 us5190 us5325 us5409 us5592 us5598 us5614 us5650 us5653 us5681 us5695 us5698 us5721 us5731 us5735 us5972 us5985 us6029 us6150 us6507 us6609
Braunagel us630 us1792 us2904
Braunstein us704 us2956 us5481 us5650 us6009
Brein us5627
Breitling us2697
Brendel us3707 us4983 us5611
Brenneise us5283
Brenner us2
Brick us6019
Brigham us1155
Brinster us282 us513
Broffart us5968
Brofy us2497
Broitzmann us6019
Brosart us4725
Bross us2066
Brossart us1534 us2586 us2652 us4979 us5717 us6315
Brotzel us228 us1072 us1122 us1285 us1332 us1373 us1490 us1536 us2015 us2039 us2229 us2365 us2396 us2473 us2474 us2498 us2517 us2530 us2648 us2660 us2745 us2779 us2780 us2794 us2851 us2946 us2949 us3041 us3122 us3123 us3457 us3526 us3535 us4151 us5568
Brown us6131
Bruckhardt us5190
Brunlienmeier us2849
Bucher us3839
Buchholz us5240
Buchmeier us228 us1718
Buckemeier us644 us1093 us3526
Buckmeier us966 us2530 us4906
Buechler us281 us282 us381 us731 us841 us2065 us2656 us2797 us2854 us3163 us3195 us3336 us3546 us3913 us3989 us4010 us4404 us4650 us4996 us5296 us5627 us5634 us5721 us5738 us5771 us5772 us5783 us5901 us5932 us5970 us6009
Buehl us3867
Bulach us4610 us5415 us5482 us5556
Bullach us513 us1051 us1155 us1858 us2284 us2854 us2856 us4190 us4559 us5769 us6049
Burford us1445
Burgad us966 us1243 us1245 us1246 us2392 us2851 us2890
Burgard us1523 us2745 us3105
Burghardt us5948
Burkard us1445
Burkart us3164
Burkat us5705
Burkhard us116 us228 us345 us528 us681 us756 us840 us1093 us1653 us1881 us2187 us2230 us2370 us3759 us5396 us5534 us5960
Burkhardt us1245 us3164 us5322 us5581 us5664
Burkhart us1246 us1709 us2798 us2949 us3004 us3041 us3061 us5340 us6018
Burkhartsmeier us1335 us1625
Burlat us2778
Butsch us2780 us2946
Butz us4762
C back to the top
Carwin us2651
Christianson us799 us2651
Christie us2498
Clemens us3755
D back to the top
Daenzer us2651
Daeschel us3106 us5414
Daeschle us704 us1882 us2947 us2954 us4635 us5313 us5582 us5601 us5705 us5744 us5776 us5782 us5972 us6846
Daeschner us4261 us4650 us5714
Dahlmann us228 us1880 us2474
Dais us5960 us5968
Dalke us2
Dallmann us5687
Daniel us53 us3909
Danilenko us2
Darian us5012
Dascher us1796
Degenstein us5970 us6044
Dehringer us5776
Deiber us4020
Deibert us273 us281 us438 us681 us840 us1242 us1246 us1316 us1334 us1500 us1525 us2065 us2187 us2201 us2229 us2230 us2474 us2655 us2660 us2745 us2794 us2851 us2949 us3043 us3123 us3196 us3458 us3535 us3707 us5456 us5657 us5695 us5705 us5728 us5772 us5947 us5970
Deichner us2891
Deis us1605 us6154 us6776 us6849
Deiss us5681
Delzer us85 us771 us5935
Delzer, us3667
Dennert us6695
Derian us5516 us5717 us5970
Deringan us3109
Deringer us6154
Derion us1242 us6029
Derran us6150
Dersam us5714
Derzapf us2530 us2648 us5970
Deschel us4404
Deschner us630 us730 us796 us858 us1436 us1505 us1545 us1704 us1716 us1977 us2401 us2475 us2797 us2854 us2906 us2907 us2908 us3195 us5238 us6695
Detling us5796
Detlinger us2648
Detterling us5947
Dettling us3344 us4920 us5644 us5705 us5970
Dettlinger us228
Deutscher us5698
Dewald us401 us686 us1333 us1526 us1858 us1976 us2651 us3060 us4854 us5731 us5970 us6022 us6451
Dickmann us5303
Diede us4144
Diehl us3060
Dietrich us85 us3467 us3509
Dietz us593 us1335 us1463 us1541 us2006 us2518 us4188 us6068
Dillmann us3196
Dirk us238 us352 us575 us637 us1825 us2852 us4635
Dobler us6068
Dobrick us6019
Docktor us1182 us5959
Doehring us5473
Doering us1267 us2694 us4762 us4764 us5772
Doerr us3164
Doerrheim us5661
Doeschner us5480
Dokter us5721
Dorsch us1647 us1663
Dosch us381 us416 us767 us796 us797 us858 us1073 us1155 us1250 us1316 us1347 us1704 us1781 us1880 us1944 us2065 us2190 us2323 us2401 us2856 us2938 us2957 us3336 us3342 us3350 us3622 us3867 us4010 us4261 us4271 us4558 us4650 us4725 us4883 us5040 us5068 us5296 us5325 us5409 us5591 us5592 us5611 us5644 us5695 us5705 us5728 us5735 us5782 us5947 us5974 us6398 us6695 us6746 us6759
Drichrich us3989
Druri us2651
Dudenhoefer us228 us2401 us2475 us2498 us2656 us2658 us3546 us5190
Dudenhoeffer us688
Dudenhofer us513
Duerksen us4855
Dumbach us4921
Dunsmaar us2589
Durenn us338 us425 us446
Dutenhoefer us5325 us5661
Duttenhoefer us6009 us6049
E back to the top
Ebel us494 us771 us1046 us2497 us2647 us2778 us3467
Eberle us575 us640 us644 us1091 us1203 us1436 us2062 us2498 us2659 us2945 us2954 us4239 us4403 us5614 us5705 us6063
Eckert us2693
Eckl us2895
Edelmann us4748 us4790
Ehersmann us2851
Ehli us5661 us6759
Ehrenmann us2778
Ehresmann us414 us1525 us2660 us2949 us3123 us5970 us6068
Ehret us2 us771 us2293 us2778 us3509 us3754 us3839
Ehrmann us5661
Eichenland us5684
Eichenlaub us157 us767 us1438 us1704 us2585 us3041 us4996 us5662 us5772
Eisenbeis us2651
Eisenbeiss us2692 us3770
Eisenesser us1321
Eisenmenger us312 us414 us797 us799 us1880 us2062 us2283 us2376 us5297 us5947
Eisenzimmer us1796 us2962
Eli us5769
Ell us256 us1098 us1465 us1975 us3526 us5473 us5615 us5634 us5642 us5650 us5653 us5670 us5681 us5695 us5698 us5808 us5814 us5848 us6038 us6258 us6451 us6622
Emperor Franz Joseph us494
Emperor Wilhelm us494
Emrer us2651
Emry us2694
Engel us1534 us3165 us4251 us4763 us5240
Engelhard us858 us2231 us4219
Engelhardt us731 us1122 us1438 us1521 us1781 us2652 us2908 us5481 us5641 us5663 us5695 us5731 us5737 us5769 us5970 us5972 us5983 us6413
Engelhart us730 us1605 us1786 us2065 us2401 us2649 us2650 us2651 us2654 us2781 us2907 us2908 us2948 us3005 us3195 us3340 us3457 us4193
Engler us6247
Ensass us5182
Enzi us6038
Erck us756 us1245 us1491 us2187 us5480 us5627
Ergert us2
Erhardt us5181
Erker us3883 us3884 us3907
Erkert us2
Eweri us4704
F back to the top
F us4854
F. us4762
Faelchle us5337
Faeldner us4650
Fahn us513 us553 us758 us797 us1334 us3707 us5396 us5534 us5644 us5720
Fartgan us4650
Fauser us2
Fehler us6451
Feickert us1366 us3159 us3485
Feigert us2661 us2778
Feikert us653 us2850 us3028
Feisst us1193 us4921
Feist us966 us1193 us1353 us1463 us1523 us1527 us1530 us1531 us2794 us2953 us3108 us3193 us5313 us5614
Felde us6695
Feldmann us1886
Fenzlein us2386
Fergen us2696
Ferkel us716 us1492
Ferking us1046
Fernan us4748
Fett us1321
Fettich us6206
Fettig us756 us1653 us2006 us2157 us2189 us5303 us5947 us6022
Fetzer us3770 us5314
Fickel us6068
Fiechtner us5916
Fiedler us4749
Fingbeiner us771
Fink us3164
First us2
Fischer us2 us281 us282 us349 us394 us425 us513 us528 us767 us796 us1030 us1051 us1072 us1073 us1107 us1122 us1233 us1242 us1246 us1316 us1334 us1347 us1438 us1453 us1464 us1503 us1525 us1527 us1534 us1545 us1653 us1704 us1781 us1795 us1887 us1902 us1903 us2010 us2042 us2065 us2069 us2190 us2284 us2323 us2401 us2497 us2499 us2518 us2529 us2561 us2584 us2585 us2586 us2652 us2656 us2657 us2659 us2660 us2661 us2797 us2798 us2850 us2851 us2854 us2856 us2890 us2905 us2938 us2949 us2957 us2962 us3041 us3043 us3108 us3109 us3123 us3159 us3336 us3342 us3343 us3353 us3510 us3546 us3622 us3822 us3867 us3959 us4010 us4020 us4404 us4558 us4559 us5068 us5083 us5313 us5337 us5591 us5614 us5634 us5643 us5650 us5657 us5662 us5684 us5695 us5728 us5735 us5808 us5838 us5927 us5972 us6018 us6297 us6609
Fix us94 us2041 us2589 us3199 us3341 us3399 us3708 us4170 us4635 us5480 us5611 us5627 us5721 us5744 us5772 us5776
Fixel us5650 us5970
Flechtner us5960
Flemmer us2
Foeth us312 us1073 us1095 us1189 us1340 us1944 us2062 us2090 us2201 us2283 us2376 us2516 us2517 us2950 us3106 us3109 us3336 us3350 us4676 us4996 us5032 us5182 us5190 us5297 us5428 us5473 us5582 us5611 us5614 us5627 us5643 us5661 us5684 us5705 us5970 us5974 us6029
Forkel us5932
Frank us494 us840 us1437 us1464 us1500 us2745 us3458
Franz us1152 us1354
Fregin us3840
Frei us1342 us2392
Freimark us4706
Frenk us2
Frerking us771 us3159 us4167
Fried us2
Friedel us3197 us4169
Friedrich us4762 us5368 us5479
Friesson us2091
Frison us1250 us1440 us3197 us4676 us5386
Frisson us615 us2188
Fritz us3043 us5903
Froehlich us769
Fueger us1366 us3194
Fuehrer us364 us1182 us2850 us3159 us6036
Fuehrmann us263
Fuhrer us653
Fuhrmann us15 us63 us114 us615 us774 us1210 us1440 us1465 us1504 us1882 us2091 us2188 us2515 us2890 us3708 us4192 us4983 us5182 us5303 us5481 us5649 us5947 us6099 us6154 us6398 us6400
Furmann us5579
G back to the top
Gabriel us238 us352 us503 us533 us575 us587 us630 us631 us637 us704 us910 us969 us1043 us1193 us1364 us1436 us1505 us1528 us1583 us1779 us2041 us2852 us2951 us3351 us3707 us4404 us4622 us4650 us5012 us5040 us5296 us5297 us5325 us5480 us5592 us5614 us5627 us5650 us5661 us5663 us5695 us6009
Gaertner us3060
Gail us3159
Gall us2135 us2386 us3510 us3839
Gallwas us1342
Galwas us401 us1333 us1526
Gange us1021
Ganje us1679 us3344 us5591
Garlik us425
Gassmann us401
Gauer us281 us414 us415 us796 us797 us1051 us1073 us1545 us1796 us2010 us2069 us2323 us2354 us2499 us2585 us2587 us2656 us2657 us2658 us2797 us3005 us3109 us3194 us3353 us3506 us3867 us4009 us4010 us4242 us4271 us4404 us4559 us4610 us4942 us4979 us5296 us5409 us5415 us5473 us5482 us5560 us5564 us5695 us5697 us5714 us5728 us5772 us5782 us5985 us6031 us6037 us6224 us6247 us6273 us6297 us6609 us6625 us6695
Gebhardt us5960
Gebhart us3199
Gedak us4251
Geffre us5040
Geffro us5116
Gefre us6031 us6451
Gefreh us290 us799 us1049 us1455 us1511 us1541 us1945 us2009 us2189 us2370 us3124 us4621 us5614 us5634 us5661
Gefroh us2794 us2798 us2854 us2962 us3043 us5598
Gehrke us1436
Gehrte us2041
Geier us774 us1625 us2013 us3005 us6400
Geiger us2 us956 us1115 us1193 us1582 us2016
Geissler us5182
Gelzenlichter us3867
Gensenberg us5615
Gerber us2017
Gerdes us771 us2561 us2692
Gerein us5427
Gerhard us494
Gerhardt us5598
Gese us2530
Gesell us5657 us5970
Getz us53 us1644 us3125
Gibson us1648
Gienger us3060
Giese us2660 us2905 us5456 us5598
Giesi us2586 us3399 us3457 us3526 us4168 us4170 us5012
Giesinger us492 us1098 us1352 us1490 us1658 us1726 us1793 us1794 us2893 us3601 us5970 us6017
Giest us2851 us3988
Gilbert us2651
Gimbel us4750
Ginger us4857
Gipens us858
Gisi us228 us1122 us1545 us3560 us3909 us4621 us4636 us5650 us6451
Gisie us6154
Giwitz us5409
Glas us5297 us6451
Glatt us84 us155 us263 us282 us312 us615 us1032 us1099 us1390 us1411 us1583 us1605 us1644 us1717 us1778 us1779 us2515 us2531 us2651 us2653 us2891 us3006 us3107 us3125 us3337 us3340 us3345 us3527 us4192 us4219 us5481 us5611 us5974
Glinger us653
Gnismer us513
Goering us4706
Goetz us54 us155 us1100 us1879 us2651 us2905 us5068 us5238 us5456 us5480 us5611 us5614 us5644 us5650 us5663 us5705 us5721 us5728 us5730 us5731 us5769 us5947 us6046 us6507
Goldade us438 us513 us716 us767 us1644 us2392 us3197 us5592 us5663 us6451
Goodrich us4748
Gorbenko us2
Gould us5737
Graber us4789
Graberist us4789
Graff us3623
Gramm us2692 us5059
Grauer us1663
Graus us5338
Greifel us1244
Grenz us2
Griesmer us5698
Grimm us2696 us4021
Grismer us4624
Grisner us381
Groschtschenko us2
Gross us381 us488 us1825 us1886 us2201 us2497 us2651 us4702 us4704 us5025 us5771 us5783
Gruber us1675 us5580
Gruchler us2039
Gruebele us5566
Gruen us1500
Gruenstein us2016 us2474
Gruensteiner us5580 us6044
Gums us2
Guse us4725
Gutenberg us6018
Gutenberger us5598 us5663 us5670
Guthmiller us4703 us4748
Guthueller us5289
Gutjahr us5932
H back to the top
H us2321
Haar us2651 us4764
Haas us3159 us4765
Habelach us5296
Haberlach us1084 us1796 us2201 us5653
Haeuser us4218
Haeusler us5190 us5238 us5480 us5516
Hafart us6068
Hafer us5644
Hagel us1281
Hager us1122
Haidle us2692
Haier us5664 us5705 us6005 us6018
Haisch us4790
Hall us1536 us4166
Hamann us2392
Hammel us1905
Hammerich us1347 us4261
Hammrich us157
Hamrich us6297
Handel us4702
Hardy us5705
Harle us5611
Harmann us228
Harr us1182 us4706
Hartman us1720
Hartmann us228 us758 us1072 us1122 us1193 us1353 us1364 us1453 us1464 us1503 us1879 us2065 us2187 us2652 us2854 us2890 us3004 us3343 us3399 us3707 us4170 us5473 us5644 us5681 us5697 us5970 us5972 us6064 us6150
Harty us640 us1203 us2651 us2904 us4168 us4623 us4624 us4636 us4637 us6460
Hasenleber us2854
Hatzenboehler us5190 us5473
Hatzenboeller us1051
Hatzenbuehler us3043 us5614 us5972 us5985
Hatzenbühler us6609
Hauck us2908 us3009 us5582 us5643 us6049
Haucks us4707
Haug us2948
Hauk us4921
Hausauer us5932
Heberle us4885
Heckenlaible us5146
Heer us4926
Hegel us1670 us2231
Hegele us2651
Hehn us4790
Heier us3707 us5325 us5409 us5598 us5664 us5721 us5739 us5771 us5970 us5972 us6009
Heil us6447 us6759
Heilmann us731 us1043 us2401 us5427 us5627 us5714
Hein us2066
Heine, us2661
Heinle us2135
Heinrich us1438 us2231 us2654 us2908 us5735
Heintz us281 us540 us775 us894 us958 us1051 us2065 us2585 us2854 us3336 us3546 us3765 us5661 us5681 us5688 us5705 us5714 us5728 us5735 us5771 us5970 us5974 us5985 us6022 us6400
Heintz, us3622
Heintzmann us91 us3770 us3885 us4621 us4622 us5013 us5182 us5190 us5473 us5643 us5697 us5737 us5769 us5960 us5968 us5970 us5972 us5974 us5983 us5985 us6031 us6038 us6046 us6159 us6507 us6776
Heinz us416 us771 us1182 us1366 us1594 us1660 us1879 us2069 us2135 us2284 us2497 us2849 us3467 us3667 us3754 us5190 us6398 us6451
Heinzmann us640 us1091 us3707 us4636 us4983 us5386 us5409 us5582 us5614 us5615 us5650 us5661 us5681 us5695 us5730 us5731 us6049 us6063 us6150 us6164
Heiser us85 us767 us771 us1330 us2584 us4893
Heisler us155 us1644 us1778 us1779 us2649 us2651 us2781 us2891 us2948 us3195 us3337 us3340 us3345 us4239 us5661 us5838
Heissler us5960
Heitzmann us4151 us5068 us5116 us5238 us5296 us5480 us5516 us5564 us6609
Heizmann us533 us640 us1203 us1679 us1905 us4192 us4218 us5325 us5644 us6099
Held us2156 us5581 us5614 us5687 us6038
Hellmuth us4884
Hellstrom us569
Hellwig us3755
Hend us653
Henne us3511
Hentz us4789 us5059
Hentzen us1534
Henzen us5634
Hepper us1267 us2693
Hepperle us1 us2 us4621
Herle us5473 us6609
Herlen us4996 us5386
Hermann us2 us3121 us5738
Herner us2651
Herr us364
Herrmann us3060
Hertzog us5473
Herzog us2952 us3620 us3624 us3755 us3818 us3908 us4906 us4956 us5299 us5598 us5615 us5627 us5661 us5681 us5684 us5808 us6150
Hetterle us2
Hettich us4983
Hettler us1245
Heuer us4636 us5296
Heupel us5289
Heyd us3060
Hieb us2560 us2588 us4703 us4789 us4855 us4857 us4894 us4924
Hildebrandt us5368
Hilgemann us2529 us2945
Hill us2657
Hilsendager us1130
Hilsendeger us438 us1263 us1786 us2006 us2392 us2518 us2655 us5848
Hilzendeger us290 us1058 us1193 us1220 us1246 us1353 us1373 us1376 us1500 us1531 us1541 us2187 us2229 us2794 us3042 us3126 us3196 us3344 us3352 us3458 us3535 us3561 us4195 us5642
Himmrich us5783
Himsel us3399 us4170
Hinkel us2010
Hinning us4926
Hipfner us1533 us3625
Hirsch us1233 us3458 us3535 us4762 us4956 us6068
Hobbacher us4854
Hoegel us1438 us1534 us1663 us2190 us2909 us2938 us3350 us4191 us4241 us5601
Hoegele us416 us533 us1660 us2854 us5325 us5696
Hoepfner us1049 us1455
Hoerner us2 us731
Hoert us3623
Hoerth us3754
Hofart us5579
Hofer us4705
Hoff us5289
Hoffart us587 us615 us1099 us1100 us1269 us1411 us1470 us1779 us1783 us2518 us2651 us2653 us2654 us4219 us5012 us5614 us5721 us5730 us6507 us6622
Hoffarth us5769
Hoffer us4749 us4857
Hoffmann us488 us2692 us5428 us5652
Hofsetter us4706
Hohenbacker us5769
Holzer us54 us2939
Hopfinger us716 us1216 us1445 us1492 us2063 us4020 us5581
Hornstein us1783
Hort us3822
Hosmer us5289
Hottmann us5932
Huber us2 us85 us731 us1030 us1776 us2293 us3028 us3159 us5283 us5296 us5735 us5934
Huck us2065 us2190
Huepfner us3112
Huether us4705
Huft us4983
Hulm us43 us116 us494 us569 us681 us756 us776 us840 us966 us1077 us1122 us1152 us1193 us1233 us1247 us1263 us1353 us1354 us1373 us1376 us1412 us1437 us1453 us1530 us1531 us2187 us2655 us2952 us2953 us3007 us3042 us3108 us3197 us3344 us3347 us3425 us3458 us3479 us3535 us3602 us3621 us3624 us3654 us3655 us3668 us3708 us3759 us3818 us3838 us3850 us3883 us3884 us3907 us3958 us4020 us4169 us4195 us4241 us4243 us4426 us4490 us5611 us5627 us5634
Human us2647
Humann us3121 us3159
Hummel us312 us381 us767 us3604 us5012 us5340 us5771
Hungele us2011 us2190
Hust us2
Hutmacher us5663
I back to the top
Ibach us796 us1316 us3336
Ihli us1825
Imbeir us4218
Imberi us637 us1364 us2041 us4636 us5456 us5661 us5769
Imbery us4622
Isaak us2066 us2694 us2700
Issler us5284
J back to the top
Jadan us2651
Jaeger us513 us634 us2396 us4927 us5642
Jagelmil us1233
Jahner us2585 us4490 us5238 us5611 us5650 us5663
Jahraus us2293 us3509 us3754 us4706
Jakob us1102 us3343 us3344 us3389
Jakober us3623
Jangula us533
Janzen us488
Jaraus us4167
Jaube us2651
Jenner us4727 us5059 us5146 us5240 us5910
Jerentz us2499
Jeske us5910
Job us1776 us4885
Jochim us238 us352 us494 us533 us575 us775 us894 us2852 us3989 us5696
Johs us5739
Jones us1521
Joos us6451
Jordan us2700
Joseph us353 us2909
Jund us282 us593 us2018 us2854 us3043
Jundt us1466 us1786 us4240 us4403 us4927 us5901 us5932
Jung us799 us2396 us4926 us5289
Junktion us5556
K back to the top
Kabenschreiter us1084
Kaelber us5983
Kaiser us4220 us4623
Kaiser Wilhelm us91
Kaliki us1280
Kalin us1280
Kallenberger us2692
Kambeitz us416 us2518 us5296
Kammerer us5289 us5959
Kane us3755
Kank us2905
Kappes us2692
Kasmann us3822
Kast us2
Kastelkremer us1795
Kastlkremer us1903
Kaufmann us3839
Kauk us1182 us1366 us2135 us2849 us3159
Kautz us3822 us3839
Kayser us2696
Keck us2
Keidel us5670
Keim us1182 us2692
Keiper us2695
Keller us2 us155 us282 us416 us756 us797 us1093 us1245 us1280 us1354 us1464 us1653 us2960 us3989 us3990 us4191 us5190 us5239 us5267 us5409 us5556 us5579 us5717 us5728 us5735 us6247 us6451 us6692
Kelsch us1390 us2651
Kemmerle us3485
Kemmet us2692
Kepple us4193
Keppler us1858 us3043
Kern us5284
Kerner us4855
Kessler us1453 us1466 us1533 us1545 us1663 us1795 us2401 us2499 us2586 us2652 us2692 us3043 us4725 us4924 us4981 us5068 us5297 us5303 us5325 us5598 us5663 us5664 us5771 us5782 us5838 us5933 us5972 us6247
Keßler us2
Kiefel us575 us1464 us3351 us5681 us5920
Kiefer us3755 us5960 us6150 us6451
Kiesel us139 us1233 us3907 us5303
Kiesel, us3457
Kiffel us353 us593 us1210 us1355 us1466 us1510 us1630 us2018 us2064 us2796 us2956 us3008 us4240
Kimmerle us2112
Kirchengaessner us5695
Kirchenmann us5928
Kirchgaertner us6137
Kirchgaessler us5303 us5313 us5627 us5663 us5684 us5782 us5970 us5972 us6776
Kirchgassler us2231
Kirchgessler us228 us1458 us2519 us2892 us2954
Kirchgessner us280 us704 us3707
Kirchgässer us6451
Kirchhofel us4750
Kirjanowa us2
Kirschenmann us4761
Kirschmann us5947
Kissel us1122 us1355 us1440 us1441 us1703 us2091 us3198 us4166 us5735
Kladt us2497
Klanz us488
Klein us774 us1053 us1122 us1130 us1373 us1418 us1709 us2010 us2396 us2517 us2695 us2851 us2962 us3110 us3111 us3121 us4261 us4271 us4621 us4725 us4748 us5012 us5068 us5296 us5337 us5340 us5427 us5456 us5479 us5627 us5657 us5663 us5684 us5697 us5705 us5717 us5737 us5932 us6072 us6154
Klento us4956
Klinger us6036
Klingmund us1526
Klipsel us3159
Klooz us3164
Klotz us91 us900 us2231 us4218
Kloß us2
Kludt us2529 us2647 us4703 us4855
Klundt us2
Knab us2651
Knapp us16 us179 us857
Knepfel us3485
Knepfle us2561
Knittel us3770
Knodel us4706 us4750 us5337
Knoepfle us1030 us2293
Knoepile us3667
Knoll us282 us3164 us5386
Knopfle us3839
Kobele us6150
Kocher us53 us54 us94 us575 us633 us704 us969 us1727 us5480 us5650 us5705 us6451
Koegele us2
Koehler us1268 us4241
Koerner us3164
Koessler us1216 us2190
Kolb us3060
Kolby us4789
Koop us4725
Kopp us1825
Kost us3623 us3822 us4894
Koth us1267 us3840
Kraemer us767 us1280 us2284 us2656 us3164 us3199 us3546 us4404 us5657
Kraft us155 us246 us681 us796 us956 us1511 us1574 us1625 us1858 us1959 us1975 us2229 us2230 us2498 us2518 us2797 us2962 us3008 us3106 us3197 us3199 us3341 us4980 us5012 us5040 us5238 us5297 us5340 us5409 us5473 us5516 us5582 us5601 us5614 us5615 us5642 us5643 us5644 us5650 us5653 us5662 us5663 us5681 us5684 us5717 us5720 us5728 us5730 us5735 us5782 us5808 us5809 us5947 us5970 us6018 us6031 us6046 us6063 us6069 us6150 us6164 us6692
Kraitel us644
Kramer us3060 us5012
Kramm us4857
Krank us3510
Kranse us1366
Krause us2589 us2850 us3121 us3159
Krebs us3708 us5414
Krein us3060 us4857 us4884
Kreis us4763
Kreital us643
Kremer us1795
Krentzler us1182
Krenz us1030
Krenzler us2517 us4885
Krieg us85 us3509
Krimm us5661 us5698
Krose us3626
Krug us771
Kruger us5744
Krum us1704
Krumm us688 us767 us948 us1155 us1397 us2231 us3758 us3989 us5615
Krüg us2
Krüger us2
Kuebler us5916
Kuhn us281 us3194 us5239
Kulesius us4702
Kunantz us5688
Kunanz us6451
Kunde us2089
Kundert us16
Kunnatz us5473
Kuntz us796 us1250 us1880 us4404 us5040 us5650 us5695 us5705 us5796 us6018 us6022 us6632
Kunz us2585
Kupfer us797 us5190 us5985
Kupser us1534
Kurchler us2015
Kurle us4707
Kuropatkin us116
Kurr us2
Kurz us2283 us2376
Kuschnerenko us2
Kussler us771 us2945 us3121
L back to the top
Labert us3125
Lachenmaier us6072
Lachenmeier us4426 us4490
Lacher us157 us281 us282 us312 us338 us349 us381 us414 us415 us425 us446 us513 us688 us767 us796 us797 us841 us858 us898 us1051 us1073 us1155 us1242 us1250 us1316 us1347 us1360 us1390 us1438 us1534 us1545 us1647 us1663 us1704 us1716 us1717 us1781 us1795 us1858 us1880 us1944 us2010 us2042 us2065 us2069 us2190 us2284 us2323 us2354 us2401 us2475 us2499 us2515 us2584 us2585 us2656 us2657 us2658 us2659 us2746 us2797 us2854 us2856 us2891 us2906 us2909 us2938 us2957 us3043 us3109 us3336 us3342 us3350 us3353 us3506 us3546 us3622 us3707 us3765 us3867 us4009 us4010 us4190 us4261 us4271 us4404 us4558 us4559 us4650 us4676 us4708 us4725 us4883 us4996 us5012 us5040 us5068 us5116 us5190 us5238 us5263 us5267 us5296 us5297 us5303 us5313 us5325 us5340 us5386 us5409 us5414 us5456 us5473 us5480 us5516 us5556 us5564 us5582 us5592 us5598 us5601 us5611 us5614 us5615 us5627 us5634 us5642 us5643 us5644 us5650 us5657 us5661 us5662 us5663 us5664 us5681 us5684 us5687 us5695 us5697 us5698 us5705 us5714 us5717 us5720 us5721 us5728 us5730 us5731 us5735 us5737 us5739 us5744 us5769 us5771 us5772 us5782 us5788 us5796 us5808 us5809 us5838 us5848 us5947 us5960 us5968 us5970 us5972 us5974 us5983 us5985 us6005 us6009 us6018 us6022 us6029 us6031 us6037 us6038 us6046 us6049 us6063 us6069 us6093 us6095 us6131 us6137 us6150 us6159 us6398 us6451 us6507 us6746 us6776
Laeber us2938
Laemmke us3623
Laemmle us2692 us5932
Laibham us5564
Lang us2321
Lapka us1511
Lass us6695
Laternus us1783
Laturnus us730 us769 us1393 us1482 us1718 us1885 us2136 us2904
Laubenheim us2647
Laubenstein us3159
Lauinger us767 us3043 us5614 us5634 us5687 us6009
Laut us1465
Leber us2475 us2746
Lebert us2891
Lehmer us5386 us5598 us5611 us5653
Lehr us5903
Leibel us3341 us5239
Leiben us5681
Leibham us6038
Leischner us2693
Leislak us338
Leithold us1032 us2651
Leitholt us381 us631
Leitz us6451
Lemer us3344 us5556
Lemke us494
Lenertz us353 us488 us4239
Leopoldus us438 us528 us1280 us2039 us2089 us2187
Leppert us1100
Lesmeister us1793 us2156 us3867 us5303 us5581 us5739 us6022
Letschefsky us5190
Letzen us3755
Lewis us1521
Liebert us5314
Liebham us5325
Liefeld us2692
Lindemann us3159
Linghor us5681
Lingor us5705 us5744
Link us2 us4669
Linkohr us5695
Linkow us5473
Lippert us1776 us5428
Litschefski us3161
Litschewski us2955
Littel us653
Litz us1576 us2700
Ljubarskaija us2
Lochert us840 us1533 us1786 us2655 us3624 us3818
Lockert us756 us5181
Loehenstein us5634
Loewenstein us1316 us2651 us5190
Lorenzen us1072
Loucher us6400
Lowenstein us1676 us4192
Luars us4702
Ludwig us841 us1670 us3193
Ludwigs us1046 us2293 us2589 us2778
Lusehle us5738
Lutz us1879 us1880 us2041 us5456 us6063
M back to the top
Maas us2698
Mack us414 us1824 us3194 us4242 us4942 us5473
Maffelberger us290
Maffenbaier us593 us2856 us5313 us5615 us5985 us6063
Maffenbeier us5409 us5615 us5643 us5650 us5681
Maffenbeir us6095
Magenbaier us5296
Magenbeier us5473
Maichel us6507
Maier us2 us1418 us1663 us1795 us1858 us1944 us2515 us3006 us3164 us3765 us4190 us4404 us5040 us5325 us5409 us5473 us5614 us5627 us5663 us5695 us5720 us5970 us5983 us6009 us6063
Maiser us1663
Malkam us2
Malsam us54 us155 us282 us533 us1043 us1347 us1436 us2401 us2657 us2951 us3106 us4190 us4192 us5012 us5068 us5296 us5313 us5414 us5415 us5601 us5627 us5661 us5731 us5737 us5739 us5769 us5771 us5968 us5974 us6625 us6746
Malsom us6398
Malzian us2778
Mangol us2392
Mangold us1243 us1586 us1794 us2396 us5627
Mann us857
Marbach us2365
Marjanski us2
Markowitsch us5782
Markwardt us5068
Marquard us4558
Marquardt us5473
Marquart us1648 us6038
Marsch us5972
Martel us16 us1364 us2396 us3164 us5289 us6451
Marthaler us3425
Marthaller us5970
Marthern us5614
Martian us681 us775 us6315
Martin us2692
Martwart us4241
Marwart us5556
Mas us587
Maschtel us2401
Massen us6451
Massenbaier us5782 us5972
Massenbaler us5769
Massenbeier us5642 us5663 us5731
Masseth us2855 us3867
Massinger us6150
Massini us1100
Mastel us228 us681 us756 us858 us1245 us1246 us1534 us1647 us1653 us1858 us2187 us2323 us2475 us2530 us2652 us2655 us2657 us2797 us2851 us2949 us3041 us3043 us3123 us3343 us3457 us3506 us3765 us4166 us4169 us4271 us4650 us5296 us5564 us5627 us5684 us5788 us6297 us6609
Mastio us352
Mathern us634 us1683 us2498 us5698 us6154
Matteri us5728
Mattern us1084 us2392 us4725 us5239 us6017 us6046
Matthaeus us6038
Mauer us2948
Mauser us5929
Mayer us513 us799 us1321 us4705 us5116
Mehlhaff us2 us5929
Meidinger us5283
Meier us84 us114 us155 us290 us731 us858 us1032 us1100 us1545 us1781 us2283 us2365 us2475 us2654 us2797 us2908 us2953 us2962 us3107 us3337 us3341 us3506 us3623 us3708 us3990 us4558 us4650 us4750 us4884 us5182 us5190 us5481 us5739 us6206
Meiser us1647
Mencia us5627
Menzia us587 us1393 us1482 us1718 us1782 us1783 us1885 us2136 us5267 us5730 us5848 us6049 us6063 us6206 us6776
Merdian us5661 us6206
Merk us1503
Merkel us4856
Mertian us2089 us2230 us5386
Mertjan us4168
Mertz us3163
Mettle us4853
Mettler us4727 us4761 us4855 us5146
Metz us364
Metzger us653 us958 us6064
Meuberry us4748
Meyer us513 us799 us1280 us2376 us4996 us5643 us6131
Meyers us3159
Michael us1717
Mikkelson us2651
Mildenberger us5040
Miller us394 us769 us1244 us1880 us2530 us2651 us2782 us3009 us3166 us4261 us4996 us5386 us5434 us5598 us5608 us5641 us5959 us6063 us6553 us6632
Mills us2778
Milner us5473
Mitzel us1084 us1245 us1653 us1683 us3510 us4221 us6017
Mock us4220 us5614 us5661 us6846
Moebius us1334
Moffenbeier us6093
Mogck us1267
Mogik us4194
Mohr us4893 us5289
Moos us5059
Morlock us3060 us5959
Morrow us2498
Moser us1393 us3043 us3867 us5731 us5957 us5972 us5983 us6064
Mosser us401 us1537 us4942 us5687
Most us1446
Moyer us799
Mueller us769 us1393 us1582 us2229 us2894 us2945 us5642 us5661 us5972 us6049 us6553 us6632
Muenz us4623
Muldon us4704
Multon us1879
Munsch us364 us1366 us2497 us2589 us2661 us2778 us2958 us3159 us3667 us3822 us4167
Murrisch us6018
N back to the top
Naas us85
Naass us2322 us5957
Nagel us2692
Nass us3159
Nathan us2
Neigel us2780 us3009 us3347
Neiss us1436
Neugebauer us6063
Neukircher us2
Neuling us5428
Nickolaus us4624
Niklas us1466
Niklaus us5473
Nikolas us6460
Nikolaus us653 us688 us1107 us5409 us5642 us5730
Nill us3399 us4170
Nold us774 us1376 us1888 us4169 us5386
Nordfield us4193
Nuss us653 us3159 us3840
O back to the top
Obenauer us4557 us5652 us5958
Oberle us4924
Ochs us381 us513 us640 us1203 us1250 us1545 us1905 us2585 us2652 us3399 us4168 us4170 us4218 us4621 us5473 us5642 us5663 us5698 us5739 us5769
Ochsner us1030 us3623 us5933
Oks us6451
Opp us2692 us3604
Orth us1030 us3028 us3159
Orthwein us6068
Ortmann us4924
Oster us3623 us3667 us5338 us5783
Oswald us2
Ott us5983 us6018 us6846
Ottmar us4926 us5566 us5902 us5903
Ouaschnit us3623
P back to the top
Pankratz us4789
Parkzer us4790
Perman us4926
Permann us5957
Pfahl us3667
Pfeffer us2692
Pfeifer us2 us256 us1373 us2065 us3009 us5614 us5670 us5695 us5698 us5717 us5731 us5808 us5809 us5814 us5985 us6038 us6063 us6846
Pfeifermann us2
Pfeiffer us1881 us3510
Pfeifle us2 us5903
Pfiefer us1582
Pfitzer us5338
Pickel us5255
Pietz us3164 us4882 us4884
Plant us3347
Planto us3458 us4241
Plinger us4749
Pokarno us394 us1189 us3199
Pokarnus us1438
Ponjatofsky us3883
Praegisser us3913
Prang us1679
Predigerstelle us2322
Preis us2780
Pressler us3164 us4707 us4749 us4924 us5289 us5714
Proegel us2322
Prouse us5744
Q back to the top
Quaschnick us771 us1030
Quaschnik us653 us3467 us5255
Quenzer us2 us686
R back to the top
Raschichs us2651
Rath us2135 us2386 us3467 us3604 us5903
Rau us2589 us2661 us2778 us5959
Raugust us2697 us2700 us4705
Rebrud us797
Reed us799
Reglin us4727
Reich us4789
Reichert us2
Reigel us1247
Reiger us4241
Reimbold us5947
Reinbold us640 us4168
Reiner us2651 us3164 us4764
Reis us1576 us1670 us2396 us3123 us3160 us3197 us3623 us4996 us6009 us6022
Reiss us438 us974 us1084 us1794 us2658 us3199 us3341 us5068 us5239
Reiter us5681 us5731
Rempfer us2693 us2694 us2695 us2696 us2697 us2698 us2699 us2700 us3163 us3165 us3166 us5738
Rempher us4894
Rener us1122
Renz us2 us653 us2322 us2497 us2529 us2589 us3121 us3509
Rethich us1677
Retzer us4750
Rez us6164
Richter us228 us1316 us1355 us1466 us2189 us2586 us2658 us2662 us2796 us3007 us4240 us5687 us5688
Ridl us1032
Riedlinger us2778 us3623
Rieger us5634
Riegert us5296
Riessling us494
Rigler us2778
Ring us1072
Ripplinger us5239
Risling us4169
Rissling us774
Ritter us2692 us6005
Roehrich us2 us282 us388 us767 us898 us946 us1243 us1316 us1461 us1582 us1881 us1887 us2157 us2189 us2286 us2370 us4010 us5627 us5661 us5687 us6150 us6451
Roehrig us3193
Roerich us681 us1268 us1541 us1586 us1670 us3349 us6046 us6159
Roerig us2855
Roesch us5932
Roessler us796
Roether us5663
Rohrich us756
Roller us2
Rombs us2586 us2652 us6451
Roms us1464
Ronayue us2498
Rooss us5289
Roth us799 us1316 us1490 us1523 us1536 us1902 us2066 us2284 us3195 us4219 us4559 us4980 us5068 us5182 us5190 us5238 us5313 us5386 us5415 us5473 us5482 us5564 us5614 us5634 us5650 us5697 us5717 us5769 us6154 us6398 us6451
Rothecker us2089 us4426 us5297
Rothmann us2693
Rott us6072
Rudolf us3164
Rueb us4727 us4977
Ruff us381 us4403
Russ us1182 us2661 us4854
Russian Czars us116 us494 us3122
Rutschke us3754
S back to the top
Saeber us3111
Saeckschen us3196
Sahli us414 us637 us643 us644 us796 us1364 us2069 us3535 us3707 us3909 us4623 us5303 us5409 us5456 us5643 us5661 us5663 us5684 us5705 us5721 us5970 us5972 us6224 us6247 us6273 us6507
Sailer us1030
Sali us1316 us2938 us3342 us5297 us5299 us5325
Salwei us1046 us1182 us2529 us2647 us2778 us3121
Sander us228 us615 us1466 us1572 us2091 us5681
Sandmaier us5933 us5934
Santer us5608
Sattler us1281 us1394 us3164 us4623
Sauer us5601 us5661 us5769 us6009
Sauerampfer us116 us966 us1233 us3007
Sauter us2 us5737
Sautner us5643
Schaal us6068
Schaan us1458 us1504 us1976 us2782 us2955 us3009 us3526
Schacher us2
Schaefer us1051 us4761 us4762 us4789 us5267 us5296 us5303 us5627 us5695 us5744 us6022 us6068
Schaeffe us5644
Schaeffer us85 us281 us1880 us2112 us2201 us2354 us6037 us6063 us6609
Schaell us1072 us1122 us1503 us2136 us2893 us2959 us5427
Schaener us3623
Schaible us5289 us5928 us5932 us6019
Schaim us1637
Schall us1653 us2586 us2652 us2895
Schamber us2692 us3166 us4764 us5479
Schan us53 us1905 us4239 us5627
Schanzenbach us1182
Schatz us2 us352 us503 us748 us1330 us2955 us3667 us3754 us4855 us5695 us6759
Schatz< us5929
Schaub us6297
Schauer us85 us3509 us4144 us4167 us4857
Scheele us5788
Scheelso us3818
Scheen us5190
Scheer us6154
Schell us3042 us3624 us4490 us5181 us5386 us5481 us5947 us6137
Schemke us488
Schempp us4789 us4855 us4894
Schenkenberger us2905
Scherbenski us3840
Scherbensky us3667
Scherbinski us1030
Scherr us811 us1397 us2231 us5661 us6692
Schielaertner us5735
Schiele us353 us1793 us1858 us2659 us2956 us3008 us3506 us5717 us5974
Schielie us6297
Schiff us1393 us1718 us1782 us1885 us2649 us2653 us2663 us2906 us2907 us3112
Schiffermann us3163
Schilde us4707
Schile us246 us5592
Schili us1534 us1647 us5684
Schilling us5928
Schlaht us5652
Schlath us4749
Schlecht us5102
Schlechta us2
Schlechter us2112
Schlenker us4748 us5527
Schlepp us4707
Schlichenmeyer us5516
Schlichter us5959
Schlick us5663
Schlosser us290 us2586
Schmaltz us394 us528 us640 us858 us6009
Schmalz us155 us1203 us1536 us1717 us1778 us2498 us2585 us2797 us3708 us3765 us5182 us5386 us5480 us5611 us5614 us5684 us5695 us5714 us6063 us6849
Schmidt us2 us139 us155 us394 us438 us513 us528 us533 us540 us587 us653 us731 us771 us775 us796 us858 us894 us958 us1032 us1053 us1058 us1098 us1210 us1220 us1246 us1285 us1355 us1373 us1411 us1490 us1492 us1536 us1545 us1583 us1611 us1677 us1679 us1796 us1858 us1888 us1906 us2011 us2069 us2293 us2322 us2386 us2531 us2585 us2586 us2653 us2660 us2779 us2794 us2797 us2851 us2957 us3005 us3006 us3044 us3105 us3107 us3109 us3110 us3111 us3126 us3127 us3159 us3200 us3346 us3399 us3535 us3560 us3561 us3602 us3623 us3667 us3708 us3754 us3757 us3822 us3988 us4009 us4010 us4191 us4192 us4195 us4218 us4219 us4242 us4702 us4703 us4725 us5296 us5337 us5340 us5409 us5414 us5473 us5479 us5516 us5614 us5643 us5657 us5670 us5681 us5684 us5695 us5731 us5782 us6009 us6036 us6137 us6206 us6400 us6451 us6622 us6746
Schmierer us5916
Schmitke us4705
Schmitt us4893 us4983 us5182 us5909 us5910 us5920
Schmoll us4727 us5059
Schnabel us4981 us6068
Schnaible us1030
Schnal us1107
Schnall us758 us946
Schneider us2 us353 us401 us593 us966 us1053 us1233 us1246 us1247 us1393 us1466 us1523 us1527 us1530 us1531 us1533 us1541 us1782 us1881 us2370 us2392 us2778 us2794 us2952 us2953 us3044 us3108 us3197 us3655 us4193 us4241 us4243 us4640 us5190 us5299 us5325 us5566 us5653 us5681 us5739 us6622
Schnell us3818
Schnuerle us6019
Schnurr us5684 us5697 us6846
Schoch us3009
Schock us5040 us5146 us5190 us5238 us6019
Schoell us5968
Schohn us6154
Schoner us5591
Schornstein us1905
Schott us2322 us4557
Schrenk us5283
Schroth us2
Schuber us5303
Schuck us634 us4942 us5340 us5473 us5697
Schueler us5414
Schuett us1674
Schuh us2693 us5337 us5338
Schuhmacher us5681
Schuler us5409
Schultes us2 us2661 us3028 us3159 us3509
Schulz us2700
Schumacher us2 us155 us273 us338 us381 us425 us446 us513 us898 us1051 us1155 us1250 us1347 us1545 us1795 us1944 us2042 us2065 us2284 us2499 us2585 us2656 us2657 us2746 us2797 us2909 us2957 us3043 us3336 us3346 us3506 us3546 us3867 us4010 us4271 us4650 us4977 us5012 us5032 us5068 us5289 us5386 us5473 us5480 us5560 us5634 us5643 us5687 us5688 us5717 us5737 us5772 us5947 us6009 us6297 us6609
Schwab us228 us528 us799 us1503 us1537 us1680 us1732 us1792 us2517 us2780 us3535 us5582 us5698 us5970
Schwahn us228 us796 us2798 us2962 us5386 us5657 us5661 us5809
Schwan us1245 us1630 us2780 us2798 us3061 us3535 us4240 us4725 us5296 us5663 us5983 us6451
Schwangler us2517
Schwartz us4789
Schwarzenberg us4191
Schwarzenberger us351 us2039 us2229 us2659 us3867 us5681 us5735
Schwebe us3624
Schweiger us3510
Schweigerdt us3485
Schweigert us85 us2112 us3028 us4318 us4557
Schweitzer us716 us1130 us1246 us1334 us1441 us1445 us1491 us1492 us1680 us1709 us2187 us2586 us2652 us4927 us5634 us5728
Schweizer us1572 us1582 us1732 us3123
Schwendener us2700
Schwendner us2694
Schwengler us4725
Schwiegerdt us2850
Schwiegert us771
Schäfer us2
Seemann us5783
Segschen us1373
Seiler us2647
Seimet us1534
Seizler us4271
Selles us4702
Seltzler us5012
Selzer us3867
Selzler us796 us5325 us5473
Semenenko us1727
Senger us216 us634 us756 us1093 us1115 us1268 us1458 us1625 us2067 us2068 us2156 us2157 us2247 us2286 us2892 us2909 us2957 us3043 us5239 us5782 us6150
Serr us4764
Seyler us3667
Shumacher us4261
Siderer us5809
Siegfried us2136
Silbernagel us5239 us5650 us5661 us5695 us5731 us5772
Simmohr us3626
Simons us4894
Sindler us4650
Sinkbeil us2698
Sire us1703
Siter us6507
Sitter us349 us767 us796 us841 us1726 us2065 us3199 us3342 us3622 us3867 us4191 us4271 us5012 us5296 us5386 us5409 us5634 us5661 us5684 us5721 us5788 us6247
Sladek us2
Smalie us4983
Sommerfeld us2 us653 us2112
Sorgona us2
Spitzer us3060
Sporr us4996
Sprenger us3164
Spring us3399 us4170 us4218 us5642 us6451
Stabbler us533 us587 us1393
Stabler us2188
Stadel us488 us1267 us2066 us4194 us4220
Stahl us1267 us4749
Stappler us351 us1021 us1043
Stauss us1887
Steckler us6598 us6613
Stefan us381 us5731 us6022
Steffan us5664
Stenzer us4979
Stephan us157 us5663
Stephen us5068
Steppler us6137
Stern us4220
Stiewer us797
Stockburger us2
Stoebner us3164
Stoecker us5947 us6019
Stoller us2 us3165
Stolz us4705 us6460
Straub us2 us4789
Straupp us5337
Streicher us5728
Streifel us634 us1043 us1122 us1455 us1625 us2286 us2655 us3105 us3351 us5340 us5386 us6022
Streile us3164
Strobel us2700
Stroh us414 us415 us513 us553 us758 us797 us1032 us1073 us1122 us1130 us1396 us1503 us1525 us1944 us1976 us2010 us2089 us2284 us2323 us2354 us2396 us2401 us2516 us2517 us2587 us2649 us2656 us2659 us2663 us2781 us2851 us2854 us2856 us3005 us3109 us3160 us3194 us3200 us3341 us3342 us3346 us3707 us4192 us4242 us4725 us5473 us5556 us5615 us5634 us5644 us5684 us5720 us5968 us6451
Strohmaier us4403
Strokle us2651
Strubel us1393
Strudel us5662
Stuart us2692
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Tapper us4703
Tares us2797
Taylor us2696
Teets us4748
Tempel us2497 us3121 us4702 us4703 us4789 us4855 us4894 us4924 us4981
Terees us767 us898 us5040
Teres us1316 us2957 us3342
Ternes us858 us5684
Teske us3604 us4750
Theres us388 us389 us841 us874 us946 us1268 us1461 us1586 us1614 us1625 us1670 us1719 us1824 us1886 us1887 us1958 us2855 us2939 us3061 us3112 us3193 us3348 us3349 us3668 us4728 us5717
Therres us4979
Thomas us900 us1072 us1233 us1453 us1464 us1503 us1533 us2586 us2651 us2652 us2660 us2779 us2851 us2946 us3041 us3343 us3347 us3389 us3535 us5012 us5340 us5598 us5614 us5634 us5687 us5688 us5698 us5705 us5721 us5728 us6044 us6507
Thomsen us3850
Thres us5788
Tiede us488 us1267 us2695
Tiessen us4924
Tischkin us2
Tramnitzke us2066
Trautmann us364 us2849 us5717
Trossing us5482
Trost us2
Trostel us2
Tschellzen us281
Tuchscherer us273 us282 us394 us758 us796 us1051 us1155 us1242 us1316 us1545 us2065 us2069 us2323 us2584 us2651 us2659 us2797 us2957 us3005 us3109 us3342 us3353 us3867 us4261 us5325 us5650 us5714 us5728 us5808 us6017 us6154
Tunen us425
Turenn us1858
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US Presidents us966
Uebelher us1335
Ulmann us364
Ulmer us3770
Ungar us2
Unruh us4702 us4855
Uppermann us2499
Urich us1644 us1679 us1906 us2515 us2653 us2891 us3006 us3107 us3527 us4192 us5481 us5696
Usselmann us273 us758 us796 us1072 us1122 us1216 us1355 us1504 us1534 us1630 us2386 us2401 us2475 us2499 us2657 us2660 us2890 us2957 us2962 us3007 us3043 us3353 us5325 us5386 us5649
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Valz us3535
Veer us4725
Vessey us1267
Vetch us5634
Vetsch us179 us587 us615 us1376 us1533 us1630 us3341 us3757 us5182 us5661
Vetter us1072 us1122 us1246 us1503 us2187 us2473 us2498 us2652 us2851 us2890 us2946 us3123 us3457 us4151 us4169 us5473 us5581 us5687 us5688
Victor us2498
Viereck us2909 us3043
Vinset us5972
Voegele us1776 us5032 us5314 us5428
Voeller us1093 us1122 us1269 us1353 us1354 us1470 us2136 us2949 us5299 us5414 us5473 us5614 us5661 us5730 us5808
Vogel us797
Vohle us3839
Volk us139 us533 us1782 us2156 us2653 us2782 us4271 us4676 us4920 us5012 us5386 us5564 us5601 us5657 us5661 us5662 us5728 us5731 us5744 us5970 us5985 us6022 us6037 us6069 us6451
Volker us5556
Voltz us5661 us5681
Volz us256 us5808
Vorkovski us2
Vorlaender us2497
Vorlander us2293
Vormann us381
Voth us4763
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Wacker us3028 us5948
Wagner us2 us1182 us1216 us1466 us1533 us1578 us1583 us1720 us2013 us2651 us3028 us5146 us5661 us5739 us5750 us5972
Wahl us1340 us4705 us5932
Wald us157 us349 us381 us1250 us1268 us2392 us2518 us3604 us3622 us4010 us4676 us5040 us5267 us5386 us5564 us5634 us5642 us5650 us5960 us6005 us6095 us6131 us6413 us6451 us6776
Wald, us5190
Waldemann us5473
Walder us5296 us5681
Waldman us5068 us5614 us5642 us5721
Waldmann us2856 us5296 us5313 us5480 us5556 us5615 us5650 us5769 us5960 us5974 us6031 us6038 us6049 us6137 us6507 us6776
Waldt us6093
Walihor us5190
Walker us5102 us5103 us5104
Walmann us5968 us5970
Walord us3341
Walsch us488
Walter us3765 us4789 us5653
Walth us5289
Walz us2112 us4736
Wangler us5409 us5661 us5947 us5960
Wanner us6447
Wanter us4188
Ward us2745
Warner us6069 us6093
Webber us3623
Weber us1704 us2663 us3164 us5190 us5728 us5970
Wedel us4702
Wegmann us2518
Weidenbach us4220 us5926
Weigel us640 us966 us1203 us1316 us1530 us1704 us2284 us2585 us2659 us2854 us2957 us3342 us5614 us5721 us5808
Weik us2
Weimert us2650
Weininger us5012
Weins us4704
Weisbeck us966 us1049 us1455 us3624 us3818 us5297
Weisenburger us3884 us4979
Weishoor us5284
Weiss us2518 us2658 us3060 us5368
Weissbeck us840 us1945 us2189 us4243 us5661 us5698 us5717
Weissenberger us5717
Weisspfennig us2697
Weißenburger us2
Wel us3624
Welch us2651
Welk us1072 us1122 us2062 us2586 us2652 us3343 us4790 us5409 us5614 us5663 us5695 us6609
Weller us2692
Welsch us2694
Welter us5696
Wenck us4882
Weniger us3193
Weninger us956 us1582 us2157 us3867 us5480 us5598 us6695
Wenninger us4650 us5340 us5601 us5687 us5688 us5698
Wentz us731 us811 us900 us1397 us2014 us2231 us2475 us2746 us2904 us2948 us2957 us5643 us5717 us5769 us6005 us6038
Wenz us2 us2850 us4490
Wenzlaf us4167
Wenzlaff us1046 us2497 us3159
Werlinger us2938 us2960 us3004 us3044 us3105 us3110 us3111 us3127 us3200 us3353
Werner us2586 us2650 us2652 us2907 us2908 us2948 us3005 us5068 us5238 us5296 us5386 us5564 us5627 us5661 us5960 us5974 us6005 us6018
Wertz us4749
Wetzler us4857
Wickenhauser us5705
Wickenheiser us5642
Wicks us5582
Wiedel us2
Wiederaenders us2692
Wiest us2396 us3601
Wildemann us1233 us1504 us5681 us5684 us6150
Wildermuth us4762 us5284 us6068
Wilhelm us3621 us4977
Will us3623 us4790
Williams us1521
Wilson us3620 us3624 us3755
Wiltermann us5653
Windiski us116
Wingerter us733
Winkler us2136 us2651
Winter us2695 us4981 us5957
Winterhalt us6009
Wipf us4704
Wirth us53 us643 us1100
Wischnevski us2
Wishek us857
Witt us4765
Wittmayer us857 us2112
Wittmer us2
Witzig us4623
Wolf us63 us533 us630 us780 us1077 us1091 us1099 us1100 us1316 us1330 us1436 us1446 us1464 us1505 us1524 us1576 us1674 us1676 us1779 us1792 us2089 us2651 us2653 us2692 us2797 us2904 us2947 us2951 us2955 us3161 us3625 us4239 us4637 us4639 us5012 us5059 us5296 us5313 us5325 us5480 us5598 us5650 us5661 us5695 us5697 us5717 us5721 us5744 us5932 us5960 us5985 us6022 us6068 us6451 us6507
Wolfer us2
Wolfert us2497
Wolff us3060 us4977
Wolsam us5068
Wolter us5614
Wruck us1366 us3121 us4764
Wudel us2695 us2697 us2698 us4220
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Yegen us653
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Zacher us6164
Zahn us553 us797 us1858 us3126 us5705
Zeer us5688
Zeisler us5527
Zeller us5598
Zelmer us1281 us2112 us3623
Zeres us5068
Zerr us731 us4650 us4920 us5614 us5687
Ziegele us1366
Ziegler us2 us5598 us5814
Zimmerle us5104
Zimmerman us5068 us5414 us5687
Zimmermann us2 us85 us364 us771 us1073 us1182 us1534 us2112 us2794 us3467 us3754 us3822 us4622 us4624 us4637 us4639 us4640 us4725 us4956 us5040 us5313 us5480 us5644 us5650 us5662 us5663 us5695 us5697 us5705 us5728 us5730 us5731 us5960 us5970 us5972 us5974 us6031 us6049 us6072 us6776
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