Letters from United States - North Dakota

Letters written by our ancestors that lived in North Dakota, USA

Surname Letters
T us5734
Tag us5961
Tanberger us790
Tankoff us1195
Tann us1999
Tark us258
Tarnasky us4278 us4463 us4544 us4590 us5152
Taugner us509
Tavis us3285
Taylor us3523
Tebekius us4873
Tebelius us2331 us2844 us4746 us4875
Tegen us710
Teibert us3967
Teicher us788
Tempel us1168 us1299
Terees us181 us315
Teres us521 us2075 us2754
Ternes us689 us881 us2235 us2549 us3329 us4626 us5348 us5798 us5813 us5817 us5820 us5826 us6358 us6364 us6458 us6475 us6540 us6652 us6666 us6812
Ternus us1386
Teske us172 us2031 us2222 us3022 us3391 us3852 us4663 us4675 us4876 us5213 us5756
Tetz us3070 us5159
Tetzlaff us4994
Teubner us1912
Teufel us1865
Theis us2433
Ther us6560 us6778
Theres us1712 us1908
Thiedke us2932
Thiele us4744 us6251 us6275
Thomas us33 us36 us55 us121 us284 us292 us459 us606 us616 us703 us990 us1090 us1140 us1229 us1298 us1451 us1487 us1671 us1812 us1925 us1988 us2079 us2215 us2253 us2364 us2441 us2534 us2627 us2750 us2786 us2882 us3146 us3209 us3210 us3368 us3412 us3583 us3589 us3751 us3879 us3975 us4003 us4145 us4520 us4634 us4966 us5011 us5362 us5521 us5656 us5752 us5858 us5913 us6262 us6268 us6355 us6374 us6396 us6419 us6440 us6484 us6554 us6865 us6881 us6900 us6911
Thome us6512
Thompson us300 us387 us2847 us4341 us5432
Thomsen us6187
Thorpe us6
Thorson us257
Thum us173 us1755 us2710
Thumlert us2684 us4796
Thurn us5 us3308 us4305 us4311 us4868 us5243 us5895
Tibelins us4771
Tibelius us6021
Tichetter us4118
Tichoritsch us720
Tidor us2096
Tiedmann us3279
Till us1076
Tillmann us5049
Timian us2684
Tischeikofski us3482
Tischemak us5798 us6358
Tischinass us5228
Tischmack us2257 us6545
Tischmak us315 us489 us521 us563 us647 us648 us689 us2240 us2841 us4626 us6804
Tittus us133
Titus us48 us5831
Tobler us1866 us3693 us3718 us5066 us5224
Toll us725
Tonhoff us6
Tormaschy us6861
Torno us1850
Torscher us123 us188 us189 us203 us460 us564 us779 us855 us939 us940 us1157 us1176 us1301 us1327 us1433 us1628 us1672 us1873 us2087 us3449 us3853 us3857 us5222 us5463
Torson us83 us1994
Tosch us4520
Totten us4356
Tottingham us6895
Traub us1914 us2843 us5209
Trautmann us355 us1175 us1257 us2929 us3305 us3481 us4346 us4372 us4985 us5919 us5943 us5944
Traxel us5247 us5248
Treiber us3280
Trescher us725
Tressler us976 us5201
Treude us5507
Treut us2267
Triebwasser us1434 us3948 us4628 us5774 us6972
Tritschler us3534
Tschetter us807 us4348
Tschosik us2549 us4086
Tschritter us5944
Tuchscherer us60 us77 us295 us614 us654 us684 us694 us712 us718 us941 us1003 us1013 us1296 us1356 us1486 us1513 us1575 us1629 us1684 us1685 us1817 us1863 us1872 us1920 us2076 us2078 us2173 us2246 us2303 us2328 us2356 us2361 us2427 us2433 us2467 us2552 us2610 us2731 us2897 us2916 us2933 us3029 us3030 us3062 us3369 us3465 us3567 us3645 us3683 us3737 us3741 us3750 us4161 us4162 us4180 us4182 us4183 us4236 us4360 us4592 us4679 us4935 us5407 us5448 us5585 us5672 us5692 us5702 us5725 us5734 us5791 us5864 us6015 us6213 us6232 us6268 us6300 us6333 us6334 us6342 us6348 us6429 us6442 us6513 us6534 us6596 us6670 us6733 us6752 us6889 us6891 us6913 us6915
Tumbach us1957
Tumbull us1227
Tunnbich us1893
Turk us689 us3270
Turner us3258
Tweet us1402 us2427
Tweeten us2389 us2426 us2507
U back to the top
U us2964 us4159
US Presidents us87 us115 us132 us145 us298 us341 us452 us534 us1134 us1144 us1780 us2036 us2083 us3138
Ude us1652
Uebelher us331 us712 us1094 us2192 us2377
Uhl us4697
Uhlich us2716 us4555 us5969
Uhrich us459
Uietz us1851
Ulbricht us2989 us3188
Ulitschan us138
Ulledmann us1813
Ullrich us5159
Ulm us509
Ulmer us3219 us3310 us3318 us3598 us4971 us5145
Ulrich us649 us909 us1118 us1914 us2308 us2397 us2843 us4399 us5000
Ulschack us183
Underwood us1036
Unrath us5198
Unruh us509 us1133 us2534 us2898 us3477 us3594 us3704 us3746 us3781 us3864 us4014 us4088 us4347 us5249
Unser us1010 us3946 us5811 us6359 us6804 us6842
Unterscher us4410
Unterseher us5212 us5247
Urich us77 us1074 us1291 us2811 us3558
Urlacher us6403 us6418 us6620
Urwick us2261
Uselmann us4818 us4867
Usselman us6115
Usselmann us134 us271 us500 us711 us763 us856 us1018 us1314 us1705 us2593 us2597 us2837 us2910 us2981 us3058 us3191 us3390 us3682 us4154 us4859 us4911 us5630 us5758 us6011 us6156 us6163 us6453 us6577
Utafka us3291
Utha us4743
V back to the top
Vadimer us359
Vaerwald us1850
Vager us226
Vaisch us3713 us4337
Valentin us5228
Valery us3259
Valiath us5000
Vau us1520
Veitenheimer us2290 us6376 us6396 us6439 us6456 us6462 us6523 us6605 us6672 us6927
Vertrann us8
Vertsch us6024
Vesch us1184 us2277
Vetch us5911
Vetsch us163 us240 us243 us295 us380 us385 us437 us443 us641 us646 us732 us831 us935 us936 us988 us1094 us1164 us1297 us1450 us1469 us1518 us1612 us1689 us1755 us1765 us1770 us1775 us1812 us1893 us1899 us2192 us2195 us2199 us2227 us2627 us2837 us4000 us4232 us5723 us5863 us6032 us6097 us6300 us6362 us6513 us6635
Vetter us30 us135 us235 us292 us369 us399 us543 us603 us650 us654 us760 us808 us885 us1013 us1028 us1065 us1097 us1192 us1219 us1315 us1324 us1345 us1387 us1513 us1518 us1520 us1580 us1617 us1870 us1895 us1914 us1948 us1988 us2198 us2200 us2262 us2538 us2609 us2614 us2843 us2845 us2870 us2927 us2934 us3099 us3589 us3645 us4029 us4101 us4109 us4227 us4245 us4287 us4360 us4430 us4438 us4504 us4608 us4667 us4760 us4803 us4934 us5107 us5124 us5349 us5362 us5383 us5520 us5616 us5732 us5810 us5812 us5830 us5891 us6039 us6166 us6181 us6496 us6748
Vickel us4556
Victor us2575 us2614
Viech us3718
Viederstaedt us5027
Vieks us2999
Vielau us4345
Vielhauer us3148
Vieths us2419
Vietz us2773 us5350
Viken us678
Villhauer us3712
Vindewald us226
Virst us4567
Vittau us4527
Vix us4866
Vobolofski us1273
Vodmann us807
Voechler us973
Voegele us3 us509 us545 us3183 us3781 us4045 us4975 us5193
Voehler us4993
Voelker us2455
Voeller us31 us301 us302 us326 us399 us405 us549 us641 us703 us772 us781 us865 us953 us1142 us1552 us1575 us1580 us1590 us1596 us1684 us1812 us2307 us2328 us2353 us2427 us2466 us2504 us2508 us2544 us2627 us2744 us2750 us2837 us2897 us2928 us3025 us3359 us3751 us4147 us4171 us5053 us5307 us5308 us5376 us5402 us5419 us5553 us5619 us5692 us5704 us5709 us5710 us5864 us5878 us5893 us6011 us6016 us6030 us6066 us6103 us6121 us6232 us6268 us6313 us6345 us6355 us6362 us6393 us6429 us6484 us6513 us6693 us6847 us6855 us6882 us6889
Voerwald us1850
Voet us4001
Voetz us3551
Vogel us319 us1054 us1068 us1236 us1494 us1809 us1852 us1859 us2059 us2353 us2597 us2610 us3002 us3024 us3103 us3575 us3919 us5403 us5637 us5761 us6041 us6103 us6200 us6292 us6462 us6660 us6717 us6797
Vogenmeier us5011
Voger us1870
Vogt us4529
Volk us1 us5 us6 us10 us13 us31 us55 us60 us75 us107 us124 us181 us202 us218 us223 us284 us291 us322 us453 us460 us464 us493 us539 us565 us582 us605 us639 us666 us713 us720 us781 us832 us833 us863 us875 us893 us936 us943 us972 us1003 us1024 us1039 us1052 us1061 us1197 us1257 us1296 us1350 us1388 us1451 us1487 us1494 us1552 us1575 us1579 us1665 us1820 us1822 us1852 us1856 us1857 us1859 us1890 us1895 us1896 us1938 us1948 us2028 us2048 us2073 us2106 us2151 us2152 us2172 us2185 us2203 us2263 us2291 us2319 us2350 us2356 us2358 us2361 us2364 us2389 us2409 us2452 us2538 us2548 us2552 us2596 us2597 us2600 us2610 us2626 us2627 us2732 us2733 us2740 us2757 us2772 us2801 us2816 us2858 us2897 us2902 us2920 us2991 us3023 us3036 us3066 us3067 us3098 us3138 us3359 us3364 us3395 us3405 us3416 us3430 us3431 us3436 us3468 us3476 us3503 us3515 us3556 us3559 us3568 us3583 us3632 us3639 us3677 us3683 us3734 us3873 us3899 us3901 us3917 us3943 us4002 us4005 us4101 us4129 us4137 us4160 us4180 us4181 us4183 us4208 us4228 us4297 us4543 us4547 us4664 us4723 us4759 us4803 us4824 us4837 us4839 us4859 us4867 us4992 us5010 us5011 us5018 us5045 us5051 us5184 us5193 us5205 us5244 us5249 us5254 us5279 us5290 us5291 us5298 us5307 us5326 us5327 us5336 us5429 us5468 us5476 us5488 us5502 us5525 us5567 us5577 us5584 us5586 us5590 us5594 us5655 us5672 us5680 us5690 us5709 us5716 us5722 us5725 us5741 us5745 us5748 us5785 us5798 us5799 us5812 us5824 us5826 us5830 us5857 us5874 us5913 us5976 us5979 us6004 us6006 us6016 us6030 us6062 us6066 us6079 us6080 us6107 us6109 us6116 us6127 us6132 us6149 us6151 us6172 us6209 us6216 us6250 us6298 us6300 us6329 us6349 us6355 us6358 us6362 us6366 us6429 us6442 us6496 us6499 us6545 us6583 us6597 us6605 us6664 us6666 us6697 us6718 us6744 us6750 us6766 us6806 us6889 us6904
Voll us1869 us2027
Vollensky us5955
Voller us5033
Vollmer us3605
Volreis us6561
Volske us5001
Volz us23 us107 us121 us232 us268 us275 us288 us322 us382 us386 us390 us404 us581 us583 us584 us601 us886 us913 us947 us986 us1202 us1770 us3356 us3947 us6246 us6290 us6374 us6723
Volzer us3054
Vorlaender us2495
Vorth us1755
Vossler us1869
Voth us1303 us3100
Vranna us6899
Vroschat us1722
Vunge us618
W back to the top
W us1587 us2535 us2788 us2799 us4730
Wacher us6966
Wachtel us485 us749 us2258
Wack us31 us2177 us2274 us2480 us2577
Wacker us69 us105 us619 us726 us808 us826 us851 us982 us1260 us1309 us1325 us1378 us1439 us1544 us1766 us2095 us2163 us2217 us2228 us2302 us2317 us2320 us2333 us2336 us2430 us2565 us2611 us2644 us2770 us2773 us2793 us2846 us2871 us2875 us2935 us3003 us3063 us3084 us3088 us3135 us3144 us3150 us3360 us3590 us3687 us3855 us3860 us4113 us4282 us4302 us4860 us4948 us5938 us6464
Waelber us2297
Waelder us3082 us3429
Wagemann us4007 us4797
Wagendorf us4984
Wagenmann us4776
Wagmann us855 us1029 us1184 us2925 us5840 us6035 us6595
Wagner us2 us77 us138 us146 us160 us278 us317 us321 us372 us468 us538 us545 us566 us642 us753 us820 us881 us940 us1014 us1171 us1185 us1291 us1735 us1855 us1912 us2056 us2061 us2077 us2144 us2844 us2859 us3021 us3118 us3209 us3720 us3798 us3866 us4201 us4265 us4291 us4341 us4416 us4440 us4480 us4511 us4549 us4619 us4686 us4825 us4988 us5001 us5028 us5030 us5056 us5108 us5113 us5119 us5165 us5353 us5403 us5462 us5478 us5530 us5732 us5857 us6294 us6498 us6532 us6544 us6608 us6697 us6709 us6725 us6740 us6828 us6880 us6900
Wahl us3 us79 us219 us522 us544 us652 us1069 us1320 us1322 us1547 us1961 us2088 us2132 us2305 us2382 us2487 us2495 us2611 us2639 us2640 us2740 us2911 us3404 us4444 us4459 us4602 us5034 us5676
Wahler us123 us779 us4092
Wahn us2415 us2460
Waigsel us1768
Wajor us232
Walcker us4774
Wald us8 us37 us39 us78 us79 us244 us332 us335 us340 us360 us387 us461 us543 us582 us604 us621 us676 us692 us703 us714 us785 us809 us810 us864 us876 us877 us918 us949 us983 us989 us1022 us1070 us1116 us1177 us1205 us1236 us1288 us1295 us1302 us1336 us1356 us1405 us1484 us1529 us1570 us1590 us1613 us1621 us1748 us1762 us1774 us1822 us1835 us1921 us1941 us1942 us1986 us1995 us2046 us2058 us2104 us2182 us2215 us2275 us2288 us2327 us2332 us2334 us2359 us2391 us2404 us2452 us2458 us2462 us2503 us2602 us2625 us2645 us2731 us2753 us2757 us2774 us2847 us2876 us2941 us2988 us3055 us3063 us3073 us3082 us3104 us3113 us3142 us3182 us3183 us3189 us3359 us3370 us3400 us3409 us3435 us3438 us3446 us3492 us3507 us3603 us3725 us3762 us3820 us3920 us3921 us3971 us3974 us3978 us4034 us4131 us4155 us4273 us4360 us4509 us4554 us4686 us4760 us4787 us4794 us4860 us4935 us4936 us4937 us4938 us4939 us5010 us5173 us5488 us5493 us5546 us5668 us5754 us5767 us5811 us5824 us5833 us5836 us5840 us5855 us6035 us6090 us6103 us6163 us6184 us6188 us6189 us6302 us6355 us6429 us6519 us6677 us6709 us6737 us6789 us6807 us6812 us6821 us6842 us6848
Waldenburg us5992
Walder us1196 us1272 us6519
Waldmann us693 us3539 us4137
Waldner us2388 us6442
Walfor us3947
Walifer us479
Walihor us107 us124 us386 us418 us583 us815 us834 us913
Walior us5858 us6012 us6333 us6554 us6663
Waliser us3769 us6910
Waljor us5619
Walker us174 us566 us851 us1168 us1866 us3852 us4201 us4461
Wall us544 us545 us566 us835 us1119 us1143 us1172 us1349 us1538 us1616 us1722 us2005 us2088 us2218 us2483 us2484 us2573 us2612 us2644 us2735 us2752 us2876 us3316 us3967 us4484 us4771 us4900 us5381
Wallbaum us4572 us5065
Wallender us4329 us4384
Wallenwein us4493
Wallior us6374
Walliser us5073 us6230
Wallman us4843
Walsch us5030
Walstad us2308
Waltbach us4971
Walte us5381
Walter us132 us158 us357 us407 us476 us1113 us1236 us1421 us1549 us2044 us2267 us2378 us2640 us2825 us3081 us3132 us3572 us3975 us4096 us4118 us4520 us5381 us5679 us6026 us6368 us6450 us6545 us6804 us6834
Walth us1143 us3306 us3309 us3310 us3315 us3318 us3324 us3391 us4352 us4928 us4933 us4957 us4959 us4963 us5001
Waltz us4445 us5230 us5392 us5446 us5539
Walz us933 us1318 us1870 us2843 us4778 us4780 us4794 us4798 us4800 us4811 us4918 us5766
Walzer us5183
Wanamaker us2554
Wander us1628
Wandler us636 us6590 us6654 us6658 us6784
Wangler us60 us268 us293 us548 us577 us627 us628 us629 us662 us784 us907 us1003 us1345 us1469 us1613 us1690 us1749 us1752 us1848 us1867 us2212 us2252 us2338 us2627 us2786 us2848 us3154 us3296 us3413 us3514 us3515 us5264 us5361 us5577 us5754 us5810 us6104 us6193 us6668
Wangrin us1912
Wanner us3 us566 us578 us1799 us1962 us2218 us2876 us2877 us3030 us3209 us3258 us3289 us3648 us3670 us3864 us3952 us4065 us4952 us5399 us6415 us6588 us6621 us6694 us6784 us6929
Wanschaft us55
Warhack us5637
Warmsbacher us2361
Warmsbecher us60 us379 us2817
Warmsdahl us257
Warnke us4963
Warran us6268
Warren us3592
Washburn us203
Wasser us1105
Watkins us635 us656 us872 us6895
Watters us2304
Wax us183 us6858
Waydemann us2448
Wayer us6816
Weber us7 us8 us13 us117 us296 us355 us546 us836 us851 us901 us1174 us1299 us1307 us1384 us1406 us1520 us1558 us1914 us1995 us2075 us2290 us2309 us2362 us2406 us2430 us2461 us2463 us2558 us2622 us2642 us2643 us2788 us2835 us2843 us2902 us2936 us3023 us3054 us3114 us3115 us3180 us3395 us3443 us3565 us3639 us3683 us3702 us3773 us3901 us4064 us4132 us4134 us4154 us4203 us4236 us4359 us4390 us4555 us4743 us4793 us4794 us4869 us4985 us5105 us5106 us5122 us5406 us5617 us5722 us5752 us5851 us5899 us6092 us6176 us6441 us6511 us6754 us6761 us6788 us6892 us6930 us6970
Webskowski us1912
Wecker us2060 us2178
Wedesweiler us1857 us2289
Wedmiller us6930
Wegesser us3209
Wegh us6832
Wegmann us7 us185 us213 us221 us222 us268 us328 us405 us577 us584 us598 us683 us784 us814 us815 us865 us947 us986 us1142 us1262 us1296 us1901 us1993 us2050 us2084 us2163 us2167 us2195 us2213 us2358 us2372 us2537 us2555 us2626 us2632 us2736 us2818 us2969 us3174 us4096 us4231
Wegner us220 us954 us4046 us4779 us5218 us5499
Wehmann us5824
Wehrl us3557
Wehrle us298 us872 us1006 us1034 us1311 us1539 us1550 us1560 us3354
Weian us2608
Weiand us3287 us6341
Weiber us5073
Weible us5381
Weichel us1587
Weidel us945
Weidemann us60 us1003 us2328
Weidenbach us3631 us4472 us5600
Weidner us602 us995 us1209 us1409 us3635 us4264 us4274 us4525 us4712
Weigel us49 us293 us420 us548 us604 us662 us675 us736 us919 us1212 us1225 us1286 us1587 us1618 us1802 us1854 us1859 us1894 us1924 us1936 us2110 us2172 us2197 us2261 us2297 us2328 us2338 us2385 us2398 us2417 us2464 us2481 us2590 us2613 us2616 us2626 us2643 us2741 us2829 us2988 us3017 us3069 us3513 us3665 us3682 us3763 us3921 us3922 us3939 us4102 us4177 us4237 us4297 us4541 us4566 us5541 us5628 us5729 us5732 us5747 us5861 us5863 us5965 us6032 us6097 us6140 us6313 us6696 us6811
Weigum us3700 us3852 us5026 us5150 us5257
Weikam us4697
Weikum us4050
Weil us5988
Weiland us6762
Weileitz us2387
Weiler us509 us3289 us4902 us6013 us6337 us6847
Weimert us1337
Weinberger us3291 us4902 us6368 us6517 us6862
Weiner us2129
Weinert us4808
Weingaertner us5501
Weirlinger us5515
Weis us574 us5197
Weisbeck us4 us3536 us4004 us5674 us5795 us5981
Weise us5493
Weisenburger us3862 us3880 us3893 us3917 us3943 us3964 us4002 us4028 us4066 us4084 us4093 us4338
Weishaar us4563
Weishahn us4085
Weisling us6230
Weispfenig us133
Weispfening us115
Weiss us38 us2720 us2725 us4007 us4080 us4372 us4407 us4482 us5043 us5381 us6114 us6668
Weissbeck us821 us931 us1495 us1673 us1708 us1712 us1714 us1812 us2118 us2596 us2841 us3058 us3183 us5656
Weissberg us1599
Weissdeck us5754
Weissenbeck us1708
Weisser us807
Weissgerber us408 us524 us639 us2411
Weisshaar us4474 us4573 us4995 us5176
Weisshoor us3097
Weisspfennig us5134
Weisspfennine us1768
Weist us2810
Weizel us4869
Welch us6891
Weld us3600 us6910
Welder us175 us830 us1120 us1254 us1774 us1798 us2104 us2988 us3921 us5436 us5863 us6032 us6189 us6519
Welinger us2511
Welk us96 us144 us557 us924 us1297 us1812 us2071 us2161 us2166 us2182 us2193 us2246 us2307 us2328 us2329 us2364 us2389 us2390 us2400 us2448 us2490 us2545 us2569 us2775 us2800 us2803 us2837 us2924 us2928 us3137 us3517 us3678 us4148 us4157 us4332 us4523 us4816 us5594 us5741 us5748 us5791 us5829 us5914 us6090 us6282 us6300 us6348 us6429 us6663 us6775
Well us4045
Weller us618 us4117
Welter us736 us1175 us2571 us3934 us5836
Weltz us2605 us3937 us4539 us4840
Welz us3558 us4735
Wemberoth us1143
Wemge us4975
Wendeseldt us2592
Wendland us1160 us4391
Wendlandt us3592
Wenger us2828
Wenig us3217
Weniger us5833
Weninger us124 us313 us920 us1627 us2001 us2221 us2450 us2640 us2769 us2791 us3419 us3441 us3447 us3571 us3875 us4217 us5124 us5477 us5512 us5520 us6577
Wenning us4043
Wenninger us117 us3859 us5137 us5503 us5693 us6163
Wentland us3813
Wentz us77 us102 us134 us169 us235 us291 us342 us972 us1856 us1859 us1899 us2106 us2110 us2198 us2362 us2406 us2576 us3481 us3858 us3878 us3887 us4723 us5033 us5035 us5318 us5406 us5468 us5616 us5619 us5673 us5862 us6050 us6092
Wenz us664 us1141 us1476 us1483 us1852 us2929 us3405 us3628 us3697 us3877 us4136 us4328 us4339 us4984 us5478 us5864 us6476
Wenzel us537 us3209 us4591 us4861
Wenzlaff us3300
Were us4212
Werlinger us193 us456 us2034 us2377 us2602 us2829 us3001 us3414 us4554 us5348 us5383
Wermsbaecher us6785
Werner us276 us408 us420 us482 us1616 us1800 us2178 us2276 us2337 us2410 us2527 us2598 us2602 us2770 us2875 us3001 us3013 us3396 us3397 us3595 us3689 us3711 us4019 us4029 us4266 us4329 us4737 us5049 us5248 us5489 us5535 us5732 us5830 us6496
Werran us935
Werre us1120 us1557 us3917 us4940
Werren us6250
Wert us4433 us6560
Werth us3209 us4369
Wesener us2845
Wessel us5001
Wessner us1914 us2715 us5057
Westphal us2438
Wetsch us289 us424 us1990 us1996 us2125 us3285 us3295 us5387 us5893 us6272 us6381 us6414 us6440 us6534 us6670 us6693 us6803 us6891
Wetzel us1205 us2971 us5106
Wetzler us3313 us4798
Wetzstein us3888 us6412 us6512 us6605 us6615 us6779 us6927
Wetztein us6277 us6638 us6681
Weysel us4963
White us3273
Whittmayer us214
Wiche us1163
Wick us648
Wicken us2155
Wickenhaeuser us727 us947 us1270 us2372 us3151 us3463
Wickenhauser us577 us1475 us2250
Wickenheiser us7 us32 us667 us698 us700 us1344 us1389 us1447 us2037 us2153 us2736 us2818 us4164 us4686 us5588
Wickenheuser us1577
Wicks us5515
Widerspann us6391
Widfaier us1999
Widicker us50 us462 us962 us1180 us1272 us1766 us2060 us2178 us6392
Widiker us954
Widmaier us1180 us1294 us1851 us1940 us1997 us1999 us4561
Widmayer us115 us133 us1850
Widmer us115 us133 us1413 us3715
Wiebe us3443
Wiedeket us737
Wiedemann us1780
Wiedemayer us5940
Wiederich us4014 us5063 us5081 us5219
Wiederrich us2677 us2684 us3802 us4392 us4494
Wiederspann us2060 us2178
Wiedmer us1866 us3211 us3684
Wiedrich us2676 us4712 us5398
Wiegen us1402
Wiegenbach us665
Wiegenheiser us3725
Wieger us172
Wiegland us3210
Wiest us284 us616 us836 us1383 us1406 us1543 us1866 us2110 us2154 us2425 us2562 us2577 us2902 us3431 us3580 us4183 us4236 us4305 us4311 us4402 us4405 us4466 us4499 us4907 us5752 us6015 us6604 us6703
Wift us4499
Wigenhaiser us4109
Wikenheuser us1751
Wilcke us3746
Wild us1912 us2465 us2784 us2828 us3039 us3070 us3239
Wildemann us1296 us5530
Wildenheisser us5312
Wilder us2277
Wildermath us4092
Wildermuth us5079
Wildman us4121
Wildt us3360
Wileby us1363
Wilhelm us1755 us3016 us3400 us3648 us4430 us4970 us5818 us5863 us6299 us6328 us6500 us6878 us6881 us6904
Wili us4303
Wilkes us2199
Wilking us5501
Will us3212 us3243 us4544 us4861 us5982 us6391
William us3083
Williams us4089 us4872
Willms us125 us126 us190 us1071 us3477 us3480 us3670 us3681 us3712 us3746 us3864
Wilske us2703
Winende us6278
Wingeder us1855
Wingelmann us3793
Wingenbach us76 us247 us356 us547 us666 us925 us926 us2245 us2264 us3297 us3329 us4491 us4682 us5798 us5857 us6144 us6358 us6652 us6698 us6710 us6723 us6734
Wingerter us107 us500 us660 us1671 us5007 us5388 us5389 us5412 us5445 us6165 us6237
Winkelmann us5
Winkler us2482 us4685 us5507
Winter us170 us463 us563 us728 us901 us902 us2264 us3049 us4113 us4528 us6457 us6697 us6710 us6822 us6823
Winterhalt us5699
Winterhalter us2816 us2918
Winterrot us3306
Winterroth us3063
Winters us509
Winzer us737
Wirsch us1866 us5779 us5780
Wirth us1426 us1854 us3502
Wirtz us6917
Wischel us3257 us3258
Wishek us431 us435 us792 us808 us863 us924 us1297
Wist us3023 us3730
Witmer us5919
Witt us1434 us4416 us4435 us4508 us4536 us4574 us4655 us5038 us5759
Witterspan us3717
Wittle us5422
Wittmaier us1865 us2639 us2641 us3910
Wittman us2787
Wittmane us357
Wittmann us1124 us1657
Wittmayer us132 us198 us817 us826 us903 us942 us991 us1161 us1471 us1998 us2101 us2155 us2265 us2482 us2495 us2557 us2558 us2595 us2640 us2641 us2861 us2937 us3056 us3086 us3701 us3933 us3979 us4006 us4062 us4201 us4356 us4447 us4795 us5301 us5390 us6490
Wittmeier us48 us671 us2222 us3418 us3635
Wittmer us850 us3084 us5115
Wittmeyer us1850 us5086
Wock us5823 us6785 us6829
Woehl us1866 us4985 us5543
Woessner us4068
Woeste us105 us3019 us3594
Wohl us3540 us3881 us3914 us4794 us5654
Wohlgemut us2484
Wold us2300 us3477 us6227
Wolf us14 us48 us60 us66 us78 us133 us244 us257 us293 us486 us551 us581 us584 us671 us679 us700 us714 us718 us723 us876 us884 us888 us918 us1003 us1029 us1137 us1147 us1198 us1270 us1292 us1344 us1345 us1363 us1520 us1736 us1773 us1848 us1895 us1907 us1943 us1995 us2106 us2129 us2218 us2290 us2296 us2389 us2395 us2481 us2486 us2590 us2596 us2615 us2627 us2645 us2754 us2762 us2858 us2901 us2972 us2993 us3025 us3086 us3087 us3156 us3157 us3339 us3391 us3405 us3418 us3420 us3495 us3524 us3558 us3559 us3582 us3588 us3638 us3681 us3746 us3753 us3786 us3834 us3870 us3910 us3948 us4033 us4048 us4109 us4146 us4153 us4180 us4189 us4216 us4230 us4238 us4249 us4273 us4546 us4585 us4600 us4759 us4769 us4804 us4809 us4822 us4899 us4934 us4953 us5018 us5184 us5268 us5291 us5298 us5328 us5383 us5406 us5483 us5542 us5549 us5622 us5674 us5692 us5797 us5818 us6165 us6167 us6181 us6199 us6222 us6301 us6314 us6411 us6435 us6456 us6500 us6524 us6589 us6621 us6804 us6817 us6830 us6837 us6853 us6867 us6895 us6904
Wolfer us1168 us2482 us2756 us2815
Wolfert us2718
Wolferton us1742 us2482
Wolff us1184 us4844 us5027
Wolin us1830
Wollbaum us3433
Wolodarski us835
Wolpers us2524
Wolpert us4068
Wood us2558
Wormsbacher us265 us1003 us3946
Worsley us2427
Worst us2004
Wright us6117
Writer us6641
Wruck us1823 us3152
Wuerth us927
Wuertz us6512 us6736
Wuest us1869 us3384 us5504
Wurin us3135
Wurm us908 us909 us1082 us1839 us2828 us3100 us3410 us3594
Wutschick us5097
Wutschik us6473
Wutze us4603
Wutzke us3801 us3829 us3830 us3832 us4097 us4106 us4118 us4119 us4284 us5043 us6014
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Zahn us207 us509 us510 us520 us698 us732 us807 us859 us919 us1065 us1126 us1151 us1487 us1489 us1496 us1520 us1550 us1554 us1649 us1708 us1723 us1854 us2038 us2085 us2152 us2200 us2223 us2417 us3078 us3559 us3577 us3887 us4101 us4216 us4966 us5124 us6097 us6166
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Zent us184 us570 us1382 us1733 us2463 us4150 us6344 us6373 us6590
Zenter us6862
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Zerr us13 us31 us1257 us1293 us1427 us1848 us2110 us2274 us2319 us2389 us2411 us2428 us2453 us2610 us3268 us3568 us3662 us3698 us3720 us3901 us4818 us4867 us5290 us5344 us5504 us5833 us6595 us6633 us6929
Ziebart us4712
Ziegeldorf us2966 us3070
Ziegenhagel us6041
Zieger us3385
Ziegler us31 us107 us217 us379 us451 us1226 us1255 us1408 us1665 us2355 us2451 us2502 us2571 us2929 us3057 us3119 us3368 us3405 us3688 us3783 us3815 us4593 us4803 us4815 us5273 us5301 us5435 us5477 us5585 us5600 us5701 us5797 us5872 us5943 us5982 us6084 us6103 us6268 us6300 us6362 us6517 us6664 us6850
Ziehle us2629
Ziemann us4410 us4574
Zieser us1429
Ziffle us5911
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Zimmer us909 us3212 us5919
Zimmerman us2101 us2431 us4299 us4907 us5740
Zimmermann us392 us1413 us1483 us1755 us1764 us1768 us2419 us2425 us2472 us2563 us3030 us3241 us3254 us4296 us4436 us4602 us4753 us4772 us4860 us4863 us4891 us4901 us4954 us4978 us5179 us5718 us5952 us6043 us6171 us6250 us6329 us6366 us6396 us6412 us6416 us6548 us6567
Zinder us6494
Zink us921 us6113
Zinke us4258
Zinker us1768
Ziretzki us1850
Ziril us1319
Zirpel us1318
Zisch us4899
Zotnik us4512
Zottnick us4564 us5383
Zuber us4770
Zueger us110 us477 us715 us2179 us6251 us6612
Zuercher us2630
Zumbaum us6353
Zumbusch us2355 us2455 us2492 us3058 us3119 us3180 us3182
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