Letters from United States - North Dakota

Letters written by our ancestors that lived in North Dakota, USA

Surname Letters
M us4701 us6736 us6837
Maas us3314 us3323 us6171
MacDonald us504
MacLachlan us1310
Machmeier us1852
Mack us207 us692 us706 us883 us918 us999 us1029 us1168 us1198 us1273 us1590 us1831 us1878 us1937 us1943 us1968 us1990 us2087 us2241 us2462 us2821 us2982 us3055 us3085 us3359 us3550 us3577 us3600 us3901 us4231 us4280 us4398 us4862 us5147 us5273 us5558 us5585 us5965 us6666 us6785 us6900
Mackensen us198
Maedche us5062 us5287
Maercklein us807
Maertian us2106
Maerz us807 us3063
Maerzluft us3209
Maetzke us4985
Maeuer us1962
Maffenbeier us2133
Maffeth us5668
Magelki us6881
Magstadt us1821 us3300 us3317
Mahl us4319
Mahn us825
Mahowald us792 us808 us895
Mai us1209
Maier us1079 us1556 us1914 us1995 us2218 us2705 us2714 us2843 us3261 us3318 us3320 us3323 us3327 us3400 us3810 us3895 us4073 us4259 us4390 us4540 us4583 us4619 us4753 us4800 us4802 us4949 us5080 us5371 us5410 us5453 us5718 us5754 us5757 us5779 us5912 us5941 us5982 us5984 us6015 us6045 us6078 us6915
Maisch us382 us4133
Majerus us1668
Makelki us6828 us6829 us6872 us6874 us6878 us6905
Maler us3635 us3678
Malony us4201
Malsam us1871 us4189 us5018 us5647 us6535
Malsem us6544
Malsom us5173
Malsrich us6701
Mamel us5969
Mammel us2680 us3998 us4494 us4587 us5057 us5081
Manch us1318
Mandler us1238
Maner us807
Mangold us549 us1178 us1606 us1918 us1919 us2167 us2328 us2389 us3597 us4145 us5691 us6360
Mann us471 us722 us742 us851 us942 us960 us1869 us4264 us4416
Mantei us1294 us1850 us2717 us2718 us2719 us4596 us4805 us4826
Mantik us4576
Mantz us2583 us2591 us2989 us4287 us4846
Marbach us500 us516 us936 us1190 us1430 us1650 us1861 us1923 us2008 us2073 us2131 us2476 us2559 us2757 us2990 us2991 us3017 us3081 us3358 us3460 us3538 us3547 us3599 us3650 us3685 us3924 us3943 us3963 us4027 us4112 us4125 us4131 us4598 us4686 us5904 us6525
Marback us5493
Marck us2430
Marcklein us807
Marden us3069
Mardian us1217 us2446
Maresch us6494
Marfall us3642
Mark us2431
Markel us6236 us6475 us6494
Marks us817 us1850
Markwardt us372 us1912
Markwart us662 us697 us1290 us1309 us1830 us2159 us2494 us2620 us3390 us5362
Marllak us4918
Maron us1004 us1238 us1317 us1837 us2763 us2824 us3068 us3451 us4165 us4185
Marou us1381
Marquard us2993 us4037
Marquardt us4934 us5282
Marquart us12 us244 us1052 us1452 us1549 us1575 us1598 us1708 us2168 us2375 us4225 us5376 us5718 us5875 us6310 us6720
Marqwardt us4177
Marrtin us6354
Marschall us1855
Marstell us3176
Martaler us3289 us3812 us6199 us6314
Marte us2810
Martel us31 us180 us744 us915 us954 us1124 us1146 us1156 us1324 us1327 us1378 us1380 us1381 us1434 us1852 us1869 us2443 us2486 us3035 us3433 us3500 us3670 us3692 us4231 us4548 us4781 us6471
Martell us3176
Martens us3306
Martern us517 us5291 us6918
Marthaler us3289 us3688 us6520
Marthaller us972 us1363 us1382 us6837
Marthe us1897 us1899 us3502 us6808
Marthern us1061 us1868 us1936 us2122 us2123 us2138 us2197 us2239
Martian us199 us517 us1833 us1924 us1925 us1935 us1951 us1965 us2138 us2183 us2197 us2811 us2858 us5379 us5563 us5805 us6339 us6813 us6900
Martin us65 us788 us1127 us1140 us1223 us1929 us2418 us2420 us2564 us2592 us2733 us2784 us2823 us2825 us2889 us2991 us3065 us3171 us3209 us3291 us3303 us3310 us3411 us3810 us4038 us4451 us5780 us6053 us6074 us6078 us6305 us6512 us6732 us6832
Maruschka us1060
Marx us133
Marzolf us4776 us4797 us4800 us6060
Maschdel us5468
Maser us138
Mass us735 us1992
Massenbaier us1816
Massenbeier us2807
Masset us207 us330 us565 us705 us931 us2152 us4058 us4225 us4253 us4936 us6385
Masseth us3 us74 us208 us269 us299 us443 us482 us518 us607 us609 us692 us860 us916 us1867 us3495 us4029 us6519 us6633 us6748
Massini us249 us565 us935 us1922 us1964 us2215 us2360 us2361 us2409 us2432 us2767 us3080 us3520 us3521 us4123 us4135 us5264
Mast us6272
Mastel us68 us106 us111 us184 us297 us336 us363 us753 us921 us985 us1158 us1185 us1188 us1226 us1451 us1622 us1634 us1832 us2114 us2441 us2596 us2646 us2825 us2910 us2988 us3463 us3507 us3549 us3558 us4686 us6336 us6789
Mate us2419
Materi us1819 us1848 us1926 us2034 us3690 us3725 us6585 us6761
Matern us2276
Math us6277
Matheis us4846 us4995
Matherin us6181
Mathern us174 us307 us698 us992 us1003 us1131 us1252 us1254 us1288 us1529 us1618 us1836 us2169 us2244 us2352 us2353 us2357 us2359 us2404 us2428 us2433 us2490 us2511 us2988 us3018 us3082 us3189 us3514 us3597 us3643 us3834 us4162 us4815 us5330 us5574 us5709 us5846 us6188 us6302 us6310
Matherns us1833
Matis us4774
Matt us4601
Mattern us60 us221 us396 us420 us763 us1847 us1921 us2170 us2571 us2597 us3062 us3072 us3555 us3593 us3714 us3719 us3820 us5035 us6232 us6233 us6282 us6429
Matterns us3019
Mattes us4004
Mattheis us4433 us5939 us6040 us6074
Matthern us4992
Matticks us5969
Matz us50 us531 us1114 us1555 us2132 us4051 us6306 us6600
Mauch us1171 us2384 us2734 us3319 us3830 us3851 us4115 us4899 us5513 us5896
Maul us1907
Maulkorb us3013
Mauntz us1163
Maurer us437
Mauruss us111
Mautz us851 us1914 us2049 us3652 us3774 us4227 us4438 us4721 us5030
Maxwell us2070
Mayer us183 us807 us981 us1230 us1755 us1768 us1800 us2053 us2510 us3063 us3190 us3793 us3938 us4015 us4267 us4350 us4655 us4796 us4809 us6272
McCranken us3498
McCumber us95 us3517
McDonald us806 us6892
McGinty us504
McKinzie us3274
McLachlan us2885
Mebius us5360
Mechler us289
Mecker us6899
Meckler us5818 us6528 us6828 us6872 us6883 us6894
Mehl us5016 us5030
Mehle us4555
Mehlgaff us1555
Mehlhaff us1171 us1434 us1914 us2487 us2594 us2843 us3152 us4440 us5092
Mehlhoff us1850 us4841 us5403
Mehrer us1423 us3678 us3753 us4338 us4401 us4739 us4753
Meickel us4985
Meidiner us3865
Meidinger us48 us133 us791 us888 us1869 us4076 us4281 us4548 us4599 us5054
Meier us8 us173 us221 us244 us271 us297 us403 us468 us519 us543 us608 us610 us662 us673 us703 us801 us817 us917 us963 us1092 us1128 us1138 us1231 us1279 us1423 us1481 us1518 us1580 us1652 us1672 us1729 us1766 us1800 us1811 us1821 us1848 us1956 us2104 us2239 us2252 us2313 us2330 us2361 us2476 us2482 us2489 us2522 us2582 us2756 us2876 us2877 us2883 us2928 us2988 us2996 us2997 us3016 us3186 us3187 us3225 us3279 us3403 us3424 us3455 us3576 us3773 us3875 us3881 us3935 us3947 us3971 us4035 us4049 us4057 us4096 us4154 us4266 us4530 us4678 us4695 us4787 us4917 us4960 us4992 us5010 us5018 us5119 us5153 us5173 us5218 us5257 us5292 us5383 us5732 us5859 us5892 us5896 us6010 us6087 us6103 us6187 us6230 us6355 us6523 us6757 us6832 us6879 us6902
Meiler us5241
Meilers us5514
Meinecke us138
Meininger us3671 us3898 us4335
Meins us998
Meiss us1260
Meissner us3275 us3277
Mekab us1294
Mekelki us5818
Mekif us5176
Mekisch us6230
Melby us2765
Melhassen us1856
Melicher us1866
Melle us498 us783 us1256 us3029
Mellmer us6738
Menges us5167
Meninger us1570
Mensch us3534
Mentelin us2128
Menzia us1874 us4938
Merck us525 us785 us800 us1617 us1628 us2022 us2054 us3201 us3202 us3203 us3204 us3205 us3206 us3359 us3764 us5034 us5655 us5811 us6349 us6709 us6848
Merdian us5344 us6604
Mergel us183 us2592
Merick us2397
Merk us89 us188 us209 us262 us285 us313 us314 us328 us507 us526 us530 us531 us610 us660 us750 us801 us1105 us1416 us1495 us1543 us1580 us1590 us1628 us1642 us1691 us1692 us1816 us1927 us1983 us2107 us2132 us2133 us2200 us2239 us2262 us2469 us2753 us2941 us3067 us3359 us3405 us3484 us3549 us3734 us3825 us4180 us4206 us4244 us4340 us5053 us5194 us5275 us5388 us5389 us5461 us5488 us5588 us5990
Merkel us2210 us2681 us3541 us3717 us5383 us6391
Merkling us1999
Merschdorf us6272
Merschlag us1409
Mertel us3550
Mertian us1764 us5616 us5699 us5701
Mertians us5690
Mertins us2682
Mertz us3312
Mertz us574 us3310 us3316 us3321 us4900 us5540 us5781
Merz us1121 us2023
Mescke us4045
Meske us6113
Messer us2446 us4051 us4431 us5599 us6379 us6389 us6433 us6533 us6674 us6837 us6878 us6905
Messmer us3259 us6424 us6701
Messner us23 us4082 us5082
Metsoll us541
Mettler us3852
Metz us226 us1914 us2809 us2843 us6384 us6828 us6874 us6883 us6884 us6900 us6901 us6907 us6931
Metzer us1629
Metzger us226 us1218 us1821 us3209 us3210 us3211 us3212 us3213 us3214 us3215 us3216 us3217 us3219 us3221 us3225 us3227 us3228 us3231 us3234 us3235 us3236 us3237 us3238 us3239 us3240 us3241 us3242 us3243 us3244 us3245 us3246 us3247 us3248 us3254 us3255 us3257 us3258 us3259 us3260 us3263 us3264 us3305 us3318 us3319 us3320 us3324 us3325 us3326 us3872 us3916 us4208 us4468 us4642 us4739 us4753 us4928 us5371 us5912 us5919 us5955
Meuchel us3284 us6207 us6422 us6500 us6568 us6594 us6615 us6741 us6879
Meuter us6088
Meyer us289 us1768 us1855 us3746 us4342 us4570 us4692 us4993 us5127 us5391
Meyers us931
Meyries us2705
Michaelson us5952
Michailson us1110 us1227 us1322 us1348 us1431 us2789
Michal us777
Michalenko us2182
Michel us177 us6337 us6674
Michler us6087
Michta us136 us1009 us4307 us6077
Miegler us4542 us5577 us5674 us6268 us6334
Mienz us570
Migler us163 us243 us935 us2246
Mikitsch us6230
Mildenberger us8 us13 us60 us158 us213 us284 us287 us360 us407 us408 us443 us639 us710 us714 us786 us876 us911 us1003 us1038 us1066 us1467 us1739 us1966 us1985 us2253 us2260 us2412 us2785 us2825 us3368 us3431 us4145 us4161 us4181 us4613 us5616 us6557 us6605 us6913
Mildenburger us5716
Miller us2 us3 us8 us27 us113 us115 us119 us121 us133 us258 us285 us289 us329 us342 us360 us427 us448 us481 us539 us648 us670 us676 us703 us723 us835 us855 us873 us877 us903 us972 us975 us1003 us1127 us1148 us1153 us1166 us1251 us1302 us1346 us1369 us1371 us1476 us1481 us1483 us1501 us1556 us1620 us1652 us1694 us1721 us1737 us1768 us1850 us1866 us1956 us1992 us2115 us2164 us2214 us2257 us2428 us2478 us2480 us2706 us2731 us2732 us2733 us2762 us2802 us2841 us3066 us3171 us3394 us3426 us3450 us3491 us3587 us3691 us3700 us3821 us3952 us4012 us4199 us4208 us4273 us4294 us4296 us4491 us4652 us4719 us4803 us4839 us5044 us5085 us5119 us5144 us5285 us5376 us5381 us5437 us5619 us5632 us5672 us5759 us5798 us5858 us5861 us5913 us5919 us5963 us6057 us6103 us6170 us6181 us6355 us6358 us6360 us6364 us6495 us6541 us6739 us6797 us6799 us6806 us6828 us6873 us6874 us6909 us6972
Millius us6275
Millman us3676
Miltenberger us8
Mindt us5507
Minkiewitz us2591
Minter us4491
Mintz us2683 us2706 us2715 us2784
Mirau us985
Mische us3270 us3275
Mischel us6579 us6701 us6865 us6874
Mischler us6387
Misler us1228
Misner us2027
Missler us418 us531
Mithoff us6389
Mitleider us1235 us1914 us2843 us3190 us4475 us5132
Mitleiter us4822
Mitreder us86
Mittelstadt us4337
Mittelstaedt us2680 us4535 us4603
Mittelsted us3691
Mittelstedt us4395
Mittleider us802 us4282 us4302 us4338 us5028
Mitzel us49 us58 us152 us174 us255 us465 us588 us604 us662 us961 us997 us1080 us1200 us1288 us1356 us1383 us1402 us1406 us1565 us1570 us1643 us1731 us1891 us1921 us2154 us2169 us2274 us2300 us2356 us2364 us2373 us2404 us2433 us2456 us2467 us2507 us2510 us2511 us2557 us2602 us2627 us2744 us2841 us2865 us2870 us3030 us3503 us3553 us3605 us3716 us3842 us3996 us4029 us4102 us4128 us4134 us4135 us4145 us4146 us4182 us4183 us4203 us4236 us4253 us4686 us4803 us4815 us5006 us5319 us5504 us5655 us5693 us5789 us6190 us6232 us6239 us6309 us6355 us6357 us6361 us6362 us6366 us6387 us6394 us6499 us6519 us6544 us6548 us6582 us6595 us6597 us6633 us6709 us6720 us6766 us6913
Mix us1585 us2228 us5148
Moch us1855 us6236
Mock us482 us510 us531 us551 us2431 us2758 us4914 us6254 us6528
Moe us5406
Moeckel us133 us483 us792 us888
Moeckler us4163
Moekel us1995
Moench us1780
Moennig us2765
Mogck us1866 us2730
Mohl us220 us1136 us2031 us2096
Mohr us487 us3605
Moldenhauer us48 us133
Moloch us3555
Montgomery us3635
Moos us1755 us1800 us3828 us6013
Morast us333 us996 us1209 us1399 us1522 us2080 us4292 us4712
Morel us6551 us6648
Morgenthaler us6874
Moritz us511 us2171 us4571 us5062 us5347
Morley us6744
Morlick us3385
Morlock us1318 us1439 us1730 us1768 us1800 us4333 us4899 us4948
Mortiz us4663
Morton us2202
Mosburcker us6363
Moser us334 us531 us608 us609 us1356 us1580 us1590 us1700 us1744 us1745 us1751 us1973 us2152 us2237 us2360 us2361 us2409 us2455 us2743 us3016 us3024 us3359 us3550 us3730 us4110 us4266 us4914 us5349 us5669 us5718 us5747 us5779 us5810 us6213 us6277 us6289 us6532 us6723 us6779 us6892 us6972
Mosin us5249
Moskowitz us3013 us3403 us3523
Mossbrucker us2825 us4711 us5029 us6227 us6411 us6449 us6481 us6500 us6617 us6741 us6926
Mossburcker us6621
Mosser us794 us859 us861 us884 us1013 us1153 us1350 us1608 us1629 us1711 us1838 us2215 us2291 us2356 us2764 us3143 us3436 us3515 us3521 us4123 us4686 us5674 us5701 us5760 us5844 us5846 us5850 us5853 us5854 us5868 us5879 us5914 us6079 us6081 us6104 us6121 us6142 us6177 us6212
Mosset us1379
Most us14 us2570 us2590 us3578 us6895
Mostel us305
Motz us1866 us4444
Mueckle us5113
Muehl us977 us1129 us2406
Muehlbauer us3242
Muehlbeier us3049 us4113 us4408 us5918
Muehle us2325
Muehlenberg us2913
Muelberger us6895
Mueller us60 us173 us258 us337 us400 us427 us441 us536 us563 us570 us600 us605 us674 us899 us902 us921 us970 us1010 us1103 us1173 us1186 us1202 us1235 us1253 us1266 us1323 us1444 us1472 us1475 us1555 us1568 us1579 us1609 us1755 us1768 us1810 us1821 us1850 us1855 us1860 us1865 us1866 us2024 us2142 us2254 us2281 us2433 us2593 us2765 us2787 us2826 us2926 us2931 us2992 us2993 us2994 us3036 us3069 us3084 us3238 us3285 us3304 us3305 us3356 us3361 us3468 us3507 us3551 us3552 us3627 us3716 us3847 us4044 us4069 us4103 us4180 us4225 us4269 us4296 us4298 us4383 us4519 us4525 us4537 us4551 us4599 us4719 us4747 us4796 us4821 us4861 us5026 us5078 us5115 us5167 us5187 us5211 us5226 us5250 us5348 us5383 us5410 us5447 us5989 us6040 us6067 us6229 us6309 us6362 us6697 us6730 us6745 us6767 us6847
Muendt us5918
Muggli us6381 us6543
Muller us487 us671 us4960
Mulligan us2389
Mund us115 us133 us671 us893
Mundt us963
Munsch us115 us133 us1855 us2060 us2095 us3670 us3830 us4760 us5383 us6229
Munz us1052
Murschell us1522
Muschik us2792
Muth us529 us6694 us6834
Mutschelknaus us3242 us4865 us5005
Mutschik us4517
Mutschmann us4372
Mutzenberger us4655 us5220
Myhre us2330
N back to the top
N us2378
Naass us4459
Nachbauer us6388
Nacht us678 us1652
Nachtheim us5863 us6032
Naeher us3303
Nagel us71 us128 us219 us502 us735 us873 us1103 us1386 us1479 us1481 us1992 us2126 us2264 us2431 us2738 us3433 us3593 us3722 us4300 us4517 us4630 us4634 us4743 us4862 us5074 us5075 us5110 us5241 us5278 us5433 us5452 us5813 us5817 us5820 us5857 us6116 us6144 us6149 us6157 us6335 us6545 us6702 us6748 us6806 us6823 us6906
Nagoshek us2862
Nannt us4531 us5112 us5200 us5399
Nanntt us5394
Nant us4482
Nast us1866
Natascha us6397 us6402
Nathan us1161 us1168 us1855 us1870 us2186 us2843 us2936 us4455 us5166 us5897
Naumann us1547
Navobny us5852
Navratil us6543
Neff us5759
Neher us1870 us2843 us4292 us4406 us4449 us4451 us4565 us4773 us5061 us5209 us5360 us5484
Nehmann us4985
Neidhard us3310
Neigel us2308 us3416
Neigum us675 us3939
Neils us3171
Neis us6301 us6336
Neiss us2094 us6362 us6531 us6668
Nelge us1323
Nelson us1294 us2297 us2427 us2993
Nergen us1832
Neschber us172
Nessert us5132
Netz us5148
Netze us1768
Netzer us173 us509 us4270
Neu us5781
Neubauer us4713 us5458
Neueberger us138
Neugum us293 us919 us1698 us2741 us3922 us5941
Neuhart us954 us3316 us5831
Neuharth us4512
Neuman us6055
Neumann us1755 us1768 us1821 us2834 us3477 us3928 us4001 us4214 us4535 us5221
Neumeyer us4828
Neumiller us1865 us2080 us3496 us4333
Neumueller us2483 us4838
Neurohr us6580
Nichols us806 us2330 us6639
Nicholson us3591
Nicolas us464 us6359
Niebler us3890
Niegler us358
Nielk us4758
Niemann us274 us5000
Nies us6114
Niess us109
Niklau us3225
Nikolas us4102 us6142
Nikolaus us3235 us5946
Nill us807 us1866 us2715 us4619
Niss us4814
Nissner us679
Nitchke us2987
Nitschke us1870 us2709 us2710 us2843 us4287 us4561 us4657
Noble us2169
Nold us1751 us3401
Nolte us4861
Nolz us1205 us1770
Noraman us3494
Nordenburg us1109
Norton us431
Nost us2444
Notthan us2682 us5469
Noys us3144
Nuckolls us872
Nuessle us4692
Nuss us406 us2607 us4862
Nussbaum us2427
Nussbaumer us13 us86 us1023 us1788 us2246 us2297 us2502 us2567 us2744 us2975 us4132 us4134
Nutz us618 us1907 us4745 us4769 us4782
O back to the top
O'Hara us3182
O'Neill us1788
O'Reilly us3494
Obenauer us48 us133 us337 us671 us850 us4000 us5164
Obergewitsch us2290
Oberigewitsch us5856
Oberlaender us1156
Oberländer us6050
Obermeier, us3516
Obernauer us4641
Obrigewitsch us6306 us6784
Ochs us34 us360 us387 us400 us1219 us1239 us1424 us1473 us1823 us1838 us2117 us2184 us2364 us2764 us2766 us2821 us2827 us2964 us2982 us2992 us3145 us3635 us3900 us4593 us4597 us5228 us5312 us5563 us5733 us6336
Ochsner us136 us1907 us2482 us2937 us3305 us4820
Odenbach us38 us749
Oderstetter us649
Oekle us671
Oemig us462
Ohleiser us6898
Ohlhaeuser us1787 us2618
Ohlhaeusler us2557
Ohlhauser us1299 us4773
Ohlheiser us6312 us6907
Ohlheissler us3391
Ohrenburg us3133 us3150
Ohrenmann us2484
Ohrmann us4828
Okel us2178
Okert us210 us501 us537 us599 us808 us932 us1195 us2202 us2394 us2989 us2995 us3053 us3158 us3190 us3702 us4126
Oldenberger us4503
Oldenburger us4369
Olfason us2536
Olhaeuser us5055
Olheiser us339 us823 us2351 us2523 us6600 us6639 us6771 us6872 us6878 us6884 us6905 us6926
Ollenburger us1474
Olossen us2337
Olson us3502
Opp us3307 us3312 us3316 us3420 us3781 us4045 us4088 us6053 us6074
Oppen us2544
Ormann us5381
Orner us4948 us5075
Orth us48 us115 us133 us159 us671
Ortwein us852
Ost us48 us133 us171 us220 us333 us671 us952 us1324 us1409 us2171 us3355 us3700 us4226 us4308 us4718 us5177 us5246 us5896
Oster us1380 us2605 us3240 us3243 us3251 us4337 us5179 us5203 us5246 us6694 us6834 us6883 us6905 us6931
Osterloh us6972
Othmar us2537
Ott us2423 us2455 us6187 us6370 us6898
Otte us4784
Otterstetter us2710 us5484
Ottmann us6321
Ottmar us1821 us3638 us3678 us3753 us3780 us3833 us3848 us3870 us3912 us3916 us3965 us4033 us4048 us4090 us4256 us4299 us4454 us4476 us4583 us4629 us4683 us4710 us5005 us5031 us5226 us5252 us5777 us5895 us5897
Otto us173 us869 us955 us1768 us1800 us3396 us3799 us4038
Owen us3031
P back to the top
P us6786
Paa us105 us737 us908 us909 us1082 us1260 us1839 us2534 us2828 us2875 us2898 us3019 us3039 us3070 us3100 us3118 us3135 us3410 us3592 us3594 us6249 us6278 us6561
Pades us3056
Page us3454
Pagel us2557
Pahl us1907 us5091 us5163 us5287 us5911
Palmer us3980
Pankratz us1025 us1083 us5398
Pannarz us2129
Panov us5033
Papenfuss us3070 us3100
Pappenfuss us3410
Passtian us4988
Pater us4899 us5132
Patzer us4700
Paul us194 us278 us300 us560 us893 us1173 us1356 us1838 us2083 us2108 us2113 us2764 us2897 us4863 us5039 us5309 us5866 us6260 us6335 us6420 us6456 us6457 us6531 us6926
Pauli us6674
Paulsfut us3938
Paulson us2622 us4796
Paulus us487 us807
Pavlicek us5852
Paxton us4870
Peal us1
Pearson us4541
Pehl us738 us4346
Peltz us1940 us4270 us4522
Pelzel us6768
Pelzl us6494
Penger us1989
Penner us2494
Pepple us1227 us2324 us2629 us2970
Pergande us652 us2594
Pergante us5092
Perkano us2808
Permann us1585 us4466 us4502 us4785
Persser us1088
Pertsch us1821
Peter us599 us1643 us3259 us4828
Peters us17 us144 us710 us1665 us2557 us3813 us4542 us5034 us5406 us5459 us5791 us6345 us6360
Peterson us215 us1908 us2305 us2494 us2639 us2937
Petit us6441
Petri us4962
Petrie us2495 us2557 us2640
Petter us5209
Pfaff us210 us1299 us1544 us2639 us5359
Pfaffengut us3866
Pfahl us3670
Pfau us392 us661 us817 us973 us1294 us1612 us1689 us1706 us1850 us2025 us2287 us2424 us2535 us3020 us3054 us3534 us3595 us5085 us5862 us6145 us6271
Pfeifer us947 us1262 us2167 us2198 us2262 us2355 us2579 us3058 us3392 us3453 us3460 us3553 us3592 us3887 us4172 us4216 us4245 us4616 us5254 us5294 us5846 us6701 us6715 us6822 us6865
Pfeiffer us2534
Pfeifle us58 us664 us1055 us2477 us2522 us2913 us3712 us3949 us4103 us4369 us4772 us5570 us5781 us6115
Pfeifler us169
Pfeines us128
Pfeiser us2163
Pfennig us12
Pfenning us3821
Pflanzler us2843
Pflieger us5827 us6663 us6807
Pfliger us6808
Pflueger us107 us214 us300 us319 us516 us1000 us1150 us1424 us1454 us1650 us1835 us2742 us2839 us3191 us3376 us3390
Pfluger us1473
Pflugrath us1907
Pfuecher us4562
Phelps us2509
Philip us6667
Philipps us4689 us4985 us4999
Philips us5001
Phillips us987 us3050
Piatz us135 us703 us1012 us1529 us2110 us2223 us2356 us2439 us2552 us2597 us2635 us3376 us3877 us3887 us4235 us5436 us5749 us5871 us6140 us6180 us6186 us6519 us6588 us6668
Pieper us5271
Pietz us1294 us1850 us1999 us2641 us2683 us4109 us4429 us6077
Piper us2418
Pirkle us2400
Pitt us3494
Pitte us1869
Pitz us5132
Pitzer us6909
Plande us1219
Plaude us1219
Pleines us652
Pleinis us4119 us5105
Pleinus us1120
Plotzki us4598
Podwin us138
Pohle us3471
Pohlmann us1439
Pokarn us3542
Pokarno us490 us2943 us3115
Polreis us2898
Polsfut us4666 us4717
Polz us4225
Poreis us2534
Poschelke us1317
Poull us2897
Praegitzer us4485
Praegizer us1821
Prang us4872
Pratz us1596 us5836
Preiss us737
President us2305
Presser us1423 us1559 us4344 us4470 us4567 us4570 us4600 us4678
Pressler us48 us133 us406 us671 us933 us957 us2915 us3152
Preston us648
Preussen us4089
Priebe us4649 us5514
Priess us2564
Priester us1608 us3553
Printz us120
Prinz us3209 us3260
Probs us3084
Proeckel us210
Prokopp us2484
Prom us2440
Prose us12 us4407
Pross us1755
Protzel us4111
Pudewill us4741
Pudwill us3494
Puhlmann us5895
Puresch us6223
Putz us3860
Putzke us1195
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Quaschnik us963
Quast us4804 us4844 us5198
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Raaf us5982
Rabach us3803
Rabbe us3209
Rabsteineck us2446
Rabsteinek us1450
Rabung us6234
Radach us4984
Radadh us3804
Rader us3313
Radke us2031 us2707 us3928 us5114 us6970
Radolski us825 us6152
Radwornick us5852
Raeb us1652
Raehr us2351
Rakow us469 us1312 us2897 us3175 us3359
Rall us5571
Ramach us2438
Rand us172 us996 us1399
Rapp us779 us940
Rapps us2981
Rasch us2929 us4575 us6065 us6113
Raschko us6832
Rasmussen us972
Rassow us5001
Rast us1866
Rastner us4724
Rath us981 us1869 us1995 us2676 us2843 us3310 us3391 us3746 us4495 us4963 us5777 us5897 us6174
Rathse us274
Rathsen us1448
Ratke us48
Ratke, us133
Rau us1784 us1855 us2862 us3100 us3149 us4063 us4089 us4993 us5241 us5547 us6050 us6053 us6074
Rauch us5863 us6032
Raugust us2995 us4070
Raugut us5057
Raumbusch us4779
Rausch us6475
Rauser us3053 us3819 us5413 us5780
Reader us2437 us6265
Rebensdorf us5852
Rebsam us6567
Reder us520
Redich us1363
Redke us3482
Redmann us4481
Redmiller us26
Reece us289
Reef us509
Rees us509
Refinius us2843
Rehm us3310
Reich us103 us153 us242 us247 us1168 us1299 us1538 us2397 us2554 us4692 us4735 us4828 us5383
Reichenberg us1056 us1348 us1431 us4576
Reichenberger us5196 us5757
Reichert us2405 us3245 us4244 us4405 us5524 us5699 us6433 us6884 us6898 us6899 us6931
Reider us617 us3901 us4284 us4701 us5124 us5433
Reidig us3490
Reiger us2832 us3543
Reihl us5348
Reile us3872
Reiley us1629
Reiling us791
Reimann us2461 us2545 us2598 us2620 us6144
Reimbold us2432
Reimche us2060 us2611
Reimer us4869
Reimund us1003
Rein us3019 us4464
Reinbold us784 us935 us2278 us2447 us2479 us5420 us5485 us5754 us5820 us6393 us6396 us6585 us6680
Reinboldt us6666
Reiner us3209 us3260 us6305
Reinert us1294 us4697 us4819
Reinhard us1209
Reinhardt us4574 us5066 us5220 us5418
Reinig us6
Reinisch us6
Reinke us4046
Reinsch us5218
Reis us32 us153 us379 us405 us510 us662 us682 us931 us1005 us1422 us1809 us1820 us1871 us1911 us1918 us1919 us1923 us2055 us2132 us2194 us2455 us2546 us2837 us2900 us3387 us3556 us3672 us3772 us3792 us4102 us4268 us4275 us4480 us4504 us5749 us5792 us6096 us6215 us6639 us6733 us6787 us6828 us6900 us6901 us6910
Reisburg us5965
Reisenauer us477 us6324 us6612 us6696 us6872 us6894 us6930
Reisep us6230
Reisert us5381
Reisling us2389
Reiss us34 us37 us271 us293 us301 us302 us307 us399 us428 us443 us558 us641 us662 us746 us807 us975 us1026 us1236 us1257 us1319 us1320 us1361 us1484 us1518 us1553 us1567 us1599 us1621 us1688 us1712 us1748 us1749 us1762 us1763 us1765 us1775 us1811 us1812 us1813 us1848 us1861 us1894 us1973 us1986 us2109 us2110 us2118 us2279 us2285 us2332 us2334 us2359 us2405 us2435 us2456 us2458 us2459 us2512 us2646 us2827 us3037 us3058 us3066 us3083 us3400 us3409 us3464 us3469 us3554 us3555 us3589 us3593 us3665 us4197 us4215 us4935 us5055 us5076 us5173 us5418 us5419 us5553 us5891 us6205 us6250 us6342 us6484 us6595 us6856
Reissweg us4694
Reisswig us2217 us4771 us4779
Reister us1768 us3670
Reiswag us1385
Reiswig us3149 us3799
Reiter us96 us146 us160 us232 us275 us321 us539 us582 us676 us990 us2143 us2366 us2427 us2775 us2800 us2803 us2837 us5093 us5521 us5905 us6305 us6362 us6429 us6639 us6664 us6733 us6738 us6771 us6899
Reitz us920 us1723 us1773 us2579
Reksin us1062
Relke us2267
Rembold us1132 us1381 us2337 us3356
Remboldt us1156 us1768 us2834 us5943
Rembolt us4740
Remer us4730
Remington us3690
Remmich us2971
Remmik us219
Rempfer us3310
Rempfer us468 us1807 us2676 us2677 us2704 us2705 us2707 us2715 us3309 us3312 us3315 us5548
Renhardt us6970
Renke us4292 us4376 us5049
Renner us220 us747 us1204 us3169 us3856 us4333 us4778 us4975 us6251 us6481 us6615 us6694 us6724 us6803 us6972
Rennts us3712
Renschler us4092 us5383
Rentz us3272
Renzler us849
Reprud us4034
Rerin, us1847
Resch us6771
Resinius us1914
Resner us2728
Ressler us2290 us3295 us5762 us6218 us6220 us6248 us6292 us6318 us6331 us6402 us6424 us6445 us6462 us6557 us6605 us6638 us6672 us6681 us6888 us6927
Ressling us6523
Ressner us849
Retter us4863
Rettinger us83 us163 us427 us972
Retzer us807 us4537 us5514
Retzlaff us909
Reue us6059
Reuer us4534 us4900
Reule us173 us1755 us3084 us3144
Reurbach us3321
Reuter us138 us4843 us4868
Reuther us4532
Revinius us1768
Revinus us1869
Rexin us1081 us1862 us2727 us3410 us4948
Rhoades us2387
Riba us2556
Rice us2380
Richard us2858
Richer us5812
Richey us3713
Richter us4 us5 us41 us265 us333 us398 us432 us436 us512 us555 us560 us673 us805 us859 us884 us902 us937 us1044 us1128 us1131 us1178 us1254 us1374 us1485 us1550 us1554 us1595 us1616 us1748 us1763 us1852 us1859 us1969 us1981 us1987 us2025 us2159 us2172 us2264 us2296 us2307 us2325 us2356 us2364 us2404 us2452 us2494 us2543 us2577 us2580 us2581 us2613 us2761 us2769 us2829 us2830 us2831 us2858 us2859 us2885 us2886 us2924 us2925 us2930 us2996 us3182 us3364 us3368 us3373 us3412 us3440 us3515 us3682 us3690 us3921 us3983 us3986 us4050 us4101 us4102 us4125 us4149 us4161 us4255 us4279 us4292 us4303 us4432 us4486 us4995 us5057 us5063 us5123 us5167 us5175 us5207 us5246 us5436 us5442 us5488 us5514 us5541 us5594 us5631 us5665 us5700 us5709 us5825 us5840 us6025 us6035 us6097 us6113 us6300 us6355 us6471 us6519 us6561 us6904
Rickert us3279
Ridinger us2378
Ridlinger us3300 us3324 us4928
Riebhagen us671
Rieckert us2639
Rieder us224 us431 us435 us707 us808 us930 us960 us1282 us2556 us2582 us2592 us2628 us3101 us3430 us5132 us5185 us5646 us6366 us6393
Riedinger us6448 us6786 us6917
Riedlinger us726 us1780 us3316
Riegel us1821 us3833 us4943
Rieger us135 us200 us943 us1085 us1111 us1192 us1362 us1549 us1559 us1600 us1689 us1899 us2110 us2296 us2362 us2406 us2524 us2603 us2832 us3059 us3071 us3102 us3192 us3398 us3417 us3496 us3556 us3865 us4129 us4152 us4154 us4201 us4279 us4541 us5067 us5085 us5184 us5227 us5292 us5558 us5633 us5659 us5700 us5749 us5792 us5830 us5862 us5892 us5982 us5984 us5993 us6052 us6813
Riegert us1161 us2937 us4201 us5370
Riegler us358 us4760
Riehl us161 us235 us278 us303 us315 us397 us502 us925 us976 us2087 us2119 us2598 us2632 us5452 us5817 us6144 us6149 us6358 us6475 us6545 us6702 us6747 us6750 us6831
Rieker us4386 us4605
Rielinger us3306
Riemer us210 us3798
Ries us754 us1556
Riesling us3401 us3720
Riess us2714 us4311
Riessling us2451 us4138
Riessner us5381
Rigel us3217 us4619
Rigelmann us4758
Rigert us1299
Rim us1618
Ring us3170 us5334
Ringel us3172
Ringer us1600
Ringwald us6822
Rink us1284
Ripplinger us31 us176 us271 us762 us852 us859 us943 us1432 us1485 us1518 us1639 us2437 us2965 us3119 us3180 us3365 us3415 us3473 us4111 us4247 us5619 us5674 us5840 us6035 us6187 us6276 us6544
Rischmann us1323
Riske us4712 us5969
Risling us4661
Risske us5043
Rissling us5 us36 us516 us970 us1599 us2131 us2544 us4939
Ritterhaus us2607
Rittlinger us4743
Rittmiller us3802
Ritz us356
Rivinius us2703 us4287 us4485 us5230 us5540
Roble us8
Rochrig us884
Rockefeller us501
Rode us5764
Rodinow us3405
Rodt us5174
Roeheig us1129
Roehl us2718
Roehrich us122 us342 us379 us470 us475 us497 us706 us719 us779 us810 us818 us830 us855 us883 us885 us889 us918 us920 us952 us1034 us1129 us1344 us1468 us1529 us1543 us1627 us1665 us1771 us1814 us1855 us2001 us2120 us2167 us2239 us2242 us2255 us2256 us2282 us2334 us2822 us3571 us3773 us3935 us3982 us4057 us4201 us5011 us5383 us5402 us5490 us5846 us5868 us6081 us6165 us6167 us6198 us6511 us6524 us6554 us6604 us6688 us6709 us6789 us6817 us6842 us6918
Roehrig us977 us1288 us2435 us2458 us3463 us3494 us3565 us4186
Roemer us2971
Roemich us2823 us5383
Roemmich us4724 us5919
Roemmisch us5538
Roerich us221 us1570 us3640
Roesler us3300 us4014 us4276 us5081
Roessler us1907 us1962 us2677 us3635 us4482 us5417
Roessner us3605
Rogler us4066
Roher us5358
Rohr us1736 us6738 us6861 us6891
Rohrer us4476 us4556
Rohrich us37 us621 us641
Rohrig us1024
Rold us336 us5656
Roll us422 us1382 us2591 us3605 us3848 us3912 us4030 us4073 us4299 us4726 us4814 us6202 us6266 us6267 us6464 us6541 us6545 us6671 us6725 us6750 us6868 us6884 us6900
Rolland us3791
Roller us719 us6491 us6492 us6493 us6494
Roloff us1866
Rolte us32
Roltz us6561
Rolz us1770
Rombs us684 us987 us1812 us1923 us3854 us6321 us6428
Romer us6251 us6275
Rooks us1855
Rorich us1738
Rosbuch us4746
Roschau us6438
Rosenbaum us3070
Rosencranz us8
Rosenke us2595
Roshau us6530
Rosin us4413 us4781 us4899 us5831
Rosner us487
Ross us3944 us4545 us5179
Rossler us807
Rostofski us1227
Rotdecker us7
Roth us73 us125 us229 us606 us1044 us1266 us1362 us1413 us1768 us2317 us2790 us2822 us2834 us3003 us3084 us3144 us3231 us3249 us3327 us3424 us3507 us3921 us3977 us4113 us4164 us4214 us4300 us4440 us4710 us4738 us5016 us5077 us5460 us5462 us5774 us5795 us5815 us5856 us5897 us5908 us5982 us6318 us6339 us6354 us6601 us6898 us6928
Rothacker us137 us562 us1309 us2564 us2573
Rothdecker us3031 us5460
Rothe us4284
Rothecker us162 us268 us584 us815 us913 us1196 us2315 us2335 us2388 us2399 us2407 us2445 us2453 us2457 us2478 us2489 us2490 us2513 us2520 us2559 us2610 us2636 us2759 us3120 us3501 us3682 us3967 us3974 us3975 us4034 us4138 us4198 us4520 us4643 us5292 us5639 us5646 us5665 us5679 us5691 us5713 us5736 us5753 us5767 us5778 us5913 us5945 us5963 us5976 us5979 us6012 us6043 us6056 us6062 us6067 us6106 us6107 us6115 us6173
Rothenberger us4036
Rothgarn us2533
Rothmann us2052
Rothschiller us138 us183 us843 us3209 us3259 us3260 us5001
Rott us173 us480 us1124 us1184 us1476 us1481 us1501 us1755 us2834 us3910 us4076 us4215 us4281 us4501 us4844
Rotzler us807
Roufs us487
Rouser us5185 us5780
Rovig us806
Rowalski us1907
Ruben us2430 us4760
Ruber us4555
Ruch us2708
Rudd us3855
Ruder us12
Ruderich us3209
Rudich us6305
Rudolf us1869 us3746 us4311 us5121 us6351
Rudolph us1235 us1995 us4389 us4785 us5282 us6042 us6077
Rudrich us3260
Rueb us1399 us1907 us4481 us5030
Ruebhagel us48 us133
Ruf us5174
Ruff us48 us133 us173 us483 us1266 us1413 us1443 us1755 us1789 us1821 us2612 us2629 us2833 us2834 us2970 us3084 us3144 us3158 us3250 us3452 us3490 us3718 us4214 us4370 us4463 us4823 us5152 us5395
Ruge us289
Ruggles us1519 us4178
Rugut us5063
Ruhnke us3474
Rummel us316 us3253
Rund us4775
Rupp us3209
Ruppert us1823
Ruprecht us980
Ruscheinsky us317 us392 us463 us538 us619 us642 us735 us803 us1037 us2056 us2061 us2144 us2240 us3641 us4291 us4528 us5143 us5452 us5813 us6148 us6698
Russian Czars us137 us149 us153 us201 us209 us334 us337 us359 us1042 us1798
Rust us484 us991 us1423 us2989 us4570 us5185
Rutschka us1866
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