Letters from United States - North Dakota

Letters written by our ancestors that lived in North Dakota, USA

Surname Letters
Ibach us213 us222 us464 us581 us591 us814 us852 us884 us935 us1167 us1296 us1774 us2366 us2378 us2626 us2968 us3016 us3427 us3447 us4231 us5033 us5503 us5732 us5878 us6313 us6325 us6353 us6360 us6375 us6834
Ihli us3 us410 us689 us1114 us1154 us1968 us1992 us2126 us2245 us5309 us6702
Ihlie us6385
Ihly us5817 us6149 us6464 us6541 us6747 us6750 us6883 us6884 us6894 us6895
Illchen us4449 us4600
Imhof us3310 us4738
Imlenri us1773
Immel us3118 us6600 us6719
Ingebo us2439
Insel us3143
Ireland us3354
Irson us4846
Irvine us3494
Isaak us431 us4394 us5134 us5413 us5780
Isler us2472
Issler us5384 us5740 us5781 us5952
J back to the top
J us2381
Jablonsky, us6815
Jacobs us2926
Jaegel us5098
Jaeger us8 us117 us387 us523 us572 us620 us877 us903 us949 us1087 us1177 us1427 us1428 us1467 us1543 us1684 us1685 us1737 us1738 us1739 us1814 us1838 us2117 us2154 us2203 us2246 us2296 us2328 us2428 us2514 us2552 us2731 us2762 us2821 us2902 us2964 us2982 us2992 us3209 us3275 us3491 us3741 us3781 us3824 us3825 us3845 us3967 us3971 us4150 us4160 us4199 us4207 us4297 us4356 us4747 us5010 us5195 us5300 us5332 us5390 us5483 us5577 us5645 us5674 us5676 us5679 us5690 us5709 us5713 us5716 us5748 us5767 us5785 us5818 us5913 us5976 us6012 us6039 us6062 us6232 us6362 us6393 us6429 us6548 us6587 us6611 us6785 us6809 us6829 us6876 us6915
Jaff us4985
Jager us1941
Jahn us166
Jahner us5 us60 us66 us193 us211 us427 us522 us560 us710 us719 us1003 us1818 us1908 us1934 us2313 us2328 us2361 us2426 us2494 us2507 us2598 us2618 us2622 us2744 us3015 us3187 us3445 us4182 us4430 us4742 us5262 us5577 us5976 us6024 us6227 us6250 us6405 us6515 us6652 us6654 us6666 us6717 us6744 us6748 us6785
Jahnke us342 us427 us487 us972 us2592 us2605 us2628
Jahraus us4860
Jahrer us2297
Jaikofski us220
Jakob us793 us2272 us3356 us3665 us4225 us6156
Jakober us4960
Jakobs us2765
Jangula us568 us638 us883 us896 us1024 us1147 us1161 us1198 us1344 us1379 us1855 us2937 us3372 us3690 us3844 us3876 us3973 us4002 us4035 us4083 us4109 us5411 us5523
Janher us6264
Janke us48 us115 us133 us671 us3944 us4082 us4389 us4465 us4500 us5082 us5178 us5210
Janner us4867
Janoscheck us138
Janoschek us6870
Jans us4433
Jansen us3279
Janser us1706
Janson us237 us1308
Janssen us1559
Jantz us5780 us6013
Janz us4529
Janzer us4540 us6785 us6878 us6885 us6931
Jasmann us2793 us3150 us4537 us4989
Jedje us2448
Jefel us2332
Jeffer us3724
Jegel us1643
Jeger us3683
Jehli us5845
Jellmer us4899
Jenner us173 us807 us4018 us4373 us4469 us4697 us4740 us4741 us4792 us4819 us4858
Jensen us2308
Jerge us48
Jergel us1643
Jergesbonnert us4811
Jergs us1549
Jerke us133 us671
Jerome us509
Jerske us807
Jeschke us2545
Jesel us3507
Jeske us423 us4581 us4607 us5043 us5066 us5134 us5140
Jess us2482 us2937
Jesse us4385
Jessel us5892
Jesser us752 us4692 us5197
Jevnager us2509
Jingling us226 us1870 us2843
Jivig us4045
Joachim us1493 us4995 us5818 us5952
Job us82 us136 us405 us420 us447 us473 us662 us692 us746 us935 us945 us978 us1078 us1105 us1126 us1234 us1264 us1345 us1549 us1763 us1848 us1894 us2251 us2427 us2457 us2975 us3021 us3078 us3405 us3564 us3897 us4131 us4234 us4307 us4354 us4393 us4803 us4815 us5585 us5944 us6321 us6360 us6435 us6480 us6498 us6504 us6532 us6537 us6544 us6552 us6587 us6753 us6795
Jochim us112 us158 us239 us258 us325 us358 us375 us407 us424 us440 us456 us457 us490 us497 us498 us511 us520 us567 us580 us581 us591 us625 us672 us783 us788 us888 us911 us1042 us1120 us1179 us1191 us1199 us1258 us1313 us1362 us1508 us1509 us1561 us1566 us1661 us1682 us1698 us1744 us1899 us1908 us1913 us1948 us1957 us2098 us2134 us2181 us2240 us2377 us2635 us2637 us2755 us2761 us2868 us2869 us2943 us2974 us2985 us3074 us3079 us3096 us3114 us3115 us3139 us3167 us3386 us3401 us3407 us3422 us3423 us3432 us3469 us3542 us3543 us3585 us3587 us3606 us4109 us4127 us4228 us4448 us5018 us5167 us5603 us5647 us5812 us5978 us6054 us6177 us6311 us6422 us6445 us6568 us6578 us6631 us6654 us6666 us6681
Joerg us1221
Joergentz us2703
Joesel us2391
Johann us3932
Johannes us86 us1023 us1788 us2627
John us6427
Johner us6329
Johnson us504 us807 us839 us1788 us2482 us3031 us3066 us3137 us4016 us6741
Johs us176 us693 us1137 us1292 us1377 us1457 us1469 us1921 us2271 us3098 us3413 us4238 us4562 us5436 us5732 us6489
Jones us1086 us1317
Jordan us6215 us6832
Jorgenson us2427
Jorges us1837 us2763
Jos us6558
Jose us3248 us3498 us4048 us5109
Josund us3490
Jucht us2218
Judzier us3272
Juechen us4574
Juengling us501 us2682 us4608 us5043 us5163 us5398 us5469
Julz us4332
Jund us102 us152 us465 us466 us592 us743 us821 us822 us827 us897 us929 us933 us967 us4109 us4667 us4794
Jundt us295 us929 us2448 us2507 us2544 us2598 us3456 us3690 us4150 us4162 us4414 us4794 us5893 us6101 us6176 us6345 us6360 us6361 us6429 us6442 us6511 us6513 us6652 us6666 us6693
Jung us834 us1162 us1227 us1966 us2005 us2114 us2988 us3016 us3357 us3887 us5015 us5234 us5258 us5278 us5520
Junger us1694
Jungheim us509
Jungling us4506
Junker us86 us220 us1478 us4388 us5422 us5547 us6050 us6074
Junkheit us2522 us2564 us2735 us2913
Juno us1240
Jureit us3158 us3171
Jurezewsky us3590
Just us4305 us4311 us4466 us4695 us5755
Justus us6388
K back to the top
K us277 us1747 us4759 us6310 us6359 us6910
Kaatz us3477
Kadermas us5852
Kaelsch us6236
Kaemle us5079
Kafator us4985
Kafera us402
Kagne us3715
Kahl us278 us309 us310 us478 us521 us594 us613 us816 us893 us1479 us1620 us1803 us1912 us2021 us2075 us2127 us2140 us2164 us2248 us2738 us3298 us4450 us4626 us4681 us5097 us5228 us6144 us6160 us6457 us6473 us6545 us6804 us6831
Kahler us2331 us3070
Kaip us509
Kaiser us20 us177 us194 us198 us265 us279 us326 us522 us523 us684 us694 us777 us968 us1080 us1103 us1173 us1235 us1294 us1346 us1476 us1481 us1549 us1557 us1834 us2102 us2128 us2129 us2208 us2246 us2389 us2481 us2507 us2567 us2598 us2641 us2865 us3368 us3499 us3544 us4134 us4145 us4212 us5076 us5251 us5344 us5407 us5486 us5702 us6050 us6057 us6480
Kaiser Wilhelm us143 us151 us201 us3136
Kalberer us6227 us6424
Kalbun us2436
Kalenberger us5453
Kalinowski us2390
Kalk us724
Kallenbergen us4390
Kallenberger us5161
Kallies us5221
Kallis us5098
Kalmbach us4577
Kam us1865
Kambeitz us30 us289 us314 us458 us557 us1590 us1852 us2471 us3388 us3396 us4136 us5863 us6106 us6718
Kambeiz us5861
Kambeltz us6032
Kamm us674
Kammele us4777
Kammer us3751
Kammerer us173
Kampf us807 us3209 us3210
Kange us2718
Kant us4874
Kantner us618
Kanzleibrunzer us4156
Kapelovitz us2591
Kapp us807
Kapple us3148
Karbelli us5844
Karchy us2218
Karf us5599
Kari us6600
Karison us4985
Karls us4201
Karlsberg us2316
Karlson us940 us1908
Karski us6494
Karsten us6494
Kary us2290 us6530 us6724 us6785
Kasenke us133
Kasonke us115
Kaspar us995 us996 us3635 us3950 us4050
Kasper us678 us1409 us4296 us4712
Kastan us2844
Kasten us4107
Kastner us3287 us4999 us6277 us6559 us6779 us6911
Kaufman us4688
Kaufmann us3209 us3279
Kauk us5621
Kautz us1907 us4861
Kautzmann us89 us214 us237 us424 us479 us737 us820 us823 us908 us954 us955 us3769 us3890 us4334 us4413 us5055 us5073 us6200 us6312 us6370 us6402 us6419 us6445 us6448 us6526 us6605 us6672 us6682 us6783 us6798 us6802 us6850
Kautzmenn us6407
Kauzmann us14
Keale us3138
Keck us4289 us4341 us4342
Kecke us835
Keen us4648
Keffer us4066
Kehler us5199
Kehrer us42 us423 us1800 us3003 us4838
Keierleber us4085 us5017 us5030 us5128
Keierleder us4864 us5065
Keiesmer us2252
Keifel us2161
Keifer us1748 us2390 us6915
Keim us4812
Keinbel us109
Keip us6396
Keippes us6088
Keister us2400
Keitel us6552
Kelbehendler us1852
Kelch us5567
Kelle us5001
Keller us4 us6 us8 us14 us31 us60 us71 us118 us141 us175 us215 us255 us277 us302 us326 us332 us340 us342 us481 us507 us509 us512 us517 us524 us551 us574 us616 us703 us781 us782 us800 us827 us903 us918 us921 us954 us972 us1003 us1014 us1023 us1040 us1079 us1165 us1175 us1194 us1229 us1299 us1356 us1361 us1371 us1414 us1423 us1447 us1480 us1515 us1516 us1532 us1554 us1558 us1610 us1791 us1809 us1833 us1846 us1857 us1859 us1916 us1969 us2031 us2048 us2106 us2110 us2129 us2138 us2151 us2166 us2182 us2193 us2326 us2332 us2333 us2356 us2380 us2390 us2405 us2425 us2448 us2453 us2468 us2481 us2507 us2545 us2548 us2559 us2567 us2571 us2591 us2597 us2603 us2621 us2714 us2730 us2743 us2820 us2832 us2882 us2887 us3001 us3015 us3037 us3071 us3102 us3113 us3174 us3355 us3415 us3504 us3534 us3547 us3559 us3692 us3697 us3741 us3751 us3769 us3875 us3879 us3932 us4046 us4109 us4145 us4162 us4204 us4308 us4402 us4486 us4566 us4611 us4686 us4688 us4816 us4837 us4935 us4938 us4946 us5001 us5030 us5053 us5113 us5132 us5135 us5149 us5172 us5184 us5185 us5275 us5379 us5404 us5410 us5448 us5493 us5497 us5530 us5546 us5575 us5628 us5635 us5677 us5754 us5775 us5780 us5802 us5811 us5834 us5847 us5851 us5852 us5863 us5969 us6016 us6032 us6056 us6079 us6101 us6115 us6176 us6213 us6276 us6291 us6308 us6374 us6404 us6428 us6503 us6513 us6528 us6579 us6602 us6663 us6732 us6748 us6752 us6780 us6786 us6788 us6804 us6830 us6842 us6865 us6889
Kellner us1409
Kelly us6158
Kelm us869 us2267 us3717 us4411 us6253 us6392
Kelrud us5621
Kelsch us221 us1151 us2251 us3516 us5590 us5826 us6165
Kemmesat us4013 us4077
Kemmin us3832
Kempf us226 us1315 us1870 us1914 us2715 us2843 us3443 us4287 us4438 us5571
Kempff us851
Kenitzer us1823
Kenney us543
Kensler us48
Kenzle us4370
Kerbz us4654
Kercher us2554 us3034 us4811
Kerlinski us186
Kern us4 us1575 us1710 us2199 us2406 us2502 us2524 us2761 us2810 us3371 us3398 us3423 us3503 us3545 us4120
Kerner us510 us527 us2971
Kesele us835
Kessel us5844 us6306 us6869 us6883 us6884 us6894 us6907
Kessler us596 us1000 us1515 us2494 us2991 us3553 us3781 us3851 us4276 us5747 us5755 us5810 us6366
Kessler, us5708
Ketchum us3714
Ketterling us48 us115 us133 us1869 us4307 us4548 us4962 us6170
Ketterlung us4393
Kickel us5001
Kiebler us5208
Kiefel us2272 us4178 us6011
Kiefer us725 us837 us1141 us1310 us1773 us1878 us2070 us2121 us2123 us2533 us2596 us3533 us3893 us5234 us6098
Kieffer us1149
Kiel us4124 us4130
Kiemele us4289 us4591 us5119 us5403
Kiepke us4794
Kiesel us340 us1215 us1550 us3079 us3599 us3924 us3962
Kieser us1738
Kiesle us3744
Kieson us220
Kiess us5755
Kiffel us72 us467 us499 us621 us897 us1374 us3538 us4667 us5130
Kilber us5248 us5495
Kilwein us5856 us6299 us6658 us6725 us6873 us6881
Kilzer us6745
Kimmerle us2101
Kindsvogel us3273
Kinie us3426
Kinzel us3897
Kinzler us133
Kipfner us6147
Kipp us138 us6272 us6729 us6899 us6907
Kircheis us3277
Kirchgaessler us1416
Kirchgesser us3413
Kirchgessner us6489
Kirchhoeffner us13 us23 us47 us121 us676 us855 us1700 us2079 us2216 us2366
Kirchhoefner us1835 us6085
Kirchmeier us3968
Kirchner us2632
Kirkmeyer us4993
Kirsch us1076 us1821 us3209 us3253 us3260 us3264 us3321 us5912 us6305 us6965
Kirschenheiter us3259
Kirschenmann us4800 us6050
Kirschmann us1323 us4073 us4776 us4783 us4984 us6227
Kirschner us7 us583 us3209 us4627 us5503
Kirsteiner us4815
Kisohn us5514
Kison us172 us995 us3700 us3914
Kisse us4264 us4508 us4526 us4571 us5535
Kissel us320 us621 us641 us918 us1154 us1274 us1319 us3889 us3951 us4430
Kissle us1813 us1848
Kist us2429 us2682 us3830 us4616 us5469 us5969
Kistner us2005 us2537
Kitten us4592
Kittler us1423 us3748
Kitzan us5982
Kitzelmann us190
Klas us4740
Klatt us4327 us5280
Klaubt us4092
Klaud us1409
Klaudt us3421 us4308 us4616 us4794 us4814
Klaus us930 us1448 us3578 us4437 us5152 us5211 us5825 us6025 us6300 us6414
Klautt us3987
Klebaum us1912
Klebe us817
Klecker us6305 us6870 us6874 us6931
Klee us113 us1399 us3852
Kleimstein us2983
Klein us1 us66 us79 us82 us112 us198 us213 us223 us284 us294 us422 us436 us490 us638 us660 us802 us808 us863 us935 us941 us999 us1108 us1231 us1273 us1381 us1431 us1773 us1821 us1870 us1878 us1918 us1932 us1942 us1953 us2034 us2084 us2116 us2130 us2273 us2296 us2298 us2332 us2391 us2407 us2443 us2491 us2494 us2549 us2550 us2577 us2581 us2627 us2634 us2646 us2834 us2843 us2975 us3016 us3174 us3176 us3179 us3184 us3190 us3368 us3433 us3483 us3549 us3647 us3891 us3967 us3974 us4051 us4079 us4109 us4110 us4128 us4136 us4146 us4153 us4156 us4157 us4204 us4256 us4257 us4401 us4465 us4509 us4512 us4590 us4674 us4686 us4692 us4693 us4701 us4735 us4744 us4758 us4774 us4778 us4822 us4823 us4838 us4862 us4896 us5001 us5033 us5034 us5035 us5119 us5227 us5228 us5362 us5383 us5631 us5647 us5673 us5679 us5706 us5713 us5846 us5878 us5914 us6229 us6234 us6279 us6289 us6307 us6312 us6406 us6434 us6442 us6480 us6511 us6544 us6580 us6635 us6756
Kleiner us156 us6512
Kleingaeftner us5121
Kleingaertner us1 us3 us115 us133 us4386 us4602 us4796
Kleingärtner us2 us3 us6
Kleinknecht us4370 us4545
Kleinkoerner us849
Kleinsasser us4118
Klem us3290 us6667
Klemm us6389
Klempel us4214
Kletke us4495
Klett us4444 us6113
Klick us4993
Klimmek us2004
Kling us2680
Klinger us1305 us5381
Klingmann us1299 us4393
Klipfel us807 us4553
Kloetzel us832 us1068 us2151 us6109
Kloetzle us1805
Klohn us487
Kloss us5432
Klossbicher us5168
Klotz us1310 us5253 us5275 us5388 us5847 us6151 us6285 us6904
Klotzel us4332
Kluck us198
Kluender us3801
Klug us1431 us6701 us6865
Kluka us3800
Klukas us5413 us5780
Klund us1266
Klundst us4718
Klundt us1378 us1970 us3063 us3444 us3784 us3785 us4014 us5026 us5135
Klwein us6272
Knapp us1768 us2482 us2765 us3069 us4225
Knauer us5113
Knaup us6876 us6885
Knecht us1755 us1866 us4000 us4072 us4584
Kneh us1768
Kneipp us2416
Knittel us1821
Knoblich us1850 us5381
Knodel us2706 us5073 us5094
Knoepfle us168 us1294 us1850
Knoll us428 us443 us1003 us1131 us1708 us2172 us3665 us4216 us6365 us6377 us6406 us6562 us6600 us6783 us6798 us6869 us6917
Knopp us1755 us1800
Knutsen us2083
Knutson us2051
Knüpfel us3819
Kobele us5184 us5488 us5655 us5665
Kober us462
Kobiel us2871
Kobir us5585
Koble us71 us257 us464 us989 us1302 us1836 us1896 us2221 us2356 us2621 us2750 us3025 us4146 us5302 us5699 us6268 us6345 us6503
Kobs us2751
Koch us138 us1803 us2479 us2971 us3262 us3482 us4003 us4224 us4256 us4538 us4630 us4902 us5047 us5129 us5439 us6272 us6652 us6698 us6871 us6873
Kocher us4523
Kock us4985
Koehler us2445 us2795 us4216 us4260 us4416 us4505 us4742 us5150 us6141
Koelle us3477 us3746
Koelsch us696 us1429 us2165 us2249
Koemmerle us2921
Koenig us6 us48 us133 us138 us671 us1256 us1970 us2491 us3088 us3138 us3190 us3438 us3530 us3999 us4137 us4162 us4692 us4693 us4735 us4777 us4822 us4843 us5334 us5513 us5532 us5545 us5690 us6113 us6124 us6300 us6305 us6442 us6484 us6771 us6873 us6894
Koepil us3209
Koeppinger us6388 us6560 us6626
Koepplin us4590
Koerner us4276 us5280
Koesel us5001
Koffle us6907
Koffler us6522 us6671 us6884 us6898 us6899
Koffmann us3563
Kogler us1789
Kohl us6870
Kohler us2298 us2751 us6716 us6862
Kohlhoff us1317 us3068
Kohm us6580
Kohn us3445 us4225 us4985
Kolbe us3751
Kolling us6885
Kollinger us6876
Kolsch us2581
Kolschefske us5954
Kolscheski us6055
Kolz us337
Kombois us4791
Konantz us176
Konietzka us2451
Konning us3824
Konogowski us5452
Konrad us33 us1866 us2436 us3274 us4046 us4330
Konrath us4572
Konst us1579
Kopf us2733
Kople us5401
Kopp us3 us76 us79 us86 us311 us315 us330 us356 us409 us422 us441 us476 us542 us547 us594 us689 us824 us873 us893 us926 us1017 us1114 us1857 us1909 us1968 us2028 us2075 us2119 us2158 us2164 us2210 us2248 us2264 us2310 us2377 us2424 us2802 us2864 us3329 us3408 us3587 us4297 us4298 us4450 us4491 us5039 us5110 us5167 us5201 us5348 us5419 us5437 us5677 us5798 us5826 us6335 us6358 us6364 us6457 us6473
Korn us2869
Korner us2253 us3355
Kornetts us6701
Korop us2044 us2182
Korsak us2 us685 us970 us3842
Kosalofski us2792
Koschel us5543
Koschier us2387
Kosel us5969
Kositzky us722 us4862
Kossan us257 us2758 us3182 us4135
Kossen us2821
Kosta us2072
Kostelecky us6895
Koster us2986
Kostetski us2481
Kostezki us2494
Koth us4692 us4777 us4843
Kott us2427
Koursch us6626
Koverick us3280
Kovis us6930
Kowel us1830
Kowis us6272
Krach us6230
Krachenko us3031
Kraemer us33 us284 us289 us705 us931 us1055 us1194 us1274 us1567 us1775 us1908 us2166 us2405 us2430 us2431 us2472 us2525 us2765 us2858 us2935 us2987 us3148 us3374 us3442 us3460 us3746 us4203 us4205 us4533 us4571 us4686 us5235 us5826
Kraenzler us6040
Kraft us32 us103 us122 us185 us249 us265 us279 us363 us379 us386 us405 us456 us522 us549 us595 us641 us683 us703 us725 us772 us781 us794 us801 us975 us1079 us1139 us1140 us1184 us1200 us1201 us1225 us1236 us1296 us1361 us1430 us1459 us1484 us1520 us1590 us1628 us1835 us1840 us2050 us2118 us2183 us2194 us2199 us2212 us2285 us2298 us2299 us2303 us2308 us2311 us2332 us2361 us2363 us2364 us2378 us2388 us2407 us2409 us2432 us2449 us2450 us2471 us2502 us2503 us2509 us2632 us2636 us2646 us2739 us2749 us2777 us2818 us2924 us3067 us3073 us3120 us3157 us3184 us3294 us3359 us3400 us3413 us3420 us3438 us3439 us3446 us3464 us3534 us3555 us3583 us3589 us3597 us3649 us3665 us3721 us3815 us3816 us3817 us3875 us3896 us3932 us3971 us4110 us4136 us4142 us4154 us4205 us4206 us4216 us4245 us4298 us4613 us4643 us4653 us4794 us4934 us5186 us5254 us5292 us5327 us5349 us5553 us5589 us5619 us5629 us5672 us5677 us5691 us5811 us5812 us5855 us5879 us5973 us5978 us6021 us6103 us6109 us6147 us6162 us6180 us6250 us6282 us6291 us6313 us6348 us6361 us6444 us6476 us6531 us6558 us6670 us6677 us6680 us6709 us6720 us6777 us6821 us6842
Krainetzki us5897
Kralicek us6891
Kramer us606 us616 us1756 us2730 us3359 us4616 us5383
Kramlich us4868 us5938
Kramm us329 us1434 us2080
Krampa us697 us1746 us2103
Kranich us5204
Krank us4688 us6344 us6716
Krankenberg us3711
Kranz us6367
Kranzschneider us993
Krapinski us2681
Kratz us6922
Kraus us172 us1195 us3211 us3216 us3238 us4838 us5376 us6808 us6874
Krausbear us4934
Krause us1365 us1780 us3643 us4475 us4549 us5082 us5779 us6113
Kraushaar us1668 us1988
Krauss us6055
Krebs us183 us6738
Krebsbach us1518 us3665 us5941
Kreier us3258 us3259
Kreil us4370
Krein us2888 us3148 us3316 us4800 us4916 us5938 us5952 us6060
Kreis us3237 us3244 us4468 us5403
Krem us2487 us5055
Kremer us77 us1852 us3080 us3100 us3116 us4034
Kremmer us134
Krentz us5054 us5106
Krentzel us2486 us3071
Krenze us2357
Krenzel us248 us1170 us1232 us1857 us1909 us2110 us2122 us3556 us3742 us4492 us6124 us6813
Krenzler us1476
Krepil us3210
Kresbach us2385
Kress us6914
Kressbach us2261
Kretschmar us468 us903 us1780
Kreutz us60
Krieger us1385 us1768 us3940 us4061 us4087 us4330 us4437 us4575
Krienke us1850
Krier us3209 us3210 us3260 us3264 us3290 us6305 us6861 us6928
Krim us2744 us2921 us5855 us6043 us6480 us6597
Krimer us2726 us2727
Krimm us7 us297 us784 us935 us1922 us1964 us2084 us2167 us2195 us2212 us5861
Krodel us3969
Kroeger us5001
Kroll us173 us1213 us1755 us1768 us3084 us3520 us4214 us4744 us5575
Kronbauer us5001
Kruckenberg us4041 us4575 us4607 us5235
Krueger us48 us115 us133 us173 us372 us991 us1076 us1850 us1912 us2995 us3261 us3269 us3270 us3271 us3272 us3273 us3274 us3275 us3276 us3277 us3278 us3279 us3280 us3630 us4372 us4533 us4576 us4862 us4909 us5058
Krueger, us2556
Krugenberg us5140
Kruger us671
Krukenberg us171
Krumm us614 us1708 us2212 us4216 us5875
Krummacher us469
Kruschinitzki us6223
Kubischta us5852
Kubista us6493
Kucera us402
Kuch us3976 us4840 us5114 us5334 us5775
Kuck us617 us2644 us4285 us4654
Kuebler us38 us1768 us1907 us4407 us5281
Kuebn us2397
Kuehn us4069 us4940
Kueschner us2968
Kuestner us2186
Kugart us1379
Kugler us5381
Kuhl us8
Kuhn us176 us293 us487 us558 us919 us980 us1447 us1573 us1577 us1748 us1798 us1813 us1921 us1953 us2261 us2543 us3276 us3295 us3388 us3463 us3983 us4037 us4095 us4164 us4201 us4351 us4688 us4713 us5096 us5222 us5349 us5436 us5913 us5941 us6186 us6396 us6412 us6456 us6512 us6543 us6608 us6771
Kulm us176 us1143 us3313 us4959 us4963 us6032
Kummer us2107 us5778
Kunannz us5830
Kunantz us687 us4183 us4486 us6035
Kunanz us1139 us2106 us2110 us2209 us2331 us2577 us2740 us2749 us2925 us3023 us3140 us3664 us3688 us4821 us5019 us5199 us5249 us5362 us5686 us5825 us5840 us6496 us6604
Kundert us2 us3687 us3880 us3917
Kunkel us2821 us4495
Kunnanz us5293 us5463
Kunnautz us6025
Kuntz us380 us409 us479 us510 us530 us698 us830 us855 us877 us886 us1177 us1288 us1619 us1736 us1804 us1855 us1908 us1917 us1982 us2290 us2308 us2312 us2380 us2385 us2389 us2426 us2597 us2883 us2886 us3295 us3356 us3368 us3904 us3918 us4051 us4380 us4453 us4483 us4491 us4562 us4689 us5033 us5051 us5072 us5201 us5228 us5401 us5452 us5476 us5708 us5754 us5828 us5858 us6100 us6139 us6165 us6181 us6218 us6230 us6237 us6299 us6339 us6374 us6379 us6404 us6433 us6436 us6442 us6462 us6515 us6545 us6551 us6554 us6592 us6596 us6638 us6663 us6674 us6729 us6771 us6869 us6872 us6874 us6878 us6883 us6884 us6894 us6898 us6918 us6929 us6932
Kuntz< us6473
Kunz us107 us186 us258 us531 us600 us610 us698 us1272 us1805 us1806 us2235 us2250 us2258 us2398 us2437 us2551 us2572 us2971 us2993 us3181 us3186 us3262 us3465 us3514 us3542 us3586 us3816 us3947 us4030 us4072 us4901 us5001 us5246 us5689 us5764 us6106
Kupfer us912 us1549 us1731 us2295 us3600 us6162
Kupper us6486
Kupser us719 us2306 us5521 us6847 us6848
Kurko us2995
Kurle us2218
Kurreni us4174
Kursch us5371
Kurth us1356
Kurtz us104 us852 us1544 us1818 us1907 us2364 us2444 us2551 us4125 us4131 us4138 us5536 us5655 us5810 us6374
Kurz us156 us183 us1186 us1931 us2555 us2717 us3572 us4208 us5175 us5237 us6386 us6429
Kusler us115 us133 us355 us1866
Kuss us2238 us5051 us5072 us6457
Kussler us2095
Kutmann us1910
Kärber us5
L back to the top
L us3292
Laber us119 us1082 us1839 us3032 us3039 us3070 us3592 us6561 us6814
Labor us6249 us6278
Labrenss us48
Labrensz us104
Labrents us850
Labrentz us133 us671
Labrenz us115 us133 us337 us5432
Lachemeier us4369
Lachenmaier us6114
Lachenmeier us5152
Lacher us468 us596 us657 us896 us931 us987 us1023 us1074 us1359 us1361 us1379 us1403 us1408 us1551 us1567 us1591 us1708 us1753 us1774 us1807 us1808 us1818 us1820 us1953 us1973 us2005 us2104 us2212 us2252 us2359 us2404 us2405 us2433 us2441 us2494 us2575 us2627 us2884 us2886 us2931 us2988 us3141 us3142 us3392 us3409 us3453 us3460 us3587 us3643 us3682 us3690 us3725 us3762 us3820 us3887 us3946 us3973 us4110 us4147 us4148 us4172 us4759 us4803 us5001 us5173 us5184 us5292 us5488 us5542 us5575 us5617 us5628 us5655 us5665 us5718 us5799 us5836 us5844 us5874 us5945 us5989 us6015 us6080 us6181 us6355 us6583 us6608 us6651 us6718 us6822
Lachert us6142
Laches us6832
Laechelt us5911
Laecht us5096
Laeger us5108
Laemmle us2472 us4870 us4963
Lager us3
Lagge us3252 us3322 us3746
Laggers us4584
Lagua us289
Laherd us2167
Laib us1 us4657 us4678 us4796 us5755
Lamb us3603
Lambert us734
Lambing us6389
Lamm us6865
Landeis us5821 us6431 us6638
Landenbeger us5381
Landenberger us734 us1559 us3305 us3420
Landes us5765
Landesiedel us4871
Landolt us2931 us3099
Landsidel us4758
Landsiede us3212 us3235
Landsiedel us3238 us3243
Lang us678 us1052 us1409 us1800 us1840 us1869 us2210 us2374 us2554 us2602 us3393 us3712 us4287 us4472 us4529 us4985 us5000 us5001 us5179 us5370 us5383 us5538 us6073 us6396
Lange us2719 us3276 us3866 us5055
Langer us10 us11 us167 us372 us463 us806 us872 us1912 us3671 us4495 us6015
Lank us1222
Lanke us83
Lankhose us146
Lantis us5257
Lanz us6716
Lapp us1802 us3301 us3312 us3315 us3742 us3781 us3811 us4008 us4032 us4045 us4260 us4264 us4274 us4508 us4525 us4536 us4910 us5211 us5597
Lardanns us3640
Larsen us1260 us5965
Larson us2554
Latarnus us5793
Laternus us4867
Laturnus us8 us90 us1166 us2816 us4296 us4803 us4859 us5361 us6006 us6012 us6109 us6490
Laub us1869
Laubenstein us996
Lauber us2402 us3062 us5053 us5521
Lauinger us218 us379 us794 us861 us1111 us1291 us1689 us1833 us1857 us1938 us2081 us2241 us2244 us2285 us2311 us2364 us2552 us2616 us2624 us2625 us2626 us2645 us2762 us2772 us2924 us3030 us3073 us3368 us3588 us3640 us3672 us4161 us4207 us4225 us4686 us4939 us5183 us5326 us5659 us5741 us5792 us5824 us5862 us5914 us6121 us6165 us6183 us6198 us6353 us6355 us6429 us6436 us6511 us6704 us6709 us6718 us6730
Lauringer us3156
Laut us961 us1855 us5180
Lauterbach us1804
Lautermilch us5713 us5943
Lauth us5402
Lautt us115 us133 us3149
Lay us1866
Layer us807
LeSeur us742
Lebel us3090
Leboldus us1741 us5379
Lechner us3477 us4252
Lefor us5126 us6252 us6294 us6639 us6871 us6931
Leger us4511
Lehfeld us110 us1821 us1869
Lehmann us2178 us2681 us5224 us5421 us5597
Lehmer us1918 us4156 us5362 us5655
Lehr us1413 us1800 us2722 us2726 us2727 us2728 us3084 us3149 us4808 us4844
Leib us6914
Leibel us1444 us1606 us3090 us3901
Leibhahn us2407 us2597 us3538 us3539 us3776
Leibham us629 us750 us6021
Leibhan us1812 us2912 us4279 us4303 us5913
Leible us4014 us5186
Leicht us2430 us4953
Leier us943 us1141 us1228 us1237 us1277 us1546 us1549 us1811 us2050 us2105 us2211 us2243 us2310 us2338 us2355 us2379 us2385 us2403 us2419 us2426 us2440 us2454 us2488 us2553 us2616 us2622 us2643 us2884 us3017 us3098 us3531 us3692 us4105 us4134 us4156 us4179 us4247 us4815 us4821 us5035 us5328 us5361 us5618 us5665 us5674 us5747 us5874 us5945 us6193 us6349 us6544 us6558
Leim us997 us4470
Leimkuhl us1837
Leingang us424 us6343 us6365 us6440 us6445 us6495 us6526 us6679 us6730 us6799
Leins us6750
Leintz us135 us426 us521 us665 us709 us893 us917 us1401 us2238 us2310 us2325 us2543 us3154 us3187 us3357 us3365 us3502 us3575 us4225 us4656 us4668 us5406 us5813 us5825 us6025 us6144 us6823
Leinz us356 us666 us2738 us5309 us5857
Leis us6885
Leischner us4862
Leitholt us1074
Leitmer us2444
Leitner us1290 us1308 us1309 us1349 us2477 us2612 us2629 us2913 us3860
Leki us3640
Lelang us6778
Leli us363 us3579 us6554
Lelli us1619 us1767 us2099 us3583 us6374
Lemeer us4803
Lemer us11 us141 us596 us809 us1231 us1450 us3973 us5184 us5411 us5520 us5810 us5980
Lemka us1866
Lemke us2979 us5096 us5535
Lemmers us107
Lemning us996
Lempge us4965
Lenertz us1306 us2471 us4155 us6349
Lenhard us4125
Lenhardt us138 us6874 us6899 us6931
Lenhart us1277
Lenkofski us138
Lenner us4815
Lennertz us3435 us3441 us4174 us4205 us6162
Lennertz, us3359
Lennick us4469
Lennik us3827 us4336
Leno us1580 us4300 us4505 us4556 us4991
Lenokofski us2257
Lenreidowich us2272
Lentz us1823
Lenz us8
Leoboldus us5293
Leonhardt us454
Leopoldus us2 us268 us275 us327 us382 us386 us418 us440 us577 us579 us581 us582 us583 us584 us598 us600 us660 us685 us815 us913 us970 us1167 us1296 us1432 us1690 us1964 us2005 us2052 us2053 us2085 us2106 us2132 us2141 us2143 us2167 us2194 us2195 us2196 us2211 us2212 us2213 us2223 us2273 us2312 us2366 us2450 us2510 us2537 us2740 us2822 us2858 us2866 us2969 us3067 us3155 us3339 us3357 us3466 us3487 us3493 us3579 us3580 us4133 us4183 us5362 us5497
Lepp us6148
Lerge us6230
Leropki us1349
Lesmeister us31 us33 us73 us83 us112 us134 us135 us163 us180 us240 us284 us342 us360 us362 us375 us382 us426 us427 us440 us460 us515 us517 us579 us703 us798 us827 us859 us899 us972 us1008 us1044 us1063 us1120 us1508 us1549 us1693 us1694 us1705 us1806 us1809 us1852 us1859 us1965 us1972 us2196 us2221 us2269 us2273 us2335 us2373 us2381 us2424 us2480 us2481 us2637 us3114 us3117 us3132 us3139 us3187 us3398 us3475 us3483 us3542 us3589 us3605 us3858 us3887 us3983 us4150 us4184 us4382 us4486 us4504 us4566 us5034 us5124 us5137 us5262 us5347 us5349 us5379 us5442 us5459 us5460 us5520 us5541 us5593 us5616 us5647 us5679 us5683 us5701 us5711 us5729 us5754 us5812 us5825 us5834 us5840 us5844 us5859 us5863 us5877 us5890 us5892 us5989 us5993 us6008 us6015 us6021 us6025 us6032 us6034 us6035 us6039 us6045 us6054 us6061 us6088 us6090 us6140 us6321 us6442 us6470 us6633 us6703 us6767 us6830
Lessmeister us6775
Lessner us1082
Lether us4103
Letzinger us1595
Leupel us4965
Leutz us3270 us3273
Leven us1299
Levin us3019
Lewis us1161
Ley us4386
Leyer us4563
Libert us138
Lich us3306
Lickfeld us2599
Liebelt us2995
Lieberodt us3745 us3781 us3847 us3863 us3895 us4016 us4045
Liebig us1323 us2573 us2784 us3360 us6042 us6077
Liebknecht us1119
Liedeke us2784
Liepeldt us4899
Liepold us3070 us4648
Lierge us2420
Lietrop us2612
Likens us2534
Lilge us4813
Linck us1151 us1408 us1551
Linde us431 us3257 us3258
Lindemann us1299 us4969 us5001 us5198 us5336 us5699 us5803 us6362 us6701
Lindmeier us3039
Linger us2774
Linghor us3605
Lingohr us1167 us1549 us6232 us6233 us6374 us6375 us6484 us6503
Lingor us2216 us2380 us3879 us4146 us4200 us4233
Linhartz us2432
Link us509 us996 us1205 us2913 us3294 us4779
Lintz us6666
Linz us372
Lipge us4965
Lipp us221 us240 us390 us432 us457 us499 us567 us645 us830 us871 us1548 us1665 us1989 us2268 us2458 us2626 us2937 us3558 us3719 us4178 us5011 us5039 us5760 us5810 us5812 us5853 us5868 us6079 us6270
Lippert us48 us133 us1800 us1869 us3047 us4760 us4811
Lisle us4800
Litgen us5824
Littan us5370
Littke us1559 us1597 us2823 us2989 us3188
Litzinger us815 us913 us1287 us1296 us1467 us1619 us1623 us1964 us2005 us2364 us2924 us2969 us3038 us3364 us4131 us4142 us4200 us5493 us5619 us6012 us6213 us6374
Lizinger us3947 us5183
Loachim us1855
Lob us3210
Lochbaum us6388
Lochert us753 us856 us1515 us6907 us6929 us6931
Lock us2629
Lockhead us2426
Lockner us6441 us6917
Loeb us315 us658 us842 us875 us1948 us2127 us2263 us2806 us3177 us3408 us4510 us5244 us6364 us6831
Loebe us5204
Loeffelbein us4337
Loeffler us4374 us5174
Loewen us4059
Loffelbaum us4805
Loftus us162
Loh us138 us3209 us6899
Lohnert us1294
Lohrke us1478
Lombard us2308
Lonine us3534
Loran us6101 us6277 us6354 us6594 us6779 us6783 us6873 us6894
Lorentz us1515 us4182
Lorenz us150 us248 us511 us629 us660 us1865 us4411 us4433 us5007 us5357 us5358 us6209
Lorin us806
Losing us5360
Lossing us6970 us6972
Loth us4491
Love us6799
Lovelace us2482
Loveles us1840
Low us2748 us4770
Lowe us2971
Lubitz us2509 us2599
Luchs us4862
Luck us487
Ludwig us798 us1712 us1815 us5825 us6025 us6345
Luebb us2319
Luebbs us3079
Lueck us3605
Lueph us2319
Luhe us1299
Lui us6272
Luidle us5174
Luithle us1821 us3253 us3310 us3316 us3912 us4710
Luitle us4048
Lukas us2314
Luke us3873 us5225
Lundby us1082
Lust us5151
Luther us143
Lutz us551 us1108 us1201 us1323 us1459 us2278 us2733 us3209 us3273 us3279 us3324 us3821 us4063 us4089 us4825 us4908 us4928 us6267
Lutze us2582
Lux us807 us4031 us4254 us6874
Lyer us4793
Lynetz us3490
Lyser us4870