Letters from United States - North Dakota

Letters written by our ancestors that lived in North Dakota, USA

Surname Letters
deaths us6890 us6891 us6892 us6893 us6903 us6909
A back to the top
Abel us30 us294 us851 us935 us1134 us1144 us1181 us1207 us1548 us2326 us2736 us3751 us4034 us4120 us4136 us4497 us4787 us4791 us4837 us5010 us6074 us6230 us6283 us6471
Abele us2390
Abelein us5550
Aberle us124 us526 us1513 us1953 us3073 us4245 us4939
Abfalter us6885
Achtenberg us1907
Ackermann us493 us1145 us1431 us1477 us1590 us1828 us2427 us2496 us2771 us3129 us3359 us3984 us4031 us4206 us4213 us4327 us4469 us4551 us5422 us5543 us6388
Adalbert us3284 us3285 us3287
Adam us173 us1413 us1443 us1755 us2769 us4230
Adams us2627
Adel us1590
Adler us1383 us2045
Adolf us3421 us4078
Ahl us2681 us2784 us3272 us4113
Ahman us3306
Aichele us4505
Aichle us1255
Aickele us4563
Ailes us3227
Aipperspach us4311
Aisenbrey us5109
Albersbach us2419
Albert us3420
Alberts us3326
Albrandt us5961
Albrecht us379 us697 us783 us1061 us3086 us4073 us4429 us4512 us5035 us5045 us5376 us5674 us5976
Albright us8
Albus us1309
Aldinger us4287 us4641
Alexander us4306 us4307 us4354 us5016
Allan us3590
Alldinger us5164
Allen us3434
Alpenleiter us4954
Alpert us5001
Altenburg us4872
Althof us4740
Aman us3514 us6719
Amann us372 us1850 us1869 us1912 us3303 us4902 us5381 us6892
Ambroisius us2303
Ambros us328 us1575 us1948 us2508
Ambrose us1231
Ambrosius us2360
Ammon us173 us1768 us4540
Amon us1851
Anderson us463 us471 us2418 us3130
Anderst us509 us853
Andis us138
Ando us6928
Andreas us1135 us1172 us1230
Angebrand us6294
Angell us648
Anhorn us3212 us3240 us4265 us4612 us6775
Ankert us66
Anonymous us109 us1546 us1635 us2291 us2379 us2380 us2417 us2439 us2440 us2536 us2591 us2592 us2595 us2705 us2720 us2748 us2857 us2879 us2880 us2963 us3047 us3062 us3366 us3367 us3426 us3508 us3637 us3936 us4186
Anton us124 us4634 us5754 us6648
Appel us2096
Archduke Ferdinand us1031
Aridt us1970
Arlt us4608
Armbrust us4863 us4896
Armburst us5818 us6433 us6456 us6779 us6905 us6907 us6929
Arndt us1136 us2222 us2898 us4909 us5779 us5780
Arnold us409 us441 us560 us2235 us4152 us4711
Arseth us2536
Art us749
Artmann us6564
Asberger us2510
Aspenleider us6407
Aspenleiter us2868 us6218 us6551
Asperger us719 us1117
Aspileiter us2868
Assel us6427
Atkinson us1082 us2534 us3070
Aubal us2051
Aubol us2083
Auch us226 us3320 us4048 us5080 us5230 us6171
August us5114
Augustin us1456 us5034
Auth us138
Auwinger us3745 us3828
Axt us578 us1169 us1222 us1272 us2176 us2178 us4334 us4775 us4779 us4795
Axtman us2167 us3559 us5791 us6334
Axtmann us25 us31 us68 us111 us112 us141 us146 us163 us232 us268 us275 us295 us321 us342 us363 us382 us386 us418 us427 us429 us445 us490 us556 us577 us582 us584 us676 us684 us703 us770 us852 us879 us913 us935 us968 us972 us990 us1262 us1424 us1497 us1580 us1617 us1624 us1741 us1773 us1835 us1928 us2106 us2215 us2311 us2358 us2364 us2366 us2395 us2441 us2537 us2757 us2800 us2858 us2924 us3089 us3187 us3393 us3402 us3427 us3487 us3507 us3536 us3558 us3565 us3582 us3685 us3963 us4027 us4131 us4138 us4142 us4160 us4200 us4234 us4332 us4355 us4661 us5184 us5194 us5251 us5401 us5442 us5491 us5503 us5515 us5674 us5858 us5898 us6010 us6083 us6100 us6209 us6268 us6333 us6348 us6374 us6393 us6480 us6503 us6511 us6544 us6554 us6664 us6813 us6855 us6933
B back to the top
B us4806
Baar us183
Babel us6487
Bachler us1692
Bachmaier us5410
Bachmann us614 us982 us2419 us3981 us4266 us5789 us6915
Bachmeier us8 us121 us127 us193 us445 us475 us648 us676 us701 us703 us824 us855 us1104 us1498 us1561 us1678 us1772 us1859 us1968 us2297 us2328 us2353 us2400 us2426 us2577 us2598 us2817 us2910 us2967 us3026 us3502 us3570 us3599 us3768 us3814 us4156 us4164 us4296 us4498 us4627 us5308 us5401 us5628 us5813 us5817 us5826 us5851 us5857 us6144 us6148 us6329 us6360 us6386 us6429 us6442 us6651 us6666 us6697 us6702 us6710 us6750 us6751 us6830 us6845 us6880
Bachmenn us5460
Bachmueller us4365
Bachtler us3600
Backhaus us1168 us2558 us2639
Backmann us2045
Backmeier us3826
Bader us835 us933 us1294 us1866 us1914 us2641 us2843 us3209 us4696 us5548 us5764
Badere us6414
Badger us806
Baechler us2964
Baeger us1866
Baegler us2390
Baemmter us2129
Baer us4742
Baerwald us372 us551 us817 us991 us1912
Baesler us4428 us4582 us4680 us6058
Baessler us4987 us5202
Baetsch us5812
Baeuerle us1907
Bager us226
Bagk us2419
Bagley us6
Baier us3450 us4227 us4526 us4607 us4663 us4780 us5050 us5140 us6065 us6167
Baiere us4527
Baillie us2591
Baisch us172 us1324 us5113
Baker us1912
Baliet us1869
Balke us4648
Ballensky us5506
Balliet us4818 us6032
Ballinger us1144
Balmer us5253
Balowisch us1108
Balowitz us2324 us2629
Baltin us5201
Balzer us4369 us4861
Bamesberger us6040 us6114
Banch us1315
Banderhar us3971
Bandt us3830
Banik us1308 us1309 us2324 us2397 us2751 us2752 us2843 us3171
Banke us5086
Banko us4070
Bar us3682
Barber us1089
Bareth us3830
Barker us2239 us5895
Barli us1608
Barmsbecher us2967
Baron us1434 us6377 us6903
Barsch us5477
Bart us6370
Barta us6223
Bartel us138 us170 us1439 us2141 us2724 us6931
Barth us358 us498 us850 us1363 us3638 us3912 us4683 us5622 us5821 us6295 us6341 us6424 us6578 us6701 us6862
Barthle us1575
Bartle us2005 us2106
Bartole us407 us4300
Barton us2731
Barts us2978
Bartsc us6035
Bartsch us1135 us1154 us1223 us1256 us1257 us1293 us1820 us1899 us2110 us2191 us2543 us2571 us2577 us2635 us2732 us2864 us3115 us3406 us3502 us3692 us4180 us4597 us4716 us5707 us5734 us5752 us6534 us6830
Bartz us4701 us5398
Basch us1846
Bassar us3303
Bast us1837 us2597
Bastag us5001
Bastian us1907 us1914 us2843 us4445 us4485
Batsvog us942
Battenhaus, us3148
Batz us1912 us1921
Bauch us1914 us2843 us3450 us4842
Bauer us3 us310 us356 us451 us585 us613 us658 us844 us892 us893 us901 us926 us955 us1117 us1205 us1357 us1808 us1850 us1869 us1870 us2021 us2075 us2095 us2337 us2644 us2802 us2843 us3313 us3360 us3595 us3687 us3747 us3997 us4491 us4560 us4567 us4570 us4682 us4691 us4811 us4899 us5001 us5311 us5381 us5446 us5605 us5821 us5988 us6392 us6448
Bauerle us2304
Bauman us4686
Baumann us40 us810 us1365 us1780 us1799 us2484 us2581 us3062 us4547 us4722 us4985 us4986 us5212 us5249 us5344 us5452 us5477 us5812 us6821 us6888
Baumbach us4771
Baumgaertner us1069 us1164 us1229 us1320 us1336 us1451 us1774 us2334 us2459 us2569 us3113 us3359 us3541 us3547 us3558 us4201 us5810 us5811 us5973 us6366 us6511
Baumgardner us2581 us4109 us4110
Baumgartner us46 us1745 us1751 us2046 us2294 us2458 us3296 us3437 us3463 us3719 us3921 us4686 us5839 us5854 us5965 us6081 us6291 us6335 us6359 us6677 us6761 us6812 us6842 us6882
Baumgertner us2559
Baumiller us4442
Baumstarck us6906
Baumstark us301 us302 us399 us405 us576 us641 us682 us732 us2261 us2792 us2841 us3978 us4035 us4273 us4496 us4543 us4664 us5326 us5489 us5505 us6181 us6184
Baumueller us5287
Bausch us4607 us4663
Bauser us1235
Bayer us3 us1914 us2843 us3209 us3260 us3264
Bayerschmid us3263
Bazal us6639
Beber us8
Bechel us1471
Bechler us3359 us6423 us6716
Bechtele us1998 us2495
Bechthold us4845 us4875
Bechtholt us128
Bechtle us1742 us1855 us2899 us2937 us3714 us3719 us3773 us3790 us4092 us4573 us4616 us5113 us5969
Bechtold us509 us1960 us5359
Beck us967 us2096 us2222 us2364 us2642 us2924 us3067 us3635 us3700 us3980 us4014 us4124 us4349 us4475 us4509 us4866 us4985 us5275 us5388 us5588 us5938
Becker us69 us156 us172 us220 us305 us333 us485 us602 us807 us1042 us1127 us1170 us1258 us1409 us1413 us1481 us1570 us1744 us1865 us1960 us1967 us2031 us2080 us2096 us2121 us2178 us2222 us2575 us2605 us2706 us3056 us3131 us3181 us3209 us3243 us3482 us3580 us3691 us3896 us3987 us4292 us4503 us4600 us4606 us4774 us4778 us4828 us4913 us4969 us5137 us5330 us5358 us5359 us5360 us5458 us5484 us5491 us5496 us5503 us5562 us5718 us5803 us5953 us5992 us6074 us6077 us6232 us6639 us6831 us6869 us6904
Beda us3259
Beg us4798
Begerian us4868
Beglau us2714 us3796 us3797 us3798 us3799 us3803 us3804
Begleu us4846
Behl us3831
Behnke us2563
Behrends us3681
Beier us5073 us5094 us5230
Beierle us1224 us2911 us3631 us4652
Beierly us4652
Beil us173 us1800 us3306 us3881 us4329 us5939
Beitenheimer us6248 us6559
Beitz us2593
Belbock us1608
Belcher us3019 us3118
Belden us6639
Beller us5584
Bellmann us1907
Bellon us651 us722 us960 us963 us4862 us5000
Bender us115 us133 us1161 us1855 us2095 us2640 us2704 us2815 us3272 us3303 us3643 us4695 us4740 us4741 us4940 us5001 us5130 us5287 us5911 us6058 us6420 us6799
Bendir us487
Benduch us289
Benedick us3390
Benfit us1639
Benick us2612
Benjasch us6829
Benkendorf us3168
Benn us4792
Benson us6894
Bentz us460 us1168 us4607 us4811 us4819 us5140 us5944 us6028 us6032
Benvugt us723
Benz us678 us4375 us4437 us4527 us4869
Berdt us3053
Beres us138 us6272 us6895
Berg us652 us981 us1595 us1870 us2843 us3835 us4401 us4445 us4653 us4797 us4799 us5166 us5392 us5539 us6059
Bergendahl us2714
Berger us285 us736 us1559 us1852 us2981 us3051 us3234 us3254 us3287 us3445 us3843 us4468 us4970 us6200 us6230 us6234 us6370 us6405 us6416 us6419 us6445 us6448 us6512 us6556 us6562 us6681 us6724 us6797 us6798 us6927
Bergh us543
Berghart us2621
Bergmann us6778
Bergstosser us3830
Berk us3635
Berkemeier us2714
Berlinke us1755 us1800
Bermeier us3683
Berndt us487 us726 us1349 us2751 us3541
Bernhard us2744 us3157 us3570 us6165 us6266 us6533
Bernhardt us886 us1288 us2416 us4216 us6412 us6438 us6522 us6798
Bernike us1349
Berreth us355 us933 us1299 us5001
Bertsch us342 us362 us693 us936 us954 us961 us963 us1339 us1499 us1629 us1665 us1766 us1809 us1815 us1844 us1850 us1852 us1859 us2105 us2154 us2496 us2714 us2965 us2968 us3017 us3027 us3119 us3322 us3367 us3503 us3571 us3796 us3963 us4027 us4071 us4154 us4182 us4431 us4759 us4937 us5264 us5371 us5503 us5512 us5734 us5840 us5844 us6227 us6360 us6453 us6582 us6775
Bertsch< us6474
Besch us1184
Beschly us6830
Best us4758
Bethe us4342
Bethlo us1195
Betich us342
Betke us5150
Betsch us82 us87 us301 us919 us924 us1921 us2279 us3699 us4844 us5431 us6010
Bettger us5369
Betz us663
Beuerle us2384
Beutelspacher us2683
Beyer us487 us6895
Beyerle us5044 us5049
Beyl us1409 us2080 us4384
Bibelheimer us4564
Biberdorf us430
Bich us2844 us4733 us4806
Bichert us2602
Bichler us4110
Bichler us17 us134 us522 us1120 us1591 us1868 us2733 us3167 us4225 us5052 us5905 us6177 us6429 us6567 us6596 us6738 us6777 us6891
Bick us5177
Bickel us3305 us3319
Bickler us4686 us6024 us6079 us6608
Bider us4653
Bieber us1168 us1299 us1755 us2374
Bieberdorf us817
Biech us4001
Bieck us2705
Biedermann us5453
Biederstaedt us2683 us4553 us5168 us5417
Biederstedt us2708 us2712 us2713 us2714 us2715 us2716 us3653 us3998 us4392 us5057 us5133
Biefert us4965
Biegler us7 us117 us6296 us6525
Biel us1755 us2482
Bielhauer us2935
Bierdemann us4845
Bierens us560
Biergenstock us5435
Biermann us2495
Bietz us3396
Biffarth us3310 us3311 us3317
Bigler us3729 us6652
Bigolot us3594
Biko us464 us6544
Billigmeier us2095 us2394 us4744
Billman us6230
Billmann us6754
Biloff us1343
Binder us128 us219 us652 us734 us1171 us1224 us1434 us1477 us1555 us1686 us1755 us2304 us2382 us2384 us2487 us2594 us2734 us2911 us3169 us3235 us3250 us3948 us4073 us4098 us4440 us4529 us4628 us4653 us4714 us4865 us5038 us5048 us5092 us5399
Binderwald us5394
Bindewald us5399
Binfett us75 us176
Binkert us5241
Binstock us6493
Bippus us5200
Birenstock us1515
Birk us6509
Birkenstock us1175 us5488
Birkholz us172 us4440
Birkle us1866
Birtal us147
Birtel us79 us86
Bischke us607 us2101 us2438 us2592 us2640 us3064 us3094 us3152 us4860
Bischle us1856
Bischof us193 us404 us445 us929 us968 us1549 us3132 us3170 us4128 us4838 us5307 us5308 us5869 us6442
Bischoff us233 us703 us2296 us4774 us5035 us5401 us5709 us5790 us5806 us6300 us6355 us6915
Bislag us5 us970
Bislog us743
Bitterman us3713
Bittermann us204 us996 us1136 us1186 us1399 us1409 us1448 us1522 us1652 us1946 us2031 us2080 us2351 us2419 us4014 us5152 us5213
Bittke us3832
Bittner us1143 us3063 us3170 us3444 us4744 us4814 us5147
Bitz us240 us449 us557 us558 us559 us622 us698 us706 us883 us1344 us1573 us1613 us1690 us1748 us1775 us1813 us1848 us1861 us1921 us1934 us2241 us2270 us2275 us2541 us2623 us2786 us2870 us3037 us3076 us3098 us3142 us3235 us3413 us3429 us3547 us3577 us3762 us5137 us5429 us5433 us5436 us5654 us5833 us5844 us6028 us6114 us6166 us6180 us6198 us6519
Bitzing us138 us806 us872
Bix us5115
Black us107 us420 us522 us526 us937 us968 us1061 us1590 us1857 us2036 us2389 us2400 us2411 us2426 us2567 us2622 us2630 us2772 us2860 us2912 us3024 us3090 us3138 us3182 us3359 us3683 us3750 us3877 us3901 us4132 us4140 us4611 us4818 us4867 us5045 us5138 us5318 us5412 us5445 us5585 us5628 us5646 us5791 us5913 us6124 us6162 us6187 us6386 us6769
Blanda us5754
Blank us4530 us4858 us6901
Blankenberg us4014
Blaskowsky us1768 us3872 us4804 us4814 us4844 us5334
Blatter us4601 us5030 us5107 us5136
Blatz us360 us4012
Blatzki us1154
Blech us5224
Bled us422
Bleibe us3887
Bleile us427 us859 us1694 us1805 us1809 us1859 us2381 us3398 us6476 us6829 us6873
Bleile, us3187
Blessner us2494
Bleth us3284 us3291 us6207 us6500 us6716 us6902
Bley us289
Blichter us6899
Blocher us5161
Block us3068
Blohm us5453
Blosky us6605
Blotske us689
Blotsky us426 us5144
Blotz us5852 us6866
Blotzke us669
Blotzki us585 us735 us2158 us2235 us2801 us2802 us5978 us6545
Blum us2470 us4399 us4467 us4584
Blumhagel us1119
Blumhagen us2591 us2921 us4014 us4050 us4292 us5037 us5954
Blyer us4141
Bobb us6736
Bobolofski us66 us725 us1273 us1878 us3455 us4204
Bobolofsky us59 us403 us642 us718 us2121
Bochinski us151
Bock us4718
Bockel us678 us4730
Bockert us1866
Bodenter us5350
Bodmann us807
Boechler us1405 us1828 us2166 us2182 us2982 us3055 us3174 us3648 us5273
Boecke us5185
Boeckel us171 us172 us220 us305 us333 us431 us602 us678 us995 us996 us1020 us1136 us1146 us1209 us1399 us1448 us1522 us1652 us1946 us2031 us2080 us2096 us2222 us3482 us3635 us3700 us3713 us3851 us3852 us3881 us3914 us3950 us4014 us4050 us4276 us4292 us4376 us4447 us4572 us4712 us5177 us5213 us5252
Boegele us5249
Boehlender us6059
Boehler us3303 us5077 us6116
Boehlke us3100
Boehm us591 us1271 us1590 us1706 us2736 us2917 us3204 us3492 us3534 us3894 us4108 us4117 us4233 us4244 us4724 us4999 us6337 us6377 us6379 us6431 us6439 us6448 us6600 us6602 us6633 us6725 us6744 us6797 us6828 us6856 us6900 us6901 us6911 us6936
Boehm< us1665
Boehn us3359 us6272
Boehnke us3033
Boeller us277 us3565
Boeple us4947
Boepple us2677 us2678 us2679 us2703 us2727 us2730 us3929 us4053 us4658 us5180
Boes us2858
Boeshans us1855 us1869 us2640 us2937
Boeshaus us2222
Boesherz us6785
Boespflug us408 us6785
Boesser us5770
Boettcher us2202 us3746 us4652 us4869
Boetzer us1850
Boger us1914 us2843 us4843
Bogert us48
Bogreier us867
Bohand us1850
Bohl us556 us577 us1805 us4547 us5716 us6300 us6329 us6484 us6681
Bohle us4692
Bohlin us3118
Bohm us524
Bohn us221 us306 us328 us432 us433 us519 us531 us2212 us2239 us3174 us3682 us3873 us3923 us3935 us4043 us4057 us4530 us5018 us5225 us5312 us5332 us5464 us5733 us5844 us5877 us6061 us6090
Bohnert us4800
Bohnet us1869 us2681
Bohr us2418
Bohrer us1020 us3761 us4047 us4692
Bokert us133
Bolenzettler us3768
Bolinder us305 us678
Bolinger us1274 us1319
Bolk us284 us2882
Boll us4779
Bolley us1177
Bollig us8 us4815
Bollinger us1154 us1855 us2272 us2558 us2684 us2712 us2713 us2715 us2716 us2880 us2971 us3802 us3998 us4823 us5001 us5063 us5143 us6917
Bollingers us5133
Bollmer us487
Bollwitz us2420
Boloshart us2735
Bolowitz us2397
Bolt us5633
Bolz us107 us947 us1202 us5600
Bomersein us4334
Bommerschein us1180
Bommersein us962 us1062 us1160 us1272 us1304 us1721 us1829 us2178 us2267
Bonagofsky us925
Bonakofski us647
Bonakofsky us4491
Bonein us4159
Bonet us5028
Bongofki us2152
Bonine us2449
Bonnersein us869
Bonnet us4811 us4916
Bonogofski us976
Bonogofsky us3648
Bonogowski us6415
Bonokofsky us1037 us2237
Boot us5452
Bord us902 us1914
Bordko us856
Borger us3450
Born us6701
Boro us2397
Borschat us2397
Borschneck us592 us929 us5840 us6035
Borschnik us3431
Bort us1608 us2843 us3063
Borth us1768 us1800 us4596 us5943
Bortscheller us4267
Borwind us431
Bosch us60 us78 us222 us297 us428 us443 us560 us654 us754 us814 us1003 us1024 us1161 us1174 us1262 us1311 us1313 us1513 us1567 us1855 us1931 us1941 us2239 us2329 us2364 us2405 us2408 us2826 us2924 us3446 us3516 us3640 us3645 us3811 us3836 us3888 us4114 us4137 us4142 us4225 us4661 us5033 us5383 us5464 us5532 us5585 us5594 us5619 us5767 us5795 us6012 us6158 us6165 us6176 us6180 us6339 us6366 us6442 us6513 us6596 us6670 us6830 us6900
Bosch, us6534
Boschadel us4572
Bosche us4088 us4305 us4311
Boschee us2704 us3631
Boschger us3037
Bose us4212
Boser us8
Bospflug us524 us639
Bossard us4787 us5824
Bossart us4162 us5791 us6213
Bosser us1033
Bossert us1 us2 us3 us7 us679 us680 us2212 us2330 us2714 us2731 us2876 us2969 us3038 us3359 us3534 us4079 us4359 us4459 us4796 us5273 us5312 us5555 us6165 us6181
Both us278 us366 us689 us2075 us2140 us2164 us4681
Botrutchen us1195
Bow us257
Bowkowski us6229
Boy us2760
Boye us1850
Bozenker us4860
Braacker us972
Braeckel us5383
Brage us3144
Brand us1294 us1850
Brandel us188 us564 us1327 us1628 us1692 us2087 us2817 us4060
Brandenburger us1866
Brandner us3414
Branner us2936
Branwald us3137
Bratton us3326
Bratzel us5939
Brauberger us835
Brauder us820
Brauer us1866 us6113
Braulick us6768
Braun us2 us138 us166 us315 us422 us450 us509 us604 us786 us976 us1006 us1128 us1313 us1370 us1604 us1678 us1748 us1787 us1848 us1907 us1908 us1921 us1937 us1968 us2125 us2159 us2163 us2236 us2244 us2252 us2268 us2272 us2397 us2399 us2882 us3134 us3178 us3219 us3279 us3414 us3523 us3539 us3593 us3635 us3681 us3687 us3793 us3808 us3887 us3920 us4364 us4491 us4553 us4990 us5021 us5162 us5167 us5218 us5402 us5436 us5603 us5813 us5817 us5820 us5826 us5879 us5962 us6097 us6104 us6148 us6149 us6157 us6227 us6295 us6335 us6371 us6396 us6666 us6716 us6741 us6744 us6779 us6845 us6878 us6879
Braunagel us460 us779 us940 us1117 us1306 us1435 us2058 us2442 us2597 us4439 us5577 us5811 us5863 us6121 us6709
Braunnagel us427 us719 us1552 us1891 us2646 us3339 us3857 us6032
Braunstaedler us1103
Braunstaetter us1173
Brause us4860
Braxmeier us6210 us6422 us6424 us6568 us6736 us6937 us6938
Brechler us967
Bregenzert us2002
Breitenheimer us6557
Breitmeier us807
Brekken us3190
Brelosch us6053
Bremer us4280
Brendel us166 us607 us1433 us1857 us3029 us3369 us3374 us3789 us5497 us6934 us6935 us6936
Brendish us1132
Breng us1089
Brenneise us3686 us3724 us4735 us5197
Brenneisen us4967
Brennenbohren us3100
Brenner us1855 us2710 us3860 us5246
Bresser us3188
Brickner us5850 us6831 us6880
Brietzke us496 us755 us1063 us2070
Brilz us4915 us6337 us6508
Brinkmann us3746
Brinster us427 us1425 us6418
Brittis us2239
Britzkau us2793
Broadfoot us872
Brochat us3010
Brockel us1830
Brodell us537 us4691 us4813
Broeckel us156 us4090 us4629
Brogel us4811
Brokofske us5962
Brokofski us274 us3010
Brokofsky us4462
Bromann us2557
Bromley us487
Brosch us1015
Broschat us1108 us1119 us1538 us3010 us3860
Broschet us1349
Brose us38 us4007 us4284 us4372
Broski us1119 us3490
Bross us1266 us4760 us4794
Brossart us223 us243 us560 us781 us1225 us1416 us2750 us2928 us3025 us4803 us5574 us5619 us5805 us5862 us5864 us5878 us6232 us6355
Brost us2721 us3169 us4214 us6738 us6861
Brotzel us1251 us2142 us2151 us2185 us2446 us2476 us2489 us2538 us2614 us2808 us3358 us4101 us4112 us4147
Brown us3 us4096
Brozel us5699
Brubeck us2833
Bruck us132
Brucker us6854 us6873
Brueckmann us2258
Brueckner us330 us3408 us5254
Bruegner us6545
Brukner us6079
Bruner us6355
Brunner us2555 us6321 us6360
Brunnmayer us5943
Bruns us3068
Bruscheinski us6144
Bryan us132 us829
Bryn us1356
Bubach us4562
Buber us1866
Bubick us86
Buchfink us1315 us6170
Buchholz us963 us2387 us3254 us4415 us4522 us4544 us4877
Buchle us2124
Buchmann us4692 us5605
Buchmeier us993 us2910 us5294
Buchmiller us1089 us2337 us4751 us4784
Buchmueller us2267
Buchnutz us4582
Buchsink us1315
Buchwitz us5938 us6058
Buck us4772
Buckemeier us1199
Buckman us3566
Buckmeier us525 us2272 us2521 us3463 us3826
Budan us4522
Buebser us4538
Buech us5198
Buechle us1307 us1870 us1914 us2139 us2843 us2845 us3443 us4046 us4287
Buechler us25 us96 us113 us160 us331 us710 us836 us931 us935 us1005 us1080 us1226 us1282 us1288 us1345 us1359 us1401 us1406 us1478 us1489 us1519 us1538 us1592 us1629 us1668 us1889 us2000 us2122 us2154 us2243 us2294 us2309 us2402 us2539 us2567 us2596 us2627 us2803 us2831 us2931 us3037 us3063 us3143 us3309 us3395 us3504 us3567 us3875 us3924 us3950 us3979 us4162 us4186 us4217 us4296 us5211 us5448 us5521 us5585 us5938 us5965 us5984 us5988 us6086 us6145 us6217 us6327 us6361 us6362 us6366 us6429 us6473 us6504 us6511 us6666 us6733 us6933 us6936
Buegler us3730 us4759
Buehler us1509 us1590 us2362 us2524 us3270 us3371 us3461 us3965 us6493
Buehring us2592 us2628
Buergle us115 us133 us5166
Buerkle us133
Buetke us48 us5198
Bugt us4934
Buhler us2103
Buhn us1239
Buhrstall us738
Bujer us6114
Bulach us3098 us3583 us4137 us5011 us5411
Bull us143
Bullach us693 us1044 us1253 us1282 us5053
Bullinger us6440 us6445 us6472 us6590 us6656 us6672 us6681
Bulloch us2402
Bullock us1496
Bunge us2640
Bunn us5679
Burbeck us274 us1064 us1108 us1119 us1172 us1227 us1308 us1309 us1322 us1343 us1348 us1497 us1538 us1547 us1722 us1830 us2305 us2324 us2387 us2397 us2418 us2420 us2444 us2477 us2522 us2540 us2564 us2565 us2573 us2612 us2629 us2735 us2751 us2752 us2773 us2834 us2889 us2913 us2970 us2983 us3010 us3084 us3144 us3158 us3171 us3490 us3860 us5908
Burbik us1349
Burchat us6106
Burckhard us6800
Burgaard us4498
Burgad us31 us221 us293 us336 us375 us493 us499 us517 us762 us859 us997 us1178 us1214 us1228 us1338 us2244 us2316 us2338 us2364 us2380 us2406 us2446 us2459 us2496 us2614 us2786 us2910 us3001 us3089 us3096 us3115 us3825 us4332 us4430 us5383 us5811 us5812 us6142 us6554 us6608 us6842
Burgand us2406
Burgande us4440
Burgard us342 us1990 us4222 us5620 us5965 us6357 us6817
Burgardt us5327
Burgart us614 us4667
Burgat us2646
Burger us5 us509 us1788 us2395 us2408 us2434 us3089 us3284 us5685 us6701
Burgeson us1238
Burghard us6761 us6830 us6928
Burghardt us1693 us4969 us5803 us6085 us6374 us6554
Burgot us3947
Burgu us2482
Burhartsmeier us1845
Burkard us581 us1478 us6165 us6167
Burkart us4800
Burkartsmaier us5981
Burke us357 us829 us866 us1144 us1312 us2036 us3492 us3494
Burkhard us198 us549 us913 us952 us1238 us1467 us1835 us2558 us2924 us3064 us3145 us3380 us3449 us3640 us5492 us5754 us5860 us5941 us5992 us6006 us6596
Burkhardt us299 us3985 us4661 us4698 us4986 us5045 us5119 us5493 us5604 us5690 us6282 us6663
Burkhardtmeier us6484
Burkhart us143 us682 us1764 us1936 us2404 us2426 us3030 us3072 us4131 us5541
Burkhartsmeier us5 us6 us8 us124 us224 us287 us369 us408 us427 us475 us497 us641 us889 us943 us972 us1064 us1108 us1319 us1468 us1497 us1627 us1724 us2001 us2162 us2206 us2242 us2511 us2598 us2914 us3553 us4232 us4414 us4434 us4946 us5006 us5279 us5308 us5347 us5363 us5545 us5645 us5677 us5680 us5693 us5802 us5995 us6002 us6129 us6490
Burkhartsmeyer us3771
Burkheartsmeier us3486
Burkle us671
Burque us3062
Burr us2380 us2897
Burrack us3681
Burt us2492
Busch us2249 us2915 us2971 us5683 us5686 us5701 us6101 us6604 us6920
Buschard us3887
Buser us4076
Bush us1173
Butsch us2808 us5818 us6279
Butt us3260
Buttmann us5587
Butts us106
Buxa us3767
C back to the top
C us2783
Callies us487
Cameron us3494
Car us6719
Carlson us3326 us4744
Carmichael us2557
Carter us4984
Caughey us2308
Cavanaugh us2537
Chafe us2640
Chaffee us305
Chapek us2591
Charmichael us3056
Chase us2558
Check us2427 us2569
Chertz us48
Christianson us5029
Christman us2031
Christmann us1409 us3950 us4375 us4398 us4862 us5080 us5357 us5358 us5359 us5360
Christof us6899
Claffen us509
Clark us6701 us6895
Classen us509
Clotzlicher us5089
Cocker us3137
Colby us4034
Committee us5906
Conger us1917
Connolly us806
Consorten us656
Conture us3326
Cook us872
Cooper us2568
Cornelison us1649
Correspondent us4818
Coster us2128
Cowan us2897
Creisser us5994
Cullemann us4993
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Dachtler us4582 us4792 us4819
Daeschle us90 us97 us260 us293 us307 us779 us919 us940 us992 us997 us998 us1039 us1137 us1228 us1377 us1415 us1422 us1452 us1588 us1598 us1613 us1618 us1639 us1640 us1690 us1723 us1734 us1749 us1752 us1762 us1848 us1921 us1947 us1980 us1986 us2053 us2086 us2398 us2437 us2488 us2541 us2570 us2572 us2590 us2615 us2616 us2786 us2859 us2972 us3098 us3154 us3172 us3189 us3365 us3448 us3466 us3497 us3512 us3513 us3514 us3515 us3574 us4177 us4197 us4202 us5732 us5754 us6196 us6532
Daffe us4447
Dais us3864
Daks us432
Dalke us3944 us5210
Dallman us48 us133
Dallmann us671
Dalschi us2299
Dalwe us3082
Damake us5106
Dammel us1380
Danas us6832
Daniel us1457 us2086
Dannbauer us3888
Dapert us3312
Daschle us627 us5829 us6372
Dasen us4945 us5801 us5841
Dassinger us183 us3209 us6871
Dasssinger us6227
Daubert us124
Dauenhauer us6139 us6199 us6314 us6448 us6623 us6762 us6853 us6867
Daugner us3209 us3264
Daum us6299
Dause us274
David us3209
Davidson us3047
Debs us501
Dechandt us6423
Deck us3 us436 us638 us658 us1197 us2985 us4393 us5631 us6032 us6442 us6904
Decker us515 us837 us1006 us1162 us1310 us1787 us1819 us1963 us2033 us2399 us2479 us3013 us3050 us3403 us3424 us3462 us4187 us5844 us6295
Deeg us1866 us4990 us5962
Deffert us138 us6870
Deg us3 us1156 us3550 us3938 us4796
Degel us3209 us3264
Degele us474
Degen us3062
Degenstein us98 us993 us2272 us2296 us2352 us2357 us2973 us3030 us3062 us3132 us3553 us3826 us3962 us4051 us4742 us4786 us5294 us5307 us5531 us6087 us6360 us6733 us6933
Deger us6213
Deibel us2317
Deibele us3202 us3203 us4638 us6373
Deiber us1633
Deibert us301 us320 us399 us443 us520 us549 us682 us736 us772 us1044 us1140 us1162 us1241 us1372 us1621 us1694 us1700 us1705 us1711 us1748 us1749 us1762 us1811 us1812 us1813 us1861 us2099 us2216 us2221 us2279 us2446 us2597 us2759 us2900 us3387 us3403 us3466 us3522 us3536 us3583 us3665 us3974 us4187 us4202 us4224 us4760 us4794 us4966 us5349 us5408 us5616 us5639 us5646 us5679 us5754 us5825 us6025 us6107 us6298 us6360 us6428 us6429
Deible us1878
Deichert us1388 us2391 us3808 us4450 us4713 us6335 us6541 us6545 us6585 us6702
Deiermeier us1151
Deifel us3851
Deiker us2843
Deile us5
Deis us525 us785 us2133 us3439 us6277 us6331 us6341 us6376 us6458 us6680 us6716 us6779
Deiss us392 us1199 us2804 us2974 us3011 us3037 us3115 us5526 us5802
Deitz us4946
Delke us48 us133 us6058
Delker us1870
Dellham< us6464
Delzer us851 us2613 us2879
Demke us3830 us4438 us4608
Denies us3079
Denis us5410
Dennich us2199
Depke us3712
Derchan us382
Derheim us5939
Derheimer us1737 us5300 us6132 us6173
Dering us2718
Derner us138
Derringer us2116 us2130 us6744
Derzapf us153
Derzauf us571
Desch us2580
Deschner us702 us770 us829 us1138 us1170 us1311 us1337 us1416 us1472 us1691 us1952 us2160 us2239 us2353 us2434 us2448 us2567 us2805 us2858 us2860 us2861 us2916 us2972 us3067 us3079 us3138 us4134 us6108 us6362 us6410
Descho us6560
Dessert us6899
Dessjatnitschenko us2754
Destner us3780
Dethloff us1318 us1439
Detling us5585 us6480
Dettling us1 us2 us3 us4 us702 us702 us936 us1003 us1462 us2092 us2360 us2433 us2555 us3001 us3016 us3378 us3962 us5294 us5450 us5626 us5673 us5674 us5745 us5833 us6272 us6366
Detz us1589
Deule us4311
Deuschle us4599
Deutsch us3287
Deutscher us1768 us2834
Deutschle us5570
Dewald us1288 us1377 us1734 us2169 us2219 us2270 us4306 us4354 us5422 us5547 us6050
Dexheimer us8 us2027 us2428 us5741 us6183
Deyle us3746
Diaz us2545
Dibosche us6343
Dick us3253 us3972
Dickmann us5754
Dide us1721
Diebert us1861 us2633 us6106
Diede us737 us749 us2178 us2202 us2267 us3213 us3214 us3221 us3225 us3227 us3235 us3243 us3247 us3304 us4642 us4775 us4779 us4795 us5382 us5982
Diederich us6411 us6720
Diederle us2712 us5106 us5203
Diehl us6016 us6889
Diemert us2862
Dierk us2427
Diess us1736 us5383
Diete us1385 us2176
Dietenhefer us4225
Dieterle us2684 us2713 us2716 us5969 us6055
Dietrich us5 us408 us3148 us3317 us3321 us3540 us4096 us4591 us4808 us4823 us5357 us5647 us6234 us6735 us6741 us6837
Dietterle us4494
Dietz us369 us618 us641 us667 us718 us1054 us1094 us1426 us1431 us1447 us1459 us1615 us1627 us1724 us1845 us1869 us1999 us2048 us2192 us2242 us2282 us2332 us2444 us3181 us3486 us3721 us3753 us3786 us3788 us4033 us4679 us4710 us5184 us5234 us5258 us5453 us5600 us5689 us6594 us6615 us6709 us6850 us6862 us6868
Dig us2551
Dilgar us6810
Dilger us6543 us6669
Dillman us510 us859 us1226 us3775 us3894 us5989
Dillmann us134 us473 us1158 us1185 us1598 us1711 us4486 us5844 us6061 us6458
Dimpfl us3354
Dinies us3587
Dinius us3283 us3286 us6325
Dinver us3285
Dinyer us6701
Dirk us142 us375 us391 us409 us418 us421 us440 us456 us463 us555 us581 us591 us625 us728 us779 us844 us888 us892 us902 us1197 us1698 us1771 us1799 us1844 us1968 us1980 us1987 us1992 us2074 us2158 us2235 us2237 us2238 us2243 us2248 us2264 us2426 us2787 us2802 us2806 us2830 us3032 us3298 us3408 us4547 us4581 us4613 us4664 us5052 us5053 us5088 us5097 us5129 us5130 us6540 us6545 us6697 us6750 us6804 us6806
Dirks us3030
Dirksen us485 us4371
Dirkson us3592
Ditterle us5775 us5780
Dittor us772 us2399 us2457 us2489 us2593
Dittus us115 us6047
Dix us4770
Doberstein us5514
Dobler us853 us888 us4001 us4619 us5952
Dobner us6928
Dock, us5863
Dockter us734 us1855 us2422 us2533 us3690 us3802 us4103 us4282 us4354 us4760 us5016 us5028 us5063 us5105 us5133 us5208 us5422 us5952 us6174
Dodier us4870
Doer us133
Doering us1 us937 us1477 us1866 us3718 us4823 us4866 us5134
Doerner us6272
Doerr us48 us3979 us5152 us5282 us5536 us6060
Doerrheim us4781
Doeschle us5517
Doir us4862
Dokter us1855 us4494
Doktor us4300
Dol us6237
Dolechek us6493
Dolejeck us6866
Doleschek us6892
Doll us33 us119 us447 us471 us783 us805 us872 us881 us2367 us3453 us4172 us4901 us5429 us5637 us6200 us6237 us6337 us6365 us6368 us6423 us6439 us6566 us6862
Dollinger us4392
Dolwig us3209 us3260
Donnhauer us3638
Dormaier us6042
Dornheisslerr us1579
Dorschak us6445
Dorscher us2303 us3380 us6010 us6123
Dort us1103
Dosch us606 us1359 us1818 us1852 us1897 us2032 us2043 us2443 us2900 us3413 us3682 us3887 us3967 us4803 us4818 us4867 us5292 us5486 us5679 us5702 us5718 us6359 us6471
Dotsen us1755
Dottermann us6738
Downsunskoer us1766
Doyen us3787
Drefs us4473
Drescher us550 us941 us999 us1273 us1382 us2002 us2019 us2133 us3812 us3911 us4204
Dreschner us2366
Dresler us3298 us5228 us6702
Dressler us181 us258 us315 us658 us842 us893 us3361 us5813 us6148 us6545 us6831
Dreut us1272
Drewe us5938
Drews us807
Droews us2773
Drucker us1185
DuBois us2380 us2514 us2595
Dubs us167 us690 us845 us1907 us3788 us4276 us4407
Duchs us2377 us3587
Duchscherer us4759
Duckhorn us3209 us3264 us6272
Ducks us2787
Dudenhefer us2367
Dudenhoefer us1567 us2405 us2551 us2614 us3011
Dudenhoefers us5249
Dudenhoeffer us447
Duerr us4094 us5911
Duffy us5805
Dugwitz us3301
Dukart us358 us2290 us5669 us5823 us6312 us6407 us6785 us6788 us6881
Duke us5227
Dukert us736
Dunart us2480
Duppong us4689
Duratcheck us509
Duratschek us6735
Durk us6831
Duslet us1413
Dutenhefner us6756
Dutenhoefer us1812 us6345
Dutt us3864
Dworschk us5852