Korners are individual GRHS member holdings or "special file collections" they share with other members. Korners contain a variety of data sets including:

  • Family treesReeb
  • Stories and diaries
  • EWZ index files
  • Photographs
  • Births
  • Marriages
  • Confirmations
  • Maps
  • Estate records
  • Village reports

Special thanks to the following members for sharing their research with the GRHS. Click on a name to view a member Korner.

Vern Blumhagen & Lester Siebold (BESS)

Alice Essig (All Areas)

Ray Heinle

Carl Hepperle

Marilyn Holzwarth (BDO & BESS)

Valerie Ingram (BDO)

Dwayne Janke (BESS)

Wilhelm Kemendics (BDO)

Allen Konrad (BESS)

Elvire Necker-Eberhardt (BESS)

Paul Reeb (BESS)

Curt Renz (BDO)

Ingrid Reule (BDO)

Dale Wahl (BDO)

Elli Wise (BESS)

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