Letters from Russia - Cherson/Odessa

Letters written by our ancestors who lived in the
Cherson/Odessa, Russia

Surname Letters
H r743 r2535
Haaf r2287
Haag r45 r118 r963 r1393 r2136 r2379 r2525
Haas r1957
Haberlach r56 r154 r214 r218 r604 r979 r1016 r1237 r1482 r1594 r1610 r1692 r1736 r1751 r1762 r1785 r1790 r1819 r1835 r1865 r1870 r1883 r1965 r2040 r2067 r2190 r2231 r2274
Haberloch r2162
Habermann r2091
Haedel r527
Haegele r329
Haemmerling r77 r917
Haersch r272
Haerter r945
Haettel r91
Haeuser r956 r1116 r1140 r1655 r1898
Haeusler r766 r1610 r2274
Haeusser r131 r181 r199 r243 r1141 r1284 r1296
Haeussler r1909
Haeussner r1208
Haffner r1601 r1965
Hafner r66 r1751 r1831 r2104 r2536
Hagel r2545
Hager r65 r148 r260 r394 r1149 r1549 r1581 r1631 r1690 r1856 r2058 r2241 r2556 r2563
Hagner r1702
Hagstotz r52
Haid r1006 r1826
Haier r2092
Halber r282
Halder r1949
Haller r22 r34 r50 r51 r52 r93
Halter r250 r308 r317 r335 r336 r733 r767 r1062 r1659 r1886 r1961 r2042 r2099
Haman r2040
Hamann r64 r170 r913 r1310 r1592
Hammel r143
Hammerling r1944
Handel r1652
Hanna r726 r1785
Hans r1431
Hanzelmann r706
Harke r745
Harle r139
Harmann r981
Harsch r188 r401 r871 r1043
Hartman r1834
Hartmann r26 r121 r286 r304 r695 r1141 r1669 r1689 r1854 r1915 r1957 r1993 r2206
Harty r1232
Hasle r40
Hass r1185
Hatzelrot r1437
Hatzenboehler r1859
Hatzenbuehler r1610 r2274
Hatzenheller r695
Hauck r1864 r2154 r2185 r2563
Hauer r158 r226 r277 r279 r301 r392 r422 r765 r978 r988 r1019 r1483 r1610 r1751 r1810 r2046 r2054 r2123 r2245 r2274 r2548 r2576
Haufmann r978
Hauk r974
Hausauer r36 r52
Hauser r122 r1478
Haushars r1133
Hausler r1999
Haux r26
Hazenboeller r901
Heck r1652
Heer r700 r701 r719 r720 r723 r728 r731
Heft r450
Hegel r29 r1417 r2288
Hegele r229 r754 r952 r1898
Heichert r50
Heid r2182 r2189
Heidel r527
Heidt r138 r1308 r1331 r1443 r1579 r1599 r1736 r1790 r1821 r1829 r1859 r1915 r2165 r2167 r2576
Heier r131 r1116 r1393 r2544
Heil r706
Heilmann r9 r77 r879 r933 r1244 r1547 r1617 r1654 r1700 r1721 r1789 r1800 r1831 r1838 r1864 r1890 r1920
Hein r45 r717 r1642
Heinert r2306
Heinle r272 r291 r1043
Heinlie r1652
Heinrich r15 r57 r87 r126 r897 r911 r917 r933 r957 r974 r1136 r1436 r1600 r1608 r1627 r1641 r1754 r1762 r1771 r1777 r1781 r1813 r1817 r1838 r1897 r1915 r1931 r1937 r2119 r2167 r2205 r2206 r2576
Heintz r250 r270 r1294 r1585 r1594 r1626 r2042 r2062 r2083 r2205 r2245
Heinz r56 r73 r94 r218 r329 r746 r976 r1066 r1167 r1310 r1701 r1734 r1788 r1818 r1819 r1820 r1822 r1831 r1834 r1835 r1944 r1982 r2121 r2164 r2231 r2233 r2527
Heinzmann r131
Heiser r10 r184
Heisler r116 r259 r422 r603 r776 r952 r1062 r1243 r1504 r1598 r1655 r1875 r2226 r2331 r2432 r2435 r2473
Heisser r21 r113 r2137
Heissler r71 r158 r745 r778 r1113 r1166 r1314 r1548 r1902 r1977 r2092 r2286
Heit r4 r227 r265 r305 r360 r450 r917 r933 r1026 r1128 r1202 r1719 r1794 r1915 r1916 r2205
Heitelhan r77
Heizmann r131 r304 r1141
Heißler r29
Helbling r1415
Held r73 r162 r988 r1301 r1965
Helfenstein r35 r80 r96 r140 r148 r1043 r1337
Helferich r87
Hellmann r1983
Hemerling r976
Hemmerling r897 r957
Hengstenschneider r197
Henrich r1941
Hensch r8 r369
Hepfner r158 r2547
Hepper r24
Hepperle r15 r20 r31 r38 r39 r44 r45 r45 r47 r50 r54 r58 r62 r63 r68 r69 r70 r74 r75 r77 r78 r79 r80 r83 r85 r86 r87 r88 r90 r94 r95 r96 r97 r98 r102 r104 r105 r106 r107 r108 r109 r110 r111 r116 r123 r139 r140 r141 r148 r149 r150 r151 r152 r153 r154 r156 r158 r711
Hergert r79
Herle r134 r695 r888 r1604 r1884 r1906
Hermann r41 r57 r87 r703 r963 r1112 r1435 r1495
Hermer r1494
Hermes r1494
Herr r234 r715
Herrberg r1449
Herrlas r1515
Herrmann r4 r697 r712 r1466
Herte r913
Herter r291
Hertner r2328
Herzel r727
Herzog r118 r167 r177 r1393
Herzwinogrezki r110
Hess r28
Hetel r2320
Hettel r1441 r1663 r1664 r2121
Hetterie r244
Hettich r16 r34 r38 r2163
Heuer r202 r1783
Heupel r697
Heusch r229
Heydt r34
Heyne r54
Hezel r50 r56
Hicks r329
Hieb r26
Hiller r724
Hilsendeger r51 r1309 r1599 r1771 r1838 r1886 r1934 r1969
Hilt r43 r45
Hilz r1652
Hilzendeger r16 r18 r30 r32 r59 r60 r78 r82 r122 r134 r182 r205 r228 r282 r293 r372 r396 r452 r1062 r1218 r1297 r1298 r1478 r1610 r1788 r2206 r2274
Himmelsbach r2549
Hipsner r1544
Hirning r47 r87
Hirsch r95 r110 r198 r238 r970 r980 r1332 r1593 r1610 r1736 r1834 r2274
Hirth r2244
Hittel r2136
Hitzel r182
Hochstaetter r1044
Hochstätter r96
Hoeffner r743
Hoegel r57 r64 r2422 r2550
Hoegele r64 r100 r119 r136 r141 r166 r198 r274 r523 r524 r540 r598 r879 r967 r1111 r1115 r1149 r1262 r1288 r1450 r1495 r1658 r1664 r1671 r1770 r1831 r1915 r1932 r1936 r1957 r2321 r2545 r2576
Hoeker r1900
Hoelzer r1494
Hoepfer r25 r40 r50
Hoepfner r27 r32 r1581 r1631 r1686 r1886 r1906 r2076 r2146
Hoerner r47 r76 r77 r110
Hoesel r1449
Hoettel r1661
Hof r730
Hofahrt r1443
Hofart r238
Hoff r719 r720 r722 r2328
Hoffard r134
Hoffart r1079
Hoffart r2 r15 r30 r39 r40 r72 r83 r88 r126 r141 r149 r152 r158 r166 r193 r277 r281 r330 r372 r695 r741 r773 r780 r885 r980 r994 r1025 r1026 r1032 r1036 r1062 r1128 r1129 r1168 r1204 r1208 r1290 r1309 r1311 r1431 r1436 r1438 r1440 r1553 r1568 r1581 r1631 r1659 r1710 r1751 r1767 r1784 r1805 r1812 r1821 r1832 r1841 r1844 r1915 r1916 r1941 r1942 r1986 r2046 r2050 r2065 r2166 r2286 r2456 r2518 r2527 r2576
Hoffarth r211 r593 r1439 r1917 r2099
Hoffe r38
Hoffer r34 r42
Hoffert r1450
Hoffman r42 r51 r52
Hoffmann r2 r2 r22 r23 r26 r28 r32 r34 r44 r47 r1059 r1437 r2243 r2416
Hogele r1773
Hohenäcker r26 r50 r53
Hohloch r24 r712 r714
Hohn r1909
Holikof r905
Holland r11
Holsser r1670
Holweger r44
Holzer r112 r332 r888 r913 r918 r990 r1060 r1185 r1548 r1583 r1584 r1872 r1874 r1960 r1973 r2307 r2512 r2518 r2563
Holzmann r300
Holzwarth r87 r104 r361
Honecker r38
Hoof r2269
Hopauf r2314
Hopfauf r448 r930 r1437 r2471
Hopfinger r238 r336 r1420 r1781 r1869 r2071 r2075
Horch r96
Horner r151
Hornstein r274 r1128 r1311 r1562 r1676 r1835 r1915 r1927 r1957 r1958 r1959 r1961 r2166
Huber r16 r48 r54 r140 r151 r216 r258 r301 r453 r745 r754 r766 r778 r952 r1166 r1610 r1651 r1841 r1894 r1898 r1909 r1936 r2274
Huck r116 r1286 r1788 r1844
Huepfner r888 r913 r2521
Huether r72
Huettel r2321
Huft r21 r23 r24 r42 r52
Huhn r24 r30 r74 r91 r107 r158 r302 r372 r695 r888 r913 r1032 r1610 r2274
Hulm r10 r176 r368 r695 r887 r910 r1213 r1286 r1290 r1511 r1618 r1630 r2044 r2133 r2156 r2179 r2184
Hummel r1781 r1834
Hunecker r1934 r1969 r2116
Huneger r1875 r1992 r2046
Hunegger r2146
Huneker r2 r1176 r1659
Hungele r56 r64 r117 r154 r290 r294 r300 r307 r323 r378 r884 r975 r1164 r1166 r1193 r1217 r1298 r1504 r1542 r1763 r1817 r1833 r1838 r1908 r2081 r2190 r2205 r2364 r2527
Hunger r302 r963
Huniger r1987
Hunkele r1462 r1466 r1752 r1888
Hust r712
Hut r262
Hutmacher r2310
Häckels r52
Häring r32 r52
Hüther r28 r44
I back to the top
Ibach r70 r83 r109 r158 r173 r226 r250 r252 r255 r260 r293 r302 r317 r392 r448 r522 r767 r772 r888 r913 r988 r1011 r1019 r1062 r1142 r1143 r1144 r1186 r1301 r1302 r1400 r1484 r1565 r1587 r1622 r1638 r1667 r1875 r1877 r1879 r1909 r1979 r1987 r1990 r2046 r2048 r2242 r2275 r2280 r2282 r2286 r2331 r2468 r2546 r2548 r2556 r2567
Ibach< r1784
Ibelhoer r2099
Ihli r2 r24 r30 r158 r228 r1985 r2127
Ihly r2092 r2152 r2334
Ikob r695
Illi r1479
Imber r110
Imbery r181
Imbrie r1814
Immel r2298
Iszler r713
J back to the top
J r595
Jacob r888
Jaeckel r1029
Jaeger r148 r150 r322 r333 r913 r1128 r1906 r1949 r2183 r2312
Jaesch r45
Jager r1768
Jahner r2 r30 r75 r224 r888 r912 r992 r1466 r1610 r1689 r1699 r1736 r1834 r1883 r1957 r1982 r2036 r2042 r2168 r2245 r2274 r2287 r2527
Jakob r64 r91 r117 r137 r238 r695 r913 r980 r1025 r1697 r1736 r1755 r1788 r1935 r1959 r1964 r2079
Jangula r2244
Janowsky r135
Janz r1409
Janzen r1409
Jaufman r258
Jeffel r1588
Jeffers r698
Jenner r28 r45
Jerger r695 r1431 r2111
Jesel r1034 r1734 r1832
Jessel r1588
Jesser r18 r29 r34
Joachim r223
Job r970 r1064 r1568 r1590 r1788
Jochim r87 r117 r158 r223 r242 r1114 r1144 r1145 r1167 r1581 r1631 r1767 r1790 r2056 r2108 r2175 r2190 r2244 r2287 r2549
Joerger r1844
Johs r286 r304
Joos r118
Jopp r53
Jorger r1859
Juengling r1029
Jund r47 r1195 r1393 r1482 r2040 r2139 r2179
Jundt r25 r52 r695 r1574 r1830 r1922 r2036
Jung r40 r82 r87 r146 r197 r277 r336 r421 r695 r888 r913 r926 r927 r1574 r1859 r1875 r2156 r2171 r2187 r2553
Just r1189
Jäger r20 r21
K back to the top
K r34
Kaberz r2062
Kaefer r697 r700 r703 r706 r712 r717 r718 r719 r729
Kahl r1871
Kahm r888
Kaifer r1599
Kaiser r1431
Kaiser Nikolaus r3 r112
Kalin r122
Kallenberger r1496 r1498
Kambeit r2033
Kambeitz r57 r86 r169 r178 r193 r196 r211 r273 r290 r883 r885 r1135 r1163 r1585 r1709 r1788 r1818 r1822 r1832 r1835 r1865 r1884 r1908 r1930 r2284
Kambietz r2221
Kamm r913 r1020
Kari r2338
Karlin r1029
Kary r1652
Kast r1332 r1366
Kastner r2287
Kau r1826
Kaul r1894
Kauschen r1476
Kauss r1732
Kautz r1454
Kautzmann r1245 r1267 r2282
Keck r14 r48 r64 r73 r110 r116 r153 r160
Kehrer r945 r1449
Keierleber r705
Keierlebers r726
Keifel r1835
Keifel, r1697
Keim r22 r23 r24 r32 r44 r61
Keller r1 r8 r31 r49 r54 r57 r63 r64 r87 r102 r104 r105 r109 r114 r118 r122 r141 r142 r145 r146 r158 r258 r329 r695 r879 r888 r948 r951 r1059 r1231 r1246 r1280 r1286 r1296 r1341 r1459 r1589 r1608 r1618 r1625 r1626 r1627 r1637 r1641 r1652 r1660 r1722 r1736 r1762 r1788 r1805 r1831 r1859 r1876 r1902 r1959 r2071 r2089 r2115 r2133 r2222 r2287
Kemmet r26 r1894
Kesler r1826
Kessel r1817 r2379
Kessler r23 r25 r42 r49 r52 r54 r86 r109 r157 r231 r273 r290 r311 r697 r698 r1110 r1441 r1481 r1626 r1711 r1722 r1751 r1826 r1835 r1854 r1894 r2170 r2184 r2202 r2576
Keszler r717
Kiefal r2039
Kiefel r267 r695 r1722 r1830 r1922 r2139 r2190
Kiefer r126 r198 r915 r1864
Kielbauch r28
Kiemele r45
Kienzle r361
Kiesel r695 r1145 r1213 r1286 r1736 r1859
Kiesmann r112
Kiess r1894
Kiffel r84 r1148 r1264 r1597 r1698
Killer r1839
Kilwein r1065
Kinn r1463
Kinzle r188
Kirchgaessner r1819
Kirchgassner r1831
Kirchgesler r256
Kirchgessler r71 r190 r208 r210 r239 r284 r304 r372 r379 r395 r451 r741
Kirchgessner r87 r1930
Kirchhoeffner r198
Kirchhoefler r1771
Kirchhoefner r397 r1777 r1931 r1957
Kirchhoffner r274
Kirchhofner r1718
Kirsch r52 r702
Kirschenmann r11 r13 r20 r22 r23 r44
Kirschner r166 r173 r293 r522 r1711 r1723 r1836 r1969
Kiser r1430
Kismer r1816
Kisse r1432
Kissel r91 r107 r197
Kistner r1 r23 r122 r134 r158 r197 r229 r277 r287 r293 r927 r1032 r1062 r1309 r1723 r1760 r1832 r1865 r1875 r1879 r1966 r1987 r2171 r2243 r2275 r2280 r2546 r2548
Klein r9 r69 r87 r100 r108 r137 r153 r197 r274 r280 r301 r331 r368 r378 r397 r695 r779 r879 r886 r888 r893 r913 r930 r1025 r1032 r1036 r1076 r1109 r1195 r1213 r1296 r1401 r1541 r1581 r1591 r1631 r1664 r1711 r1712 r1736 r1751 r1763 r1771 r1776 r1824 r1838 r1844 r1922 r1934 r1967 r1982 r2102 r2133 r2183 r2205 r2241 r2325
Klein, r2058
Kleinhaeiser r2547
Klien r1295
Klingmann r41
Klipfel r11 r20 r25 r26
Kloetzel r695 r914 r1600 r1836 r1839 r1868 r1930 r1949 r2099 r2244
Klos r12 r47 r59 r65 r71 r91 r115 r160
Kloss r27 r142
Klotz r133 r241 r1553 r1588
Klotzel r1420
Kludt r21 r160 r710 r720 r722 r723 r2013
Klukas r25 r42 r109
Klundt r57
Knecht r28 r157 r361 r380
Knittel r1064
Knodel r1785
Knoell r698
Knoll r174 r1626 r2299
Knopp r1900
Knorr r34 r38
Koble r100 r888 r2549
Koch r2055
Kocher r243 r1393 r2034
Koegele r1 r4 r5 r13 r16 r18 r27 r34 r117
Koehl r3 r1393
Koehler r22 r133 r197 r238 r245 r1797 r2301 r2329 r2401 r2527
Koehn r1409
Koenig r1 r13 r16 r18 r27 r32 r949
Koepplin r715 r723 r1366 r1652
Koeppling r110
Koessler r196 r290 r1025 r1461
Kohler r2116 r2117
Kolb r23 r26 r28 r40 r50 r53
Kom r78
Konrad r77
Kopp r1144 r1549 r2136 r2335
Korb r1043
Kosan r879
Koschinsky r114
Kossan r8
Koth r1831
Kowalski r361 r380
Kowis r81
Kraemer r75 r170 r180 r215 r2228
Kraentzel r989
Kraft r2 r13 r19 r20 r23 r31 r52 r60 r62 r66 r88 r95 r112 r141 r173 r191 r239 r243 r245 r250 r260 r282 r285 r372 r422 r602 r695 r763 r772 r775 r873 r881 r888 r913 r918 r957 r959 r1020 r1023 r1107 r1109 r1165 r1185 r1218 r1298 r1301 r1307 r1308 r1393 r1544 r1550 r1567 r1576 r1599 r1610 r1614 r1628 r1635 r1639 r1711 r1727 r1735 r1736 r1751 r1767 r1771 r1784 r1788 r1823 r1831 r1832 r1838 r1841 r1849 r1871 r1874 r1909 r1946 r1959 r1962 r1986 r2049 r2050 r2051 r2054 r2175 r2189 r2238 r2273 r2274 r2286 r2442 r2456 r2457 r2535 r2543 r2548 r2551 r2555
Kraftschenko r166
Krall r1131
Kramer r711 r1835 r1963
Krank r2300
Krantz r1652
Kranzler r13 r28 r1894
Kratz r1245
Krauss r2
Krawetzky r116
Kreidel r99
Krein r47 r752 r2080
Kremer r932 r966
Kress r1393 r1625 r1626
Kretzel r133
Kriebel r88
Krieg r38
Krieger r1415 r2560
Krim r1875 r2052
Krimm r24 r255 r422 r1463 r2034
Kron r11 r53
Krowetzll r1043
Krueg r103 r150
Krueger r110
Kruem r1478
Krum r1819
Krumm r250 r422
Krupski r47
Krüg r150
Krüger r6
Kubi r235 r957
Kuehn r158 r1788
Kuehner r1484
Kuestner r226 r1909
Kuhn r104 r915 r1043 r1303 r1564 r1819 r1841 r2478
Kukart r2566
Kukuschka r19
Kunanz r76 r1841
Kundert r697 r698 r703 r704
Kuntz r988 r1245 r1267 r1769 r1824 r1828 r1906 r1957 r1970 r2287 r2508
Kunz r17 r231 r307 r400 r453 r705 r718 r730 r969 r1262 r1310 r1595 r1620 r1771 r1773 r1862 r1863 r1898 r1958 r1963 r2137 r2179 r2185
Kupanow r2233
Kupfer r1621 r2074
Kupser r1763 r1963 r2137 r2550
Kurle r9 r12 r24 r34 r42 r50 r51
Kurr r46 r56 r67 r106
Kurschner r304
Kurschuter r1142
Kurtz r704 r761 r1476 r1482 r1667 r2033 r2034 r2035 r2036 r2038 r2039 r2040 r2041 r2042 r2043 r2044
Kurz r11 r54 r56 r144 r218 r273 r291 r323 r424 r897 r975 r1066 r1254 r1410 r1461 r1462 r1466 r1467 r1469 r1470 r1471 r1474 r1475 r1477 r1785 r1819 r1832 r1838 r1876 r1884 r1888 r1963 r2081 r2162 r2284 r2556
Kusma r104
Kussma r62 r74 r86
Kutz r307
Käser r28
Kübler r28
L back to the top
Lachenmaier r188 r262 r585 r1340
Lacher r64 r70 r75 r169 r178 r191 r224 r256 r378 r745 r764 r772 r975 r978 r979 r993 r1010 r1019 r1166 r1682 r1709 r1767 r1788 r1814 r1821 r1831 r1832 r1902 r1942 r1945 r1949 r2187 r2527
Lachert r153
Laemmle r4 r5 r6 r7 r17 r29
Lager r1496
Laier r1158
Laitenberger r2163
Landenberger r26 r37
Landgraf r1296 r1981
Landres r1909
Lang r38 r175 r695 r707 r708 r747 r1515 r1550 r1899
Lange r268
Langor r1470
Laninger r20 r125
Lanz r230 r737 r2338
Lapp r1826
Laturnas r265
Laturnus r77 r138 r911 r1115 r1146 r1232 r1308 r1626 r1834 r1896 r1915 r1936 r2576
Laubenstein r930
Lauber r695 r1711
Lauer r87
Lauinger r27 r152 r182 r250 r359 r595 r958 r959 r1196 r1564 r1570 r1588 r1697 r1768 r1798 r1799 r1800 r1831 r1865 r1870 r1982 r2175 r2511 r2544 r2561 r2562 r2563
Launt r287
Laut r20 r23 r742 r763 r918 r977 r1874
Lautermilch r698
Lebers r281
Leboldus r1077
Lechert r10
Lehle r994
Lehmer r1542 r1582 r1600 r1760 r1788 r1833 r1835 r1859 r1861 r1888
Leibel r19 r52 r116 r602 r1200 r1783
Leibham r29 r158 r191 r197 r207 r253 r695 r696 r872 r978 r1277 r1479 r1548 r1651 r1784 r1839 r1844 r1863 r1956 r1959 r2139 r2187 r2576
Leibhan r914 r980
Leicht r26 r34 r43
Leier r302 r1262 r1762 r2064 r2189
Leingang r1970
Leintz r302
Leismeister r1470
Leit r1813
Lelie r2252
Lell r72 r1932
Lelli r1032
Lemer r218 r1547 r1888 r1971 r2042 r2231 r2233 r2243
Lemmehr r2035
Lemmer r1816 r1822 r1827 r2176
Lenhart r45
Lenk r106
Leno r11 r23 r28 r941 r1712
Leoboldus r1553
Leopold r17 r24
Leopoldus r2 r16 r18 r25 r29 r32 r43 r49 r59 r70 r72 r74 r78 r82 r83 r122 r134 r152 r158 r200 r229 r250 r251 r259 r276 r279 r285 r293 r301 r302 r328 r336 r392 r393 r396 r399 r421 r448 r452 r453 r774 r988 r1011 r1016 r1017 r1020 r1032 r1079 r1106 r1109 r1170 r1176 r1226 r1301 r1460 r1479 r1557 r1581 r1631 r1678 r1969 r2171
Lepold r1973
Lepoldus r1475
Lesmeister r1 r745 r955 r993 r1266 r1547 r1575 r1581 r1585 r1594 r1602 r1620 r1631 r1708 r1766 r1767 r1785 r1812 r1834 r2221 r2249
Letz r871
Levi r87
Liebham r123 r176 r969
Liebhan r1697
Liedle r51 r1894
Lieschen r1454
Liese r1451
Lijowen r25
Lindemann r166 r754 r766 r952 r978 r979 r1029 r1788 r1935
Lindermann r1720
Lingehr r43
Lingohr r1767 r1818 r1834
Lingor r379 r744 r884 r1167 r1476 r2074 r2093 r2097 r2100 r2183 r2190 r2231
Link r88 r110 r1652
Lipp r89 r100 r108 r879 r888 r1221 r1762 r1824 r1856 r1994
Lippert r52 r63 r1043
Litzenger r1610
Litzinger r2 r18 r72 r74 r83 r134 r158 r250 r251 r276 r302 r328 r336 r372 r393 r732 r994 r1037 r1079 r1106 r1693 r1832 r2049 r2051 r2092 r2116 r2199 r2212 r2274 r2442 r2551
Litzowski r1497
Lochert r82 r734 r1431 r1859
Lockert r1957
Loeb r2136
Loeffler r1044 r2144
Loehensein r1626
Loewen r1409
Lohert r197
Loran r3 r33 r1140
Lorentz r198
Lorenz r6 r25 r100 r166 r951 r1106 r1149 r1257 r1652 r1654 r1700 r1724 r2558
Losing r701
Lotz r401
Lubeck r708
Ludwig r913 r1135 r2241 r2563
Luft r961
Lukas r10
Luksmann r277
Lutz r131 r166 r181 r262 r361 r451 r703 r705 r1115 r1448 r1610 r1751 r2195 r2274
Luzenko r45
Lämmle r3 r8 r11 r18 r22 r23 r24 r26 r27 r28 r29 r30 r32 r33 r35 r37 r38 r42 r44 r45 r51 r52 r53
M back to the top
M r1948 r1969
Maass r2136
Macf r18
Mack r18 r82 r86 r143 r171 r182 r195 r977 r1476 r1564 r1711 r1762 r1767 r1800 r1834 r1874 r1957 r2227
Maengel r1189
Maerdian r32 r1011 r1106 r2132 r2152 r2171 r2379
Maertian r72 r2158 r2234
Maertjan r1032
Maffenbaier r1610 r2274
Maffet r1060
Mahler r148
Mai r52
Maier r24 r25 r28 r31 r47 r70 r76 r102 r103 r110 r244 r272 r291 r354 r378 r695 r703 r871 r919 r961 r1043 r1044 r1341 r1451 r1610 r1652 r1671 r1686 r1796 r1817 r1818 r1819 r1822 r1826 r1834 r1836 r1894 r1906 r1942 r2043 r2175 r2179 r2185 r2274 r2309 r2332
Malsam r56 r110 r116 r131 r199 r286 r307 r1141 r1393 r1704 r1736 r1790 r1819 r2195
Manchel r1714
Mangold r888 r1570 r1698 r1768 r1976 r2187 r2320 r2321 r2576
Mann r1837
Mannhalter r28
Mannrach r1421
Maranardt r966
Marbach r47 r139 r183 r230 r238 r245 r695 r892 r980 r1207 r1263 r1268 r1564 r1697 r1722 r1834 r1839 r1869 r1965 r2072 r2139 r2184 r2187
Mardian r1226 r1297 r2146 r2157
Markow r1653
Markwart r1144 r1157 r1161
Marquardt r16 r56 r79 r1609 r1838 r2108 r2189
Marquart r257 r400 r975 r1736 r1751 r2033
Martain r1751
Martel r868 r888 r913 r1736 r1767 r1994
Martian r127
Martin r11 r20 r35 r39 r101 r191 r930 r1043 r1437 r1493 r1767 r1819 r2287
Marzolf r25
Maser r65
Maset r1800
Masito r1833
Masko r268
Mass r1044 r1843
Massenbeier r131 r181
Masset r602 r1127 r1549 r1556 r1564 r1711 r1959 r2307 r2309 r2320 r2321
Masseth r6 r1973 r2512 r2518 r2563
Massina r72
Massini r166 r198 r274 r277 r301 r1115 r1548 r1553 r1711 r2317 r2318 r2319
Mastal r280
Mastel r100 r166 r173 r274 r298 r397 r1484 r1593 r1623 r1624 r1635 r1675 r1700 r1711 r1718 r1736 r1755 r1762 r1764 r1767 r1773 r1992 r2206 r2423
Mastell r1290
Mastini r1483
Mastio r2166
Materi r133
Mathaller r1861
Matheis r24 r1894
Mathern r913 r1813 r1946 r2138 r2576
Mathias r1267 r2116
Mathis r87
Mattern r1762 r1791
Mattheis r32 r33 r48 r49 r50 r54 r718
Matthis r697
Mattwich r28
Matwig r1433
Mauer r45
Maulkorb r968 r971 r999
Maurath r1788
Mauser r13 r35 r49 r63 r82 r87 r92 r98 r100 r109 r123 r159 r1044
Maxiel r1854
Mayer r87 r110 r174 r208 r256 r261 r284 r379
Mazzini r2146
Mehlhaff r61 r84
Mehrer r1652
Meier r4 r11 r29 r67 r75 r160 r178 r184 r186 r218 r225 r239 r267 r368 r695 r872 r892 r897 r961 r1130 r1144 r1167 r1242 r1301 r1308 r1641 r1711 r1734 r1814 r1882 r1974 r2137 r2195 r2308 r2549 r2563
Meier, r1776
Meinhardt r65
Melachrana r45
Melhaff r29
Menia r1548
Meninger r92
Menzia r292 r1990
Merdian r134 r1548 r1934 r1969 r1977 r2092 r2127 r2146 r2183
Merentschuck r239
Merk r5 r100 r126 r166 r198 r287 r397 r733 r1021 r1244 r1309 r1551 r1660 r1788 r1813 r2105 r2116 r2156
Merkel r6 r7 r8 r11 r29 r30 r33 r34 r38 r45 r50 r51 r53
Merkel, r42
Merklinger r33 r131
Merlinger r1834
Mertian r1610 r1875 r2105 r2195 r2274
Mertz r2154
Merz r50 r297 r1900
Messmer r2304
Metz r1055 r1437 r1902 r2525
Metzger r22 r25 r37 r53 r361 r585 r1043 r1044 r1059 r1652
Metzgerle r285
Meyer r1055 r1433 r2038
Michael r913
Michaels r268 r1819
Miegler r955
Miezel r595
Mikelki r2300
Mildenberger r198 r881 r884 r888 r913 r990 r1185 r1548 r1628 r1727 r1823 r1892 r2287
Mildenburger r1868
Mildnberger r1735
Miller r8 r10 r169 r184 r211 r227 r229 r397 r450 r527 r593 r945 r957 r974 r1314 r1433 r1439 r1494 r1582 r1600 r1721 r1751 r2138
Milzyn r1708
Misler r1294
Mitzel r23 r195 r226 r245 r252 r258 r283 r393 r394 r593 r774 r891 r977 r983 r1277 r1291 r1307 r1543 r1544 r1655 r1711 r1736 r1788 r1802 r1810 r1831 r1858 r1874 r1985
Mizel r293
Moch r1952
Mock r17 r131 r1140 r2254
Moessner r11 r20 r24 r28 r40 r42 r47
Moor r925
Moosbrucker r1486
Morehead r75
Mosbrucker r2547
Moselbeier r1600
Mosele r178
Moser r4 r8 r56 r75 r140 r197 r237 r261 r329 r360 r369 r378 r745 r765 r776 r957 r989 r1026 r1107 r1128 r1147 r1286 r1439 r1480 r1564 r1588 r1612 r1699 r1711 r1725 r1767 r1788 r1791 r1792 r1820 r1822 r1827 r1976 r2034 r2036 r2121 r2137 r2138 r2158 r2189 r2190 r2195 r2245 r2246 r2527
Mossbrucker r2282
Mosser r56 r79 r141 r184 r227 r398 r525 r888 r913 r979 r1482 r1493 r1600 r1734 r1751 r1836 r1843 r1867 r1902 r2040 r2057 r2093 r2576
Most r146 r202 r864 r901 r902 r926 r927 r928 r955 r1007
Motel r285
Motz r2155
Mueller r37 r100 r119 r141 r166 r184 r198 r211 r274 r329 r337 r369 r713 r761 r763 r876 r879 r893 r957 r974 r1008 r1043 r1044 r1111 r1157 r1203 r1254 r1257 r1289 r1312 r1421 r1436 r1437 r1443 r1449 r1450 r1451 r1664 r1754 r1820 r1826 r1855 r1916 r1932 r2057 r2136 r2269 r2277 r2558 r2576
Mugert r1723
Muller r5 r1441
Mund r1029
Murschel r37 r188 r868
Muts r1437
Mutschelknaus r1044
Müller r67
Münch r10
N back to the top
N r1280 r1295
Naeher r697
Nagel r28 r1247 r1763 r1890 r1903 r2137
Nehlich r718
Neiffer r20 r22 r24 r32 r52
Neigel r131 r1751
Neis r1156
Neiss r918 r959
Neubauer r49
Neuer r188
Neufeld r1409
Neugel r2099
Neukircher r43 r47 r76 r77 r85
Neumann r1409
Neumiller r731
Neumueller r726
Neuner r1331
Nichtigall r1409
Nick r1433
Niegert r1166
Niklos r1791
Nikolas r250 r1581 r1631 r1710 r1931 r2286
Nikolaus r43 r1177 r1439 r1589 r2154
Nill r944 r945 r1028
Noel r2184
Nold r23 r137 r147 r969 r1299
Noller r61
Nuss r24
Nussberger r896
O back to the top
Obenauer r12 r26 r2163
Oberle r1711
Obholz r963
Ochs r42 r61 r249 r872 r1113 r1615 r1626 r1771 r2105 r2132 r2546
Ochsner r87 r1652
Odenbach r1652
Odt r993
Ohlenauer r2163
Ohlhauser r52
Ohlhäuser r81
Olhaeusser r45
Olheiser r2547
Opp r10 r14 r15 r31 r39 r1826
Orman r241 r1340
Ormann r47
Orth r151 r704
Osswald r51 r64 r74 r103 r116 r123 r148
Oster r1044 r1652 r1826
Oswald r8 r35 r36 r37 r56 r121 r140
Ott r304 r1862 r2542
P back to the top
Pastian r52
Pauer r925
Paul r257 r695 r736 r975 r1157
Paune r45
Penner r1409
Permann r698
Peter r2 r259 r264 r279 r282 r454 r1020 r1079 r1186 r1218 r1437 r1799 r1886 r1963 r2157
Peters r6
Pfaff r707 r1652
Pfanzler r87
Pfau r2268 r2281 r2471
Pfeffer r1958
Pfeifer r27 r35 r65 r66 r75 r87 r103 r110 r140 r158 r249 r250 r293 r372 r398 r593 r915 r955 r974 r1077 r1079 r1115 r1541 r1771 r1814 r1911 r1934 r1985 r1995 r2212 r2275 r2440 r2546 r2559 r2563 r2576
Pfeiffer r4 r237 r251 r277 r360 r1433 r2301 r2329
Pfeiffle r61 r67 r93 r113 r114
Pfeifle r1 r4 r5 r13 r16 r17 r18 r19 r21 r27 r28 r29 r32 r33 r34 r37 r49 r58 r61 r67 r68 r82 r109 r116 r117 r118 r119 r120 r122 r123 r142 r147 r706
Pfiefer r276
Pfigelmann r1439
Pflieger r1068 r1074
Pfluege r1788
Pflueger r100 r115 r166 r706 r1111 r1188 r1206 r1207 r1263 r1268 r1288 r1558 r1635 r1700 r1819 r1911 r1918 r1960 r2164
Philipp r1433 r1863 r2160
Philippi r45
Pius r695
Pleinis r13 r20
Plumhardt r1433
Pogler r1448
Polz r277
Pracht r291
Priester r899 r1821
Pritzkau r713
Probst r50
Q back to the top
Quaschnick r8
Quaschnik r23
Quenzer r4 r47 r79 r160
R back to the top
R r1176 r1186
Radke r1029
Raile r11
Rall r34
Rath r11 r34 r48 r52 r94
Rathschiller r1708
Rau r11 r27 r28 r34 r44 r46 r2163
Regel r703
Rehlich r1826 r1894
Reich r94 r1444 r1459
Reichert r4 r36 r40 r42 r55 r103 r109 r121 r155 r198 r765 r986 r1162 r2277 r2547
Reifel r2273
Reigel r146
Reiker r51
Reil r2034 r2043
Reile r11
Reim r1454
Reimer r1409
Reimond r1215
Reinbold r213 r282 r1604 r1771 r1788 r1812 r1875 r1958 r1987 r2082 r2171 r2275 r2546
Reinboldt r2152
Reinbolt r734 r1995
Reinhard r2175
Reinhardt r717 r1544 r1711 r2206
Reinhart r1702
Reinhold r1062
Reis r214 r378 r695 r1184 r1185 r1234 r1342 r1544 r1620 r1736 r1790 r1805 r1819 r1834 r1838 r1839 r1959 r1967 r2195
Reisenau r1193
Reisenauer r1245
Reiser r11 r21 r23 r28 r52
Reiss r61 r97 r255 r311 r394 r604 r883 r977 r979 r1006 r1290 r1552 r1665 r1692 r1699 r1711 r1722 r2039 r2175
Reissling r23
Reisz r10
Reiter r56 r172 r1155 r1515 r1585 r1594 r1621 r1847 r1852 r1870 r1888 r1903 r1908 r1922 r1959 r1965 r2074 r2102
Reitz r763
Rempfer r1831
Renner r737
Renz r2 r74 r88 r93 r105 r106 r143 r151 r158
Ressler r696 r1736
Reszler r727
Reuer r28
Reule r701 r702 r719 r729
Reuler r1837
Reuter r1029
Rheinlaender r1189
Richert r64 r273 r1838
Richter r65 r66 r84 r92 r122 r143 r182 r190 r195 r197 r203 r210 r245 r273 r280 r298 r359 r400 r500 r981 r1031 r1144 r1148 r1167 r1217 r1253 r1300 r1482 r1549 r1568 r1588 r1590 r1591 r1597 r1604 r1711 r1767 r1769 r1777 r1788 r1814 r1818 r1831 r1843 r1967 r2040 r2133 r2158 r2175 r2244 r2246 r2317 r2527
Rickenbeck r2245
Ricker r67 r1451
Ridinger r1070
Rieblinger r1400
Rieder r1157 r1296 r1788 r1818
Riedinger r1832
Riedlinger r41 r96
Riefel r695 r1476
Riegel r44 r701 r706 r708 r710
Rieger r132 r223 r290 r702 r712 r718 r721 r722 r726 r1066 r1153 r1610 r1620 r1655 r1734 r1781 r1812 r1832 r1834 r1835 r1841 r1865 r1898 r1906 r1915 r1927 r1931 r1936 r2083 r2175 r2274 r2576
Riehl r71 r284 r379 r1734 r1751 r1788
Rieke r117
Rieker r1 r2 r3 r11 r13 r23 r26 r29 r30 r38 r45
Riesel r695 r765
Rieter r1444
Riffel r26
Rile r1757
Ring r1789 r1965 r2245
Ringer r242
Rink r126 r175
Ripp r181
Ripplinger r29 r100 r274 r397 r879 r951 r1149 r1244 r1549 r1700 r1838
Rissling r695 r1195 r1957 r2576
Rittel r28
Ritter r13 r23 r25 r28 r1894
Rivinius r1366
Rocher r3
Rochus r2276
Roedel r751 r752
Roehlich r2576
Roehrich r1 r4 r20 r23 r27 r28 r46 r49 r65 r92 r95 r105 r106 r110 r122 r148 r201 r203 r298 r332 r333 r394 r400 r423 r1243 r1253 r1478 r1571 r1598 r1647 r1702 r1711 r1768 r1807 r1843 r1849 r1999 r2175 r2273 r2320 r2473 r2561 r2562 r2563
Roehrig r65 r780 r983 r1185
Roemmich r50 r1428 r1429
Roerich r219
Roesch r28 r1826
Roessler r2314
Roetheck r269
Roether r2276
Rogofchewsky r1189
Rohr r963
Rohrbach r29
Roll r1415 r2328 r2330 r2560
Roller r7 r31 r87 r99 r102 r104 r114 r116 r123 r146 r2322
Romanov r23
Rombs r695 r914 r960 r1812 r1909 r1922 r2110
Roms r268 r1697
Rosen r297
Rosin r11 r20 r26 r33 r37 r44 r53 r61
Rosshan r1609
Rossin r241
Rosthaus r1423
Rot r1476
Roteger r1431
Roth r11 r43 r44 r79 r166 r175 r266 r281 r284 r400 r424 r594 r697 r703 r708 r712 r715 r719 r726 r899 r1003 r1167 r1310 r1476 r1652 r1671 r1725 r1751 r1785 r1818 r1821 r1883 r1957 r1963 r1964 r2081 r2083 r2093 r2097 r2137 r2138 r2183 r2229 r2231 r2246 r2282
Roth, r323
Rothecker r24 r56 r71 r178 r228 r705 r741 r745 r1293 r1751 r1819 r1836 r1950 r1959 r2036 r2111 r2158 r2162 r2189 r2195 r2234 r2245 r2553
Rothschiller r1043 r1044 r1554 r1556 r1573 r1575 r1586
Rott r1826 r1894
Rubach r1019
Rudj r1514
Rueb r869 r870 r1043 r1044 r2013
Rueder r1905
Ruff r730
Russian Czars r23 r193 r448 r449 r736 r932 r1253
Rüb r52