Letters from Russia - Cherson/Odessa

Letters written by our ancestors who lived in the
Cherson/Odessa, Russia

Surname Letters
A r1445
Abel r707 r1044 r1161 r1193 r1448 r1462 r1788 r1819 r1835 r1884 r1947 r1960 r1963 r2168 r2232 r2284 r2364
Abele r182
Aberle r92 r195 r230 r888 r913 r1548 r1575 r1588 r1609 r1711 r1736 r1833 r1858 r1861 r1957 r2076 r2240
Achranrhm r127
Ackermann r2 r4 r10 r11 r15 r20 r49 r58 r67 r68 r81 r103 r110 r112 r116 r234 r254 r297 r401 r454 r1043 r1044
Adam r8 r50
Adler r31 r113 r123 r131 r141 r180 r239 r901 r956 r1284 r1296 r1671 r1929
Adolf r233
Adt r291
Ahl r3 r11 r13 r20 r21 r22 r23 r24 r25 r26 r27 r28 r32 r33 r34 r35 r36 r37 r38 r40 r41 r42 r43 r44 r45 r46 r47 r48 r49 r50 r51 r52 r53 r55 r56 r57 r58 r59 r60 r61 r62 r63 r66 r67
Aichele r134
Aichenbrenner r1600
Aipperspach r50 r51
Aisenbrey r1652
Akkermann r2
Alber r188
Albert r274 r765 r966 r969
Albrecht r21 r23 r1029
Alexander r26 r34 r711
Allerdings r6 r22 r26 r30 r36 r48 r110 r121
Aloschin r21 r48
Aman r49
Amann r1417 r2525
Anardowisch r91
Anatra r1133
Anboelcher r1831
Andreas r88
Anhelger r397
Anhoelcher r142 r879
Anhoelzer r1105
Anonymous r7 r11 r15 r35 r64 r71 r129 r282 r368 r754 r770 r909 r910 r929 r966 r968 r971 r972 r973 r999 r1005 r1031 r1071 r1216 r1246 r1258 r1614 r1784 r2048 r2543
Anselger r1700
Anselm r57
Anton r238 r930 r1437
Ardelt r81
Arndt r1900
Arnold r100 r705
Asberger r695
Aschberger r1884 r2222 r2284
Aschenbrenner r2175
Ashberger r1213
Asperger r2175
Assberger r1711
Auch r160 r1043 r1044 r1652
Axtman r1218 r1400
Axtmann r24 r51 r72 r74 r122 r134 r250 r260 r987 r988 r994 r1032 r1037 r1062 r1109 r1207 r1263 r1268 r1298 r1301 r1554 r1565 r1566 r1581 r1621 r1622 r1631 r1669 r1751 r1762 r1774 r1784 r1788 r1833 r1876 r1877 r1879 r1962 r1965 r2051 r2280 r2286 r2317 r2331 r2457 r2567
B back to the top
B r9
Bach r260
Bachmann r915 r974 r976 r1785 r1864 r2042 r2093 r2121 r2527
Bachmeier r1 r146 r984 r1200 r1593 r1771 r2521
Backer r1819 r1820
Bader r11 r20 r24 r44 r51 r1498
Baechler r775
Baecker r1466
Baeker r1963
Baer r991
Bakeltschick r242
Ball r198 r397 r1221 r1736 r1814 r1838 r1958 r2244
Balliet r85 r1448
Bamesberger r361 r716 r868 r871
Bander r246 r1448
Banof r2556
Barnesberger r361
Barsch r2331 r2545
Bart r2416
Bartel r393 r695 r1760
Bartele r2137
Barth r7 r8 r10 r22 r33 r46 r48 r56 r58 r68 r87 r103 r110 r116 r121 r1951
Barthl r116
Barthle r159 r162 r694 r695 r913 r1025 r1129 r1465 r1946 r2071 r2139 r2155 r2184
Bartle r16 r22 r23 r92 r94 r137 r268 r695 r1574 r1697 r1736 r1833 r2286
Bartsch r23 r25 r89 r879 r885 r1111 r1135 r1606 r1831 r1915
Basch r2286
Baschenke r1043
Baschowski r451
Bast r1417
Bastel r1331
Bath r102
Batsch r957
Bauder r90 r254 r361
Bauer r1059 r1450 r1454 r1958 r2527
Bauman r106 r1812
Baumann r31 r92 r113 r116 r125 r197 r280 r298 r361 r979 r988 r1023 r1253 r1570 r1711 r1713 r1763 r1783 r1813 r2042 r2099 r2175 r2563
Baumgaertner r135 r147 r151 r705 r1129 r1843 r1932 r1956
Baumgartner r1768
Baumstarck r1610
Baumstard r2274
Baumstark r221 r258 r695 r754 r980 r1548 r1592 r1651 r1677 r1909 r1936 r1959
Baumtstark r695
Becht r695
Bechtold r697 r710 r712 r722
Beck r50 r118 r140 r158 r236 r263 r361 r372 r698 r715 r732 r733 r734 r895 r994 r1020 r1032 r1037 r1302 r1693 r2155 r2156 r2317
Becker r47 r92 r107 r140 r142 r245 r714 r888 r913 r1448 r1481 r1610 r1651 r1736 r1751 r1819 r1822 r1834 r1924 r1930 r1959 r1965 r1967 r2274
Begmeier r1439
Beierle r1900
Beil r1044
Beischwitz r2286
Beitelspacher r152
Bell r2099
Bellon r2091
Belzer r77
Bendelu r1900
Bender r11 r18 r26 r29 r38 r69 r1476 r2137 r2138 r2334
Bentner r1771
Bentz r48
Benzler r1459
Berger r1486 r1834 r2038 r2287
Bernarth r1866
Bernhardt r25
Bernhart r963
Bertsch r109 r230 r260 r268 r392 r695 r742 r772 r873 r963 r977 r1019 r1043 r1044 r1144 r1307 r1543 r1605 r1607 r1652 r1691 r1771 r1786 r1829 r1922 r1946
Berwald r20 r23
Besch r1062
Betger r1043
Betsch r2111
Beutelspacher r88 r100 r110 r707 r722 r1496
Bezinlia r298
Biaz r191
Bichler r77 r119 r1723
Bickel r2091
Bieber r20 r21 r24 r26 r28 r1496 r1826
Biechler r1627
Biederstadt r1423
Biederstaedt r947
Biederstaett r944 r945 r946
Biegler r265 r1296 r1438 r1440 r1724 r1822 r1887 r1890 r1891 r1915 r1931 r1939 r1940 r1941 r1942 r1943 r2167 r2180 r2181 r2286 r2287 r2505 r2534 r2576
Biehl r87 r103 r108 r110
Biel r141 r160
Bier r24 r26 r88 r141 r147
Bietz r226
Bigler r1439 r2242
Biko r888 r1788 r1814 r1906 r2045 r2205
Billigmeier r1020
Billman r1417
Billmann r1417
Binder r585
Bingler r265
Bingor r1444
Binsett r1637
Binstock r2293
Bippus r4 r6 r31 r49 r123 r146
Birkenstock r397 r1915
Bischof r71 r207 r242 r372 r1166 r1557 r1701 r1819 r1835 r1959 r1999 r2231
Bischoff r312 r525 r745 r766 r952 r1477 r1480 r1514 r1515 r1788 r1960 r1965 r2035 r2527
Bislag r110
Bitsch r370
Bittner r1035 r1495
Bitz r69 r213 r258 r281 r282 r290 r295 r697 r703 r704 r707 r712 r718 r719 r723 r724 r726 r729 r745 r894 r1060 r1128 r1142 r1161 r1205 r1585 r1594 r1610 r1725 r1751 r1755 r1763 r1767 r1812 r1818 r1831 r1833 r1870 r1900 r1960 r2062 r2108 r2274
Black r216 r970 r975 r1200 r1661 r1762 r2555
Bland r952
Blando r917
Blaser r128
Bleile r40 r129 r330 r695 r875 r993 r1163 r1736 r1751 r1788 r1790 r1819 r1835 r2042 r2077 r2190 r2227 r2532
Bleischwitz r1436
Bloom r1803
Blotski r1192
Bock r701 r708
Boechler r142 r274 r765 r888 r969 r1277 r2555
Boechter r966
Boeck r1900
Boehler r77 r232 r913 r1893 r1961 r2312
Boehm r1245 r1437 r1936 r2287 r2304 r2555
Boeller r97 r218 r695
Boepple r941 r1448
Boes r1161 r1822 r2101
Boetz r1476
Bogmeier r1903
Bogt r3
Bohen r1062 r2046
Bohl r1734
Bohle r92 r106 r107 r110
Bohm r2117
Bohn r71 r94 r190 r207 r228 r279 r372 r421 r422 r448 r894 r1036 r1658 r1767 r1828 r1870 r1958 r2072 r2105 r2116 r2123 r2132 r2146
Bohnet r45
Boiko r42
Bokenmaier r695
Bolduma r2206
Boldumatis r2206
Bollinger r20 r25 r26 r28 r32 r42 r45 r52 r63
Bolskow r226
Bolz r1062 r1622 r1969
Bomer r226
Bonnert r1484
Bonnet r22 r29 r45
Bopp r50
Borschenk r746
Borschneck r2138 r2156 r2226
Borth r697 r703 r707 r708 r712 r716 r723 r726
Bortiml r174
Bosch r22 r32 r44 r83 r100 r109 r111 r117 r307 r527 r594 r595 r875 r979 r988 r1475 r1723 r1751 r1790 r1817 r1821 r1835 r1959 r2054 r2228 r2232 r2527 r2555
Bosche r1227
Boschee r38
Bossart r24 r994 r2240
Bosser r1771
Bossert r71 r153 r1218 r1576 r1957 r2049 r2089 r2227 r2319 r2555
Bracksmeyer r87
Brahm r708
Brandel r1301 r1478 r1622 r1639 r1829 r1854 r2546
Brandes r1775 r2211
Brandner r1894
Brantel r1032
Bratzel r1206
Braun r91 r105 r107 r163 r281 r330 r695 r717 r720 r888 r913 r1193 r1548 r1564 r1588 r1642 r1934 r2566
Braunagel r98 r99 r123 r279 r282 r695 r928 r1020 r1058 r1956 r2046 r2157 r2305
Braunnagel r31 r1186 r1297 r2152
Braunstein r864 r926 r1292
Braxmeier r2334 r2577
Brendel r158 r994 r1298 r1592 r1609 r1653 r1786 r1825 r1951 r2035 r2126 r2135 r2184
Brenneise r81 r93 r101 r108 r121 r141 r143
Brenneisen r55
Brenner r4 r17 r26 r41 r53 r60 r64 r68 r72 r103 r104 r110 r160
Breudel r2079
Briester r1601
Brilz r1331 r1437
Brinster r63 r75 r91 r174 r202 r208 r237 r273 r398 r1788 r1863 r1944 r1965 r2034 r2044 r2087 r2158 r2195
Brison r1722
Broeckel r87
Brosart r1909 r2363
Brossart r110 r159 r173 r228 r1541 r1545 r1736 r1795 r1831 r1967 r2519
Brosse r188
Brossert r422
Brotzel r166 r198 r397 r879 r888 r892 r913 r1244 r2043 r2527
Brozel r115 r301
Buchemeier r292
Buchmeier r1436
Buck r1029
Buckemeier r168 r184 r211 r221 r227 r888 r897 r913 r1019
Buckenberger r29 r45
Buckenmeier r261
Buckmaier r1915 r2124
Buckmeier r261 r773 r976 r1001 r1542 r1600 r1960 r2576
Bucknmier r261
Buechler r37 r46 r141 r154 r175 r186 r209 r225 r227 r329 r540 r761 r885 r976 r1004 r1008 r1219 r1294 r1546 r1556 r1600 r1751 r1755 r1784 r1812 r1865 r1894 r2331
Buechler, r957
Buehler r8
Buerkle r188 r1028
Buersli r695
Buhr r94
Bulach r178 r191 r281 r1155 r1661 r1767 r1964 r2093 r2121 r2527
Bullach r1115
Bullach r154 r169 r300 r310 r378 r1204 r1444 r1769 r1897 r2137
Bullack r1419
Burgad r40 r47 r62 r65 r298 r746 r1011 r1614
Burgadtsmeier r2563
Burgard r52 r116 r1543 r1711 r1831 r1833 r1843
Burgardt r602 r1856 r2211
Burghard r2062
Burkard r19
Burkhard r45 r1185 r2252
Burkhardt r50 r58 r1549
Burkhart r394
Burkhartsmeier r27 r195 r394 r780 r882 r977 r1690
Burlack r721
Butsch r2287
D back to the top
D r930 r1179 r1292 r1296
Dabrowolsky r969 r1420
Daeschle r31 r128 r131 r149 r239 r293 r304 r926 r927 r928 r952 r955 r1116 r1611
Daeschner r298 r329
Dais r24 r159
Daivndowa r45
Dalke r63 r86 r87 r104 r105 r111 r156
Dalschi r763
Dank r1448
Daschle r1058
Daub r1996
Dauenbauer r695
Daunhauer r1423
Deck r500 r1591 r1832
Deeg r1449
Degenstein r265 r329 r450 r527 r1130 r1135 r1438 r1439 r1547 r1579 r1760 r1808 r1905 r2576
Degscheimer r2286
Dehring r2038
Deibele r2287
Deibert r26 r39 r101 r111 r154 r178 r192 r213 r259 r330 r695 r893 r899 r900 r980 r1025 r1213 r1431 r1476 r1481 r1493 r1589 r1609 r1674 r1736 r1751 r1767 r1777 r1781 r1788 r1789 r1805 r1812 r1817 r1818 r1820 r1822 r1831 r1834 r1835 r1836 r1865 r2035 r2070 r2098 r2139 r2156 r2158 r2179 r2183 r2190 r2195 r2230 r2235 r2249 r2527
Deible r1922
Deis r221 r1008 r1504 r1542 r1546 r1600 r1754 r1788 r1817 r1844 r1867 r1897 r1917 r1957 r2041 r2044 r2162 r2165
Deiss r274 r993 r1819 r1903 r2039
Delzer r160 r244 r272 r1044 r1652
Demirof r141
Denims r5
Denis r100
Dennis r1911 r2576
Derheimer r976
Derian r1541
Deringer r173 r888 r913 r1834
Derress r332
Dersan r2168
Dersepf r368
Derzapf r695 r891 r914 r980 r1290 r1844 r1909 r1951
Derzaph r1610 r2274
Derzepf r162
Deschner r31 r122 r123 r130 r222 r229 r265 r307 r915 r955 r974 r1004 r1008 r1026 r1128 r1131 r1132 r1146 r1152 r1183 r1214 r1309 r1438 r1443 r1542 r1546 r1547 r1556 r1582 r1600 r1671 r1753 r1760 r1816 r1855 r1861 r1866 r1871 r1915 r2176 r2576
Desjanitschenko r73
Dessjanitschenko r448
Detling r1441 r1795
Dettling r15 r57 r267 r450 r527 r773 r776 r779 r885 r911 r957 r1144 r1473 r1905 r1910 r1915 r1929 r1931 r1943 r2167 r2576
Deuber r764
Deubert r526 r975 r979
Deutscher r1652
Deutschle r1029
Dewald r181 r304
Dexheimer r46 r119 r136 r141 r186 r227 r229 r298 r329 r957 r1108 r1128 r1308 r1312 r1656 r1910 r1915 r2256 r2576
Deyle r49
Dick r1409
Dickmann r2563
Diebert r1965
Diede r272 r1043 r1044 r1652
Diegel r46 r47 r868 r2013
Diehl r87
Diess r1704
Dietrich r52 r2108
Dietz r71 r239 r249 r250 r1032 r1077 r1078 r1079 r1607 r1614 r1615 r1616 r1771 r1832 r1834 r1838 r2127 r2132 r2563
Diewald r1771
Dillman r171 r307 r1965 r2038
Dillmann r1 r1546 r1612 r1616 r1626 r1736 r1763 r1883 r1903 r1947 r2035 r2090 r2121 r2138
Dinus r913
Dirk r311 r2137
Ditor r1195
Ditter r368
Dittor r197 r695
Ditz r279 r282
Dobler r11 r21 r31 r48 r361 r401 r585 r1141 r1393
Dobrasolzki r966
Dobrowlski r1915
Dobrowolski r274 r540 r765 r1033 r1131 r1183
Dobrowolsky r198 r239 r1003 r1942
Dobrowski r1438
Dockter r32 r38 r51
Doerr r53
Doerrheim r52 r2080
Doerrzapf r1763
Doerser r2331
Dohns r1652
Doktor r1044
Doll r1 r1610 r1936 r2274
Dollinger r1894
Donhauser r1189
Dornheissler r254
Dorscher r260 r1622 r1784 r1844 r2054 r2331
Dosch r25 r1140 r1546 r1585 r1594 r1595 r1599 r1600 r1821 r1832 r1833 r1865 r1888 r1892 r1903 r1960 r2035 r2133 r2158 r2245 r2286 r2527
Drey r1610 r1909 r2274
Dubezki r174
Dubs r45 r1708
Duchscher r2076
Duckart r695
Dudenhoefer r979 r988
Dueck r1409
Dupper r11
Durchbrenner r910
Dutenhefer r2556
Dutenhefner r1876
Dutenhoefer r26 r68 r76 r170 r1613 r1725 r1736 r1767 r1788 r1819 r1832 r1838 r1870 r1884 r1958 r2108 r2195 r2229
Dutenhofer r1736 r2284
Dutt r38 r1826
Duttenhefner r2382
Duttenhoefer r1814 r1820 r1830 r1831 r1834 r1835 r1888 r1965 r2038 r2245
Duttenhoeffer r1469 r1474 r2244
Duttenhoefner r1936
Duttor r695
E back to the top
Ebach r1723
Ebel r152
Eberhardt r29
Eberle r17 r141 r184 r265 r304 r450 r773 r1001 r1115 r1140 r1436 r1630 r1675 r1676 r1788 r1937 r1942 r1943 r2116 r2166 r2298 r2320 r2576
Ebers r100 r1700
Ebert r5 r53
Eberts r100 r1417
Ebertz r166 r198 r287 r736 r951 r1021 r1074 r1663 r1664 r1724 r1911 r1918 r2432
Eberz r108
Eck r1476
Eckert r17 r602 r1550 r1959
Egert r1600
Ehle r723
Ehli r1079 r1331 r1900 r2371 r2566
Ehmann r916 r1189
Ehni r731
Ehresmann r22 r44 r170 r400 r966 r981 r993 r1594 r1788 r1819 r1820 r1832 r1834 r1847 r1852 r1853 r2164 r2190 r2228 r2527
Ehret r46 r57 r67 r69 r74 r81 r91 r105 r110 r123 r141 r154
Ehrmann r297
Ehrmantraut r2330
Eichelberg r20 r25 r32 r51 r52 r53 r63
Eichelburg r23
Eichenlaub r159 r162 r224 r268 r695 r1025 r2156
Eichner r1043
Eider r20 r24 r42 r45 r716
Eifsinger r272
Eippert r715 r718 r723
Eisemann r246 r713 r2013
Eisenbart r1366
Eisenbeis r36
Eisenbeiss r13 r52 r134
Eisenberg r36
Eisenberger r1829
Eisenkirch r155 r227 r1008 r1214 r1438 r1439
Eisenmann r868 r871 r1253
Eisenmenger r64 r178 r310 r694 r1310 r1767 r1814 r1944 r1945 r1949 r2158 r2162 r2228 r2246
Eisenzimmer r28 r298 r322 r368 r695 r913 r929 r1790 r1795 r1831 r1832 r1843 r2175
Eisfinger r291
Eisinger r1043
Eissemann r254
Eissenmann r370
Eissinger r160 r244 r1652
Ekert r9 r15
Ell r24 r51 r72 r100 r145 r158 r279 r282 r372 r421 r448 r1062 r1301 r1463 r1478 r1479 r1483 r1834 r2046 r2415
Elsaesser r8 r30
Elsässer r3 r22 r24 r30 r34
Elter r957 r1736
Emann r991
Emter r454 r2401
Engel r51 r287 r302 r1043 r1420 r1437 r1588 r1736 r2136
Engelbert r1768
Engelhard r213 r955 r969 r974 r1131 r1146 r1816
Engelhardt r29 r124 r155 r193 r1135 r1167 r1242 r1266 r1314 r1556 r1582 r1600 r1640 r1822 r1868 r1915 r1942 r1964 r1981
Engelhart r56 r915 r1010 r1439 r1653
Engl r2092
Engler r86 r117 r156 r172 r178 r264 r273 r2043
Entzi r45
Epp r88 r1409
Eppler r11
Erck r38 r131 r149 r157 r164 r184 r200 r217 r393 r961 r974 r1006 r1030 r1032 r1107 r1113 r1133 r1134 r1147 r1305 r1678 r1713 r1802 r1841
Erd r59
Erfle r21 r706 r708 r712 r716
Ergert r110 r158
Erhart r1486 r2300 r2306 r2328 r2330 r2382 r2547
Erk r29 r293 r328 r1020 r1238 r2320
Erlenbusch r11 r28 r44 r52 r188 r380 r868
Esch r1859
Esslinger r181 r1909
Etiger r103
F back to the top
F r48 r605
Faas r51 r52
Faatz r50
Fahn r74 r695 r980 r1025 r1184 r1195 r1208 r1431 r1614 r1615 r1616 r1697 r1833 r1839 r1859 r2155 r2156
Fahrnen r332
Fastnacht r28
Fauser r20 r103 r110 r121 r143
Fauth r11 r21 r32 r38 r51
Fehr r2091
Feht r1478 r2334
Feickert r730
Feiger r1767
Feil r1043 r1337
Feininger r454
Feiser r1043
Feisst r394 r1711
Feist r185 r249 r250 r251 r957 r1060 r1077 r1078 r1079 r1130 r1165 r1598 r1615 r1616 r1641 r1647 r1669 r1690 r1696 r1713 r1771 r1874 r1909 r1973 r2039 r2156 r2175 r2206 r2307 r2563 r2574
Feißt r28
Feldenheimer r1993
Feldman r359 r2058
Feldmann r122 r144 r158 r275 r1711 r1727 r1735 r1823
Felix r26 r30 r60 r279 r328 r336 r1942 r2152 r2212
Feller r1823 r2286
Ferderer r2405
Ferdinand r6
Ferdmann r2527
Fetch r695
Feth r251 r1975
Fetsch r245
Fettig r16 r92 r116 r118 r128 r134 r149 r157 r158 r182 r230 r245 r267 r280 r282 r298 r308 r332 r602 r780 r873 r959 r990 r1062 r1185 r1253 r1401 r1564 r1579 r1580 r1588 r1628 r1649 r1650 r1694 r1695 r1711 r1713 r1727 r1729 r1735 r1751 r1792 r1800 r1843 r1968 r2126 r2139 r2175 r2206 r2308 r2309 r2385 r2576
Fetting r1819
Feucher r2034
Fichtner r188 r254 r871
Fiechtner r706 r717
Fieger r63 r235 r290 r1435 r1585 r1853
Fielbe r1433
Fink r697 r703 r706 r707 r708 r711 r712 r716 r724 r727 r728 r729
Finkelstein r53
Firel r3 r131 r1393
Fischer r2 r7 r10 r11 r24 r26 r27 r28 r29 r30 r32 r40 r42 r42 r44 r49 r51 r56 r58 r65 r69 r73 r74 r78 r81 r88 r92 r93 r103 r110 r116 r117 r123 r125 r134 r139 r144 r158 r179 r182 r188 r194 r203 r245 r277 r301 r328 r336 r540 r695 r697 r705 r707 r709 r710 r711 r714 r719 r720 r722 r724 r727 r730 r763 r892 r918 r958 r980 r985 r1023 r1062 r1167 r1168 r1213 r1259 r1300 r1437 r1439 r1479 r1560 r1570 r1571 r1652 r1669 r1686 r1699 r1702 r1711 r1729 r1733 r1736 r1755 r1768 r1783 r1831 r1900 r1922 r1942 r1957 r1969 r1972 r2044 r2045 r2046 r2089 r2092 r2126 r2146 r2163 r2175 r2185 r2212 r2233 r2244 r2338 r2423 r2518 r2544 r2551 r2562 r2563
Fischer, r2117
Fitterer r2287
Fix r16 r29 r59 r100 r184 r302 r308 r396 r399 r452 r927 r1106 r1140 r1481 r1610 r1651 r1657 r1736 r1841 r1915 r1936 r2167 r2274 r2312 r2334
Fixel r146 r243
Fleck r1331
Fleig r158 r1479
Flemmer r1 r40 r47 r117 r123 r1826
Flenk r2146
Fliehmann r1837
Flohr r1454
Flom r1436
Foede r25 r52 r53
Foehd r2042
Foehl r1461
Foeht r122
Foeth r11 r23 r39 r75 r170 r208 r250 r251 r310 r526 r764 r884 r1734 r1812 r1945 r1949 r1952 r1965 r2103 r2137 r2164 r2175
Folz r1483
Fontana r1708
Forr r774
Fortmeier r124 r773 r1311 r1556 r1600 r1753 r2576
Foschan r1331
Foth r1736
Frank r35 r49 r50 r162 r695 r888 r1025 r1168 r1416 r1420 r1433 r1465 r1546 r1771 r1805 r1859 r2091 r2314 r2336 r2415 r2553
Franz r9 r81 r1432
Frei r1028
Frenzel r2293
Frie r182
Fried r1 r6 r7 r19 r24 r27 r40 r49 r52 r69 r81 r98 r101 r103 r110 r115 r121 r141 r143 r2304
Friedel r248 r1596 r2055
Friedrich r272 r1916 r2336 r2416 r2576
Frieson r754 r1974 r1976
Friess r1437 r2269 r2282
Frisan r2286
Frison r173 r695 r952 r978 r994 r1609 r1610 r1699 r1863 r1963 r1969 r2110 r2119 r2126 r2274 r2576
Frisson r134 r279 r1478 r1572
Fritz r198 r243 r361 r397 r698 r868 r871 r1112 r1244 r1421 r1637 r1911
Froehlich r8 r15 r57 r119 r136 r141 r184 r186 r195 r201 r211 r227 r238 r253 r305 r526 r885 r1026 r1135 r1136 r1308 r1312 r1420 r1436 r1437 r1438 r1439 r1441 r1443 r1450 r1579 r1627 r1915 r1916 r1917 r1981 r1993 r2166 r2321
Froelich r77
Froemmrich r1029
Fromm r244 r272 r354
Fuch r1332
Fuchs r302
Fuecher r1476 r2033
Fueger r156 r196 r2221
Fuehrer r1652
Fuellbrandt r154
Fuhramnn r2155
Fuhrmann r1602 r1812 r1959 r2071 r2072 r2119 r2135 r2187
Funch r235
Funk r7 r238 r282 r695 r1036 r1286 r1467 r1610 r1790 r2274
Funkele r745
Furman r1722
Fuscher r284
G back to the top
G r42 r54 r1286 r1290
Gabriel r131 r239 r304 r1610 r1725 r1767 r1957 r2274 r2331
Gaenzle r1448
Gagne r184
Gailfuss r252
Gais r257
Galt r1635
Gange r1887 r1916
Ganje r57 r134 r209 r217 r527 r773 r976 r1030 r1550 r1814 r1943 r2286 r2576
Ganzer r1725 r1777
Ganzert r888 r913
Gartner r706
Gast r61
Gatzke r96
Gaub r53 r1894
Gauer r43 r68 r117 r143 r224 r993 r1294 r1490 r1629 r1767 r1781 r1814 r1834 r1959 r1981 r2044 r2527
Gebhardt r947
Gefre r1775 r1786 r2099 r2574
Gefreh r66 r1628 r1735 r1751 r1786 r1823 r1829 r1843 r1854 r1956 r2211
Gefroeh r394
Gefroh r173
Gehre r245
Geib r11 r20 r23 r25 r40 r48 r53
Geier r25 r27 r45 r96 r332 r1588
Geiger r2 r4 r19 r22 r33 r41 r46 r61 r67 r94 r103 r110 r117 r1290 r1714 r2404 r2491
Geigle r11 r24 r28 r47
Geilfuss r95 r1062 r1574 r1977 r1978 r1979 r2092
Geir r1
Geis r1437
Geisinger r14 r695
Geiss r986
Geissler r152 r1557
Geist r1826 r1894 r1900
Geitz r963
Gelzenlichte r1290
Gelzenlichter r55 r268 r422
Georg r28 r44 r871
Gerard r1908
Gerber r711
Gerein r1622 r1762 r1764 r1915 r2116 r2422 r2558
Gerein, r88
Gerhard r987 r1115 r1915
Gerhardt r1831
Gerhart r274 r329 r1700
Gerk r1785
German r736
Germann r5 r64 r100 r198 r274 r879 r951 r1149 r1244 r1606 r1641 r1700 r1897 r1908
Gessler r92
Gieck r697 r706 r707 r708
Gienger r11 r45
Giese r1831
Gieser r712
Giesi r1553
Giesinger r229 r695 r773 r885 r915 r955 r974 r1001 r1037 r1542 r1547 r1582 r1600 r1608 r1627 r1736 r1760 r1813 r1816 r1834 r1855 r1861 r1884 r1897 r1915 r2034
Gimbel r1332
Ginger r121
Gitzan r1652
Glas r158 r250 r251 r1551 r2046
Glass r421 r767 r1834 r1978
Glatt r26 r294 r300 r912 r974 r1734 r1736 r1930 r1942 r1965
Gloss r175
Goebel r13 r35 r48
Goehring r48 r67 r2182
Goetz r24 r29 r67 r105 r108 r122 r250 r255 r282 r421 r1032 r1036 r1037 r1068 r1128 r1478 r1610 r1635 r1638 r1655 r1671 r1753 r1886 r1894 r1898 r1909 r1918 r1957 r1959 r1979 r2092 r2123 r2152 r2274 r2435
Goldade r137 r208 r258 r331 r754 r886 r993 r1032 r1427 r1481 r1545 r1575 r1589 r1603 r1734 r1751 r1786 r1829 r1839 r1844 r1854 r1859 r1863 r1963 r2039 r2043 r2527 r2576
Golde r1985
Golikow r876
Gottschalk r50
Gottselig r961
Gotz r134
Grad r21 r113 r131 r879 r980 r1751
Graf r51 r52 r71 r82 r87 r135 r151
Grassmann r1189
Gratz r354 r1437
Grau r295 r1736 r1751 r1819 r2168
Grauer r87 r99 r2244
Graus r1143
Greetings r1449
Gregor r965
Grenz r14 r22 r45 r46 r61 r67 r88 r99 r110 r112 r152
Gress r1486 r2282 r2547
Gretel r702
Greulich r23 r139 r268 r290
Grilow r174
Grimm r90 r122 r153 r1210 r2105 r2171
Grinsteimer r1711
Grischdeiner r1483
Gross r6 r131 r214 r329 r761 r888 r974 r989 r1067 r1074 r1219 r1238 r1563 r1620 r1627 r1663 r1664 r1672 r1684 r1685 r1688 r1699 r1736 r1751 r1755 r1790 r1813 r1819 r1860 r1871 r1911 r1915 r1949 r1959 r2205 r2236 r2237 r2239 r2320 r2321 r2505 r2534 r2576
Gross, r2137
Grosshans r1029
Grossmann r134 r308 r2086
Gruber r1115 r1700 r1724 r1824 r1838 r1845 r1896
Gruchler r397
Gruen r1831
Gruensteiner r284 r1777 r1835 r2309
Gruenstiner r2563 r2576
Grumm r99
Grund r138 r1146
Grunsteiner r1541
Grüning r38
Gsell r181
Gum r103
Gummeringer r1832
Gums r26 r56 r67 r110 r123
Gunimeringer r1734
Guss r291
Gutenberg r27 r195 r378 r882 r1031 r1185 r1301 r1588 r2063 r2335
Gutenberger r1963
Gutfreund r452 r879 r1224 r1407 r1430 r1709 r2432 r2435
Guthmüller r24 r28
Gutjahr r1826
Gutmueller r1227
Guttenberg r2053
Guttenberger r2183