Letters from Bessarabia Russia

Letters written by our ancestors that lived in Bessarabia, Russia

Note: At the begenning of 1918 Bessarabia became part of Romania. Letters sent from Bessarabia will continue to be posted under Bessarabia.



A Farmer r355 r385 r407 r409 r477 r478 r501 r950
Aberle r2257 r2258 r2260 r2261 r2262 r2528
Adolf r3 r18 r19 r474 r998 r1126 r1272 r1304 r1313 r1339
Aikele r22 r44
Aippersbach r44 r129 r130
Aipperspach r130
Albrecht r1256 r1396 r1634
Aldinger r2 r3 r1369
Alldinger r1345 r1399
Allwinger r493 r1397
Almendinger r1369
Almer r1274
Alvin r1381
Aman r476
Angel r1510
Anhom r1744
Anhorn r938 r1747
Anonymous r315 r408 r542
Appelt r1355
Arnold r608 r1328 r1369 r2061 r2096 r2109 r2122 r2128 r2129
Aspenleider r1912
Axtmann r1510 r1520
Bachmann r1397 r1508 r1765 r1926 r2069 r2106 r2134 r2149 r2159 r2161 r2173 r2196
Bachmeier r415 r508 r580 r1528 r2061 r2528 r2541
Backmeier r1528
Bad r131
Bader r476
Baier r1369 r1372
Balmer r1335 r2215
Bansakowsky r2061
Bartele r2122 r2125 r2142
Bartholomaei r1369
Bartsch r1382
Batsch r1534
Bauer r2 r12 r34 r129 r367 r387 r562 r563 r578 r689 r1318 r1328 r1339 r1345 r1375 r1509 r1738 r1739 r1741 r1743 r1744 r1746 r2122 r2150 r2153 r2210 r2215
Bauman r2109 r2151
Baumann r33 r41 r441 r479 r481 r513 r612 r1334 r1346 r1369 r1394 r1397 r2068 r2120 r2128 r2134 r2150 r2200
Baumgart r1749
Baumstark r1349 r2203 r2208
Bausch r1346
Bealau r1538
Bechtle r1229 r1270
Beck r3 r4 r12 r15 r35 r36 r37 r39 r125 r1339 r1351
Becker r1457 r1528 r1912
Beglan r1646
Beglau r1272
Beier r1392 r1746
Beierle r1387 r1396 r1634
Belder r30
Bender r1397 r1539 r2066 r2134 r2203
Berg r1315
Bernat r2128
Bernhard r2096 r2147
Berreth r3 r7 r13 r125 r129 r1318 r1351 r1370
Bertsch r492 r1316
Bettscher r1304
Beutler r1521
Beyerele r1426
Biederstaedt r1358
Biederstedt r938
Bierwag r1453
Bietz r2219
Biltau r601
Binstock r2378
Bippus r26 r943 r1380
Birkle r1378
Birst r132
Bitz r129 r391 r543 r938
Biwol r41
Black r1397 r1522 r1759
Blaskowski r1273
Blatter r2215
Blech r29
Bleile r575 r2068 r2122 r2129 r2194
Bleille r1507
Blotski r1350
Blotzki r367
Blotzky r441 r485 r575 r663 r1346 r1529 r1772
Blozki r2094
Bobolowski r1912
Boegele r1519
Boehler r165 r1397 r1815 r1933
Boepple r138 r939 r1335 r1743
Boetcher r129
Boettcher r1535
Bogalofsky r543
Bogelowski r2096
Bogolowsky r2122
Bohnet r563 r1506
Bollinger r3 r7 r9 r12 r15 r21 r30 r34 r125 r129 r138 r1339 r1345 r1351 r1370 r1526
Bonjagowsky r415
Bonjakoweky r1528
Bonokofski r510
Borg r37
Boschatzke r1535
Bossert r2 r30 r32 r124 r128 r129
Botemer r474
Bottcher r1313
Brauer r1540 r2068
Braun r127 r129 r1260 r2061 r2461
Brendel r34 r35
Brenner r1369 r1538
Bretz r1385
Brickmann r1747
Broeckel r1787
Brosst r563
Brotz r1317
Brueck r1536 r2209
Brueckner r1386
Brunnenkant r1357
Buamann r2207
Bublitz r1272
Buchfink r1335 r1744
Buchholz r1274
Buechele r1369
Buechle r1357
Bugansky r2140
Bulach r1390 r1397 r1413 r1414 r1536 r1644 r1926 r2095 r2106 r2173 r2186 r2188 r2196 r2203 r2217 r2218
Bullach r165 r1895 r2069 r2134 r2149
Bulloch r1885
Bulse r1668
Bunikowski r2568
Burgad r687
Burgemeister r2210
Burgenmeister r1375
Burke r1235
Burkhardt r2066
Cruse r1741
Daeschle r476
Daschendorf r943
Deck r493
Decker r129
Degenstein r607
Deichert r1328 r1632 r2068 r2122 r2125
Deigert r391
Deiss r1045 r1394
Demscher r1457
Deschert r2128
Deutschle r1223
Dewald r1926
Dickoff r19
Diede r1039
Diegel r1369
Diete r1039
Dieterle r1538
Dietrich r1538
Dietterle r19 r1351 r1357
Dillmann r1913 r2069 r2106 r2159 r2173 r2217
Dirk r299 r316 r318 r338 r339 r342 r357 r381 r384 r386 r387 r390 r391 r402 r403 r410 r411 r412 r413 r433 r441 r444 r445 r479 r480 r481 r482 r483 r484 r485 r486 r487 r488 r489 r490 r491 r492 r493 r494 r495 r496 r497 r498 r499 r509 r542 r548 r553 r568 r571 r606 r607 r608 r609 r610 r611 r612 r613 r619 r662 r663 r672 r681 r683 r685 r687 r689 r692 r750 r1328 r1333 r1334 r1346 r1347 r1349 r1350 r1386 r1387 r1390 r1397 r1509 r1528 r1532 r1619 r1643 r1648 r1778 r1787 r2094 r2112 r2122 r2129 r2140 r2193 r2194 r2204 r2498 r2528
Dischner r437
Dittor r1194
Dobler r584 r1335
Doeffinger r1335
Doelker r1222 r1223 r1378
Doering r26 r33
Doerr r1273
Dolker r998
Doloschek r2378
Dosch r554
Duerr r1273
Dutenhoefer r1806 r2218
Duthenhoefer r1397
Duttenhoefer r1780
Eberle r1381 r1523 r2215
Eberts r165 r1885
Eckerle r476
Eggenberger r1369
Ehemann r1395
Ehmann r1538
Ehni r1380
Ehresmann r1532
Ehreth r1912
Ehrmann r125 r131 r1370
Eichelle r1383
Eider r3 r38 r1326
Eikele r126
Eisele r1235 r1335 r1369 r1394
Eisenbeis r44
Eisenbeiss r129 r1318 r1326 r1339 r1370
Eisenbeiß r3 r12 r20 r21 r25 r26 r37 r40
Eissler r1313
Elhard r563
Elholm r2215
Ell r2260
Ellke r504
Enge r2200
Engel r30 r437 r504 r512 r518 r543 r575 r579 r1346 r1529 r2122 r2153
Engelhard r41
Engelhardt r2 r12 r15 r16 r23 r27 r36 r37 r38 r129 r1318 r1326 r1339 r1351 r1370 r1389 r1468 r1913
Eppler r129 r1335
Erbele r1235 r1335 r1633
Erdmann r943
Ereth r1912
Erfle r1335
Erker r1249 r1250 r2061 r2531
Erman r37
Ernst r37
Esslingen r938
Esslinger r1273
Ewald r2200
Faas r1378
Faderich r1404
Faechner r1453
Fahn r1194 r1520
Falk r1749
Falkenberg r1399
Fandrich r1335
Faul r1256 r1392
Fechner r1315
Fehling r1348
Feist r1780
Feller r1349
Fenrich r415 r435 r479 r482 r485 r510 r513 r567 r578 r579 r612 r619 r1387 r1402 r2120 r2151 r2191
Fetsch r1273
Fettig r606
Fink r1394 r1502
Finkbeiner r1375
Fischer r2 r37 r607 r1362 r1378 r1519 r1815
Fizek r2378
Fleckeinstein r2061
Fleckenstein r318
Flegel r1646
Flemmer r1190 r1396 r1634
Floeter r1394
Fode r563
Foeth r80 r1387 r1397 r1519 r1679 r1811 r1921 r1988 r1989 r2134 r2159 r2208 r2218 r2220
Folk r2061
Fonz r1394
Fossler r563
Frank r1372 r1912
Franz r1274
Fregin r942
Freier r1260
Frey r1335
Friedrich r127
Frison r1787
Frueh r1369
Fuchs r1347 r1536
Fueller r1535
Fuerst r1348
Funk r1271 r1535 r1741
Furch r2498 r2531
Gabriel r494
Gaessler r1369
Gaeulfuss r2149
Gaiser r1335
Galewitsch r2061
Gall r1369
Gallas r38 r39 r2210
Gallatz r4
Ganje r607
Gansku r366
Gartig r1335
Gauer r1390
Gebhard r943
Gebhardt r1322
Gedak r102 r358 r366 r367 r387 r391 r414 r415 r420 r435 r436 r437 r503 r504 r542 r567 r689 r1125 r1368 r1528 r2061 r2068 r2107 r2122 r2194 r2204
Gehring r1742
Geilfuss r1397
Gelzenlichter r416 r549
Gentner r1369
Gerber r1335
Germann r1522 r1885
Gerstenberger r31
Gertig r1335
Getz r21
Giedeet r1235
Giese r1779
Giesinger r607 r1728
Glas r1510 r1840 r1846 r1904
Glass r1397 r1516
Glasser r2178
Gluckas r1375
Goehner r1744
Goehring r1273 r1348
Goenert r563
Goering r38
Goets r37
Goetz r27 r28 r129 r938 r1318 r1334 r1396 r1405 r1527 r1780 r1806 r2145 r2218
Goll r1 r12 r14 r26 r27 r28 r29 r30 r32 r35 r37 r38 r39 r41 r42 r44 r129 r1318 r1370
Gottfried r2066
Graf r38 r938
Gress r1912
Gross r299 r316 r338 r339 r342 r357 r367 r403 r410 r411 r437 r439 r479 r481 r482 r483 r484 r485 r489 r490 r491 r495 r498 r548 r575 r577 r606 r607 r609 r611 r619 r662 r687 r1333 r1346 r1350 r1375 r1387 r1390 r1397 r1406 r1509 r1643 r1648 r1668 r2068 r2073 r2094 r2096 r2107 r2112 r2122 r2125 r2141 r2147 r2177 r2191 r2193 r2194 r2200 r2204 r2531
Gross, r2129
Groß r30
Gruen r1335
Gulewitsch r2498
Gunter r1646
Gutknecht r129 r1527
Gutsche r1222 r1272 r1276 r1345 r1378 r1396 r1744
Gutschmidt r545 r581
Haag r441 r481 r506 r581 r584 r908 r1404 r2147 r2193 r2507 r2528 r2531
Haas r29 r37 r40 r130 r1318 r1326 r1389
Habel r1468
Habelmann r1276 r1741
Haberer r1380
Haberlach r2178
Habermann r1039
Habrich r2531
Hack r367
Hackert r1536
Haefner r419
Haemmerling r1744
Haerter r1380
Haettel r1397
Haeuser, r1424
Hafart r1369
Haisch r30 r1335 r1521
Halt r30 r34 r37 r129 r1318 r1377 r1389
Handel r29
Hannamann r1374
Hannemann r32 r1276
Hanson r601
Harbur r512
Harsche r575 r1528 r2507
Harter r1335
Hartmann r415 r1528
Hasenheit r1740
Hauck r515
Hauf r1502
Heck r1369
Hedrich r1335
Hefner r545
Hehr r1356
Heidrich r415 r437
Heier r1276
Heim r1453
Hein r1323 r1350 r1380 r1528 r2061 r2200 r2528
Heinrich r1272 r1373 r1743 r1744
Heintz r1536 r2217 r2507
Heinz r2095
Heinzmann r1779
Heisch r30
Heiser r1513
Heisler r1536 r1756
Heissler r1335 r2142
Heitrich r2147
Hendel r1746
Henke r3 r6 r22 r30 r31 r37 r38 r131 r1318 r1326
Hensel r1260 r1261
Hepperle r135
Herberg r1335
Herman r2531
Hermann r366 r938 r942 r1348 r1540
Hermes r685
Herrmann r1335
Herrschaft r508 r509 r510 r578 r579 r580 r685 r2498
Herschke r132
Heth r1540
Hettel r1842 r2073 r2134 r2188
Hettle r2161
Hetz r1380
Hiehl r2061
Hiele r1535
Hiess r1273
Hildenbrand r1634
Hildenbrandt r1396
Hildenbrant r1372
Hiller r1404 r1458 r2210
Hilzendeger r435 r1425 r1923
Hinsz r1276
Hintz r410 r580 r1374 r1386 r1397 r1646
Hirsch r11 r26 r575
Hitel r1228
Hittel r575 r2094 r2122
Hobbacher r1369 r1422 r1502 r1521 r2215
Hock r1335
Hoegele r515
Hoeger r1518 r1535
Hoehn r938 r942
Hoepfner r1413 r1414
Hoerner r1388
Hoettel r1645
Hofer r1 r8 r9 r15 r16 r20 r25 r30 r33 r37 r40 r126 r127 r132 r1326 r1370 r1389 r1391 r1399 r1468
Hoffart r416 r420
Hoffman r1322
Hoffmann r1357 r1380 r1646
Hohloch r1335
Hollach r1235
Holzwarth r1315
Hommel r1369
Homo r2061 r2541 r2568
Hornung r1045
Horst r3 r1318
Huelscher r1260
Huether r1457
Huettel r441 r2096 r2107 r2109 r2120 r2125 r2129 r2147 r2191 r2193 r2203
Huettet r1907
Ibach r508 r579
Ihli r391 r415 r508 r509 r578 r579 r580
Ihly r2061
Illig r1369
Ingber r1513
Issler r2215
J r1285
Jaeger r1519 r1811 r1923 r2213 r2220
Jakob r1901
Janke r35 r40 r1392
Januschaidis r482 r619
Januschaitis r319 r342 r382 r387 r402 r444 r445 r446 r479 r491 r611
Januscheitis r483 r485 r608 r1386
Januscheritis r608
Jassmann r1357 r1747
Jeske r419 r545 r581 r582 r583 r584 r1356 r1404 r1646 r2210
Jeuter r1536
Job r165 r440 r512 r541 r1350 r2218
Jochim r165 r316 r338 r403 r410 r412 r413 r433 r482 r484 r486 r487 r489 r491 r492 r493 r494 r498 r499 r548 r607 r609 r611 r662 r663 r672 r683 r685 r687 r689 r692 r1397 r1536 r1731
Jundt r1222 r1223 r1281 r1381
Jung r26 r1326
Kaempf r1316
Kaepple r1395
Kaftan r29
Kahl r385 r407 r477 r478 r1346 r1648 r2122 r2125
Kaldun r1453 r1513
Kaller r2261
Kallis r938
Kalmbach r1375 r2210
Kambeitz r1926 r1933 r2178
Kaminsky r607
Kampf r1322
Kanitsch r366
Kannenwischer r1453
Kapp r1518 r2096
Karius r1458
Karms r2151
Keck r1369
Kehrer r1335 r1378 r1394
Keller r1327 r1369 r1397 r1522 r1926 r2215
Kempf r1235
Kessel r129 r130
Kessler r1758 r2257 r2258 r2259 r2260 r2261 r2262
Kiefel r1779
Kiefer r2203
Kieser r2173
Kiffel r1194
Kimpf r366
Kison r28 r1378 r1646
Kissel r1522
Kist r1322
Kistner r1349
Klaff r1540
Klaudt r998 r1126 r1304 r1313 r1378
Klein r1194 r1372 r1376 r1408 r1520 r1912
Kleingaertner r1399
Kleingartner r1339
Kleingärtner r9 r20 r25 r30 r44
Kloetzel r1815
Klotz r1271
Klotzbuecher r1273 r1739
Kludt r1394
Knauer r1369 r2215
Knodel r1273 r1741
Knoell r1235 r1394 r1633
Knopp r1375
Koch r1346 r1357 r2568
Kocher r1779
Koenig r1396
Kohler r1375
Kopfstein r1535
Kopp r299 r320 r321 r340 r353 r358 r367 r410 r414 r415 r435 r437 r440 r441 r442 r497 r498 r508 r512 r513 r514 r515 r518 r570 r575 r576 r577 r579 r663 r750 r953 r1228 r1333 r1346 r1350 r1371 r1386 r1406 r1528 r1529 r1772 r2068 r2094 r2107 r2112 r2120 r2122 r2128 r2129 r2141 r2150 r2151 r2153 r2177 r2191 r2200 r2207
Kosak r1390
Kraemer r1235 r1335 r1521
Kraft r416 r1387 r1519 r1520 r1811 r1988 r2220
Krams r420 r2109 r2122 r2188 r2191 r2207
Kranich r415 r1260 r1261
Krassnaer r1402
Krause r11 r1361 r1513
Krensel r514
Krentzel r2461
Krenzel r321 r340 r353 r367 r515
Krenzler r27
Krieger r15 r1351
Kron r1380 r1538
Kronwald r1538
Kruckenberg r2109
Krueger r30
Krug r1422
Krukenberg r436
Kruschinitski r2378
Kränzler r23
Krüger r9
Kuch r1369 r1527 r2209
Kuehn r1260
Kuenzle r1744
Kuest r1357
Kuhn r1632
Kuhr r1373
Kuhschwanz r487
Kujat r1740 r1747
Kullman r1385
Kunantz r1536 r2188
Kunanz r516 r1519 r1895 r2134
Kunnanz r1397
Kuntz r1539 r1765 r2069 r2188
Kunz r402 r415 r483 r1397 r1413 r1519 r1537 r1644 r2061
Kupfer r1397 r1507 r1519 r1525 r1537 r1539 r1679 r1758 r2095 r2129 r2196
Kupser r2159 r2186
Kurtz r1335 r1925
Kurz r165 r1389 r1538 r1765 r1846
Kuss r435 r493 r1347 r2061 r2200 r2207 r2528
Kussmaul r1235 r1335
Kämpf r21
Käple r41
Lacher r165
Laechelt r2066
Laeger r11 r135
Laep r2177
Lagger r1521
Laib r3 r6 r24 r29 r30 r37 r38 r40 r43 r130 r132 r1326 r1339 r1345 r1383
Laigewahlt r1339
Lander r1235
Lang r938 r1740
Laturnus r493 r1933
Lauterbach r443 r518
Lay r1318
Layher r1369
Lehmann r1276 r1424 r1737 r1738 r1739 r1740 r1741 r1742 r1743 r1744 r1745 r1746 r1747 r1748 r1749 r1750
Leibbrandt r1190
Leibham r2203
Leichner r28
Leier r1923 r1933
Leintz r102 r341 r414 r435 r506 r542 r685
Leinz r103 r391 r415 r2061 r2531 r2539
Leischner r2066
Leopoldus r416
Lesmeister r1508
Ley r12
Liebelt r1453
Liebham r2178
Lindemann r26
Lingohr r1881
Lipp r1806 r2107
Little r1348
Litz r31 r38 r39 r41 r1326
Lob r102
Lobe r30
Lochert r1765
Loeb r512 r575 r1328 r1346 r2109 r2120 r2122 r2128 r2129 r2147 r2194 r2200 r2204 r2461
Loeffelbein r943 r1126
Loeger r1389
Lolen r28
Lutz r1380
Luz r1190
Lämmle r129
Maas r436 r481 r485 r571 r612 r1328 r1346 r2151 r2200 r2204
Maass r2096 r2109 r2128 r2129
Mack r165 r1397 r1787 r1840 r1846 r1904 r1912 r2069 r2073 r2149 r2203
Maerz r942
Maffin r1539
Mahler r1747
Maier r942 r1369 r1380 r1397 r1923 r1926 r2203
Malery r2061
Mammel r1357
Mandernacht r2531
Mantei r1316
Manz r1378
Marke r2061
Marthaler r482 r607 r613 r619 r663
Marthaller r316 r483 r491 r492 r493 r1349
Martin r613 r1276 r1372
Mas r513
Mass r367 r2107 r2122
Masset r2145
Massin r1397
Massini r1758
Mastel r1405 r1532 r2145
Mastio r316 r413 r483 r486 r487 r491 r492 r1349
Masto r663
Mathern r1536 r1539 r2073 r2134 r2148 r2161 r2461
Matt r1369
Mattern r1346 r1397 r1414 r1923 r1925 r2149
Maurat r1522
Mauro r1522
Mayor r2173
Meer r2568
Mehle r1912
Meier r1539 r2069 r2106 r2196 r2213
Melzer r1668
Menges r1386
Merck r1509 r2106 r2159 r2188 r2203
Merk r1397 r1880 r1885 r2216
Merschbacher r366 r415
Messerschmidt r2215
Messerschmied r1369
Metzger r1369
Mildenberger r1387 r1811 r2220
Millbrandt r1339
Miller r367 r441 r443 r508 r513 r518 r572 r1228 r1328 r1350 r1396 r1426 r1907 r2068 r2069 r2131 r2134 r2147 r2193 r2216
Missler r165
Mitzel r1519 r1842
Mitzler r391
Mix r1534
Mock r545 r1272
Moldenhauer r442 r1772 r2109 r2120 r2128 r2147 r2177 r2204 r2207
Monter r484
Moritz r1538
Moser r487 r1194 r1397 r1523 r1536 r1537 r1539 r1923 r1926 r1933 r2069 r2073 r2095 r2106 r2134 r2142 r2145 r2148 r2149 r2159 r2161 r2173 r2178 r2186 r2188 r2196 r2203 r2208 r2209 r2213 r2214 r2216 r2217
Mosser r165 r1648 r1842 r2061
Mueller r33 r42 r43 r129 r420 r435 r481 r487 r553 r607 r612 r663 r942 r953 r1223 r1260 r1318 r1322 r1326 r1339 r1345 r1346 r1350 r1369 r1378 r1389 r1394 r1397 r1406 r1414 r1538 r1634 r1741 r1747 r1885 r2066 r2068 r2073 r2094 r2096 r2109 r2120 r2122 r2140 r2150 r2177 r2194 r2200 r2207 r2210 r2215 r2498 r2539 r2568
Mueller, r2131
Muller r2061
Murray r33 r34 r35
Mutschall r37 r1272
Müller r2 r9 r16 r17 r28 r29 r30 r37 r39 r41 r44
Naas r1318 r1339
Naaß r3 r13 r19 r24 r25 r31 r37 r40
Nagel r41 r410 r435 r508 r568 r572 r1249 r1250 r1328 r1334 r1335 r1346 r1350 r1386 r1397 r1679 r1901 r1907 r2068 r2073 r2094 r2109 r2120 r2128 r2129 r2150 r2151 r2153 r2159 r2173 r2191 r2194 r2200 r2204 r2217
Nannt r1322 r1380
Nanntt r1323
Neiter r1397
Neker r998
Nesper r3 r37 r1339
Netz r2210
Neubauer r1632
Neumann r15 r32 r1351
Nill r938 r942
Nitschke r938 r1273 r1369
Noel r2061
Obenauer r2
Oberlander r1422
Ochsner r1039
Offenwanger r1742
Opp r1335
Orttner r1335
Osswald r2215
Osswaldt r1223
Ostermann r2192
Oswald r1353
Ott r2134
Pahl r938 r943 r1261 r2066
Paniki r1912
Patzer r2066
Paul r367 r568 r1328 r1346 r1350 r1525 r2061 r2068 r2109 r2120 r2141 r2193 r2204 r2207 r2461 r2539
Pauli r1387
Pernau r1369
Peter r2147
Peters r130
Pfeifer r1520 r2210
Pfitzer r10 r21 r24 r35 r37 r38 r43 r129 r133 r1339 r1370
Pflueger r1405 r1913 r2145
Plotz r2378
Plotzke r2200
Plotzki r1328 r1536 r2073 r2096 r2122 r2191 r2204
Plotzky r1346 r1397 r2125 r2141 r2151
Poh r1522
Presser r1372
Prophet r942
Quast r1271 r1272 r1273 r1274 r1275 r1276 r1741 r1744
Quenzer r1457
Radach r30
Radt r1453
Radwornik r2378
Ralisch r942
Rasch r1540
Rast r1750
Rath r1424
Ratke r1513
Rau r2192
Raugust r1272 r2066
Rauschenberger r1375
Rauser r1375
Reder r1453
Reiblinger r1522
Reich r29 r1739
Reinhardt r1326 r1353 r1380
Reinhart r34 r1335
Reinhold r438 r570 r1806
Reinke r1274
Reinoehl r1369
Reinschmeid r1468
Reinschmidt r3 r129 r136 r938
Reinschmied r1318
Reis r320 r340 r519 r2122
Reiss r490
Reiter r1510 r1523 r1806 r1809 r1926 r2217
Remin r1453
Rempfer r942
Renke r1318 r1351 r1380
Renz r1357
Retz r1534
Retzlaff r129
Reule r30
Reuter r1926 r2069
Richter r316 r338 r339 r342 r357 r403 r410 r411 r479 r481 r482 r484 r485 r490 r491 r494 r498 r548 r606 r607 r609 r611 r619 r662 r1194 r1222 r1346 r1390 r1521
Riedel r1739
Rieger r3 r12 r44 r125 r129 r131 r165 r938 r1326 r1345 r1351
Riehl r611 r953 r1346 r2539 r2568
Ring r1397
Ripplinger r1644 r1885
Rissling r420
Ritz r391 r503 r1276 r2068 r2128 r2129 r2194 r2539
Rivinius r41
Roduner r601
Roedel r1190
Roeller r2378
Roesch r1522
Roessler r938 r1322 r1357
Roloff r1 r2 r4 r12 r14 r22 r26 r27 r28 r29 r30 r31 r32 r33 r34 r35 r37 r38 r39 r40 r41 r42 r44 r1468
Romowitsch r493
Rosmann r2210
Rossmann r129 r130 r601 r1326
Roth r165 r554 r1397 r1539 r1787 r1881 r1889 r1901 r1926 r1933 r2095 r2106 r2134 r2161 r2173 r2203 r2217 r2218
Rothacker r942
Rothecker r2196
Rott r1235
Roßmann r37
Rueb r1422
Rueckert r1528 r2194 r2207
Rueh r1369
Ruehl r341 r415 r503 r567 r1528
Ruekkert r503
Ruf r1375 r1518 r1538
Ruff r1271 r1335 r1339 r1381 r1458
Ruscheinski r1328
Ruscheinsky r391 r506 r509 r1402 r2498
Russian Czars r414 r662
Rust r1372
Rückert r2129
Saale r1387
Sackmann r132 r1362 r1383
Saenger r1397
Sahle r1397 r1926
Sahli r165 r1679 r1728 r1731 r1787 r1811 r2134 r2141 r2194 r2218 r2220
Sale r1334
Sali r2073
Salzsiedler r1787
Sampert r1355
Sand r1388
Sandau r2210
Sasse r1272 r1273 r1276 r1747
Sauter r1256 r1272 r1392 r1506
Sawall r2210
Sch r749
Schaaf r1235
Schaal r1335 r1633
Schaefer r578 r579 r580 r1125 r1270 r1380 r1397 r1517 r2073 r2203 r2498
Schaeffer r510 r2217
Schaell r1414 r1516
Schafer r508
Schaible r2 r3 r4 r19 r22 r30 r31 r32 r37 r38 r44 r1318 r1326 r1376 r1408
Scharf r563
Scheid r1369
Schell r14 r32 r124 r128 r129 r554 r1326 r1351 r1397 r1537 r1540 r2107 r2134 r2188
Schenkele r1222
Scherer r1273 r1750
Scherible r483
Scheufele r1335
Scheuffele r1313 r1378
Scheurer r1380 r1538
Schick r435
Schieweck r2209
Schikursky r1315
Schilkowsky r2061
Schill r1375 r2210
Schilling r1518
Schilske r1273
Schimke r31 r37 r40
Schirkursky r1315
Schlachter r1388
Schlauch r38
Schlecht r129
Schlechter r32
Schlegel r1369
Schlenker r474 r998
Schlepp r3 r129 r1326
Schli r2188
Schloss r1522
Schlosser r416 r1535 r1645
Schmalz r516 r541 r1397 r1507 r2219
Schmidt r14 r124 r129 r130 r132 r1383 r1397 r1521 r1525 r1532 r1539 r1765 r1779 r1912 r2069 r2095 r2203
Schmidtke r30
Schmiedt r1335 r1370 r1536
Schmierer r938
Schnaible r13 r16 r19 r1339 r1345 r1370 r1389
Schnaidt r1316 r1318 r1369
Schnall r687
Schneckenburger r1355
Schneider r474 r942 r1384 r1502
Schnell r437 r553 r580
Schoch r1339
Schock r1380
Schoech r2215
Schoeck r1392 r1534
Schoeffelmeier r1538
Schoenberger r1380
Schon r1378
Schott r3 r7 r29 r37 r39 r40 r129 r1318
Schramm r17 r1743
Schreiber r415 r435 r1369 r2061
Schroeder r1271
Schuck r1382 r1520
Schueft r1535
Schueler r1457
Schuh r13 r19 r1335 r1370 r1380 r1521 r2200
Schulz r1276 r1373 r1375 r1404 r1527 r1535 r1747 r2066
Schumacher r416 r1194 r1536
Schumaier r1369 r2215
Schwab r1815
Schwahn r80 r1519 r1811 r1988
Schwalbe r1527
Schwan r1387
Schwangler r1519
Schwarz r938 r1322 r1758
Schwarzmann r1369
Schweigert r3 r4 r12 r42 r129 r1318 r1322 r1326 r1339 r1345 r1351 r1363 r1370 r1377 r1389 r1395 r1526
Schweiker r1377
Schweikert r1380
Schwend r1538
Schwenger r575
Schwengler r687
Schäfer r127
Schütt r30
Sebold r1318 r1526
Sehfried r1634
Sehn r508
Seifert r353 r481 r490 r503 r513 r572 r575 r576 r577 r578 r579 r580 r612 r1228 r1772 r1914 r2068 r2094 r2096 r2107 r2109 r2112 r2120 r2122 r2125 r2128 r2129 r2130 r2131 r2140 r2141 r2142 r2147 r2150 r2151 r2153 r2177 r2191 r2193 r2194 r2200 r2204 r2207 r2461
Seiffert r493
Selensky r476 r541
Semmler r1540
Senger r1537 r1539
Sept r563
Serer r1356
Siegele r1453
Siegloch r38
Siegmund r1740
Sievert r1535
Siewert r1273 r1739
Simpfendoerfer r2215
Singer r3 r4 r5 r7 r8 r12 r15 r16 r20 r22 r26 r29 r30 r35 r37 r38 r39 r44 r129 r132 r136 r137 r138 r1318 r1326 r1339 r1351 r1363 r1370 r1377 r1383 r1389 r1395 r1526
Sitter r1532
Soehn r391 r435 r509 r1368 r1402 r1528 r2061 r2498 r2528
Sommerfeld r410 r412 r413 r491 r493 r494 r662 r663 r683 r687 r692 r1387
Speck r1453
Speicher r436 r1528 r2061
Speidel r938 r942
Sperle r943
Spies r1273
Spitznagel r510
Sprenger r2066
Springer r2192
Stab r1335
Staib r1335
Staier r366
Stant r41
Stater r1392
Staubel r938
Stefan r1523 r1926 r1933
Steffan r1926
Steiert r341 r367 r575 r953 r2061 r2507 r2531
Steiger r1315
Stein r2066
Steiner r1520
Steinert r1520
Steinke r2210
Steinwandt r1348 r1357
Steirt r570
Stelter r28 r34 r35 r38 r1646
Stern r1260
Stickel r20 r1318 r1335
Stock r2210
Strehle r410 r1369 r1389 r1422
Streifel r1780
Strese r32
Stroh r2149
Strohmaier r20 r1225 r1230 r1251 r1269 r1319 r1324 r1355 r1381
Strohschein r1453
Strubel r1397 r1842 r2095 r2106 r2142
Strupel r2214
Stuber r1538
Stuhlmueller r1369 r2215
Suelzle r1375 r2210
Sukut r1274
Terees r366 r415
Teres r340
Ternes r341 r2061 r2507 r2528 r2531
Teske r1502
Tetzlaff r1538
Thauberger r1385
Theurer r1375
Thomas r1397
Tielmann r1397
Tillmann r1540
Tischner r415 r567
Torner r436
Tramitzke r36
Tramnitzke r38
Traschel r1222
Traugott r1369
Trefs r366
Trescher r1912
Trion r1357
Troester r1369
Tschismak r2461
Tschritter r1506 r1741 r1746
Tuchscherer r1912
Unrath r1273 r1374
Unterseher r1369 r1517
Vetter r1372 r1374 r2378
Virst r1383
Vix r3 r4 r15 r27 r38 r1339 r1351
Vodamer r1322
Voegele r1519
Voeller r80 r435 r1387 r1811 r2220
Voettcher r474 r1370
Vogel r1926
Volk r358 r415 r435 r436 r437 r439 r580 r953 r1125 r1334 r1346 r1349 r1368 r1397 r1413 r1779 r1780 r1895 r1923 r1933 r2073 r2120 r2134 r2151 r2203 r2208 r2218 r2498 r2528 r2531
Vorath r998
Voth r366 r1528
W r36 r599 r2498
Wageman r14
Wagemann r37 r129 r132 r1370 r1383 r1526
Wagner r2 r366 r420 r441 r481 r485 r512 r908 r1328 r1346 r1369 r1397 r1402 r1422 r1528 r1537 r1645 r1772 r1842 r1901 r1913 r1926 r2061 r2134 r2145 r2148 r2149 r2177 r2194 r2217 r2528
Wahl r3 r4 r12 r14 r20 r22 r24 r26 r30 r32 r35 r37 r38 r39 r42 r129 r132 r1318 r1339 r1351 r1370 r1383
Wahler r1256
Waldbauer r2 r4 r14 r30 r35 r37 r44 r129
Waldenmaie r1369
Waldorf r1335
Wallewein r1538
Walter r136
Weber r28 r138 r320 r341 r358 r438 r570 r750 r1235 r1335 r1348 r1392 r1518 r2528 r2539
Wegenast r942
Wegner r14 r26 r32
Weichel r1912
Weiler r1273
Weingaertner r1335 r1468
Weininger r476
Weis r1527
Weishaar r129
Weispfennig r1223
Weiss r38 r563 r1281 r1380 r1535
Weisshaar r39 r124 r127 r128 r131 r132 r1318 r1326 r1383 r1526
Weissner r1380
Weiß r34 r39
Weißert r29
Weißhaar r14 r26 r29 r30 r35 r44
Welk r1194
Welz r1540
Werce r1389
Werner r1260 r1261 r2066
Werta r1453
Wickenheiser r1619 r1758
Widiner r1453
Widmer r28 r391 r543
Wiederrich r3 r30
Wiedrich r37 r129 r1339 r1345 r1526
Wiegenbach r318 r415
Wiegenback r391
Wieland r1256
Wiesecke r1536
Wiest r165 r1414 r1539 r2188
Wieß r31
Wikenhauser r607
Wildermuth r1369
Wilhelm r1369 r2259 r2262
Wilsche r1394
Wingenbach r103 r477 r575 r1509 r1528 r2498 r2531
Wingenberg r441
Winger r1345 r1369 r2210 r2215
Wingerter r1522 r1759
Winter r32 r410 r1528 r2061 r2507
Wipperspach r1526
Wirst r1518
Wishek r1235
Witt r1273 r1281 r1745
Wittmaier r1385
Woefle r601
Woelfe r749
Woelfle r1646
Woessner r942 r1358
Wolf r436 r1528 r1643
Wonnenberg r30
Wuersch r1335
Wuesst r2069
Wuest r2178
Wuitschik r1402
Wutischik r2061
Wutschig r341
Wutzke r1361 r1362 r1512 r1513 r1646
Wägner r29
X r309
Xaveri r2200
Zahn r545
Zeiser r1347
Zeller r1335
Zenke r4
Zerr r391 r541 r2145 r2259 r2261
Zetnik r503
Ziebert r2061
Ziegenhagel r1235
Ziegler r1397 r1457 r1507 r1516 r1522 r1840 r1846 r1904 r2159 r2161 r2178
Ziehmann r1739
Ziemann r1353
Zimbrick r2378
Zimmermann r12
Zoehn r578
Zudnik r29
Zweigle r1353
anonymous r2290