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Crimea Regional Interest Group Chapter

Click here to download the GRHS Chapter Membership Form.  

The Crimea Regional Interest Group chapter has been organized and will function under and observe the current approved bylaws of GRHS (Germans from Russia Heritage Society).


The original Crimea chapter petitioners accept and declare we will observe all the GRHS Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation as written.

Mission Statement

We recognize the need to bring together those people interested in the collection, publication and preservation of our heritage as Germans from Russia. We will foster the preservation of folklore, songs, literature, objects of art, genealogies, photos, documents and all applicable records and do all other necessary work to carry out the objectives of GRHS and the Crimea chapter.

We will work together to further and advance the information and knowledge of our ancestors history while they resided in Crimea. The following attributes of the Crimea shall work in unison to achieve these goals in support of the objectives of GRHS.

Crimea Chapter
c/o GRHS
1125 W. Turnpike Ave.
Bismarck, ND  58501


Village Coordinators

GRHS has great representation of many of the Crimea villages in our growing family of volunteer Village Coordinators.

Each member of the Crimea chapter is encouraged to network with the VCs representing their ancestors� villages and parishes.  It is essential that the activities of these volunteer VCs be supported. 

It is also essential that we continue to have people volunteer to be VCs, and again we must take time to consider if we can volunteer to join in on these efforts � we can use several VCs for any and all of the Crimea villages.

Crimea - Records Retrieval

A Crimea Records Retrieval Team must function in the background to advise the GRHS Archives Acquisition Committee on what records are important for Retrieval in support of the efforts of the Crimea chapter.

Project Coordination

Projects undertaken on behalf of Crimea chapter will be coordinated within the framework of the GRHS Clearing House.

Project planning will be accomplished and teams of volunteers organized with complete Project Coordination provided.

Crimea Web Site

A Crimea website has been established on the GRHS server to support the Crimea chapter at http://www.grhs.org/chapters/krim/. The site is used to support the Crimea chapter members and others by the distribution of information, newsletters, team activity status and any other form of information distribution that supports the Crimea chapter activities.

A webmaster will be identified who will be given an account on the GRHS server to allow them to establish and maintain the Crimea web site.  This web master shall be responsible for all site activity with the support of the GRHS Web Server Committee members.

It is the responsibility of the webmaster to ensure that any links or information posted to the web site does not reflect badly on GRHS or place the GRHS non-profit status in jeopardy.  This means that no politically oriented links/pages are allowed, no for-profit sales links/pages are allowed and no links/pages that could be considered objectionable to GRHS members shall be allowed.

It is also understood that the web server committee will occasional review the web site to ensure no problems exist. If any concerns arise, they will be coordinated with the webmaster.

Since the website will be accessible to anyone with internet access, an area will be established within the Crimea website that can only be accessed by GRHS members.  The webmaster will have the discretion of placing any files the Crimea feels should have limited access within this section of the website. GRHS member access is controlled by a username/password system that is administrated by the Web Server Committee.

An e-mail address (krim @ grhs.org) has been established for use by the Crimea webmaster. 

Technical issues related to the web page will be coordinated with the Web Server committee for resolution. The Web Server Committee will notify the webmaster of any planned server outages, problems or software updates that will affect the web page operations.

Crimea Listserv

A mailing list (Crimea Listserv) is established for the use of the Crimea on the GRHS server. The mailing list is a closed list, which means that membership in the list requires application to and approval of a List Administrator.

A specific individual will be identified by the Crimea to serve as the List Administrator. This individual will be given a password that allows him/her to access the Mailman program administrative functions for the Crimea listserv. It is the responsibility of the List Administrator to review the Mailman program documentation to become familiar with the administrative options.

The initial listserv, due to administrative requirements, will be established by the Web Server Committee.  A default set of Mailman options will be established that can be subsequently changed by the List Administrator if desired. To assist the List Administrator, during the creation of the list the Web Server Committee will accomplish a "mass" addition of listserver members based on a list of e-mail addresses and names provided by the List Administrator. It is understood that this list of e-mail addresses will include both past and present GRHS members, as well as current guest members. 

Additionally the List Administrator will provide the Web Server Committee with a "Welcome Message" that has been created and approved by the Management Team. This will be automatically sent to each individual being subscribed to the Mailing list. 

Following the creation of the Listserver and the "mass" addition of the initial members, the Web Server committee will turn over operation of the Mailing List to the List Administrator. The Web Server committee will support any technical issues that arise. The Web Server Committee will notify the List Administrator of any planned server outages, problems or software updates that will affect the listserver operations.

Technical Liaisons

Crimea Web Pages and Spokesperson Crimea Listserver Manager Crimea Representative to the Board of Directors
Matt Klee - matt.klee @ comcast.net
Yvonne Haefner - yhaefner @ midco.net
Yvonne Haefner - yhaefner @ midco.net

Annual Meeting

An annual meeting of the Crimea chapter will be scheduled and held at each annual convention of the GRHS.  The scheduling of this meeting will be placed on the official GRHS convention schedule, and will reflect the time and place of the meeting.  The scheduling of this meeting will also be disseminated via the Crimea section of the Heritage Review, and the Crimea Listserv.

Annual Reporting

An annual report will be prepared and presented to the Crimea chapter members present at the annual meeting. The report will be accepted by those members present, and then a copy will be provided to the President of GRHS. This report shall outline the chapters activities and accomplishments of the preceding year.