Baden - Odessa Archive Files 

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Baden File  55-1-2              Recruitment 1885-1887 for those born in 1865-1867
Baden File 55-1-3               Recruitment 1885 for those born in 1864
Baden File 55-1-3E             Recruitment 1885 for those born in 1864 with additional pages after page 55
Baden File 68-1-2               About the election of mayor in 1849

Baden File  68-1-4              1849  Colonists who owe money to the poor
Baden File  68-1-25            1859  Nightwatchmen, drunkeness, disrespect
Baden File 68-1-26             1859  Passport Applications and Issue of Passports
Baden File  68-1-31            1859  Passport of Jakob Scherzinger and Stefan Weck (Walz)
Baden File  68-1-37            1853  Death of raftsman, death of Theresa Huhn Ell
Baden File  68-1-42            1857  Property of Valentin Hopfner and Elisabeth Ruoff
Baden File  68-1-43            1853  Michael Wangler, Martin Axtmann, Stefan Kraft, Michael Schmidt, Kasper Ell, Michael Schmidt Jr.
Baden File 68-1-51a           1853  Those summoned to Mayors/District Office
Baden File 68-1-78             1858  Mayoral Announcements
Baden File R2725-1-10      1922 HOH Lists


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