Granting to Foreign Settlers the Title of Colonist
within the Kutschurgan District - Odessa Archive Files 

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Fond 6-1-2694 Addition of Colonists within the Kutschurgan District 1832
    Buchmann, Katharina
    Dieter, Jakob - Selz
    Engelhardt, Georg
    Engelhardt, Jakob - Elsass
    Gross, Andreas - Mannheim
    Gross, Anton
    Huck, Anton
    Huck, Anton - Selz
    Jundt, Elisabetha
    Jundt, Joseph - Selz
    Kintz, Jakob - Baden
    Klein, Ludwig
    Koble, Johann - Elsass
    Menzia, Elisabetha
    Menzia, Johann Georg
    Ochsner, Alexander
    Rembold, David
    Rodler, Andreas
    Schaan, Nicholas
    Schiff, Philipp - Selz
    Schmidt, Johann Georg
    Schneider, Heronimus
    Silbernagel, Anton
    Thomas, Friedrich - Elsass
    Thomas, Peter - Strassburg
Wack, Stephan - Baden

Fond 6-1-3095 Addition of Colonists within the Kutschurgan District 1834
    Engelhardt, Georg
    Rodler, Andreas
    Schaan, Nicholas - Elsass
    Silbernagel, Anton - Elsass

Fond 6-1-3610 Enrollment and Transfer of Colonists and Land Allotment 1834
    Silbernagel, Anton - Elsass





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