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Research Records

There are many ongoing projects by various groups to provide online transcriptions of both civil and church records pertaining to the Germans from Russia. These records have been obtained from various places, such as the archives in Russia, the LDS church microfilms, and private individuals.

Old German Lutheran

Please check the Clearing House page for the Crimea and Taurien region at the GRHS website.


Church Records

St. Petersburg Records 1899-1916

 Mariupol (Grunau) 1830s Decade Files

  Grunau or Planer Colonies Death Records Selected Years 1865 to 1880

 Planer Colonies List of Catholic Parishioners 1852

 Heidelberg B,M,D 1839, M 1840

  Heidelberg Births 1840-1870

  Heidelberg Marriages 1841-1845

  Heidelberg Marriages 1846-1915

  Heidelberg Catholic Church Death Records 1865-1880

  Jamburg Catholic Church Baptism Records 1807-1840

  Jamburg Catholic Church Death Records 1807-1840

  Jamburg Catholic Church Marriages 1807-1840

  Founding of the Kostheim Catholic Parish

  Kostheim Catholic Church Baptism Records 1870-1916

  Kostheim Catholic Church Marriage Records 1869-1915

  Kostheim Catholic Church Death Records 1870-1915

  Georgsburg Catholic Church Baptism Records 1897-1916

  Georgsburg Catholic Church Marriage Records 1897-1916

  Klosterdorf - Kherson RC Parish Baptisms 1820-1920

  Klosterdorf_Kherson RC Parish Marriages 1820-1920

  Klosterdorf_Kherson Parish RC Deaths 1820-1920

  Neu-Mannheim RC Parish Baptisms 1880-1915

  Neu-Mannheim RC Parish Marriages 1881-1915


Civil Records

134-1-158 Priscib Colonies Census 1806

134-1-205 Economical reports for colonies near Dnepropetrowsk 1808

Alt Schwedendorf Tree Report 1808

Swedish Colonies Tree Report 1808

The Founding of Blumental, a Molotschna Colony

1819 Passports of German Colonists in South Russia



KET RIG Village List

Kherson Ekaterinoslav and Taurida villages



Germans from Russia Homesteaders in St. Josephs Colony Saskatchewan Canada by Kenneth Vollman