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The KET (Kherson/Ekaterinoslaw/Taurien) RIG 

This website is dedicated to the Germans from Russia who migrated from the regions of Kherson, Ekaterinoslaw, and the Taurien, Russia to the US and Canada.

about us4

Many of these GRs spread over much of Canada and the US west of the Mississippi River. When the Germans from Russia Heritage Society was formed in Bismarck, ND, their intention was to preserve the history and heritage of these peoples. Since the GRs lived in such a wide geographical area in the US and Canada, satellite groups called chapters were formed so that people living close together were able to stay in contact with other GRs in their area.

As the Internet developed, many of its members formed online groups who were brought together by an interest in the region where their ancestors lived in Russia. These groups initially worked as autonomous groups of similarly interested people within GRHS. In 2004, these  Regional Interest Groups (RIGs) were officially recognized as a new type of chapter by the GRHS Board of Directors and the first RIG Chapters were chartered.

Because of their geographical diversity, RIGs usually only meet once a year during the GRHS convention but the activities of each RIG continues all year through listservs (discussion groups), web pages and participation in the GRHS Clearing House and Village Research projects.

We encourage you to join the GRHS and become a part of the preservation of your unique German Russian heritage.