Grekovo Village Information

Region: Black Sea Founded:   German Name: Grekovo/Grekowo
Area: Odessa Religion:  Lutheran Russian Name:  
District:   Location:  Stumpp Map 29/47 Ukrainian Name:  
Rayon:  Hoffnungstal Parish:  Hoffnungstal    

Village Coordinator: Volunteer Needed

Notes: Post Birsula   29/47
Also known as Jakobshoehe and Chutor Grekowo
Had population of 15 in 1909 in accordance with article contained in Hoffnungstal Odessa Parish newsletter issue 2-3.

Refelected as part of Hoffnungstal Parish in
Parishes in the Odessa District in 1905 according to Die Evang.-lutherisch. Gemeinden in Russland.  I. Band:  St Petersburg Consistory.   St. Petersburg, 1909

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