Villages of the Hoffnungstal Parish

Here is the most complete list we have at this time of the villages in Hoffnungstal parish. The amount of information on each village varies wildly as some villages (e.g. Hoffnungstal) have extensive information and all that is known about other villages (like Chutor Olrada) is its name.

Information about these villages is collected through the GRHS Clearing House project and by Village Coordinators (when volunteers are available). Each village page will contain an as up to date as possible list of all information known about that village but viewers are encouraged to contact the village coordinator for that village who may have additional unpublished information. If you have family in one of our Hoffnungstal villages and you are willing to assist with the research of this village you are encouraged to contact to volunteer as a village coordinator or in whatever capacity you can.

Another list of the villages in Hoffnungstal Parish can be found in the Oct 2003 HOP newsletter on pg 15. This list includes a list of villages and chutors which have been reflected as being associated with Hoffnungstal or were in the geographic area of Hoffnungstal which makes them worthy to be listed as having potential of being included in the Hoffnungstal parish at some time during the parishes’ history.

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