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Hoffnungstal Odessa Parish Newsletters

Dale Wahl began the Hoffnungstal Odessa Parish Newsletter in June of 1993. He published this newsletter 2 to 3 times a year from then until February of 2008 (15 years!). Dale ceased the newsletter because he felt that this website was the future of sharing new information about the Hoffnungstal Parish.

The HOP newsletter was originally conceived to share information about the inhabitants of the village of Hoffnungstal, Odessa but it has since been expanded to include any information available for all villages in the Hoffnungstal parish. Most of the information that was included in the paper versions of these newsletters has been transferred to PDF files. These PDF files are listed in this table and can be viewed by clicking on particular issues. An index of all the PDF files in the table is available here. This index is viewable by anyone but the newsletters may only be viewed by GRHS members who have been issued a username and password. See the panel on the right for information about membership in GRHS.