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HOP Letters Search

Letters from villages in the Hoffnungstal Parish to and from where they settled in the United States and Canada are stored in the GRHS Letters Archive. The GRHS Letter Archive is for members-only and requires a GRHS member userid and password to search the archive. To search for letters of interest to you use this link to the GRHS Letters Archive page. Use 'hoffnungstal' as one of your search terms (or any other village name in the Hoffnungstal Parish). Be warned that the search will also find matches for letters with other districts with the same village name (e.g. Hoffnungstal, Bessarabia).

The results from searches are viewable by the general public but you will not be able to view any letters unless you are a GRHS member and have a current GRHS user name and password. See for information about membership in GRHS.