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About US

The Hoffnungstal Odessa Parish Regional Interest Group (HOP RIG) brings together those people interested in the collection, publication and preservation of our heritage as Germans from Russia with a particular focus on villages of the Hoffnungstal Parish in Kherson district of Russia. We will foster the preservation of folklore, songs, literature, objects of art, genealogies, photos, documents and all applicable records and do all other necessary work to carry out the objectives of GRHS and the HOP RIG.

The files on this website are provided for your personal use only. Please read the GRHS "Terms of Use Agreement" page at this link for more details about our policies. To become a member of the HOP RIG you must become a member of GRHS at this link and then apply to join the HOP RIG using this form. There is no extra cost to join HOP. You can use this form to notify GRHS and the HOP RIG of a change to your address or email.

Please join us in remembering the man who was the driving force behind the creation and vitality of the GRHS HOP RIG Chapter. The Dale Lee Wahl Memorial page can be viewed at this link.

Annual Meeting

An annual meeting of the HOP RIG will be scheduled and held during each annual convention of GRHS. Check the shedule for the next GRHS convention to find the exact location and time of the next meeting. The scheduling of the annual HOP RIG meeting will also be disseminated via the HOP Listserv. All HOP RIG members are encouraged to join the HOP Listserv so they can keep up with the latest news in the HOP RIG.

Annual Reporting

An annual report will be prepared and presented to the HOP RIG members present at the annual meeting. This report will be accepted by those members present, and then a copy will be provided to the President of GRHS. This report shall outline the RIG’s activities and accomplishment of the preceding year. To view annual reports, please click here.