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There are many in the GRHS membership whose ancestry ultimately derives from Prussia in the regions that are now Poland, from the Vistula River delta to the Netze-Warte River valleys. Included are members with families from eastern regions such as Chortitza, Molotschna, and Mariupol, as well as families from Bessarabia, the Glückstal District and other parts of the Odessa Region, none of which are well researched within the GRHS organization. Therefore, a group of GRHS members have organized a regional interest group to support research of those German-Russians with Prussia-Polish heritage.

There are diverse interests among the group members. These include many areas in South Russia, as well as in West/East/South Prussia, Poland, Posen, Silesia, and areas further west in Old Prussia, such as Brandenburg, Mecklenburg, Neumarck and Pommerania, where it is assumed that many of our ancestors may have originated.

The name of our group is Germans to Prussia-Poland to Russia. The group plans to emphasize its efforts in the 1750-1820 timeframe. Some group members have already traced families back to Prussia-Poland and are now seeking entirely different information resources in trying to locate their origins and trace their migrations backwards from the early 1800s. Others in the group are interested in the rich and complex history of the region and the migration patterns dating back into the middle ages. Overlaying all of this are the influences of the Mennonite emigrations and their settlements in northwest Prussia, and subsequently into Russia.


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