Wilhelmstal Village Information

Region: Black Sea Founded: 1870/1880 German Name: Wilhelmstal
Area: Nikolajew Religion: Evangelical/Katholic Russian Name: Wassiljewka
District: Tiligulo-Beresan Location: Stumpp 31/46 Ukrainian Name: Vasil'yevka
Rayon: Alexanderfeld    

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Notes: Giesinger lists as Grossliebental daughter colony, but village is actually located in Beresan district. Mertens states founding families from Grossliebental & Neuberg, ev. villages. General Wassili bought land and some resident Greeks lived there. By 1885 under 80 families lived on divided land. By 1908-1912 2/3 of the inhabitants came from Mariental, Josefstal, Peterstal and Grossliebental leading to the fact that more than half of the village was not Katholic. In 1917-1929 the village was exempt from victims of terror, war, and hunger. Schule 1-4 (1926). Population 293/484 in 1905, 590 in 1908, 485 in 1911, 515 in 1914, 515 in 1918, 420 in 1919, 512 in 1926, 735 in 1941-1943.

From Catherine to Khruschev by Dr. Adam Giesinger (page 105)
    Homesteaders on the Steppe by Joseph S. Height (page 320)
    Handbuch Russland-Deutssche by Ulrich Mertens (page 544)

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