Lustdorf Village Information 

Region: Black Sea Founded: 1805 German Name: Lustdorf
Area: Odessa Religion: Evangelical Russian Name: Olgino
District: Grossliebental  Location: See map Ukrainian Name: Chernomorka
Rayon: Owidiopol        

Village Coordinator:

Pioneer settler surnames: Albrecht, Barth, Beck, Becker, Behringer, Berg, Beutelspacher, Bohle, Dannemann, Eberwein, Engel, Faser, Fastnacht, Felm, Feser, Gassert, Gross, Harr, Held, Hierburger, Kampf, Kaiser, Kessler, Kelin, Knapp, Kurtz, Lindenmeyer, Lochner, Maibach, Ott, Rall, Schafer, Schaupp, Schlecht, Schlegel, Staub, Steinhardt, Steinmaier, Stoll, Strasser, Straub, Stroh, Uhl, Volm, Wagner, Weber, Weller, Wirrich, Wurster, Zucker. (Source: Homesteaders on the Steppe by Joseph S. Height.) 

Auswanderung Aus Schwaben Nach Russland 1816-1823 by Dr. Georg Leibbrandt (copy available at the GRHS Library)
   From Catherine to Khruschev by Dr. Adam Giesinger (pages 102-105)
   Homesteaders on the Steppe by Joseph S. Height (pages 161-174, 342-343)
   The Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763 1862 by Karl Stumpp (pages 611-614)

Census Records
Black Sea German Russian Census Volume 1 by GRHS
   Lustdorf Liebental District Odessa 1858 Census by GRHS and AHSGR

Church Records
Lustdorf Odessa Church Registers 1812 1890 by GRHS
   St. Petersburg Archives Odessa Parish for the years 183X 188X

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Supplemental Information
Movement into and out of Bessarabian Villages
   Fond 6-1-593 Gains and Losses Oct 1811 (births/deaths/marriages)
   Fond 6-1-593 Gains and Losses Oct 1811 (Statistics)
   Fond 6-1-626 Gains and Losses Jan 1812 (births/deaths/marriages)
   Fond 6-1-626 Gains and Losses Jan 1812 (Statistics)
   Fond 252-1-470 Gains and Losses July - Dec 1822 (births/deaths/marriages)
   Fond 252-1-470 Gains and Losses July - Dec 1822 (Statistics)
Fond 252-1-7 GDO Marriages 1816
Fond 252-1-46 GDO Marriages 1817/1818
Fond 484-1-2372 - St. Petersburg Annual Reports of 1899-1911 (Births)

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