Blumenfeld Village Information

Region: Black Sea Founded: 1862 German Name: Blumenfeld
Area: Odessa Religion: Catholic Russian Name: Anatoljewka
District: Beresan Location:   Ukrainian Name:  
Rayon: Tiligulo Berezan Parish: Sebastianfeld    

Notes: Handbuch Russland-Deutsche by Ulrich Mertens page 246 staes in Nikolajew/Tiligulo-Beresan. Also know as Anatoljewka, found in 1862/1863, kath., (Blumenfeld/ Sulz (-1890) / Selz (1890-1904). Land 3,731 Dej. Founding families came from colonies of Liebental and Kutschurgan areas. Parish in Sebastianfeld for Krasna and surrounding chutors. Schools 1-4 in 1926. Population 300? in 1863 (55 families and 35 houses), population 712 in 1912, 538 in 1914, 538 in 1918, 538 i 1919, 905 in 1926, and 1,037  in 1941-43.

Village Coordinator: Elena Gabriel

  • From Catherine to Khruschev by Dr. Adam Giesinger (page 105)
  • Handbuch Russland-Deutsche by Ulrich Mertens page 246
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