Berlin/Neu Berlin Village Information

Region: Black Sea Founded: 1867 German Name: Berlin/Neu Berlin
Area: Odessa Religion: Evangelical Russian Name: Worobeyeva/Worobyewa
District: Grossliebental/Hoffnungstal Location:   Ukrainian Name: Worobjewka
Rayon:   Parish: Neu Freudental

Notes: Daughter colony in the Grossliebental District Odessa as listed in Homesteaders on the Steppe. Georg Rath's book, The Black Sea Germans in the Dakotas, reflects that Berlin was part of the Hoffnungstal Parish. Stumpp does not list Berlin but he does list Neu Berlin as evangelical village founded in 1867. For additional information read the Hoffnungstal Odessa Newsletters listed below.

Handbuch Russland-Deutsche by Ulrich Mertens pg 242 lists Neu Berlin, also known as Worobjewka, Odessa area/Hoffnungstal region, founded in 1867, ev., Neu Freudental Parish; Land: 3,536 Dej.; 1929 administrative district for 1-4 schools. Population 505 in 1904, 452/524 in 1914, 645 in 1919, 689 in 1926

Village Coordinator: Ila Jean Johnson

  • Homesteaders on the Steppe by Joseph S. Height (page 320)
  • The Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763 1862 by Karl Stumpp
  • The Black Sea Germans in the Dakota by Georg Rath (page 5)


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