Alt Annental and Neu Annental Village Information

Region: Black Sea Founded: 1860 German Name: Alt Annental
Area: Odessa Religion: Evangelical Russian Name: Beljary
District: Grossliebental  Location:   Ukrainian Name:  
Rayon: Owidiopol Parish: Worms/Johannestal    

Notes: Daughter colony in the Grossliebental District Odessa as listed in Homesteaders on the Steppe page 320, but associated with parishes in Worms and Johannestal in the Beresan District Odessa. References to those from Annental can be found in the Renz Compilations for Güldendorf (see below).  Neu Annental is separated by a brook from (Alt) Annental.

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  • Homesteaders on the Steppe by Joseph S. Height
  • (page 320)
  • Handbuch Russland-Deutssche by Ulrich Mertens (page 227)
Church Records:

 #1884095 Annental 1862 births

 #1884099 Annental 1863 births / deaths

 #1884124 Annental 1864 births

 #1884092 Annental 1867 births / deaths

 #1884092 Annental 1868 births / deaths

 #1884110 Annental 1869 births

 #1884111 Annental 1870 births / deaths

 #1884120 Annental 1874 births

 #1884064 Annental 1875 births

 #1895622 Annental 1877 births

 #1895624 Annental 1878 births

 #1895629 Annental 1879 births / deaths

 #1895693 Annental 1881 births / deaths

 #1895610 Annental 1882 births / deaths

 #1895615 Annental 1883 births

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