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GDO Repository

The intent of providing these files in a compressed form, is to aid the Black Sea German Russian family researcher at GRHS. These files are intended to be downloaded in a compressed format. These files are mostly in Microsoft Excel © which this data existed prior to being placed in ASCII form for use on Odessa 3. Please observe the copyright of these data files, and use in your research on your own computer. 

Keller Files - Zipped
Mariental - Franzfeld - Josefstal - Kleinliebental -
Grossliebental St. Petersburg Files - Zipped
Grossliebental183X Grossliebental184X Grossliebental185X Grossliebental186X
Grossliebental187X Grossliebental188X    
Freudental St. Petersburg Files - Zipped
Freudental 183X Births Freudental 183X Marriages Freudental 183X Deaths  
Freudental 184X Births Freudental 184X Marriages Freudental 184X Deaths  
Freudental 185X Births Freudental 185X Marriages Freudental 185X Deaths  
Freudental 186X Births Freudental 186X Marriages Freudental 186X Deaths  
Freudental 187X Births Freudental 187X Marriages Freudental 187X Deaths  
Freudental 188X Births Freudental 188X Marriages Freudental 188X Deaths  
Odessa St. Petersburg Files - Zipped
Odessa 184X Births Odessa 184X Marriages Odessa 184X Deaths  
Odessa 185X Births Odessa 185X Marriages Odessa 185X Deaths  
Odessa 186X Births Odessa 186X Marriages Odessa 186X Deaths  
Odessa 187X Births Odessa 187X Marriages Odessa 187X Deaths