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Bessarabia Family Origins

Quick links: Compiled origin lists, Odessa-area villages, Poland/Prussia, Germany, Hungary, main Bessarabia research page

When Bessarabia became part of Russia in 1812, German families came from many places to settle there. These places of origin include: other Odessa-area German villages, Poland/Prussia, Germany, Hungary (usually via one of the Odessa-area villages).

Compiled Lists of Bessarabian Family Origins

Many lists have been compiled that include Bessarabian family origins. Many of these are based on church records, Heimatbücher, and similar sources. Some are passport or immigration lists from various archives.

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Researching Families Originating in Odessa-area Villages

Many Bessarabian families came from German villages in the Odessa area. These groups of villages include: Beresan District, Grossliebental District, Glückstal area, Hoffnungstal/Odessa Parish, Kutschurgan District, Odessa city.


See a list of villages in each of the above parishes.


The Black Sea German-Russian Census Vol. I (available at the GRHS Store) has censuses from many of the Odessa-area villages. See the index of surnames.


Beresan District (BDO)

Grossliebental District (GDO)

Glückstal Area Villages

Hoffnungstal/Odessa Parish (HOP)

Kutschurgan Villages (KRIG)

Odessa City

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Researching Families Originating in Poland & Prussia

A large number of German families, the "Warsaw Colonists," emigrated from Poland/Prussia to Bessarabia. (Due to border changes, sometimes the area where they lived was called "South Prussia" and sometimes "Poland.") By 1813 at the time of Alexander I's invitation to settle Bessarabia, they were suffering from persecution and severe taxation by the Polish land owners.

Researching Families Originating in Germany


GRHS resources for researching origins in Germany:

Links to non-GRHS resources:


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Researching Families Originating in Hungary

Some German families came to Russia after spending one or more generations in Hungary. Most of these families came to Bessarabia via an Odessa-area village in the Grossliebental District or Glückstal area.


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