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Bessarabian German Migration

As the population grew and farmland became scarce, Bessarabian Germans migrated to other parts of Russia, North America, and South America beginning around the 1870s. Those Germans still living in Bessarabia in 1940 were resettled to Germany (after a couple years in Poland) after WWII.

Other parts of Russia

Bessarabian Germans migrated to other parts of Russia, especially including Crimea, Dobrudscha, the Caucasus, and other areas. Immigration to Dobrudscha began as early as the 1840s. Migration to Crimea began in the 1860s. 




Many Bessarabian Germans (and other Germans in the Black Sea area) migrated to Dobrudscha.


Other areas of Russia

North America

Bessarabian Germans began to immigrate to Canada & the U.S. in about the 1880s, drawn by the Homestead Act in the U.S. & the Dominion Lands Act in Canada.


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South America


These links focus on finding your family members who came to Germany after the 1940 Resettlement (Umsiedlung) from Bessarabia. See the Family Origins page to research your family in Germany before they came to Bessarabia.

Miscellaneous lists of emigrants from Bessarabia