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Bessarabia family/surnames and other data

Quick links:  Genealogy database & surname exchanges, family databases/compilations, death notices & obits, colonist movement, book indexes, families by village, other lists of families, individual family info, photos, main Bessarabia research page

In addition to church, census, and resettlement records, there are a number of other sources for finding out more about your Bessarabian families. Contact bess[@] if you have family-specific info you'd like to share!

Genealogy Database & Surname Exchanges

Family databases & compilations

Links to specific family databases and compilations

Death notices and obituaries

Obituaries and death notices are great sources of family information. Death notices are usually more informal than an obituary; often these are just a mention in a letter published in a German-language newspaper that someone has died.

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Movement of colonists

The archives in Ukraine have many documents that mention the movement of colonists from one location to another, within Russia or from other places. Often these are documents are requesting or granting permission to change colonies.

Surnames include Bauer, Dumdei, Funk, Haar, Hagedorn, Kalmbach, Karl, Knoller, Rall, Rutschke, Setiz, Speck, Veygel

Surnames include: Bachmann, Baier, Bantel, Baumgärtner, Beck, Blatter, Blaumeier, Bosch, Braun, Brenner, Büchele, Dakler, Deissinger, Fackler, Fechel, Finninger, Fuchs, Gässler, Geigle, Hammel, Hartmann, Häussler, Hobbacher, Hommel, Illg, Kastler, Keck, Keller, Keppler, Mack, Matt, Mautz, Meier, Michel, Müller, Natterer, Nille, Niss, Nusser, Oberdörferer, Oberlanders, Offenwanger, Oswald, Paulin, Preller, Rosenwirt, Rossmann, Schaufenberer, Schmid, Schmucker, Schönherr, Schtele, Schwarzmann, Schwener, Seifried, Steudle, Strehle, Unterseher, Vechter, Wagner, Waldenmeier, Wichtenmann, Widmann, Wiedenbach, Z___buler, Zeiler, Zimmerman


Family name indexes for Heimatbücher and other books

The Bessarabien Heimatmuseum (Stuttgart, Germany) publishes an annual Heimatkalendar with articles about Bessarabian families and life in Bessarabia.

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Family info by village

Lists of families or other family info for specific villages. The village data sheets for Bessarabia Villages and Dobrudscha Villages may also have links to other lists of families living in that village. Or visit the research page for Bessarabian villages for more info (usually not family-specific) about that village.

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Other lists of families


Individual families

There is a lot of information available online for specific Bessarabian families.


Family photos

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