Evan Laib's Files

About Evan:

"I was born and raised in McClusky, Sheridan County, North Dakota in 1986. My dad's side is 100% German-Russian. Surnames include Laib, Mertz, Kurle, Anhorn, Kleingartner, and Zarbock. Ancestral villages include Hoffnungstal, Tarutino, Beresina, and Borodino in Bessarabia, Rohrbach and Worms in the Beresan District, and Bergdorf in the Glueckstal Colonies.
My wife, Krista (Newgard), and I live in Bismarck, ND with our two children, Thomas and Harper. Currently (2021), I teach Elementary Music at Lincoln Elementary. I'm a past member of the Board of Directors for GRHS as well as for the Bismarck Historical Society. Presently (again, 2021), I serve as the spokesman, listserv admin, and webmaster for the GRHS Bessarabia Regional Interest Group and Digital Relations for the Bismarck Historical Society. I'm also the admin for two of the largest GR groups on Facebook, Germans from Russia History & Genealogy and Germans from Russia Food & Fun."