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Church Family Book Head of Household Indexes

These files have been prepared for sharing with the GRHS membership.  They are not to be sold for profit nor posted on any personal website. A link to the public access areas of this website is however permitted.


The Bessarabian family researcher has been blessed to have many of the village church family books preserved by the Mormons [LDS - Latter Day Saints].


The Family Book provides a data picture of the family in a particular time frame.  The standard Family Books for the Bessarabian villages often cover a 20 year span, such as 1840-1860, 1860-1880, 1880-1900, 1900-1920, and 1920-1940.  However, a few others will be found such as "1834" and "1940" and some odd years. 


Most of the contents in these many Family Books were recorded in the German hand writing.  During the years of 188x-191x, you may also find some entries in Cyrillic.  When Cyrillic is used, often the names will be in German also, but not always.  [see the introduction]


At the GRHS Clearing House, we have indexed these many Family Books to the HoH [Head of Household].  So for each entry to find on the following village HoH listings, you will normally find a whole family with data listed for each individual, such as Birth, Baptismal, Confirmation, Marriage and Deaths with dates and places reflected.  [some of the few that are in pure Cyrillic remain to be indexed]


Keep in mind the variances found in spelling the family and given names as you use the following lists, and please keep in mind that these materials are indexes to be used by the family researcher to find the raw data on their families of interest.  [At the GRHS Clearing House, we do not have the energies needed to proof indexes, so please use these indexes knowing we cannot expect the data to be perfect.]


Once a researcher finds a Family Book listing their families, it is easy to understand why the Family Book is referred to as the "crown jewels" of the church records/registers for research purposes.  But keep in mind also, with all of the good insight you will find in these wonderful records, you will also collect lots of questions along the way that will require you  to further search for other documentation as well.


Also see the Films Listing File [LDS].


Good hunting and enjoy these many indexes to these church Family Books.

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