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About the Bessarabia & Dobrudscha Regional Interest Group

Mission Statement

We recognize the need to bring together those people interested in the collection, publication and preservation of our heritage as Germans from Russia. We will foster the preservation of folklore, songs, literature, objects of art, genealogies, photos, documents and all applicable records and do all other necessary work to carry out the objectives of GRHS and the Bessarabian RIG.

We will work together to further and advance the information and knowledge of our ancestors' histories while they resided in Bessarabia and the Dobrudscha.

Contact Info

RIG President/Spokesperson
Evan Laib

RIG Representative to the GRHS Board
Randy Entzminger

RIG GroupsIO/Listserv Administrator
Evan Laib

RIG Webmaster
Evan Laib

Village Coordinators

Village coordinators are Bessarabia RIG members who have expertise in researching specific villages. They're a great source of help for your research!

We always welcome more volunteers to act as VCs and there is always room for more than one VC per village. Contact Betty Nordeng if you are interested in becoming a VC.

Project Coordination & Volunteers

Projects undertaken related to Bessarabia will be coordinated within the framework of the GRHS Clearing House. If you're interested in volunteering to assist with a project, contact volunteer

Bessarabia RIG Web Page Policies

The Bessarabia RIG web pages exist to assist those researching their family history in Bessarabia and Dobrudscha. Links or statements that are politically-oriented or may be objectionable to GRHS members will not be allowed. In order to maintain GRHS's status as a non-profit 501c(3) organization, links or statements related to commercial, for-profit endeavors are not allowed.

The Bessarabia RIG web pages have information that is freely available to anyone accessing this site, as well as information that is restricted to GRHS members. This data is available through a GRHS user id and password that is valid for that member as long as the member remains in good standing with GRHS.

Bessarabian Newsletter

This newsletter was published from 1997-2008. All issues are online.

Annual Meeting

An annual meeting of the Bessarabian RIG will be held, either at the GRHS annual convention or online.  Election of officers will be held on line and paper ballots will be mailed to those members who do not use e-mail.

Annual Reporting

An annual report will be presented by the RIG president/spokesperson to the Bessarabian RIG members present at the annual meeting and made available on-line for those members not attending the annual meeting.

Board of Directors RIG Chapter Representation

The GRHS bylaws provide for each chapter (which includes RIGs) to be represented on the Board of Directors. This chapter representative will be elected at each annual meeting. If there is a temporary assignment between Annual Meetings, the RIG Spokesperson can make such an assignment with confirmation provided by the members at the next annual meeting.




BESS RIG Charter