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Genealogy related search engines:

Mocavo No charge. It searches hundreds of thousands of genealogy web sites, looking for the words that you specify. Limits its searches solely to genealogy sites.


General search engines:

Alta Vista searches Web sites and Usenet newsgroups with advanced Boolean and field search options.

Ask general search engine enhanced by a number of specialty searches including a dictionary, thesaurus, currency converter, encyclopedia, maps, news and more.

Brainboost ask questions in plain English and retrieve pages with the relevant answer.

Dogpile A Meta Search Engien: search 20+ search engines and retrieve results by relevance or separate source engine; also presents concept clusters for viewing results organized by keywords or topics.

Google ranks pages by tracking the links links from pages ranked high by the service.

Lycos general search engine that also offers searches of a few deep Web content sources including people look-up, yellow pages and multimedia.

MetaCrawler retrieve results in relevancy ranked order; useful power search available with a template of search options.

MSN Search Microsoft's search engine that offers searches of the general Web as well as some deep Web sources; includes a Search Builder that includes an option to retrieve results based on recent updates, popularity and exact or approximate match.


If you have a good search engine you would like to share with fellow researchers,please let us know and we'll add it to our list.