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Paper copies of BDO files available


The following files were brought back from the old Russian archives and both Russian and German have been translated.  They are available in the translated form on paper for the prices indicated from the sources reflected.  A description of the data is provided following the prices and source data.

PRICES (In appropriate funds)

Fond 252 file 9 and 29
USA $4
Canada $5.50

Fond 252 file 666
USA $4
Canada $5.50

(Please note in the USA, the service we have been using to provide these copies has raised their prices -- so the copies we have on hand at this time when they have to be replenished, we will have to raise the prices. We are not telling you this to make a rush to buy out what we have, but to let the membership know that when we have to raise prices, why we are doing so.)

SOURCE IN CANADA and USA (make checks payable to the persons NOT the BDO!)

Donna Mazur
605 Richmond Ave
Kamloops BC V2B 1T4

Alvina Ballinger
1420 Ivy Road
Bremerton WA 98310


Fond 252
Inv 1
File 9
Titled -  About marriages in Beresan district, 1816


Fond 252
Inv 1
File 29
Titled -  About marriages and transfer of households in Beresan district,1816-1817

Note: (these two files are in same package and are indexed)


Fond 252
Inv 1
File 666
Titled -  About recovery of land taxes and other duties from colonists of Odessa area - 1828

This package is not all of the villages contained in this very large file but just the ones we could find details about.  The BDO villages data contained in this package are as follows;
Rohrbach, Worms


Fond 6, Inventory 1, File 20877
USA contact Alvina Ballinger for current price.
Canada contact Donna Mazur for current price.
This file contains the results of elections for Schulz and Beisitzer (mayor's assistants) in 1862 for the following colonies: Waterloo, Karlsruhe, Helental, Neufreudental, Johannestal, Sulz, Landau, Rohrbach,
Rastadt, Muenchen and Katharinental. The names of the legal voters in these colonies are shown, along
with the candidate they voted for. Only the male household heads were allowed to vote. Those who were
absent on the day of the election are listed as "absent". If the household head was deceased, the vote
passed on to his widow, who was listed as such. I f she was also deceased and the children had not yet
reached legal age, then the legal heir for the farmstead was listed (e.g., "orphan of Frans Schmidt") and
the vote was signed by his guardian.


For those outside of the USA or Canada mailing systems, contact Alvina to discuss the additional postage costs.

If any of you care to put a few $'s into the BDO archives retrieval funds, you can forward to Alvina.