July 15 - 19, 2015

in Bismarck, ND

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kentucky heritage quilt society annual show

few glasses. 3 Skim the yeast from the top of your fermenting beer two or three days into its fermentati on. Removing the yeast prevents the dead yeast from falling back into the brew and altering the flavor. 4 Pour the desired amount of priming sugar into the cask. English recipes prefer corn sugar dissolved in 1/3 or 2/3 cup of boiling water. Cool the sugar solution for at least 10 minutes and then pour into the cutting edge website design templates cask. 5 Siphon the beer from the fermenter into the cask. Place a siphoning tube in the fermenter so th at it rests above the dead yeast and sediment at the bottom of the fermenter. Set the cask down such tha kentucky heritage quilt society annual show t its top is lower than the bottom of fermenter. Start the siphon by sucking on the tube until the beer .

five or six days in the cask. Serve when it meets your taste or let rest another couple days if it does not.1 Wrap each caramel apple inside a small piece of cellophane and secure the plastic around the stic k with a ribbon. Only ship caramel apples with nut or chocolate coating to prevent the caramel from stic king to the cellophane. 2 Place a cold pack on the bottom of a styrofoam box. A cold shipping pack is sp free textures download ecifically designed for mailing perishable goods and lasts much longer than a cold pack you would includ e in school lunch box. Do not use dry ice. Dry ice is only appropriate for shipping items that must rema kentucky heritage quilt society annual show in frozen. Cold shipping packs are available at any major office or shipping store and will remain cold .

six 1/4-inch thick Styrofoam panels to fit the length of the Styrofoam box. Insert the panels into the b ox, on top of the cold pack, with three to four inches of space between each panel. Measure the width be tween the lengthwise panels and cut additional strips of 1/4-inch thick Styrofoam that fits snuggly betw een the first four panels, creating several small compartments for each apple. The number of actual pane free 3d models ls you will need depends on size of box and number of apples you are shipping. 4 Insert the caramel appl es into the styrofoam box, apple top down, with the sticks facing upward. Place an additional fitted pan kentucky heritage quilt society annual show el over all the contents to prevent excessive movement during shipping. 5 Tape the top of the styrofoam .

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