Fellbach, Wuerttemberg
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Note: The following data on these German villages /towns /cities /communities is being researched for purposes of identifying those of our German Russian peoples who left these same communities.  This data is being shared here on Odessa in an effort to help those researching original homes in Germany of our ancestors.
-Dale Wahl (6-1-1996).

Fellbach, Wuerttemberg

The following data was taken from "Emigrants from Fellbach (Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany), 1735-1930" by Clifford Neal Smith.  And from "The Emigration from Germany to Russia in the years 1763 to 1862" by Karl Stumpp.

The Clifford Neal Smith work is based on "History of Emigration from Fellbach: A Contribution to the History of Swaibian Emigration and a Chapter in the Family and Local History of Fellbach/Fellbach-Stuttgart: Volksbund fuer das Deutschtum in Ausland, Landesverband Wuerttemberg", April 1934, by Otto Conrad.

The records used by Conrad in his research were:
The front matter of Smith contains other references of sources for these data and others which may not have been searched yet. A copy of Smith's work is held in book form by the LDS under US/CAN Book Area 973 W2sm No. 14. The LDS does hold films on the church records of Fellbach under: Germany, Wuerttemberg, Fellbach - Church Records (34 families to Fellbach iaw Stumpp - from "The Emigration from Germany to Russia in the years 1763 to 1862 by Karl Stumpp.)
Name                         Where To       When Remarks                  Stumpp Remarks

Aldinger, Friederike         Brazil         1891 widow of carpenter;
                                                 with 3 children
Aldinger, Benjamin           Russia         1879 with family (8 children) nach Tempelhof/N-Kau
Aldinger, Christian                         1804                          *26.12.1763
Aldinger, Christian Fried.   Russia         1831 winegrower               nach Hoffnungstal/Odessa
Aldinger, Friedrich                         1833                          nach Lichtental, Bessarabia
Aldinger, Georg                             1805                          nach Glueckstal and Bergdorf
Aldinger, Johannes                          1829                          nach Glueckstal
Aldinger, Johann Friedrich                                                nach Sarata/Bess
Aldinger, Johann Georg       Brazil         1826 with family (4 children)
Aldinger, Johann Georg I     Russia         1804
Aldinger, Johann Georg       Russia         1804 winegrower, with family
                                                 (6 children)
Aldinger, Johann Georg                      1817                          nach Helendorf/Kau
Aldinger, Karl I             Argentina      1921
Aldinger, Rudolf             Argentina      1921 "he died"
Baeurele, Marx               Pruss. Pom.    1801
Bausch, Georg                South America  1924 returned to Germany
Beck, Barbara (nee Frey)     Russia         1875 with brother Philipp
                                                 Frey family
Bernhard, Ella               Brazil         1933
Beurer, Simon                Pruss. Pom.    1750
Buerkle, Karl Wilhelm        Russia         1879 winegrower, with
                                                 family (1 child)
Ebinger, Georg Jakob         Russia         1804 winegrower               yes - where?
Elsaesser, Paul              Brazil         1922
Fischer, Thomas              Pruss. Poland  1803
Frey, Heinrich                              1896                          nach Gnadenburg/N-Kau
Frey, Gottlob                               1879                          Wohldemfuerst/Kau
Frey, Johann Georg           Russia         1804                          nach Neuberg/Odessa
Frey, Johann Gottlob         Russia         1879 his son and family
                                                 returned to Germany
Frey, Marx                   Pruss. Pom.    1750
Frey, Philipp                Russia         1875 with family (4 children)
Fritz, Heinrich              Russia         1867 "Odessa"
Haeussermann, Michael        Pruss. Pom.    1750
Heidinger, Georg Friedrich   Russia         1820 soapmaker, with family   nach Wittenberg/Bessarabia
                                                 (2 children)
Herdfelder, Otto             Argentina      1924
Hess, Abraham                Russia         1882 "father of Jakob Hess"   yes - where?
Hess, Eugen                  Brazil         1923 baker
Hess, Jakob                  Russia         1880 with family (4 children)
Hofmeister, Johannes I       Pruss. Poland  1803
Holzer, Julius               Buenos Aires   1929 went to Monevideo 1926
Honig, Johann Georg          Pruss. Pom.    1750
Kienzlen, Elias              Pruss. Pom.    1750
Kienzlen, Sybille            Pruss. Pom.    1750
Krautscherb, Johannes        Pruss. Pom.    1750
Laipple, Emma                Argentina      1922
Laubengaier, Hans David      Pruss. Pom.    1750
Leger, Johann Georg          Pruss. Pom.    1750
Lipp, Emilie                 Brazil         1923
Lipp, Jakob Friedrich        Brazil         1885
Lipp, Johannes I             Pruss. Pom.    1750
Lorenz, Philipp              Russia         1830 wingegrower, with family yes - where?
Maier, Georg Michael         Russia         1819 Macinist, Province of    yes - where?
                                                 Georgia (Caucasus)
Maile, Matheus Friedrich     Russia?        1804 later to philadelphia
                                                 in 1805?
Mandel, Jakob Friedrich      Russia         1804 winegrower               nach Heilbrunn/Kr
Mueller, Christian                          1835                          nach Katzbach/Bessarabia
Mueller, Johann Michael      Russia         1804                          nach Friedental/Kr
Ott, Karl Wilhelm II         Argentina      1921
Pfander, Johannes (Pfandler) Russia         1832 with family (3 children) nach Gnadental/Bess
Pfander, Johannes II         Russia         1880
Rapp, Michael                Pruss. Pom.    1750
Rebmann, Georg David         Pruss. Pom.    1750
Rebmann, Philipp Jakob       Russia         1829 Gnadental in 1934        nach Gnadental/Bess
Rosin, Johann Philipp        Russia         1819 with family (8 children) nach Hoffnungstal/Odessa & Kassel
Sailer, Christian                           1815                          nach Wittenberg/Bessarabia
Sailer, Friedrich            Pruss. Pom.    1800
Sailer, Jost                 Pruss. Pom.    1800
Sailer, Thomas               Pruss. Pom.    1750
Sailer, Wilhelm Michael      Russia         1804                          nach Friedental/Kr
Schedelen, Andreas           Pruss. Pom.    1750
Schedelen, Martin            Pruss. Pom.    1750
Schmid, Johannes             Russia         1819 with family              yes - where?
Schnaidtmann, Johannes I     Russia         1809                          yes - where?
Schnaitmann, Michael         Pruss. Pom.    1750
Schnaitmann, Philipp Friedr. Russia         1879 with family - returned
                                                 to Germany
Schreiner, Philipp           Pruss. Pom.    1750
Schwarz, Karl                Argentina      1920 shoemaker, with family
Seeger, Johann Philipp       Pruss. Poland  1803
Seibold, Ernst II            Argentina      1921
Siegel, Ludwig Friedrich     Brazil         1900
Stolz, Gustav                Argentina      1922 returned to Germany
Wackenhut, Hermann           Argentina      1921 returned to Germany
Weber, Lina                  Argentina      1924 returned to Germany

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