Bessarabia/Dobrudscha Region

We have listed here the Bessarabia/Dobrudscha villages that were inhabited by German settlers and are being researched by GRHS members. The amount of information varies per village.

If you can't find your village in the list below then your village may be one of the villages about which little is known. We have collected here our latest list of known GR villages in South Russia. In some cases all that is known is the name of the village.

Please contact with any corrections or additional information you may know about these villages.


Bessarabia Region Dobrudscha Region

Akkerman, Bessarabia

Albota, Bessarabia

Alexanderfeld, Bessarabia

Alexandrowka, Bessarabia

Alt Elft, Bessarabia

Alt Onesti, Bessarabia

Alt Posttal, Bessarabia

Andrejewka, Bessarabia

Annowka, Bessarabia

Arcis, Bessarabia

Babei, Bessarabia
Bairamtscha, Bessarabia

Baimaklia, Bessarabia

Bajusch, Bessarabia

Balaban, Bessarabia

Balaktschelly, Bessarabia

Balmas, Bessarabia

Basyrjamka, Bessarabia
Belz, Besssarabia
Bender, Bessarabia

Benkendorf, Bessarabia

Beresina, Bessarabia

Bergdorf, Bessarabia

Blumental, Bessarabia

Borodino, Bessarabia
Bortscheag Estate, Bessarabia
Bratuleni, Bessarabia

Brienne, Bessarabia
Budaki, Bessarabia
Burnas Bad, Bessarabia
Danielsfeld, Bessarabia

Demir-Chadschi, Bessarabia

Dennewitz, Bessarabia
Divisia, Bessarabia

Ebenfeld, Bessarabia
Eichendorf, Bessarabia

Eigenfeld, Bessarabia
Eigengut Schimke, Bessarabia

Eigenheim, Bessarabia

Emmental, Bessarabia
Freudenfeld, Bessarabia

Friedensfeld, Bessarabia

Friedenstal, Bessarabia
Friedrichsdorf, Bessarabia
Fürstenfeld I, Bessarabia
Fürstenfeld II, Bessarabia
Fürstenfeld III, Bessarabia
Frumuschika, Bessarabia
Fundu Sarazika, Bessarabia
Glückstal, Bessarabia

Gnadenfeld, Bessarabia
Gnadenheim, Bessarabia
Gnadental, Bessarabia

Halle, Bessarabia
Hannowka, Bessarabia
Hantscheschti, Bessarabia
Helenowka, Bessarabia
Hirtenheim, Bessarabia

Hoffmannsfeld, Bessarabia

Hoffnungsfeld, Bessarabia

Hoffnungstal, Bessarabia

Jakobstal, Bessarabia

Jargara, Bessarabia
Jekaterinowka, Bessarabia
Josefdorf, Bessarabia

Kahul, Bessarabia
Kalatschowka, Bessarabia
Kamtschatka, Bessarabia
Kaschpalat, Bessarabia

Katlebug, Bessarabia
Katzbach, Bessarabia

Ketrossy, Bessarabia
Kischinew, Bessarabia
Kisil, Bessarabia
Klöstitz, Bessarabia

Kolatschowka, Bessarabia
Korntal I, Bessarabia
Korntal II, Bessarabia

Krasna, Bessarabia

Kulewtschea, Bessarabia
Kulm, Bessarabia

Kurudschika, Bessarabia

Larga, Bessarabia

Leipzig, Bessarabia
Leowa, Bessarabia

Lichtental, Bessarabia

Lunga, Bessarabia
Luxemburg, Bessarabia
Mannsburg, Bessarabia
Mansyr, Bessarabia

Mannsburg, Bessarabia

Manukbejewka, Bessarabia
Maraslienfeld, Bessarabia
Marienfeld, Bessarabia
Mariental, Bessarabia
Mariewka, Bessarabia
Mathildendorf, Bessarabia

Mintschuna, Bessarabia
Missowka, Bessarabia
Naslawtscha, Bessarabia
Netusche Weiler, Bessarabia
Neu Alexandrowka, Bessarabia
Neu Annowka, Bessarabia

Neu Arzis, Bessarabia
Neu Borodino, Bessarabia
Neu Brienne, Bessarabia

Neu Dennewitz, Bessarabia
Neu Elft, Bessarabia
Neu Friedenstal, Bessarabia
Neu Josefsdorf, Bessarabia
Neu Kureni, Bessarabia
Neu Mariewka, Bessarabia
Neu Mathildendorf, Bessarabia
Neu Nikolajewka, Bessarabia
Neu Odessa, Bessarabia
Neu Oneschti, Bessarabia

Neu Paris, Bessarabia
Neu Posttal, Bessarabia

Neu Sarata, Bessarabia
Neu Seimeny, Bessarabia
Neu Strymba, Bessarabia
Neu Tarutino, Bessarabia

Neufall, Bessarabia
Nußtal, Bessarabia
Oloneschti, Bessarabia
Parapara, Bessarabia

Paris, Bessarabia
Paruschowka, Bessarabia
Pawlowka, Bessarabia
Peterstal, Bessarabia

Pharanowka, Bessarabia

Philippowka, Bessarabia
Plotzk, Bessarabia
Pomasan, Bessarabia
Popasdru, Bessarabia
Raskajetz, Bessarabia
Reulingen, Bessarabia
Römmich, Bessarabia
Rohrbach, Bessarabia
Romanowka I, Bessarabia
Romanowka II, Bessarabia
Rosenfeld, Bessarabia
Rosental, Bessarabia
Ryschkanowka, Bessarabia

Sangerowka, Bessarabia

Sarata, Bessarabia
Saria, Bessarabia
Sarjary, Bessarabia

Schabo, Bessarabia

Schabo-Possad, Bessarabia
Schabolat, Bessarabia
Scholtoi, Bessarabia
Schulzenheim, Bessarabia
Seimeny, Bessarabia

Sofiental, Bessarabia

Sofiewka, Bessarabia
Stanhopka, Bessarabia
Strassburg I, Bessarabia
Strassburg II, Bessarabia
Strymbeni, Bessarabia
Tamur, Bessarabia
Tamurka, Bessarabia
Tartarbunar, Bessarabia
Tarutino, Bessarabia

Teplitz, Bessarabia
Tschemtschelly, Bessarabia
Tschiligider, Bessarabia
Tschimischlia, Bessarabia
Turlaki, Bessarabia
Tuzla, Bessarabia

Unter Albota, Bessarabia

Wischinowka, Bessarabia

Wittenberg, Bessarabia

Wolontirowka, Bessarabia

Atmadscha, Dobrudscha

Karamurat, Dobrudscha

Katalui, Dobrudscha


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