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Plat Maps of German Villages

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Plat maps are maps showing some combination of streets, land holdings, special features (like churches & schools), owners/residents & buildings of a village. They vary in detail and are usually created by a resident of that village at a later time.

Plan of Plot #9 (Hoffnungstal Bessarabia)

(before 1842) From Odessa State Archives, Fond 6, Inventory 1, File 5644, pp. 171-172

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Translation & key to the text on the Plan

SOURCE: Dale Wahl

Ortsplan der deutschen Siedlung Neuburg

Village plan of the German settlement Neuburg 1944

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SOURCE: Gayla Gray Olhauser Aspenleiter

Ortsplan der deutschen Siedlung Sangerowka

Village plan of the German settlement Sangerowka
(Two maps from different sources are given. Major points on these maps agree but the family names for some houses are different)

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SOURCE: Elli Wise