GRHS Library Family History Holdings

The following is a title-sorted list of the 1,319 Family History holdings located at the GRHS library in Bismarck, ND as of December 31, 2009. These holdings are available by visiting the GRHS Library in Bismarck, ND or by requesting information from GRHS Research Services.

"A walk through time--our roots!" Schmidt family descendants Burns, Beverly Lou Schmidt
"Celebrating our diversity" and "122 years in America": Schorzmanand Neuharth family reunion Wilk, Gerard H.
"Kroll" family; people petals Kludt, August
"Nitschke Heritage": history of Otto and Emma Nitschke, Sunday, October 11, 1987 Nitschke, Lawrence
"Reasons for emigration"; Jacob Fehr and Regina Mueller history Birmingham, Stephen
"Schlepp, Moench, and Jassman family members 1730 to 1998" Schmidt, Don E.
"Texas Germans from Russia" Bullinger, W.A.
"Uncle Pete" The Weisenburger-Rath family history and genealogy Saxelby, Sheila
"Unsere Heer leute" from So. Russia Nerraw, Uadnas
'76 thru '66: a pioneer story Weckerly, James D.
...Not without a dream Whitehurst, Gayle
...Not without a dream; the story of a family Whitehurst, Gayle
1801-2004 Kopp family history Schumacher, Betty Kuss
1903-2003, 100 years of Bergs in America: a family history scrapbook, the descendants of Louisa Hummel and Jacob Berg Erickson, Dona Lee (Berg)
1999 supplemental edition to the Johann and Wilhelmina Jerke family record Ziegler, Edwin
230 years of Goehring history Goehring, Hiller
A German-Russian family in North Dakota Hampsten, Elizabeth
A Kuch family history Knell, Victor
A Kuehn family scrapbook, volume I: records, documents, charts and maps pertaining to the history of the Kuehn, Weiszschnurr, Schaeler, Hartwi Kuehn, Felix G.
A Ziemann history: first edition Highley, Cindy Ziemann
A baker's dozen: stories of the Schneider family Schneider, Annette Eve
A brief background of Ludwig "Louis" Koch Blotsky, Hugo L.
A brief history of family champions: 1909 to 1989 Bassuer, Duane Francois
A brief history of the Dschaak family Curlee, Jennice Dschaak Abercrombie
A brief story of the Heer family as it was known in 1966 Heer, Theodore
A conflict of three cultures: Germans from Russia in America: a history of the Jacob Roemmich family Roemmich, Herman
A family tree: Canadian descendants of Friedrich Schlenker born in Wittenberg, Bessarabia September 23, 1842 and Catharina Stickel born in Wit Schlinker, Ralph
A genealogy book of Job, Jopp, Jobb Job, Marcus
A history and genealogy of the Jakob Barkman family through the lin Ferguson, Johanna
A history and genealogy of the ancestors and descendants of Johannes R. Sayler, 1806-1888: Germany - Russia - United States Reimann, Verine A.
A history of Ronald & Katherine Dockter Seibel their forbears and family (both born in 1939) Seibel, Ronald D.
A history of genealogy of the Michael Wetzstein Margaretha Judt and related families volume 1 Bleth, Mary Leo (Sister)
A history of the Jakob and Klara Ochsner family Ochsner, Cleon F.
A history of the Scherr family Scherr, Martin
A history or genealogy of the Bleth-Freed families Zehr, Jessie Taylor
A history or genealogy of the Michael Wetzstein Margaretha Judt and related families volume I Bleth, Mary Leo (Sister)
A history or genealogy of the Michael Wetzstein Margaretha Judt and related families volume II Bleth, Mary Leo (Sister)
A journey through time Sorawat, Sally Odenbach
A journey to freedom: Ensminger, Entzminger, Enzminger Wittmer, Hertha
A modicum of progress Enzie, Walter Denton
A search for better tomorrows Schmidt, Don
A short history of the Voellers who remained in Russia Gessele, James, trans.
A supplement to the family history of Salomon and Katharina (Braun) Ammon Widmer, Elmer Andreas
A traveler's tale: from Europe to Russia to America ... a traveler's tale of the Herman family's search for peace, opportunity and freedom Herman, Herbert Sr.
Aberle ... generations in America Roberdeau, Rita Aberle
Abraham & Catherine McGinnis family Keys, Linda (Wanner)
Across two continents: the family history of Lambert and Anna Laturnus Upgren, H. Ted Jr.
Adam Fritz; offspring in America Harrison, Lela
Adam Haman and Johanna Wolfe & descendants  
Adam Herrmann Miller, Rufina (Herrmann)
Adam Oster Sr. family history Larsen, Gertrude
Adamstahl family roots: three and a half centuries of family history Stahl, Len
Ahl heritage Sweigard, Verdella Ahl Geiger
Ahnentafel der sippe Blum linie Plotzk Besserabien, heute Moldavien und Ukraine Blum, Alwin
Alexander Mohl family records and history  
Alfred Opp family history: the wartime, life after, Richmond, BC,Canada Opp, Alfred
Ammon family ancestors of Salmon Ammon (1871-1963) living in the State of Wuerttemberg, Germany during the years 1650-1804 Widmer, Elmer A.
An album of a German/American family: amber waves of grain Olschlager, Gordon
An ancestral history of the Ochsners Ochsner, Oscar
An historical record of the Basilious Schmidt family Dorscher, George
An historical record of the John & Catherine Torscher family: Whendelin, Magdalena, Martha, Minnie, Frances, Mary, Joseph, Katherine, Anna Dorscher, George
An historical record of the Michael Torscher family: Joseph, Dorscher, George
An illustrated edition of the history of the Heinrich Haar family Voll, Regina Haar
An informal history of the Rippley family Rippley, La Vern J.
An oral history of the Boehler family [Boehler, Cole]
Ancestors & descendants of Fred Henry Croissant, 1781-2001 Croissant, LeRoy E.
Ancestors & descendants of Wilhelm Neuhart, Sr. and Caroline nee Weber Kastens, Dennis A.
Ancestors & descendants of the American clans of ... Kastens, Dennis A.
Ancestors and descendants of Jacob Schiele and Maria Eva Deis/Theis Haman, Winona (Schiele)
Ancestors and descendants of Magdalena Jaeger and Peter Haman Haman, Winona (Schiele)
Ancestors and descendants of Philip Schiele 1849-1919 and Christina (Kaiser) Schiele 1850-1919 Marando, Mary E. (Jaeger)
Ancestors and descendants of Ripplinger families Schwan, Rosemary (Ripplinger)
Ancestors and descendants of Sebastian and ... Volk, Marcella (Wald)
Ancestors of Leonard G. Kopp Kopp, Leonard G.
Ancestors of Lou Ann Pastian Walker, Lou Ann (Pastian)
Ancestors of Renee (Smith) Becker  
Ancestral report for John D. Hochstatter born 2 February 1903 Hochstatter, Don
Ancestral review Fischer, Rodney
Andreas Reimann and Katharina Hoehn from Russian steppe to Dakota plains Hehn, Erhardt R.
Andreas and Katharina (Kuhn) Dinkel genealogy Dinkel, Marvin
Andres & Stolz families Klundt, Bertha Martel
Andrew Schatz and related families Evans, Walter R.
Anton & Barbara Resler family Resler, Susan (Moriarty)
Anton & Michelina Pfliger family history, 1843-1998 Pfliger, Joseph N.
Anton Mohl family records and history  
Anton and Rosalia (Hager) Schwahn family history Feist, Aloys
Are you really a Bauder? The story, history and genealogy of many Bauders Bauder, Luella
Arvore genealogica da familia Hass, 1810-1973; familienstammbuch Hass Hass, Fr.
As I remember Armbrust, Elizabeth Miller
As a Mennonite of pioneer ancestry Herman, Esther Dirks
Auch Johnson, Irene
Aus jenen tagen; chronik der familie Oster aus Brienne/Bessarabien Oster, Herbert
Background history on my family Mastel, Rhonda
Bamesberger families of Hoffnungstal, Odessa, South Russia Wahl, Dale Lee
Barbara Unruh & Johannes Kraenzler vol. 5 Unruh, Reuben
Barth, Yantzer, Renner family Hopfauf, Dianne
Bauer family history Schaible, Doris
Bauer's: Germany, Russia, America, 1855-1982 Rueb, Alma
Baumbach family history, 1792-1989 Nance, Violet F.
Baumgartner family history Baumgartner, John
Beck families Wahl, Dale Lee
Becker family; Johann Becker and Aganetha Nickel families Wall, O.J.
Beginnings Strobel, Arthur F.
Bender family history, 2009 Kirsch, Kaye
Bender family tree Bender, Nick
Bending branches addendum; a continuation of the family history of Sauer-Maedche and Uhl-Stueckle DeBoer, Elaine Sauer
Bending branches; a family history of Sauer-Madche and Stuckle-Uhl DeBoer, Elaine Sauer
Bernhardt family history Bernhardt, Jeff
Bettenhausen history 1835-1985 Bettenhausen, Charles C.
Beyl family affairs Martin, Ruth
Bichler Eisenzimmer family history Straley, Marie (Bichler)
Bieberdorf-Biberdorf our family book Porter, Elene Bieberdorf
Bischof-Bischoff Josef-born: 1763 Seltz, Weisenburg, Alsace, France Flug, Mary-Ann (Weigel)
Bitz family history Bitz, Al
Bloom family history, 1836 to 1996 and poetry by Henry Bloom Moore, Doris Ann Bloom
Boechler family history Boechler, Annette
Boepple--Pepple workpaper Brasseur, R. Garner
Boepple: four countries, four centuries Rempfer, Mike
Bohlander 1831-1987 O'Bannon, Wilma Wiest
Bohrer-Schamber genealogy Zeiszler, Ernest E.
Book one-1970 Reinpold, Rudolph
Bosch & Rebsom family tree Stradiotto, Mary (Bosch)
Bosch family history Bard, Shirley
Bosch-Kuhn family tree Eissinger, Yvonne
Boschee family Lippert, Geraldine
Bosherz family history Betz, Marlene M.
Branches and twigs of the Jacob Bieber family tree Bieber, Martin
Branches on the family tree Lang, Joyce
Brandt roots (1605-1988) Brandt, Edward
Brave North Dakota families John, Alex
Brittner, Jaufmann, Moser genealogy from 1763 Ell, Odelia (Brittner)
Brockel family history Schmidt, Don E.
Bruer/Reichmann family including family members from Russia  
Buerger/Berger family history, 1730-2005: Vitalius Berger ancestors/descendants Huettl, Sharon (Fleck)
Bullinger family history Hoffman, Tom
Burgard, Burgart, Burkart, Frohlich, Fuchs and Tuchscherer families Burkart, Chris
Burkle 1766-1985; Europe to America Burkle, Alvina
Christian & Karolina (Wolt) Ost family history Ost, Fred
Christian Buchfinck family records and history  
Christian Huft & Elizabeth Fisher family  
Christian Kirschenmann family history, 1851-1970 Fuehrer, Erna
Christian Roduner family history Klem, Betty L.
Christian Wohl family Germany/Russia/America Rall, Stan
Christoph Heine and Eleanora Kunz, their ancestors and their descendants Krum, Herman
Christoph Schumacher, Sr. renunion Perman, Emma
Chronicle of the Heer family Heer, Ewald
Chronik der familie Herrmann, Arzis und Brienne, Bessarabien Schnaidt, Lilli Elfriede Herrmann
Chronik der familie Schnaidt Schnaidt, Lilli Elfriede Herrmann
Conrad & Elizabeth Wald heritage Eckman, Josephine (Welder)
Conrad Sandau homesteader, Furrey, Midway, Atomic City, Idaho, 30 Jan. 1869 - 9 Dec. 1932: German immigrant from Russia Sandau, Warren K.
Conrad and Caroline Mattern family history Mattern, Bernard
Cordes and Sandau families Holtz, Marie Strippgen
Daniel and Susanna Suko (Sucko) family Ben, Mavis (Suko)
Das Rosner register The Resner register Eisenach, George J.
Degner 1990 reunion  
Der Schmidt Boehm, Shannon V.
Der Stammbaum von William Bauer: Die Vorfahren und Nachkommen Ritzman, Janice Jenner
Descendants of Adam Kilber and Sophia Huber Kilber Parker, Lucille G. Kruckenberg
Descendants of Adam Weisz and Elizabeth (Weidner) Weisz  
Descendants of Adam Weisz, Sr. Weisz, Harlan
Descendants of Andreas Anhorn: seven generations Lee, Darla Anhorn
Descendants of Anton Heembrock & Catherine Ottomeier & Maria Goedde volume one Dietlein, Rev. Damian
Descendants of Anton Heembrock & Catherine Ottomeier & Maria Goedde volume two Dietlein, Rev. Damian
Descendants of Christian Landsiedel Clark, Kathy K.
Descendants of Friedrich Kruckenberg and ... Parker, Lucille Grace Kruckenberg, 1936-
Descendants of Friedrich Lueders & Friederika Hegert Dietlein, Rev. Damian
Descendants of Georg Michael Gall Weisz, Harlan
Descendants of George Altstadt Sr. & Genovefa Ott volume one Dietlein, Rev. Damian
Descendants of George Altstadt Sr. & Genovefa Ott volume two Dietlein, Rev. Damian
Descendants of George Buchfink Sr., Maria Krause Buchfink and Pauli Parker, Lucille Kruckenberg
Descendants of George Dave Baumback, 1822-1979 Reiswig, Lillian Baumback
Descendants of George I. (Gottlieb) Wagner  
Descendants of Hans Rueb (abt 1578-) volume 1 McCormick, Patrick
Descendants of Hans Rueb (abt 1578-) volume 2 McCormick, Patrick
Descendants of Hans Rueb (abt 1578-) volume 3 McCormick, Patrick
Descendants of Hans Rueb (abt 1578-) volume 4 McCormick, Patrick
Descendants of Heinrich Ackermann Clark, Kathy K.
Descendants of Heinrich Jochim, born abt. 1775, Rulzheim, Rhinepalatinate Thompson, Leonard
Descendants of Herman J. Heembrock & Anna Maria Wolf Dietlein, Rev. Damian
Descendants of Hironymus Mueller Clark, Kathy K.
Descendants of Ignatz Bosch and Philbina Lenhardt Bosch, Benedict
Descendants of Jacob Sandau born Schlicle, Poland geb. 1770 gest 1829 Waisner, Judy
Descendants of Jacob and Elisabeth (Gunsch) Boschee Boschee, Randy
Descendants of Johann Dietlein & Anna Maria Zier volume one Dietlein, Rev. Damian
Descendants of Johann Dietlein & Anna Maria Zier volume two Dietlein, Rev. Damian
Descendants of Johann Hehr Gale, John L.
Descendants of Johann Schock Clark, Kathy K.
Descendants of Johann Wutzke I Wutzke, Jerry
Descendants of Johannes Hildenbrand Clark, Kathy K.
Descendants of John Jaeger, 1839-1928 Marando, Mary E. (Jaeger)
Descendants of John Schmidt and Magdalena Kopfenstein Krause, Bertha Louise Schmidt
Descendants of John Vitus Dietlein & Eva Margaretha Lang Dietlein, Rev. Damian
Descendants of Josef Schmierer Reule, Ingrid
Descendants of Joseph Liebl and Cornelia (Lennepen) Liebl  
Descendants of Kambeitz (Campheintz) Kambeitz, George B.
Descendants of Katherina and John Ruff Hartman, Harlan
Descendants of Ludwig Helm (1743-) volume 1 McCormick, Patrick
Descendants of Ludwig Helm (1743-) volume 2 McCormick, Patrick
Descendants of Ludwig Helm (1743-) volume 3 McCormick, Patrick
Descendants of Martin Goring (1667-1705) volume 1 McCormick, Patrick
Descendants of Martin Goring (1667-1705) volume 2 McCormick, Patrick
Descendants of Martin Goring (1667-1705) volume 3 McCormick, Patrick
Descendants of Martin Goring (1667-1705) volume 4 McCormick, Patrick
Descendants of Martin Goring (1667-1705) volume 5 McCormick, Patrick
Descendants of Michael Eckstein & Elizabeth Grambs Dietlein, Rev. Damian
Descendants of Peter Kuntz, born abt. 1760, Rulzheim, Rhinepalatinate Thompson, Leonard
Descendants of Reinhold Guenthner Parker, Lucille B. Kruckenberg
Descendants of Wilhelm Werth Clark, Kathy K.
Descendants of Wilhelm Ziegler, Jr. & Mary Biech Neufeld, Minnie (Ziegler)
Descendents of Katherine and George Blanke, 1865-1981 Allen, Clara (Blanke)
Destination Saskatchewan: George and Franz Michel families 1700's-2004, Germans from Russia to Canada Mitchell, Tilly M.
Dewald family history: Adam Dewald Katharina Schauer Dewald, Elmer and Helen
Dewald family to 1978 McFadzen, Hilda (Trieber)
Dickinson family history Olschlager, Helen Dickinson
Die Aldinger: Beitraege zur Familiengeschichte; Ueberarbeitung des 1939 veroeffentlichten Buches "Die Aldinger" Aldinger, Gerhard
Die Familie Enckler: Ein Beitrag zur schweizer Einwanderung Schmidt, Erwin Friedrich
Die Familie Trachsel: Ein Beitrag zur schweizer Einwanderung Schmidt, Erwin Friedrich
Die Neubulacher Essich: stammbaum der familie und beitraege zu ihr geschichte Essich, Adolf
Die Schweitzer freundschaft, 1776-1992 Lacher, Karl A.
Die chronik der familie Illenseer Illenseer, Flora
Die familie Mammel Bessarabische linie  
Die familien Hertz Schantz Mosbrucker Feser, Phyllis Hertz
Die familiengeschichte Nitschke Nitschke, Klaus
Die nachkommen des Andreas Bellon aus Schoenenberg Oberamt Maulbronn, 1806-1956; stammbaum und schicksale einer Wuerttembergischen auswandererf Bellon, Chr. Eugen
Die pionierwanderung wahrend 2 jahrhunderten einer Elsasser Schiffmacher-familie, stammend aus Seltz Strijd, J.E.
Die sippe des Reutlinger auswanderers Urban Hohloch Haefner, Hugo
Die sippe des auswanderers Johann Michael Haefner von Neustadt Haefner, Hugo
Dirk family history; the Rhineland South Russia/Bessarabia America  
Dirk family history; the Rhineland South Russia/Bessarabia America Klippenstein, Lawrence
Discover Clarence and Emma Klimpel Schlosser, Linda (Klimpel)
Distant voices reborn Deichert, Terry
Dobler family Dobler, Hugh H.
Dobler family history Dobler, Gordon John
Doll footprints Smith, Anna Marie Unser
Dosch family history Dosch, Regina
Eckroth family history  
Edward & Antonia Kosanke, a profile... Mayer, Arlys Kosanke
Egger family history  
Ehnes genealogy of our pioneering forefathers and their ancestors,1835-1982 Ehnes, Thekla
Einwanderungsgeschichte der familie Zerr in Russland Zerr, A.
Eisele's of Hessigheim to Winzerhausen, Marbach, Germany to Neuhoffnung, Russia to Crimea to U.S.A. Reinhardt, Ray A.
Eisenbeiss family history & genealogy 5th edition 1998 Eisenbeis, Clyde T.
Eisenbeiss family history & genealogy 6th edition 2001 Eisenbeis, Clyde T.
Eisenbeisz family; history & genealogy Eisenbeis, Clyde
Eisenbrauns in America Seibert, Ronald J.
Eisenmann families Wahl, Dale Lee
Elder - Gardner family history Elder, Sister Theresia
Elias and Otilia (Brickner) Nagel family history Feist, Dorothy
Ell family tree, 1688-1986 Sellinger, Peggy
Emter/Aemter family history, 1775-2005: Valentine P. Emter ancestors/descendants Huettl, Sharon (Fleck)
Engel family history James, Cindy Engel
Erhardt-Erhart family history book, August 1997 Schwab, William R.
Erlenbusch - Kienzle history, 1750 to 1984 ... 1580 to 1984 Wiederrich, Matilda Erlenbusch
Ernest & Esther, nee Wagemann, Dockter family history Dockter, Sandra Rose
Esslinger/Eslinger families: tracing the 'family roots' from Europe to Canada Petznik, Joyce (Esslinger)
Facts, fiction and fantasy of Ehret ancestors Petersen, Alice (Iseminger)
Faith of our fathers Wach, Nancy
Familie Handel aus Dettingen an der Erms ein wuerttembergisches bauerngeschlecht von 1383 bis heute Handel, Theophil
Familien Sandau aus Katzbach Ruff, Jakob
Familien chronik Stadel Stadel, Erwin
Familien register: vater, mutter und geschwister von Friedrich Frasch  
Familien-chronik der familien Sandau, Stassfurt, 1600-1921 Schmiedecke, W.
Families are forever: the descendants of Peter Seifert and Caroline Bischoff 1784-2002 Seifert, Dennis David
Families of Sherry Lynn (Peter) Schultz: Peter family & Hoerth family Schultz, Eddy Paul
Family album, Martin and Louise (Mutzenberger) Krause Meyer, Constance J.
Family book Heier Heier, Rainer
Family history Ensminger, Marge
Family history Charles H. Senn descendent of Michael Senn, Oberseebach, Elsass (Alsace) migrated 1809 to Speier (Black Sea) Russia Senn, Charles H.
Family history and descendants: Jacob Schneider and Barbara Perman; George Schock and Johanna Gaub; Fred Schneider and three wives Margaretha Erickson, Dona Berg
Family history of Andreas and Magdalena (Mowes) Widmer Widmer, Elmer
Family history of Anton and Zita Bonokoski Bonokoski, Gordon Peter
Family history of Jacob and Maria Ehrman Blumhagen, Marie Ehrman
Family history of Johann Melchior and Elizabetha (Laut) Finck I and George and Elizbetha (Maier) Pietz, 1700-2007 Nelson, Norma (Finck)
Family history of John & Lydia (Lutz) Scheerer Moos, Lydia
Family history of John Messmer Messmer, Kenneth L.
Family history of John P. and Julia Schumacher Vetter, Mike Jr.
Family history of John P. and Julia Schumacher, July 20, 1996 Vetter, Mike Jr.
Family history of Joseph Kraft and Elizabeth Hepfner Kraft, Anna Marie
Family history of Joseph Leier & Caroline (Grosz) Leier & Clara (Grosz) Leier, July 6-7, 1996 Piatz, Lorraine (Leier)
Family history of Philip & Agatha (Dexheimer) Weber from Tramping L Weber, Francis Xavier
Family history of Salomon and Katharina (Braun) Ammon Widmer, Elmer Andreas
Family history of Stanislous Hopfauf and Emilia Leingang  
Family history of descendants of Philippe Munsch, Alsasce (Bas Rhin), France and related families [Munsch, George]
Family history of the Mertion family Heck, Lydia (Mertion)
Family history: Mueller (Muller, Miller)--Mosung--Renner--Fischer Long, Viola (Miller)
Family of Rosina Geist and John Job Watne, Patricia E.
Family of: Christian Delzer & Dorothea Eissinger Heyd, Ernest
Family record of Gideon J. Hochstetler, 1862-1939, Elizabeth Schrock Hochstetler, 1865-1899, Susanna Hochstetler Hochstetler, 1870-1961 Bacher, Rhoda Hochstetler
Family tree and ancestral history of Emil Gall and Johanna Auch Nelson, Teresa
Family tree of Peter Suess who immigrated from his home in Graben,Germany and settled in South Russia in 1823 Suess, C. H.
Family tree of Theophil and Johanna Goetz [Goetz, Frank]
Fandrich family heritage, 1775-2005 Werner, Nita
Fauls from 1835 Faul, Leander
Feigert, Germans from Russia, includes Hottmann, Shumacher Neumann, Keith
Feist family history Feist, Al
Felchle - Weingartner; a genealogical foto album Poppke, Herb
Felchle Weingaertner history Black, Karen
Ferdinand Fischer family Reede, Lauretta (Fischer)
Feser Feser, Phyllis Hertz
Fichter reunion 1990 [Fichter, Raymond M.]
Fiction facts Kludt, August Wilhelm
Fiechtner 1837-1982 Meidinger, Marion
Fischer Fischer, Clara
Fischer family information, 1817-1996 Fischer, Robert Jacob
Flemmer family history Seher, Dennis
Folk family history, 1840-1990 Folk, Vincent
Frank Schiff family Sauer, Elizabeth Hornstein
Frankenhauser family history Frankenhauser, Victor John
Frantz Johann Faul to Ethan Fredrick Faul from 1773 to 2000 [Faul, Archie]
Franz Toews from Heubuden, West Prussia to Mountain Lake, Minnesota, 1812-1898, and his descendants, Toevs, Toavs, Taves, Taevs Wiese, Luella Toevs
Fred Beck, Sr. family records Overby, Ruth
Fred Helm Sr. family history Fred Haar Company
Fred Jenrich Mina Bartz ancestors & descendents  
Frederick Bossart Gale, John L.
Fredrich Rau family, Germany/Russia/America Rall, Stan
Fredrich and Louisa Wegenast family tree Wegenast, Ginny
Fredrich and Margaretha Hochhalter  
Friedericka Hoehn and Martin Stickel from Plotzk, Bessarabia to Eureka, South Dakota Hehn, Erhardt R.
Friedrich Boschee and Katherine Boschee, nee Hauck family history Felchle, Clifford
Friedrich Broschat; a short narrative of his life Broschat, Myron
Friedrich Felchle's family history, family no. 4 Dockter, Patty Felchle
Friedrich Kiest and Maria Kiest, nee Borth family history Felchle, Clifford
Friedrich Steiner: a family history, 1689-1989 Rausch, Brother Cletus J.
Frison immigration to the U.S.A. from Russia between 1888 and 1906 Frison, Eugene Hubert John
Fritzlie und Gredele und Verwandtschaft Voyce, Irene (Ehrman)
Fritzlie und Gredele und verwandtschaft Voyce, Irene (Ehrman)
Frohlich - Helbling - Stocke - Goetz Hopfauf, Dianne (Frohlich)
Frohlich Stocke family Hopfauf, Dianne Frohlich
From Alsace to Dakota...with a stop along the way McGovern, Albert, Jr.
From Germany to Russia to the Unites States: Dietrich family history and genealogy Dietrich, Elwood C.
From Neudorf, Russia to the North Dakota Plains with Johann Dockter Schauer, Ronald R.
From Russia to America: The story of my grandparents Gottlieb Jacob Dobler & Emilie Marie Buechler; the story of my great grandparents Christi Dobler, Gordon John
From horses to tractors Landenberger, Leonard
From place to place Wegenast, Esther Dockter
From the Caucasus-aus dem Kaukasus, the Ruebhagen story Fletcher, Marilyn Hehr
From the Rhine to the Cannonball and beyond Ternes, Leo
From the Russian steppes ... to the Dakota plains ... to the Alberta prairie ... Johann Lindemann 1850-1919 Buxton, Rita R.
From whence we came: a history of the family of John Maier and Karolina Bechtle Maier, Aaron Daniel
Fuenf Erzeugungen der Familie Gutknecht: Ein Testament zum Glauben, zum Mut und zur Hoffnung DeMark, Conni Gutknecht
Gaab family history Betz, Marlene M.
Gackle family tree Gackle, Rachel
Galster family history  
Gary Dean Heintz, his roots and branches Heintz, Carol Hanson
Geigle family history [Logan, Mrs. Gay]
Gemmrig family history Gemmrig, James
Genealogical data on the relatives of Andreas and Magdalena (Moewes) Widmer residing in the Kulm/Merricourt and Monango/Forbes, North Dakota ar Widmer, Elmer Andreas
Genealogies of four families: Johann Quiring, Heinrich Lohrenz, Heinrich Friesen, Heinrich F. Janzen Jamison, Ardis M.
Genealogy and family histories of Schmalz, Marsal, Berger, Dietrich, Ottwark, Deck, Zimmerman Schmalz, Rose
Genealogy and history of the Weickum-Hofman families Gress, Frieda Weickum
Genealogy and history of the decendants [sic] of Adam Frederick Hol Dixon, Emma (Holzwarth)
Genealogy of Friedrich Broschat & Amalie Stabbert (1st wife) & Marie Schwermer (2nd wife) & Elizabeth Ruff Leitner (3rd wife) Broschat, Morris O.
Genealogy of Jacob Hoffman Sr. & Christina Laemmle (1st wife) & Katherina Goehring (2nd wife) Broschat, Morris O.
Genealogy of Johann Lippert and Katherina Morlock Broschat, Morris
Genealogy of the Heilmann family from Elsass, Kutschurgan valley, by Odessa Heilman, Robert Leo
Genealogy of the family of Bogislaff Potratz born in 1725, Katzenburg, Germany Potratz, Carl
Georg Jakob Unruh & Rosina Dutt volume 1 Unruh, Reuben
George Gall, Sr. and Juliana (Hoffman) Gall family Prochniak, Esther
George Konrad Reimche volume 1 - supplement no. 2 - June 1981  
George Philipp Hust - Elizabeth Woehl kinship Ulmer, Erwin
George and Barbara Andreas Andreas, James (Jim)
Gerhardt family history Emineth, Jan
German-Russian ancestors of Orville Carlton Berg, 1919-2007 Berg, Theresa A.
German/Catholic courage, from the steppes to the prairies: the life and times of Adam Knorr, 1870-1952 Knorr, Morris
Germans from Russia: near Odessa, Beresean, South Russia; marriage extractions for villages of: Worms, Rohrbach, Johannesthal, Waterloo & Gue Oryall, Elizabeth Gwen
Geschichte der familie Fode: Fode family history Fode, Horst
Geschlechterfolgen Treichel Traichel, Ferdinand
Geschlechterfolgen Treichel II Traichel, Ferdinand
Gessele family calendar Wornath, Harold
Gienger family Tschappat, Pat
Gimbel roots Gimbel, Jake
Gogolin families Boettcher, Phyllis
Gottfried Jaster family from Daniel in 1760 to 1988 Garner, Esther
Gottlieb & Theresia Fercho: a profile... Mayer, Arlys Kosanke
Gottlieb Dockter, Sr., 1832-1912, ancestors and descendants, 1615-1998 Dockter, LeRoy
Grandfather stories Harsh, Lester
Grandpa Leno Linke, Kristin
Great-great grandparents leave Russia Flemmer, Susan
Grenz von Gueldendorf Schurr, Alvina
Gross family history Gross, Alois
Gross family history includes Leier family Gross, Grace (Dickinson)
Gross family tree [Gross, Elaine]
Growing up Haussler Bollinger, Betty (Haussler)
Guenthner - Weisz genealogy Parker, Lucille Grace Kruckenberg
Guess who's coming to dinner: the Salzer family, 1795-2009 Olstad, Geneva Roth
Gumke/Gomke family genealogy, 1800 to 2000 Schlecht, Wilbur
Guthmiller Asmus, Lorraine
Guthmiller family genealogy Guthmiller, Richard
Hafner family Bauer, Armand
Hannemann, aus Schoeneberg in Pommern  
Hardships blessings opportunities Brenneise, Nathan
Haubenschild's genealogy: 'we are family', family tree information Haubenschild, Gordon
Hecker and Friedt genealogy Schmidt, Selma (Hecker)
Heidt ancestry Wagner, Anita (Heidt)
Heinle Johnson, Irene
Heinle descendancy chart, 1652-1996: descendants of Johann Jacob Heinlen, 1652-1733 Fischer, Robert J.
Heinrich Bechthold Volume 1 - Supplement No. 2 - June 1981  
Heinrich Cornelius Ekk family and descendants Ekk, John
Heinrich Stoller family history Goehring, Lotar
Heinz & Hoffman [Feser, Phyllis Hertz]
Helblings and Hoffmans Helbling, Ronald F.
Helen's love (family) Nolden, Helen Rice
Hellwig [Helwig, William]
Henry J. Laub and Eleanora Stegmeier family Voth, Stanley
Hergenrider and Krum (Germans from Russia) Moon, Jetta
Heritage and history of the Adrian - Frey - Loewen families 1825-2003 Adrian, Loretta (Yopp)
Herkunft der Bessarabischen Bogner sippe und ihr schicksal Bogner, Dr. Hugo
Herkunft, Wanderwege und Wirken der suedwestdeutschen Familien Anspach Jung, Hans
Heuser - Heiser - Heyser - Haeusser - Haeuser Brodmann, Arthur
Heyd Krueger, La Vina Heyd
Hieb-Lehr-Leer Boyd, Marlys Harris
Hilzendeger family Muthman, Ann Volk
Hinsz, Scheuffele, Wahl, Wall Wahl, Dale Lee
Hintz Johnson, Irene
Hirning genealogy Hirning, Robert
Hirsch family history Betz, Marlene M.
History & genealogy of Franz Antone Lanz & Margaretha (Bengert) Lanz Hassing, Catherine
History & genealogy of the Hansen family, 1784-1954 A.D. Fruth, Alban
History and causes of the migration of German people to Russia, United States, South America, Australia, Africa and other parts of the world wi Sippert, Albert
History and descendants of Gottlieb Diede, 1811-1901 Walden, Velva
History and descendants of Michael Diede, 1849-1911 Farm, Betty
History and family of Nickolaus Kost Young, Vernice Laverna
History and migration of the Reule family during three centuries Reule, Ingrid
History and record of the Friedrich Mettler family Mettler, Jacob F.
History as it affected the Weisenburger family Weisenburger, Theodore
History of Andrew Emter families Hellman, Joe
History of Dorothea Wessel & Heinrich Reichenberg Christensen, Bev
History of Lacher kinship: 1760-1971 Lacher, Karl A.
History of Lacher kinship; 1700-1989 Lacher, Karl A.
History of Michael and Margaret Weigel Horner, Aggie (Weigel)
History of Schlosser kinship, 1773-1970 Lacher, Karl A.
History of the Fleck descendants: a brief summation of the migration and colonization from Alsace, France to Landau, Russia to North Dakota McQuade, Lorraine
History of the Fleck descendants: a brief summation of the migration and colonization from Alsace, France to Landau, Russia to North America v McQuade, Lorraine
History of the Fleck descendants: a brief summation of the migration and colonization from Alsace, France to Landau, Russia to North America McQuade, Lorraine
History of the Germans from Russia Sadowski, Lorraine M. Schmidt
History of the Giesinger (Gisinger) kinship: a chronicle of migration and colonization across more than seven centuries and four continents Giesinger, Paul
History of the Henry H. Miller family Eberhart, Rachel
History of the John M. Braun family Vetter, Mike
History of the Mannheim Heidt kinship, 1786-1966 Heidt, Joseph
History of the Peter J. Frank family Rausch, Linda Lou Lang
History of the Simon Mills family... Mills, Katie R.
History of the Simon Mills family... Mills, Ralph E.
History of the Yearout families in America from Penn. to Washington Yearout, Glenn Alvin
History of the family of Joseph Meier Schauf, Helen (Meier)
Hochhalter genealogy White, Helen M.
Hoefel family album Hoefel, David
Hoffer family, 1700-1988 Hubert, Judy A. Remmick
Hoffman/Hoffmann: families of Timothy Hoffman and Albina Nolt Huettl, Sharon (Fleck)
Hoger Wolf, Rose Marie
Hopfauf Pfaff family Hopfauf, Dianne Frohlich
Hopfauf Pfaff family history Hopfauf, Dianne Frohlich
Huber family history Juhnke, Freda
Huber history Huber, Don
Huether; der Herr ist mein hirte Huether, Elsie Louise Schuetzle
Hummel reunion: family of Philip and Marion Hummel, August 5 & 6,1989 Peavey, Delores
Hutterite roots  
Ich bin Ochsner Copsey, R. Dale
In memory of George & Klara Schmidt and all descendents Fettig, Verna
In memory of Johann Georg Huber (1829-1905) and Anna Barbara Hafner Huber (1836-1913): The history of the Hubers Buchmann, Vivian
In search of home: Hins-Brost-Hoffman-Tiede kinship; Germans from ussia Hins, Magdalena Brost
In search of our heritage: the Spiry story Spiry, LaReine Theodore
In the beginning... David, Lois
In the valley of the Kutchergan Senger, Ida Katherina
Information on the Jundt's Living in Rugby and Berwick, North Dakota Voeller, Jack
Information on the Jundt's and Sander's Jundt, Richard
J. E. Dockter family Dockter, Greg
Jacob & Magdalena "Wagemann" Dockter Dockter, Mrs. Marvin
Jacob Dietrich family history Bauer, Armand
Jacob Dockter/Christina Mittleider  
Jacob Flemmer and descendents Barden, Lorraine
Jacob Hirsch family Heupel, Cordavee
Jacob Kallenberger family history Strate, Rhea (Zimbelman)
Jacob Moldenhauer family  
Jacob Oberlander (1828) history Oberlander, Paul S.
Jacob Pfeifer history from 1851-1990 Just, Velma (Pfeifer)
Jacob Rall family (genealogy), Germany/Russia/America Rall, Stan
Jacob Reuter Jr. (1894-1964)  
Jacob Schweikiert, 1842-1923, a blacksmith Hubert, Judy A. Remmick
Jacob Stegmeier family  
Jacob Wiederrich and descendants 1763 [i.e. 1770] to 1982 Washburn, Alma Wiederrich, 1914-
Jacob and Elizabeth Haas heritage (1764-1994) Haas, Roger
Jacob and Margaretha (Giesinger) Frohlich Burkart, Chris
Jacob family heritage Feist, Frances D. (Wald)
Jacobus Merklinger family Mack, Rosemary
Jakob & Karolina Stoecker Sr. descendants, Deutschland nach Russland, South Russia to Dakota Territory, 1737 to 2000 Warns, Leona
Jakob Ensminger [1852-1924] family history Ensminger, Raymond O.
Jakob Hepper and his descendants 1836-1990 Kluckman, Betty Hepper
Jakob Hertel, 1840-1886, descendants volume 1 Hertel, Donald E.
Jakob Hertel, 1840-1886, descendants volume 2 Hertel, Donald E.
Jakob Rieger & Rosina Ott: Unser Erbschaft - our heritage Hoffer, Marvin C.
Janke Harmon, Frieda B.
Jasmann family history from S. Germany to Russia to Yankton, Dakota, Terr. USA Sanner, Jerry
Jean Salvey, the immigrant: ancestry and descendants of Jean Salvey of Mothern, France and Waumandee, Wisconsin Swanson, John Roland
Jeske, aus Krummfliesz im Netze-Bezirk  
Johan (John) Schmidt and six generations of his descendants 1850 to 1987 Collins, Damon P.
Johan Heinrich Loehr  
Johann (Joseph) Karch; Franz (Frank) Karch; Franz Joseph Karch;... Shanklin, Nancy M.
Johann Bonnet familie aus Neudorf Dockter, Gregory
Johann Brandt family Straub, Theodore Friedrich
Johann Gottlieb Heinrich, Ludwig Moser, Phillip Walker, David Schuler, Jacob Schuler, ... Quenzer, Karl Moser, Ludwig Heinrich & Katherina Schu Voller, Mrs. Violet
Johann Wolfgang Schauer family history Davison, Ruth (Schauer)
Johann and Marie (Schwabe) Schlecht gatherings Schlecht, Lillian M. (Mayer)
Johannes & Susanna Weispfenning came to the USA in 1886 Mueller, Thomas
Johannes (John "J") Gieck family [McKinnon, Donna Gieck]
Johannes Dosch & descendants  
Johannes Felchle and Magdalena Felchle, nee Krein 1994 commemorative centennial history Felchle, Clifford
Johannes Pfeiffer family Pfeiffer, John Edward
Johannes and Magdalena (Pfeifer) Windholz family Windholz, Oren
Johannis & Marianna Bachmeier family descendants Mack, Rosemary (Ternes)
John & Mary Ann Wanner family Keys, Linda (Wanner)
John - Catharina (Krause) Flaig and family Forsman, Velma Flaig
John Anton Stauss family  
John Bollinger and descendants 1843 to 1983 Washburn, Alma Wiederrich, 1914-
John Bollinger and descendants, 1843 to 1983 Washburn, Alma Wiederrich, 1914-
John G. Fleck & Veronica Steckler family Huettl, Sharon (Fleck)
John George Feickert family, McPherson County, South Dakota Feickert, Viola
John Handel Jr. family - Christ Handel family - Jacob Handel family Bender, Gladys
John Kiest and Elizabeth Kiest, nee Boschee family history Felchle, Clifford
John Rueb family tree King, Irene Marschall
John Schilling and Rosina Kessler  
John and Magdalen (Unser) Vetter reunion July 10, 2004 Vetter, James
Johs family tree [Gross, Elaine]
Johs: family history of Johann and Johanna (Schwartzenberger) Johs  
Jonathan Heinle family records, 1730-1847; David Heinle family history, 1847-1993 Fischer, Robert Jacob
Jorn family, 1600-1995 Jorn, Patricia L. Vanbaugh
Joseph & Catherine Mack family Mack, Rosemary
Joseph & Rosa Duppong family Keys, Linda (Wanner)
Joseph Konrad family tree Konrad, Allen Elmer
Joseph M. Miller - Rose Marie Huthmacher; family memories and vitals Williams, Karen Wehner
Joseph Mack family Mack, Rosemary
Joseph Welder heritage 1680-1979 Eckman, Josephine (Welder)
Juliana Catharina Unruh & Jakob Nicolaus Marz vol. #4 Unruh, Reuben
Juliana Unruh & Simon Opp volume 6 Unruh, Reuben
Just heritage 1838-1978 Bitz, Luella
Kahler/Koehler, 1651-1996 Kahler, Charolette
Kaiser family history Clark, Mildred
Kaiserlicher wappenbrief fur die Oberlander von 1623  
Karl Keller family register Wolfgram, Darlene (Horner)
Karl Schweikert: the blacksmith's tales of crimming wheels and new frontiers Hubert, Judy A. Remmick
Karl Winter & family & Jacobus Marklinger (Merklinger) & family Mack, Rosemary
Kary family history Betz, Marlene M.
Kasmer Mastel family Holzer, Elizabeth
Kasper Schafer reunion, June 27-18, 1981  
Kasper Schafer reunion, June 27-28, 1981  
Kassman and Schmierer family Aipperspach, Susie (Kassman)
Kasten family reunion, 2004 Macioroski, Pearl (Kasten)
Kastner history - from Germany to Russia to North Dakota Kapp, Carol
Kauk family history and genealogy 1799-1981 Trautman, Edgar Edward
Kautzman family history Betz, Marlene M.
Keck chronik (Keck chronicle): the history of Friederich and Louise Keck and their descendants Grueneich, Esther Keck
Keller Keller, Clarissa
Keller family history Kramer, Daryl J.
Kelsch family history Baumgartner, Janice
Kilwein/Kilwien: descendants of George Kuehlwein Kilwien, David
Kinship: Flegel, Sauer, Pfennig, Mauch, Pflugrath, Beierle Flegel, Arthur E.
Kinship: Flegel, Sauer, Pfennig, Mauch, Pflugrath, Beierle, Flegel, Arthur E.
Klein - Peck prairie milestones Biddle, Philip C.
Klein family history and genealogy 1840-1980 Trautman, Edgar Edward
Kleins: Germans from Russia Hanson, Marcia
Klukas family history 1880-1982 Follmer, Gloria
Klundt family tree Klundt, Ralph H.
Knoell family book Alex, Dietmar
Knoll genealogy; the heritage of August & Augusta Knoll Isensee, Martha Knoll
Koch family history Betz, Marlene M.
Koch family history Koch, Charles A.
Koenig Kludt, August
Koepplin family history, 1860-1997 Koepplin, Rudolph
Koerner family history Koerner, Herbert
Kolb family tree, 1830-1988 Kensrud, Deanna (Kolb)
Konrad family Weisz, Mrs. Erwin W.
Kosanke/Frieske genealogy Peterson, Carol (Kosanke)
Kost family history, 1824 - 1992 Steiner, Jolene Schlepp
Kovalenko - Paul family history Kovalenko, Louise Pinnette
Kraft family history Johnson, Julie
Kraft--Wald family history Kraft, Stephen
Krasna, the wellspring: Tschischmak, Harsche, Bachmeier family chronicles Becker, Corinne D.
Krause (nee Schaible)  
Krein family history Krein, Rick
Kubischta family history Kubischta, George
Kuch family records  
Kulms on two continents: annals and biographies Brown, June (Kulm)
Kuss family history & family photo album, 1779-2005, from Germany to Poland to Russia to North America Schumacher, Betty Kuss
Kutschurgan colonies to America Wagner, Patricia Ann (Benson)
Lachenmeier's history, 1787-1950 Becker, Katie (Lachenmeier)
Lachenmeier's history, 1787-1974 Becker, Katie (Lachenmeier)
Lawrence William Cunningham Sibla Boschee, Doris
Leaves of the Ulmer tree of Sutton from Rohrbach Ulmer, Erwin
Lebendige Ahnen: Die Geschichte der Russlanddeutschen, Neu erzaehlt Am Beispiel der Familie Walter Aus Groetzingen/Baden Teil 1 Walter, Gerhard
Legacies Nolden, Helen Rice
Legacy Ochsner, Henry
Legacy of faith: one family's prairie story Yanke, Leotha
Lemaire: the family history of the Lemaires from 1808-1978 Trautmann, Cecilia
Life history of the David Schlichenmayer family: 1841-1925 Kirschman, Marion Schlichenmayer
Life history of the Karl Seibel family: 1863-1949 Schlichenmayer, M. J.
Life on the farm Wildermuth, Herman D.
Lipp family history Lipp, Phillip
Liste der nachkommen des Johann-Gottlieb Gerstenberger, gutsbesitzer auf Gut Tamurka-Bessarabien Gerstenberger, Eduard
Lorenz Engelhardt and Katherine Glatt genealogy Engelhardt, Joe
Louis & Maggie Malling family Keys, Linda (Wanner)
Lucas Fettig & Frances Wentz Phillips, Johannah
Lucas Fettig & Frances Wentz family Phillips, Johannah
Maedche Schaible, Robert
Magdalene Sayler/Sailer, 1857-1884 and Friedrich Schell, 1855-1929 Reimann, Verine
Mai-Deines-Dietz-Ebel-Fabrizius etc: Mai family group records Mai, Brent Alan
Mardian tree Mardian, Rose (Schmaltz)
Markus and Marianna (Mitzel) Schweitzer family Collison, Gary
Martel genealogy book one Martel, James
Martel genealogy book three Martel, James
Martel genealogy book two Martel, James
Marthaler family record Marthaller, Aubrey Bernard
Martin & Katharina (Kahl) Kuss descendents 1797-2001 from Germany to Poland to Russia to North America Schumacher, Betty Kuss
Martin & Margarete Hoffer: the fruits of their love and labor, 1856-1989 Hoffer, Marvin C.
Marzolf family data Marzolf, Arnold H.
Masseth family book Gama, Vivian Vetter
Mathias & Magdalena (Volk) Germann/Garman family history Koch, Eleanor
Mathias Schaaf family reunion  
Mathias and Barbara Gross heritage Gross, Placid Alois
Matthias Rottacker and Rose Lucas descendants Fiesel, Goldie
Meidinger 1845-1981 Williamson, Michele
Meidinger history, 1627-2000 Rogneby, Jan M. (Meidinger)
Memoir and genealogy of the Maryland and Pennsylvanian family of Mayer which originated in the free imperial city of Ulm, Wuertemberg: 1495-18 Mayer, Brantz
Memoirs of the Hegel kinship Hegel, Edward
Memories from the past Miller, Mary Ann
Memories of another day and time Richter, Michael
Memories of the past, 1770-1988 Leno, Esther
Memories; the Gums family heritage Walker, Judith Jean (Beglau)
Memory of Edward Remick Hubert, Judy A. Remmick
Mensch: roots - branches - twigs Ebaugh, Harriet Haar
Menshenblumm family "Kludt" Kludt, August Wilhelm
Mertz/Dockter freundschaft aus Beresina und Neudorf Sued-Russland Dockter, Gregory
Metzger family Hertel, Clifford
Meyer family history from Germany to North America, descendants ofJohannes Meyer of Edenkoben Harding, Mary-Lynne
Meyer family tree a research of our ancestors Meyer, Henry George
Michael & Wilhelmina Pepple family history Rudel, Norman
Michael Jacob heritage 1865-1991 Jacob, Mike
Michael Ternes & Elisabeth Fehnrich descendants Mack, Rosemary (Ternes)
Michael Ternes & Rosina Sehn descendants Mack, Rosemary (Ternes)
Michel family tree 1620-1986 Mack, Rosemary
Michels family history Betz, Marlene M.
Mike and Katherine Feist heritage Eckman, Josephine (Welder)
Mildenberger family history Mildenberger, Arthur
Miller and Kuch ancestry Miller, Mrs. Henry S.
Miller family history Miller, Malvin W.
Miller records  
Mittlestadt heritage book under ein dache Mittlestadt, Gary L.
Mitzel, a pioneering German-Russian family; 1753, Germany - 1808, Russia - 1909, North Dakota, USA - 1996, beyond Longtin, Stuart
Mock reunion: family of Joseph and Monica Mock Peavey, Delores
Morell/Morrell family history, 1763-2004 Morrell, Stephen
Mr. and Mrs. John Kiest (Kuest) Felchle, Clifford
Mund/Mundt families Twardzik, Carol Mund
My Heisler family Doerr, Delores
My family history Fichter, Sandra
My family history Hayden, Aaron
My family history Kitzan, Melanie
My family tree seven generations high Hickle, Sherman
My grandmother's people Giesinger, Adam
My home on the Crimean steppe; memoirs of David Weigum Weigum, David
Naasz families Wahl, Dale Lee
Nachkommen von Andreas Reulen (geb. etwa 1730) 1781 von Weissach/Wuertt. nach Sergartowitz/West-Preussen ausgewandert Reule, Ingrid
Nachkommen von Stephan Seefried; die Bessarabien-Seefried Siewert, Manuela (Seefried)
Neuhart chronicle Kastens, Dennis A.
Neuhart chronicle volume IV Kastens, Dennis A.
Neuhart nobility Kastens, Dennis A.
Neuhart nobility, second edition, 1997 Kastens, Dennis Allen
Neuharth Neuharth, Walter
Neuharth ancestor family history  
Nikolaus family history Schaible, Robert
Ninety years in the heartland Dieterle, Henry
Nitschke - the family story Nitschke, Klaus
Noble women, restless men: the Rippley (Rieple, Ripley, Ripli, Rippli) family in Wisconsin, North Dakota, Minnesota and Montana Rippley, LaVern J.
North Dakota heritage; Albrecht 1842-1986, hall of honors Albrecht, Robert E.
North Dakota pioneers: the family history of the Bastian and Zwicker families from 1816 to 1982 Eslinger, Clara Zwicker
Norway to America Overby, 1862-1996 Overby, Ruth L.
Obenauer kinship book Ketterling, LaRose M.
Oberlander family history Oberlander, Paul S.
Oberlander family history book 1 Scheid, Berniece M.
Oberlander family history book 2 Scheid, Berniece M.
Ochs (Oks) family: descendents of Joseph Ochs (Oks) and Margarete Eisenmenger, Germans in Russia Clark, Mildred
Ohlhauser odyssey Lang, Betty (Ohlhauser)
One Schmaltz tree in Canada Mardian, Rose (Schmaltz)
One couple ....... one century ............. Philip and Belgan Seifert family history Seifert, Dennis
One hundred years in Dakota 1878-1978 Miller, Tarrel R.
Opp families Wahl, Dale Lee
Oral history of the Veller family...Darmstadt, 1767 Krasnoyar, Voelklingen, Wehrden, Fiddichow, 1923 Chicago Valko, George
Origin & history of the Jacob D. Opp family Opp, Daniel D.
Orman/Ormann/Ohrmann, Fink & Dietterle family trees Orman, Larry
Orth family tree Orth, Larry A.
Ostertag and Wahl families Wahl, Dale Lee
Otto genealogy, 1863-1994 Magnuson, Leona (Otto)
Our Dutt family: originally from Godramstein, Pfalz, Germany emigrating, first, east of Glueckstal colony, South Russia then west to the Great Pheil, Sharon
Our Fisher family: one hundred years in America Fisher, Bob
Our Germans from South Russia, Schaffner, Scherle, Hofner, Baumgartner and related families Scott, Nadine (Gilman)
Our Hager family roots in Europe Hager, Rudolph Michael
Our Hilzendeger ancestors Neugebauer, Robert Arnold
Our Sandau family history from 1770-1982 Pribbeno, Rachel
Our Schoch-Berger heritage: the history of the ancestors and descendants of Anton Schoch and Isabella (Berger) Schoch, a family history book Wandler, Diane J. (Decker)
Our Schoenwald family in America Shariff, Kay L. (Schoenwald)
Our Ternes book Ternes, Betty
Our Wald family tree Wald, Father John
Our Wegenast family album: the descendants of Frederick and Louise Wegenast, their families and some distant families Wegenast, Virginia
Our ancestors & their descendants; the Henke family history Bell, Leo
Our beginnings in America: Gottlieb and Karolina Schenk Hehn, Erhardt R.
Our ethnic heritage, Degenstein and Hagel genealogy: 1618-1976 Van Natta, Ida A.
Our family history: Straub Straub, Paul
Our family of Fettigs, June 1993 Fettig, Andrew J.
Our family story 2004: a Keller odyssey volume III, IV, V Keller, Thomas Joseph
Our family story 2007: a Keller odyssey Keller, Thomas Joseph
Our family story, Hirsch, past and present Hirsch, Arthur Philipp Flemmer
Our family story: volume II 1993 Keller, Tom
Our family tree Haidle, Lydia
Our family tree, the Singer family: who we are and who we came from Curfman, E.A.
Our family tree, the Weber family: who we are and who we came from Curfman, E. A.
Our heritage through the Reformation, Menno Simons, the migrations, and the genealogy of Gerhard Thiessen Harms, Wilmer A.
Our heritage: Jacob Haar-Christoph Schmidtgall 1982 Schaeffer, Harriet
Our heritage: the lineage of Jonathan Volz and the heritage he created Volz, Fred E.
Our parents were Russian German Urbach, William F.
Our people Faiman, Elizabeth Claus
People petals - Hieb Kludt, August
Perman-Permann; history and genealogy 1779-1985 Weston, Adeline
Persecution to freedom: Christian Auricht and descendants 1806-198 Auricht, Norman
Peter & Karolina Schmidt and their children Schmidt, Emil G.
Peter David Podhola, 1876-1961, prominent business, civic, church leader, McLean County, Max, North Dakota  
Peter Kopp family history  
Peter Sandau from Pjaske, Poland 1816 Sandau, Warren K.
Peter and Katherina Hummel  
Peter and Veronica Ternes family Mack, Rosemary (Ternes)
Pfau Bourchard, Joan
Pfeifer: the Johannes and Christina Pfeifer family from Gueldendorf, South Russia: the first four generations and beyond Pfeifer, Ronald A.
Pfeifle family history, 1650-1992 Geigle, Herbert
Pfeifle genealogy  
Philip and Julia Orman family history Unger, Darlene (Orman)
Philipp and Margarete Mittleider family Mittleider, Mark
Philipps-Chronik Philipps, Johannes
Pioneers and their children; a Knoll history Knell, Victor
Pioneers and their children; a Knoll history and genealogy Knell, Victor
Pioneers on two continents Wenzlaff, Theodore
Pioneers on two continents Wenzlaff, Theodore C.
Plights and flights of the Iszlerites Iszler, Edwin M.
Poppke Felchle family, 1994 Poppke, DeLaine
Pride in my heritage Grenz, Emily
Pudwill family history--the Danzig connection: the descendants ofMartin Pudwill and Katharina Wormsbecker Doane, G.H.
Quest for freedom McIver, Vera
Rambur Bouchard, Joan L.
Rath family, 1763-1980 Finck, Edgar
Rau family history Rau, Ed
Raus, 1851-1983, Europe to America  
Real life Horst, John C.
Record of the Jakob Haering, Sr. (1838-1921) family: beginning with his generation and including subsequest generations to the present time Haring, Richard J.
Reich/Ruff family history Schmidt, Don E.
Reichert genealogy Miller, Lyle E.
Reinhardt Ruhl and his descendants (1854-1986) Collins, Damon
Reinhold & Mary Stang, 1933-1988: "Mom and Dad remember when...?" Reiter, Angela
Reis Schmidt family history Reis, Vernon T.
Reis-Schmidt family history Reis, Vernon T.
Reiser, Schock, Bitterman, Nathan family history 1791-1972 Sebastian, Viola A. Schock
Reiss family history Betz, Marlene M.
Remembrances Joachim, Adam E.
Remembrances of Ottilie Biederstadt Biederstedt, Charlotte
Remmick family history Hubert, Judy A. Remmick
Rempfer Markert, Margaret
Rempfers of Beresina Rempfer, Michael
Rempfers of Beresina Rempfer, Mike
Renner, Barth, Yantzer family history Hopfauf, Dianne (Frohlich)
Return to Tarutino Suko, Mark Emil
Reuscher Schnell kinship: Burbach, Popp, Miller, Heiser, Spohn, Kleiber Flegel, Arthur
Richter: the descendants of Karl Ludwig Richter, 1829-1917, and his wife Karoline (Weiss) Richter, 1832-?: die nachkommen von Karl Ludwig Ric Hartmann, Marvin L.
Riedlinger Tschosik, Jeanette (Riedlinger)
Rieger family tree Paulson, Del
Riehl family history; 1818-1986 Riehl, John
Rittel ancestry Rath, Irene V.
Ritter reunion, July 4, 1982, Herreid, South Dakota  
Robert Abram Hauser, Laura
Roeder family history Hall, Miriam C. White
Roots and branches of the Ernest and Fredricka Lutz Remboldt family heritage Ben, Mavis (Suko)
Roots and branches: the Heimbuch family  
Roots and branches; the Beglau family heritage Walker, Judith J. (Beglau)
Roots and relatives Sprenger, Ernest H.
Roots, branches, limbs, and twigs of the Koenig (Konig) family heritage Ben, Mavis
Rosin genealogy Martel, Alma (Rosin)
Roth Johnson, Irene
Roth-Huber Hutchinson, So. Dak.  
Rub-Rueb: Germany to America 1742 to 1983 Rueb, George
Rudel 1893 centennial 1993 family reunion Fessenden, North Dakota Rudel, Norman
Rudolph family history, 1827 - 1992 Steiner, Jolene Schlepp
Rudolphus Dewey and Sarah Dutton Kinney: descendants - ancestors Schade, Nettie Kinney
Ruff/Moser family history Schmidt, Don E.
Ruhl 1854-1986 Collins, Damon
Rumer Treitline Wellman Miller family history Emineth, Jeanette
Russian immigration Frey, Mrs. Alice
Russian roots, German branches: the Weiss family, Selz to Fox Valley Weiss, Merv
Sahli family history Sahli, Jake
Sailer erbe Zeiszler, Ernest E.
Sali generations past and present Barrow, Florence
Salwei genealogy Salwei, John M.
Sam Whitmer and Clara Belle Hulva Whitmer family history & photos Wyman, Rosalie
Sandau addendum der familien Sandau und Scholp Katzbach heimatstadt und andere familien aus nah und fern Sandau, Warren K.
Sandau der auswanderer Deutschen aus Russland 1801-Y2K Sandau, Warren K.
Sandau family tree Gackle, Rachel
Sayler's, 1778 to 1981: Ackerman 1862 to 1981 Rueb, Alma
Schaf-Schaaf-Schaff family history Morrell, Stephen
Schaffner family history Hoffman, Thomas
Schaible Schaible, Robert
Schatz heritage, 1989 Gefre, Rita Schatz
Scheeler, Landeis, Freed & Bleth families that settled in Dickinson, North Dakota Erickson-Anderson, Linda
Scheid family history Scheid, Berniece Martha Boeckel Winkler
Schell heritage Brown, Jack E.
Schell-Burckhard family tree, Germans from Russia Volk, Genevieve Schell
Scherger - Heck - Hardy family history Frankenhauser, Victor John
Schield memories Lunday, Berneice
Schindler family heritage Bennett, Clyde
Schindler family history; Germans via Russia Gruneich, Aneta Schindler
Schlaht newsletter vol. 4, issue 2 November 2007 Schlaht, Albert M.
Schlaht newsletter vol. 5, issue 1 September 2008 Schlaht, Albert M.
Schlaht newsletter volume 4, number 1 June 2007 Schlaht, Albert M.
Schlecht: descendants of Johann & Karolina Schlecht, Wilbur, 1945-
Schleppe German family record Mercer, Bergetta
Schlosser family history Silbernagel, Laura
Schmaltz Mardian, Rose (Schmaltz)
Schmaltz family history Gross, Placid Alois
Schmidt genealogical information Sadowski, Lorraine
Schmidt--Weinberger family history  
Schmoll family history Klem, Betty L.
Schnabel family history Schnabel, Geraldine
Schneider family history Schneider, Larry
Schneider family history; 1814 to 1989 Schneider, Sister Mary Agnes
Schnell family history Betz, Marlene M.
Schoch family reunion  
Schock family album; yesterday and today Breitmeier, Ede
Schock of Sternenfels, Wuerttemberg, Germany (including Rauwieler and Kirrberg, Alsace) and Schock of Peterstal and the Liebental District Odes Schock, Martin R.
Schoner family history Betz, Marlene M.
Schorzman family tree: life and descendants of David Schorzman, 1882-1963, and Christina Neuharth Schorzman, 1885-1977 Brown, Barbara "Bobbi" (Burns)
Schuldheisz roots & branches Schuldheiss, Allen
Schutz-Schatz family reunion, June 30, 1985  
Schwab family group history of Marilyn (Schwab) Jacobson and William R. Schwab Jacobson, Marilyn (Schwab)
Schwahn family history June, 2001 Rehwalt, Margaret Schwahn
Schweigerdts family history Schweigerts: 1861-1981 Follmer, Gloria
Schweitzer family history Gross, Placid Alois
Sebastian Hieb family history Davison, Ruth (Schauer)
Seher family history Seher, Dennis
Seidel family history Seidel, Adam
Selinger, 1632-1995 Sellinger, Peggy
Senger family history Bosch, Nick
Senger history, 1764-2000, Germans from Russia Morris, Darryl M.
Settlers on the steppes and plains; the story of the Adolph Family Knell, Victor T.
Sheila's scrapbook Davis, Sheila (Schlepp)
Sickler and Abfalder heritage c.1850-1991 Sickler, Sister Mariette
Siegfried Orth (1766-1809), Magdalena Koebel (1767-1803) and their descendants, volume 1 Bauer, Elaine
Siegfried Orth (1766-1809), Magdalena Koebel (1767-1803) and their descendants, volume 2 Bauer, Elaine
Siffermann/Scheuffele journey France - Germany - Russia - North America, 1728-1910 Harding, Mary-Lynne
Silbernagel Riedlinger, Kathern (Silbernagel)
Simpfenderfer ancestry story Simpfenderfer, William H.
Sippe Schulz-Weingaertner aus Dennewitz, Teplitz, Alexanderfeld in Bessarabien Dobler, Leopold
Sippentafel der gemeinde Eigenfeld: familie Richter  
Six generations of the Weishaar-Sayler families Weishaar, Skip, 1934-
Smaltz - here and there Smaltz, Janet M.
Some notes on the history of the Billigmeier family Billigmeier, Robert H.
Sommerfeld, Bohnet, Liebig and Retzer trees Lamson, Barbara M.
Spanning four nations; a history and genealogy of the Senger family Senger, Frank
Speidel Schlecht, Wilbur
Sprecher family history Betz, Marlene M.
Sprenger family reunion 2000 Sprenger, Morris
Springer-Liston, 420 AD - 1962 AD Liston, Merle C., Sr.
Stammbaum der familie Hartwig Hartwig, Georg Heinrich
Stammtafel der familie Handel Handel, Theophil
Stockburger family history Schmidt, Don E.
Streyle family tree Streyle, Edor
Suelzle family history Suelzle, Mel
Summary of the Pfau family "lines" Pfau, Raymond H.
Tajikistan Hetterle family Hetterle, Woldemar
Ten generations of the Zuern family Oberlander, Paul S.
Teplitzer sippe Weingaertner Dobler, Leopold
Ternes-Klein-Emineth family history Peterson, Martin
That Metzger family and others Metzger, Donna Humphrey
That darn Joe!: the life and times of Joe Becker, a Dakota rancher Shemorry, Gloria
The "Rohrbach Wiests": from Kuettigen to the Rheinpfalz to South Russia ... and beyond! Wiest, Harold M.
The Adam Lutz family history Lutz, Betty L.
The Aisenbrey - Eisenbrey - Eisenbrei family book beginning in the year 1600, in Gundelbach, Germany Aisenbrey, Kenneth C.
The Aldinger family tree of Johannes (John) Aldinger and Freidricka (Freida) Weishaar Aldinger; the history and mementos of our family Aldinger, Jan
The American integration of German Russians as experienced by the Bachmeier - Lauinger families Bachmeier, Thomas
The Andreas and Susanna (Wipf) Gross chronicles Gray, Gayla Ohlhauser
The Axtman family tree Axtman, John P.
The Balliet's of South Dakota Hoffman, Karen (Kyburz)
The Bauer family history in Germany, Russia, and America 1677-1997 Bauer, Dale
The Becker history Becker, Mrs. Roland (Gertrude)
The Benz family from Renchen, Baden, Germany and the United Statesof America 1666 to 1996 Benz, Frank L.
The Bergdorf Scheuffele families of America Wahl, Dale Lee
The Berger Renner heritage, 1716-2006 Miller, Dorothy Hauck
The Bertsch book; 222 years Delker, Harry
The Boehm families on the northern prairies Hurkes, Yvonne
The Bohl family history, Alsace---Russia---North Dakota, 1757 to 1998 Axtman, Mary Lynn
The Bosch family history 1816-1976 Bosch, Nicholas
The Boschee family tree Boschee, Greg
The Brienne Karl Hinsz families of America Wahl, Dale Lee
The Brossart family history (1800 to 1989) Brossart, Harold
The Brosz family history: Johann and Katharina Brosz - and their descendents, 1861-1975 Fey, Delories Herman
The Buechler family tree Buechler, Joseph
The Calgary yagoder Stelter, Sandra
The Conrad Rusche family history 1820-1990 Jerke, Janice
The Crinklaw families in the United States and Canada: a record of the descendants of James Crinklaw, 1777, of Roxboroughshire, Scotland, and Fraser, George Mason
The Dakota Finks Fink, Karl J.
The Dallman family and pioneer stories Harmon, Frieda B.
The Daniel Dirk and Scholastica Volk family history book, 1998 Dirk, Rasmus
The David J. Gross family Gross, Joe D.M.
The Dell history 1850-1993 Austman, Fran
The Delzer family of Johannestal Hochstatter, Don
The Descendants of Johann Wolfgang Schauer Davison, Ruth (Schauer)
The Dietrich family tree Dietrich, Nancy Ann
The Dietz family tree Dietz, Con
The Dockter's family album Ruff, Alma (Dockter)
The Dockter's family album update, 1983-1995 Ruff, Alma
The Doerr family Doerr, Delores
The Doll family Doll, Audrey
The Dormaier family of South Russia Hochstatter, Don
The Eberhart family history (1778-1980) Eberhart, Albert
The Eckman-Harr heritage book (1700-1982) Eckman, (1600-1982) Harr Eckman, Josephine (Welder)
The Ellweins Zeiszler, Ernest
The Entzel family history in the Crimea, Russia and America early 1800 to present Bauer, Dale
The Erbele family history, 1801-1984, Germany, Russia, America Erbele, Roy J.
The Erbele family history: 1801-1984 Slaughter, Martha Erbele
The Erberts; a German Catholic family in Austria, from Bohemia, through Bukovina, to America Windholz, Oren
The Fauth family history Fauth, Albert and Maria [descendants of]
The Fetzers: the seasons of their lives Graf, LaVerne Ruff
The Fischer family  
The Fischer family chronicle Fischer, Mathias J., 1875-
The Fischer's from Strassburg, Russia  
The Forsch family history Forsch, Fred
The Frank B. Schaub family history Krueger, Maurice
The Frank Joseph Spring family; a genealogical summary Wildeman, Richard
The Fred & Caroline Harnisch family history Nusz, Stell Harnisch
The Fred and Eva Aman family; an American pioneer family of German- Freeman, Margaret Ann (Zimmerman)
The Freys: pioneers from Russia Frey, Eugene
The Friedrich Mohr family history Mohr, Eugene Irving
The Friedrich and Anna Maria Stroh Schmidt family Hust, Jerome
The Friedt family (Fried, Freidt, Freed) from 1679 to 1986 Cockrall, Mary Anne
The Frison history from the Roman empire to the crusades Frison, Eugene Hubert John
The Froehlich family history Froehlich, Sebastian John
The Gebhardt family Pietz, Magdalena (Gebhardt)
The George Heinrich Weidenbach family Weidenbach, Amelia
The George Pfeifle family in America Pfeifle, Albert H.
The Giedt genealogy Hobbs, Patricia O'Connell Giedt
The Gienger family history, 1775-1980, German-Russian-American from Germany to Russia to United States of America Miller, Norbert E.
The Gluckstal Hoffnungstal Cherson Flemmer--Wall families of America Wahl, Dale Lee
The Goehner odyssey Goehner, Lawrence C.
The Goehring family tree Goehring, J.M.
The Goldade family history with memories of the village Selz and Russia: Die geschichte der familie Goldade mit erinnerungen an das dorf Selz Goldade, Peter
The Gottlieb Goeringer family of Lauwe Heinle, Raymond A.
The Grueneich family tree Spielman, Carol
The Gustins: a German Catholic family Heard, Charjean M.
The Gutsche family tree Gutsche, Horst W.
The Hannemann family tree Gutsche, Horst W.
The Hans Michael Rieb genealogy (1680-1966) Reeb, Paul
The Hass family tree Gutsche, Horst W.
The Hasz family Perry, Susan
The Hauck heritage Miller, Dorothy
The Heil story Sattler, Donald
The Heilman - Kuntz family: a genealogical summary, 1830-1982 Bartsch, Cecelia
The Heinrich Kusler families, 1840-1984 Follmer, Gloria
The Heirruhet Johannas (John) Uehling family history  
The Heltemes ancestry 1824-1972 Heltemes, Clemens jacob
The Hess family of Boradino Bessarabia Hall, Miriam
The Hieb family Zeiszler, Ernest E.
The Hiller family tree Gutsche, Horst W.
The Hochstatter/Hochstetter family of Grossliebental Hochstatter, Don
The Hoffnungstal Bessarabia (South Russia) Wahl families of America Wahl, Dale Lee
The Hoffnungstal Cherson Fiechtner--Wall families of America Wahl, Dale Lee
The Hoffnungstal Cherson Rub--Wall families of America Wahl, Dale Lee
The Hoffnungstal Cherson Wall families of America Wahl, Dale Lee
The Holzwarth family (Holzwart, Holzworth, Holsworth): a history and genealogy of the Adam Friedrick Holzwarth (b. 1802) and Catherine Sauter Tilton, Terry L.
The Huber-Hoover family history Hoover, Harry
The Humann family history Humann, Carol
The Jacob & Pauline (Heim) Rivinius family history, Elgin, North Dakota Wilma, Carol (Rivinius)
The Jacob Beck, Sr. family tree  
The Jacob Heinle family of Johannestal Heinle, Raymond A.
The Jacob Huber family: 100 years in America, 1904-2004 Swanson, Al
The Jacob and Pauline Knell family Knell, Victor
The Jake & Ida Bekel family tree Klett, Otto
The Jakob Heinle family of Johannestal Heinle, Raymond A.
The Jangula family history, 1989 Jangula, Dalphina
The Johann Joerke genealogy (1838-1986) Jerke, Gary L.
The Johann Ketterling family 1750-1994 Ketterling, Lloyd L.
The Johann and Barbara Felchle Mauch story Morrison, Elaine Becker
The Johannes Baumgartner story and genealogy Baumgartner, John?
The Johannes Wildemann family: a genealogical summary Wildeman, Richard
The John H. Schlomer story from Tellingstedt to the inland empire Schlomer, Harm H.
The Josef Fergel family history, 1868-2001 Bueling, Mary Lou Leintz
The Joseph Kuntz family Kuntz, Dan
The Joseph Martin Kopp family Kopp, Anton
The Jundt family history with memories of the village Selz and Russia: Die Geschichte der Familie Jundt mit Erinnerungen an das Dorf Selz und Goldade, Peter
The Karl and Michael Buechler family-tree calendar of events Buechler, Joseph M.
The Kautz family tree Gutsche, Horst W.
The Kemmet history: Jacob and Rosina (Schilling) Kemmet their... Kemmet, Laura
The Kempf family history: Johann Georg and Gottliebine Kempf Kempf, Norman R.
The Kennedy family history Holmes, Linda
The Kiemele family Nance, Sharon
The Kiepke families Wiebers, Thelma (Kiepke)
The Klaus families of Leipzig Bessarabia Rath, Georg
The Klinner family in Volhynia, Russia and the United States: thedescendants of Karl Klinner who died in Volhynia (now Ukraine) and Juliane (Z Shariff, Kay L. Schoenwald
The Knittel family: a three-hundred year journey through Germany,Crimea, and America (1700-2000) Schamber, Bob
The Koenig and Enzy family history  
The Konrad Deibert family Deibert, Leslie
The Kosanke family Wayne, Chelsey
The Koschel family, Germans from Russia, 1862 to 1991 Sauer, Ruth V. Wengel
The Kost family, from the colony of Worms, Russia to the Dakotas of the United States Kost, Don
The Kramers or Kraemer history and genealogy 1733-1983 Kramer, John
The Krapfl family 1637-1984... Krapfl, Julia
The Krause family history; 1883-1983  
The Kuslers and their descendants Kusler, Walter M.
The Kuslers and their descendants: 1990 supplement to "the Kuslers and their descendants" Kusler, Walter M.
The Lanz/Lantz family Doll, Audrey
The Lemmer family history, 1712 to 1978 - 266 years Lammer, Marilyn
The Lennick family heritage book Bayley, Beatrice
The Leonard Harsch family Harsh, Lester
The Lorenz and Susanna (Hofer) Tscheter chronicles Gray, Gayla Ohlhauser
The Ludwig Bierwagen Sr. family genealogical record Bierwagen, Paul A.
The Ludwig Ziegler family book Ziegler, Duane
The Maier - Keller - Wohl family Serr, Lily Wohl
The Mann family of Leipzig Abercrombie, Janice
The Marquart-Weigel family history Brendel, Elizabeth Weigel
The Martin family Asmus, Lorraine
The Martin legacy Vollmer, Velma Martin
The Mathern heritage Thommes, Helen (Mathern)
The Mauch story Wilson, Lucille
The Meier family tree: it's roots, trunk, and branches Jacobson, Mary Frances
The Merck family Merck, Edward M.
The Messmer family, 1772-1999 Messmer, Francis
The Michael Hieb family, 1746 to 1997; 250 years of Hiebs Neifer, Leo J.
The Michael Moos family 1855-1987 Smith, Frances
The Migler family history: die Geschichte der Familie Migler Goldade, Peter
The Miller (Mueller) family from 1801-1978 (177 years) Miller, Barbara
The Miller (Mueller) genealogy Miller, Michael M.
The Mueller family tree Gutsche, Horst W.
The Mutschall family tree Gutsche, Horst W.
The New World book of Pahls Halbert's Family Heritage
The Nick Krebsbach heritage Krebsbach, Rita
The Nuske family tree Gutsche, Horst W.
The Nuss family history; descendants of Adam Nuss Hofer, Ida (Nuss, Gramm)
The Ochsners from Switzerland to America Ochsner, Oscar
The Ohlhauser/Wohl chronicles July 2001 Gray, Gayla Ohlhauser
The Ott family on two continents Brandt, Edward
The Pelz family tree Gutsche, Horst W.
The Peter Decker & Rose Froehlich genealogy Ploumen, Bernadette (Decker)
The Peter Kruger family from E. Prussia to the U.S.: A family history anthology Wilson, Mary Louise
The Peter Miller (Mueller) genealogy Miller, Michael M.
The Pflug/Flug family history including surname of Flug, Schardt, Fleck, Henshel, Mutschall, Hart, Guse, Rath, Krause, Brunner, ad many others: Roth, Bob
The Philipp Nusz and Katharina Mettler family history Headley, Judith Nusz
The Pressler family...a genealogy Pressler, Eugene C. Jr.
The Raile family from Germany to the Ukraine to America Raile, Sherwin
The Raile family history Raile, Penny R.
The Rasch, Maas, Kruckenberg trilogy Rasch, Ruth Vaagen
The Rath family history Rath, Irene V.
The Rath/Roth family histories including surnames of Hussen, Saemans, Mueller, Lenk, Gaiser, Fandrich, Kuhn, Bogner, Bierwag, Brunsch, and many Roth, Bob
The Rauschenberger reunion, 1992: "roots from Russia"  
The Redekop(p) book: the descendants of Benjamin Redekopp (1833-1907) and Anna (Wiebe nee Berg) Redekopp (1819-1899) Redekop, Freda Pellman
The Rev. Paul F. Gross family record Gross, Joe D. M.
The Richard Fiedler family Frieboes, Irene (Fiedler)
The Riede family Hawley, Arlan Bruce
The Roerick family history, 1778 to 1998 Boehm, Al
The Roth family Nielsen, Ella
The Rovenko family  
The Ruff saga Graf, LaVerne Rosetta
The Sander family history with memories of the village Selz and Russia = Die Geschichte der Familie Sander mit Erinnerungen an das Dorf Selz un Goldade, Peter
The Sattler story Sattler, Arnold
The Saur heritage book: 1771-1986 Wiederrich, Matilda Erlenbusch
The Sayler cousins, 1994 Schweigert, Shirley
The Schamber family: a journey through Switzerland, Alsace-Lorraine, and Crimea, Russia (1670-1900) Schamber, Bob
The Schenk odyssey Hehn, Erhardt R.
The Scherer family Scherer, Eugene Clair
The Schiewe family tree Gutsche, Horst W.
The Schilling family heritage Dailey, Sandra
The Schimkes from Christian 1753 to Bryeton Scott 1996 Schimke, Gurmen S.
The Schlaht family history Schlaht, Albert
The Schlaht newsletter v. 3 no. 2, Autumn 2006 Schlaht, Albert
The Schlechter odyssey Mogck, Oliver
The Schmierer and Meisenholder family history Schmierer, Thomas J.
The Schortzman and Handel families Weber, Louise Schortzman
The Schott family of Hoffnungstal Schott, Carolyn
The Schul(t)z family tree Gutsche, Horst W.
The Schuler family tree Gutsche, Horst W.
The Schumacher family Cook, Dorothy
The Schwahn family tree Jochim, Tammy
The Sinkbeil story Timmons, Hulda Dockter
The Skokan family of the Austro-Hungarian empire Oberlander, Paul S.
The Spomers, 1994 Spomer, Roy
The Spomers, 1997 Spomer, Roy
The Spomers, 2000 Spomer, Roy
The Steiert history book Bischoff, Aggie
The Steiger family 1983 Bauer, Maxine Lang [Booklet committee]
The Stengler family tree Parent, Isabella (Stengler)
The Veals of Chance, South Dakota, 1900-2000 Lang, Verla M. Veal
The Walliser family 1802-1979 Elliott, Georgenia C.
The Wehr family history & genealogy, 1816-1997 Demarest, Elsie Rebecka Wehr
The Welk family directory, 1992 renuion Welk, Allen
The Welk family history Minderlen, Irene
The Werlinger family  
The Werth family history: 8 generations Bosch, Nick
The Wiedmann's of Venturia Wiedmann, Ron
The Wingard family history Martin, Jo Ann
The Wolff book, 1889-1999; Christian Wolff volume I Bolt, Judy Wolff Hoyt
The Wolff family Jundt, Amy Anne
The Zacharias Eck family record Cooper, Lydia Eck
The Zahn, Kiefer, Glas, Nagel family histories Nagel, LeeAnn
The Zenker history  
The Zenker history Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen
The Zerr history Zerr, Ludwig
The Zink family story Zink, Lucile
The Zoellmer family tree Gutsche, Horst W.
The Zucknick, Duelge, and Diem families: ancestors and descendants Renick, Barbara
The amazing story of the Goosens in America Taylor, Sharon
The ancestors & descendants of Johann Grosz and Johann Kusler, thejourney from Germany to Poland, Bessarabia and South Russia, and to North Dak Rothery, Deborah Lee
The ancestors and descendants of David Becker 1829-1913 and the history that shaped their lives Morrison, Elaine Becker
The ancestors and descendants of Friedrick and Katharina (Humann) Lindemann 1780-2000 Goehring, Edgar
The ancestors and descendants of Michael and Magdelena Deibert Reis Christy, Robert
The centennial family history ancestors -- descendants of Frank Axtmann, Pierce County, North Dakota and wives: Kunigunda Kistner & Marianna B Axtman, Mary Lynn
The descendant's of Peter Volk & Barbara Mastel Driesen, D. W.
The descendants of Adam Seher 1531 Seher, Dennis D.
The descendants of Daniel & Katherina Hoffmann and Conrad & Eva Wiest Switzer, Colleen I.
The descendants of Gerhard and Agatha (Peters) Goosen  
The descendants of Johann Kopp  
The descendants of Johann Peter Leno 1773- Seher, Dennis D.
The descendants of Joseph and Barbara Orth Casto, Eva Orth
The descendants of Peter Eminet Emineth, Arline
The descendants of Peter Kunz, Joseph Kunz, & Vincenz Kuntz, etc. Emineth, Arline
The descendants of the Zumbaum family of Germany, 1740-1997 Dobler, Janis
The families of Ferdinand Koenig and Susan Emilia Reiser Koenig, Donald V.
The families of John Zoller and Ienza Simmers (including Schmidtke and Fairless) Miller, Ann Stauffer
The families of Willibald Berger and Adalina Roth Kuntz Helderman, Anna
The family histories of Both, Knoll, Atteberry, Thompson, Carlock,Wright, Gresham, and Fisher for the period of 1516-1999 Both, Maxine (Fisher)
The family history Sonnenberg's  
The family history Sonnenberg's Wellauer, Maralyn A.
The family history book Frieboes, Irene
The family history of Christian and Mary Brecht Muehl Lake, Mary Margaret
The family history of Frank and Mary Miller  
The family history of Johannes & Elizabeth Zeller Zeller, Nelda
The family history of Pauline Leier Haman and Wendelin Haman Sharkey, Donrose V.
The family history of Theofil Wildeman (1880-1983) Wildeman, Gladys
The family history of the Schmoll and Rueb families Schmoll, Elmer W.
The family of Christian Gutjahr and Margaretha Nies Wolff, Esther V.
The family of David Heckenlaible and his descendants Volz, Sally
The family of Frederick J. Kelsch  
The family of George F. Volk - Barbara Miller, 1993 Roth, Rose Volk
The family of Jacob and Christina (Schrum) Schlauch Schlauch, Leo
The family of Johanna (Schumacher) and Andreas Richter Richter, Thomas, Sr.
The family of Karl and Elizabeth Lang; a brief genealogy Gohman, Patricia Mary Lang
The family of Konrad or Conrad Bechtold and his descendants Volz, Sally
The family of Lukas & Christine Stern, 1797-1999 Jacobsen, John L.
The family of Michael Braun and Barbara Kiefel Brown, Dorothy
The family of Simon Huber and Rosina Goetz Brown, Dorothy
The family tree of Anton Armbrust and Veronica Mischel Hondl, Judith
The family tree of Franz Joseph Freitag and Margaret Meininger made in 1997 Boschee, Doris
The family tree of Herman & Amalia Sonnenberg  
The first one hundred years: a legacy of Justina, Jacob & Katherina Ernst Ernst, Lloyd A.
The first recyclers: a story of immigrant people - and a pair who carried a dream Bechtold, George
The forebearers of the Bessarabian Rath family Rath, Paul
The forebearers of the Bessarabian Widmer family Widmer, Karl
The founding of the Moravian Church in western Canada and the ... Vitt, Kurt
The genealogy and migration of the Schumacher and Biegler families Schumaker, Lawrence
The genealogy and migration of the Schumacher families and relatives Schumaker, Lawrence F.
The genealogy of the Mattis and Beck families Solem, Frieda Mattis
The history and genealogy of the descendants of Anton and Christine Issinghoff, Martha
The history of Andreas Pfeifle & Rosina Sinkbeil Nielsen, Ella (Pfeifle)
The history of my grandparents Schlosser, Eric J.
The history of the Drefs family Finck, Jean M.
The history of the Finck family Finck, Jean M.
The history of the Hertz family who pioneered and settled in Neuburg, Russia beginning in 1804 as related by Johann Hertz, 1882-1967 Hertz, Henry
The history of the Nickolas and Barbara Weber Muth family  
The history of the Scherr kinship 1773-1980 Tschosik, Barbara
The history of the Wiederrich/Graf * Vilhauer/Hochhalter and Schelske/Henke * Drefs/Zeitner families Finck, Jean M.
The history of the Zeitner family Finck, Jean M.
The history of the family Marthaler [variations - Martala - Martaler - Martaller - Marthaller] Marthaller, Aubrey B.
The history of the family of Albinus Mitzel (1886-1963) and Rosina Roehrich (1890-1955) Deibert, John
The history of the family of Anton Deibert (1885-1934) and Elizabeth Ehresmann (1887-1979) Deibert, John
The history of the family of Michael Deibert (1875-1930) and Maria Deibert, Balzar
The kin of the emigrant Johann Michael Haefner from Neustadt Haefner, Hugo
The last of the pioneers: an odyssey of the Pfaff and Harr familyand other relatives Wiseman, Ralph E.
The legacy of Jakob and Margaretha Brosz, Germans from Russia, unser leute Norquist, Carolyn Brost
The life and times of Gottlieb Geiszler, a Russian-German pioneer Gruneich, Edwin A.
The life and times of the Friedrich and Christina Miller family from a German village in Russia, to the plains and orchards of America volume 2 Abraham, Les
The life and times of the Friedrich and Christina Miller family from a German village in Russia, to the plains and orchards of America volume 1 Abraham, Les
The life history of Johannes and Johanna Zacher family to 1979 Zacher, George
The life history of Leopold and Marianna Holzer Holzer, Anthony
The life history of Peter Zeeb and family Zeeb, Martha
The life of Johann Christian Wenzlaff Wenzlaff, Theodore Charles
The life of Joseph and Dorothea Bietz as Dakota Territory homesteaders Brosz, Marvin
The life story of Joseph Sahli Sahli, Frank P.
The lineage of the Bischoff, Pankow and Schumacher families Johnson, Dolores F. Boldt
The migration of Franz Bernhardt from Germany to Russia in 1806 and the genealogy and immigration of the Bernhardt family from Russia to Americ Bernhardt, Eugene
The migration of SCHOCK from Unterheinriet, Germany and EHNI from Gutenberg, Germany through Borodino, Bessarabia (Romania) to Turtle Lake, Nor Schock, Martin R.
The olden days Richter, Annabelle
The past and the present; a [sic] Adolf history and genealogy Knell, Victor
The past and the present; an Adolf history Knell, Victor
The paternal ancestors & descendants of Frank M. Kadrmas & Agnes (Pavlicek) Kadrmas (1649-2004) Pavlish, Bern F.
The quarry from which you were dug Edel, Emma
The question of the origin of Heinrich Moses Preheim Schrag, Duane
The roots of Henry Becker and Juliana (Dexheimer) Becker 1804 thru Becker, Katie
The secondhand Americans Schmidt, Gustav III
The story of Edwin & Aneta Gruneich Gruneich, Aneta L., 1914
The story of an American family Verness, Lucile Drifmier
The story of the Leno family Leno, George
The way it was: a family history and autobiography Giesinger, Adam
Theobald Krein Sr. and Carolina "Bentz" Krein family history  
Theophil Ricker & Frieda Ricker Eisenbeis, Clyde T.
They dared to dream Berger, Brian S.
Thillmann-Wiege family history Thillmann, Helmut
Thirteen generations of the Oberlander family: die Oberlanderschen vorfahren Oberlander, Paul S.
This was their life; Anna Schlinger, 1890-1976, Andrew Miller, 1880-1942 Ziniel, Elfreda (Miller)
Thomas & Weiszbeck family history Thomas, William J.
Thurn, George Peter and Elizabeth: ancestors and descendants, 1740-1987 Thurn Book Committee
Tiehm family history Tiehm, Martha M. (Anderson)
Tragedy, travel, triumph: story of a family Schell, Christina R. L.
Trautmann Trautman, Edgar, 1924-
Trautmann family history and genealogy 1765-1977 Trautman, Edgar Edward
Tschetter-Waldner and allied families Krause, Bertha Louise Schmidt
Tschosik family history Tschosik, Loren
Twice pioneers Schmidt, Irvin M.
Two Fornfeist brothers and their families: spanning more than 150 years Morrison, Elaine
Two hundred and fifty years of Gackle family trails Pribbeno, Rachel Gackle, 1919-
Two ways to America from Germany O'Reilly, Diana Deats
Ude - Miller - Roth: a genealogy of three families of German-Russians Emineth, Arline
Unassuming people: a Schmitt-Merkel family history Merkel, Roy C.
Unrau family; Heinrich Unrau and Anna Jantz Wall, O.J.
Unruh family history Unruh, Reuben
Unruh family history, vol. 2; Johann Christian Unruh wife Katherina Stock Unruh, Reuben
Unsere Buchler - Buechler familien: a history of Jacob and Barbara Krauter Buechler, their ancestors and descendants Schumacher, Cheryl Buechler
Unsere Deutscher familien: a history of Peter Deutscher, Sr. family, ancestors and descendants Moos, Lydia
Unsere Hetterle Schwarzen Meer Deutsche familienkunde aus nah und fern Sandau, Warren K.
Unsere Hetterle/Heer verwandschaft Deutschen aus Russland: eightyone jahre Hetterle's in America, 1909-1990 Sandau, Warren K.
Unsere Stotz familien: a history of Johann Heinrich and Jacob andKatherina (Schlecht) Stotz their ancestors and descendants Schumacher, Cheryl Buechler
Unsere leute dann und jetzt: Our people then and now Weigold, Marie Wolf
Update for Sebastian and Elizabeth (Schweitzer) Wald book Wald, Millie
Vater Abram ... Von der Ukraine uber Sibirien und China nach Paraguay und Kanada, Ein mennonitischer Lebensweg Ratzlaff, Gerhard
Veronica & Peter Ternes family Mack, Rosemary (Ternes)
Vetter (family history) Gross, Placid Alois
Vetter Sattler family history Bell, Franklyn Bessie Block, 1933-
Vetter family history 1981 Vetter, Delphine
Vincent & Regina Michel family Mack, Rosemary A.
Vincent and Regina Michel family Mack, Rosemary A.
Voegele Voegele, Chris D. Jr.
Voeller family history Voeller, Paul E.
Volk family history Bachmeier, Amy Marie
Volk family tree  
Volks, Folks and other people Volk, Leonard
Vollmer Vollmer 1678 Follmer; 1645 1983  
Vollmer family history Simpson, Irene Vollmer
Wagner family tree Henoch, Eduard
Wagner, Kreis, Naher und Roth auswanderer gebiet Odessa, Ruszland;und seine kinder Schock, Martin R.
Wahl Kludt, August
Wald family history Wald, Gregory
Wald family history Zeiler, Lorraine
Walijor, Walyer-Walyor, Walior-Wallior Barrow, Florence (Schatz)
Walker-Schlecht ancestry, 1683 through 1983: loves, lives, legacies Davick, Carol Walker
Wall family tree Wurtz, Mrs. Paul
Walz family tree Walz, Ferdinand
Walz-Ellwein history Bauer, Armand
Wanglers: 1870-1990 Wald, Katie
We are the Valentine Ketterling family Ketterling, Larose
We bloom for a season: the Edel family Edel, Eric
Weber Harmon, Frieda B.
Weber family from Switzerland, to Germany, to Russia, to America Weber, Lola M.
Weber: old world to new world 1879 Weber, Bob
Weigle family tree  
Weil family history Scheid, Berniece M.
Weisgerber ancestry Weisgerber, John
Weisz family  
Welk family reunion: June 30, July 1, 1990  
Welk pioneers Johannes and Anna: their ancestors & descendents Kaye, John
Welk: Germany 1600, Alsace 1799, South Russia 1808, emigrated to North America 1898 Longtin, Stuart
Weninger-Grinsteiner history-1986 Cantlon, Cleo
Weninnger family history Zeiler, Lorraine
Wenninger Weninger family tree Zeiler, Lorraine
Werner Sande, Maryls
What a heritage: the Bettcher family history and family records primarily relating to the Samuel Bettcher family, also included is information Janzen, Rosa (Hauff)
Whispers from the prairie: history and story of German-Russian immigrants and descendants, the Leno family Leno, Gottlieb
Wiedmeiers: Germany to Russia to Dakota Territory, USA Wiedmeier, Mary E.
Wilhelm Bauder, a son of Huffnungstal Bauder, Milo
Wilhelm Moser & Margaretha Walker family descendants Moser, Charlotte
Wilhelm Schelske and Elizabeth Holzworth family Schafer, Arlo D.
William (Bill) Soukup (1883-1948)  
Wir kommen nach Amerika! Friedrich Schiermeister, 1837-1904 Serr, Edna Schiermeister
Witt-Mauch Witt, Arthur
Working book 98 chapters volume I Wahl, Dale Lee
Working book 98 chapters volume II Wahl, Dale Lee
Working book 98 chapters volume III Wahl, Dale Lee
Wuertemberg, Worms, Wishek: a story of the Henry and Emelia Mueller family Mueller, Fred
Wurzeln or interrogatory talks with inquisitive Timmy Nathan, ElRoy
Ya! Dat's how it vas in da old days!! A farm boy's reminiscences Heinrich, Emanuel Pete
Years of tyranny: life of a Volga German family from the revolution through the Stalinist era Johannes, Emanuel
Yesterday and today: the family history of John and Magdalen Senger, 1964 Senger, Leo
Yesterdays and today; an Oster history Knell, Victor
Zacher family history Zacher, Ronald
Zehner family genealogy Nielsen, Martha
Zeiszler abstamm Zeiszler, Ernest
Zeiszler abstamm Zeiszler, Ernest E.
Zeiszler genealogy; Bernhardt Zeissler Zeiszler, Ernest
Zeiszler genealogy; Fredrik Zeissler Zeiszler, Ernest
Zeiszler genealogy; Herrmann Zeiszler, Ernest
Zeiszler genealogy; Knecht Zeiszler, Ernest
Zeiszler genealogy; Koehler Zeiszler, Ernest
Zeiszler genealogy; Oster Zeiszler, Ernest
Zeiszler genealogy; Reiner Zeiszler, Ernest E.
Zeiszler genealogy; Schlender Zeiszler, Ernest E.
Zeiszler genealogy; Vallintin Zeisler Zeiszler, Ernest
Zeiszler genealogy; Walz Zeiszler, Ernest
Zeiszler genealogy; Weigum Zeiszler, Ernest
Zeiszler genealogy; the Andreas Sailer genealogy Zeiszler, Ernest E.
Zeiszler genealogy; the Andrew Sailer genealogy Zeiszler, Ernest
Zeiszler genealogy; the Christian Sailer genealogy Zeiszler, Ernest E.
Zeiszler genealogy; the Dowling genealogy Zeiszler, Ernest
Zeiszler genealogy; the Friedrich Zeissler genealogy Zeiszler, Ernest
Zeiszler genealogy; the John Neuberger genealogy Zeiszler, Ernest E.
Zeiszler genealogy; the Mattheis Sailer genealogy Zeiszler, Ernest E.
Zeiszler genealogy; the Taix genealogy Zeiszler, Ernest
Zeiszler genealogy; the Wegerle family Zeiszler, Ernest
Zimmerman Johnson, Irene
Zuern family Oberlander, Paul S.
aus Odessa nach Odessa Pecolatto, Jolene Kay Roth
die familie Gimbel - Pfaff Harmon, Frieda Barbara (Gimbel)
die familie Weber - Brosz Harmon, Frieda Barbara (Gimbel)