What a wonderful thing is the mail, capable of conveying across continents a warm human hand-clasp. 

~Author Unknown

Letters from United States - Montana

Letters written by our ancestors that lived in Montana, USA



Adam us5636
Adolf us3926
Ahl us10 us16
Ailes us3222
Alldinger us4651
Auch us3229
Axtmann us514 us4423 us5041
Bachmann us5042
Backel us3926
Baesler us5269
Bauer us22
Baumann us5816
Baumgartner us6138
Baumstark us197
Beck us9 us1626
Becker us3926 us3993 us4074 us6128
Behler us412
Bender us5269
Benger us4423
Benz us6128
Berger us3233
Bieber us4 us9 us12 us14 us16
Billigmaier us6120
Binder us4887
Bischoff us5624
Black us383
Boehler us5443
Bohn us283
Bolinger us819
Bollinger us11 us13 us18
Bollman us384
Bosch us231 us308 us412 us417 us765 us819 us3925 us4011 us5154
Branski us24
Braun us261 us439 us789 us5154 us5636
Brilz us6094
Bronson us283
Bross us4974
Buechler us44 us3926 us3993 us4074
Bullach us5467
Burgad us1275 us3657
Burgat us3992
Burkhard us384 us1607 us1979
Burkhartsmaier us6027
Burkhartsmeier us367 us411 us439 us789 us819 us964 us1626 us3615 us3994 us4425 us4578 us5154 us5356
Christmann us3616 us3777
Clark us5816
Damm us914
Daum us4903 us4950 us4976
Deibert us93 us197 us4729 us5366 us6027
Dering us12
Derzapf us377
Desinger us5472
Dewald us1760
Dick us1760
Diede us3222 us3232
Diegel us4651
Diel us4074
Dietz us367
Dilemanik us5816
Dilemeiker us5816
Dirk us206 us514
Dobler us4887 us5727
Dockter us4358
Doll us5454
Duckert us4715
Eberle us4514
Ehli us4690 us5636 us5666
Eisenmann us4651
Eisinger us2
Ell us234 us308 us371 us514 us552 us773 us3614 us3658 us3925 us4011 us4262 us5356
Engelhardt us5329
Engler us5454
Erfle us6105
Erlenbusch us2 us4
Esslinger us5751
Fairchild us5623
Falkenstern us4 us88
Feist us252 us5569
Feldmann us261 us439 us759 us789 us3659
Felsch us1101 us1391
Fettig us5321 us5613
Fibbs us22
Fieger us1392
Fischer us22 us24 us130 us231 us395 us412 us765 us819 us1275 us1358 us2232 us3659 us3925 us4055 us4887 us5317 us5356 us5426 us5443 us5636
Fix us283
Fode us16
Francer us5154
Franz us24
Frey us12
Friedt us5636
Froehlich us5638
Froh us3
Gaub us14 us16
Gebhardt us4974 us6128
Geffreh us383 us626
Gehnert us6007
Geiger us3230 us4715 us5638 us6094
Gienger us2 us4
Giesinger us6027
Glass us22
Goegele us2
Goehnert us3218
Goehring us18
Goetz us4055 us6128
Gossen us24
Gress us4950 us4976 us5042
Gross us411
Grub us3926
Gruensteiner us5613
Gruh us4074
Gums us6128
Gutenberg us5467
Gwinser us52
Haag us5170
Habermann us3218
Hafner us10 us16
Haidle us14
Halt us4645
Hamann us1275 us3760
Hatzenbueler us5873
Heck us1101 us1275 us1391 us1626 us3659 us5623
Hegel us5816 us6094
Heilmann us819 us5443
Hein us4645 us5346
Heinrich us2233 us2853
Heintz us5042
Heisler us6161
Heissler us5321 us5678
Heit us22
Held us22
Hellman us5873
Helm us11 us18
Henke us4645
Hepfner us4514 us5467 us5609
Hermans us4074
Herr us3222
Herrle us22
Herz us6094
Hilsendeger us4477
Hintz us5269
Hoepfner us5041
Hoerner us384
Hoft us3224
Hohenäcker us14 us16
Holzer us205 us231 us252 us261 us384 us417 us439 us789 us2234 us3615 us3925 us4011 us4477 us4578
Hopfinger us22 us4423 us5256
Huber us283 us383 us586
Huft us6105
Hulm us3478
Hummel us4 us5 us17 us4982
Ibach us597
Jaeger us417 us819 us4055
Jangula us4022
Jansen us17
Job us3705
Jochim us205 us254 us384 us417 us1391 us3657 us3760 us3992 us5274 us5345 us5356 us5694 us5703 us6027
Judt us5786
Kable us4262
Kaiser us626
Karl us4968
Kary us6138
Keller us21 us44 us52 us93 us197 us343 us376 us377 us1050 us3478 us3760 us5317 us5373 us5613 us5703 us5816
Kelsch us1101 us1760
Kerner us6007
Kessel us5873
Kessen us5816
Kiesel us5169
Kifel us5569
Kilwein us5666 us5816 us6138
Kirsch us3226 us3229 us3230 us3233
Kirschner us4514
Kissel us3478
Klein us4888 us5816 us6105
Kleines us4887
Kletzel us5356
Knopp us6003
Koble us371
Koch us5786
Koegele us5472
Kohl us5816
Koschel us14
Kroeger us24
Kroll us5800 us5816
Krueger us24
Krumm us411
Kuck us4358
Kuebler us4651
Kuehlbauch us3926
Kuhn us384 us3926 us4074
Kuntz us586 us4423 us4950
Lachenmeier us4887
Lambrecht us5873
Lapp us4055
Lauer us6105
Leibel us5042 us5169 us5569
Leicht us16
Lell us514
Leopoldus us206 us283 us308 us383 us419 us514 us597 us4514
Lesmeister us22 us206 us383 us419 us626 us914 us1392 us2233 us2280
Lipp us3994
Lise us24
Lutz us5 us1607
Lämmle us11
Maehle us4594
Maertian us6138
Maertz us4424
Mangold us254 us384 us1045 us1275 us1607 us1760 us1979 us2234 us3207 us3659 us3760
Masnos us384
Masset us5613
Mastel us586 us3657
Mathern us378 us586 us5726
Matten us5041
Mattern us1275 us2234 us5467
Maurat us5041
Mauser us3 us15
Meckler us5321
Meier us22 us5041
Meisenhoelder us6128
Messer us5331
Messmer us4968
Metzger us3218 us3220 us3222 us3223 us3224 us3226 us3229 us3230 us3232 us3233
Miller us914 us3905 us5331
Mittelstaedt us4887
Mitzel us768 us4023
Mock us5678
Morast us4074
Moretz us3993
Mosse us3905
Mosser us22
Muehlbeier us3226
Mueller us4477
Nanntt us5346
Nuber us6138
Null us4312
Ochsner us3226
Olheiser us5800
Opp us14 us5425
Orman us4887
Ott us6120
Peter us5816
Pfau us4903 us5816
Pfeifer us3905
Piatz us626 us2853
Reichert us5873 us6094
Reinbold us1760
Reiner us5274
Reis us773
Reiter us44
Rempfer us6120
Renner us5471
Renz us4594
Retzer us5773
Richte us5623
Richter us819 us1607 us2234 us3705 us4423 us5041 us5274 us5316 us5345 us5366
Rickel us4312
Riedlinger us3233
Riehl us5329
Rifel us5569
Ritter us3756 us3991 us4022
Roehrich us252 us367 us789 us3615 us5613
Roerich us283
Roeter us5636
Roether us5666
Roll us5873
Rosin us4887
Roth us419 us5329 us6120
Ruscheinski us3905
Sattler us626
Saur us4651 us4887 us5727
Sayler us3230
Schaak us4 us11 us24
Schack us272
Schaefer us1 us914 us4982
Schaeffer us2 us3 us4 us6 us7 us8 us9 us10 us11 us12 us14 us15 us16 us17 us4358
Schaff us5816 us6138
Schaffert us7
Schan us4968 us5612
Schauer us11
Scheffel us5638
Schell us3991 us5467 us5816
Schempp us5773
Schlecht us4887
Schlepp us11
Schlichter us16
Schlosser us411 us514 us597
Schmalz us597
Schmidt us2 us4 us5 us6 us7 us8 us17 us18 us140 us1760 us4974 us4982 us5471 us5873
Schmierer us6120 us6128
Schneider us3659 us4662
Schnur us5042 us5636 us6138
Schnurr us5426
Schoss us4594
Schramm us3657
Schub us3926
Schuh us3926 us3993
Schulz us24
Schuster us5816
Schutz us4074
Schwab us1358 us4055
Schwan us417 us819 us1607 us2234 us4662 us4729 us5223 us5256 us5316 us5317 us5329 us5331 us5366 us5623 us5624 us5636 us5786
Schweiger us4594
Schweigert us4645 us5346
Schweitzer us261 us384 us411 us4262
Schweitzer, us2234
Schweizer us3659
Schwerdtmann us626
Schäffer us2 us4 us5 us10 us13 us16 us18
Seger us5256
Sider us4055
Siter us626
Soenner us6003
Speck us4974
Stark us5773
Stein us5426
Steper us4887
Sticka us5816
Stocker us4887
Stoecker us4887
Stokker us4887
Strauss us24
Strehn us16
Stroh us22 us914
Sturtz us4
Sukut us5170
Tabbert us3222
Tibo us9
Torscher us308
Ulrich us6007
Usselmann us5726
Voeller us21 us44 us197 us377 us411 us626 us3478 us5624
Vogel us22
Volk us5467 us5624
Vollman us1760
Wacker us5339
Waldbauer us4594
Weber us2
Wegmann us514
Wehner us5816
Weigel us5726
Weigelt us24
Weimert us5169
Weissgerber us5816
Weisshaar us4594
Welk us878
Werner us3777
Wetsch us4690
Wickenheiser us586
Wiesenburger us93
Wilhelm us4903 us4976
Wilmus us5274
Wilmuss us1979
Winter us22
Woods us1607
Wuest us6128
Zendler us6105
Zent us4976 us5816 us6138
Zerr us5042