What a wonderful thing is the mail, capable of conveying across continents a warm human hand-clasp. 

~Author Unknown

Letters from United States - California

Letters written by our ancestors that lived in California, USA



Bauer us4788
Bender us5265
Benzler us4835
Bertsch us5393
Bischof us6112
Boehm us4879
Derheim us2690
Dettling us3208
Dinius us6204
Dormeier us2690
Eckert us4834
Enzminger us5288
Erdmann us5277
Fetzer us4580
Flemmer us5118
Frei us1407 us5393
Gebhardt us5277
Gottschalk us5261
Graf us6112
Hamann us5266 us5288 us6076
Handel us2690
Harsch us5261
Hauck us6091
Hausauer us5008
Heidt us6182 us6284
Heiser us5266
Herman us2690
Hermann us2688
Herrmann us2687 us2689 us2691
Hieb us2688 us2689 us2690 us4788
Hindel us4879
Hisrschkorn us6135
Horst us5265 us6119
Hutmacher us6204
Jenner us6112
Jones us6091
Junker us6112
Kammerer us5125
Kercher us6119
Kerner us4418
Kiemle us5214
Knoll us6204
Koenig us5393
Kroll us2690 us4788 us4879
Lang us1407 us5008
Liebig us6119
Lisz us2690
Maier us2690 us5265 us6118
Manti us2687
Merk us4879
Mettler us4879
Michta us6118
Miessner us5393
Mitzel us6119
Nagel us5393
Ness us4879
Neubarth us5265
Nuss us5288
Obenauer us6112
Poessle us5214
Quashnick us4368
Raich us5266
Rasch us5288
Reich us5393
Reiswig us6135
Ries us6118
Roessner us5266
Rott us6112
Sattler us4422 us5265 us5393 us6091
Schaefer us2690 us6076 us6135
Schafer us2691
Schelske us2687
Schmidt us2690 us5277
Schmiedt us6118
Schmierer us3328
Schmitt us4834
Schneider us5261
Schock us6119
Schultz us4788
Schulz us5125
Schutz us5008
Schwab us5277
Siewert us4421
Sperle us5277
Spitzer us5393
Thielmann us1407
Thomas us6284
Triebwasser us6135
Tye us6091
Vix us5265 us6118
Wange us5277
Watson us5277
Weikum us1407
Wiege us1407
Wiese us6119
Wilking us6076
Williams us6119
Wittmayer us4075
Wolff us5125
Wutzke us5265
Zeisler us4418
Ziegler us3328
Zoller us6119
Zweigle us6135