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Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.
~Zora Neale Hurston~
(American folklorist and Writer, 1903-1960)

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Allen Konrad's Korner

I was born on a farm in Pomona View Township, LaMoure County, near Kulm, North Dakota in 1939. My paternal (KONRAD, MOGCK) and maternal (SCHULDHEISZ, KOSANKE) ancestors came from Paris, Klöstitz and Alt-Postal, Bessarabia.

In 1959, I married Mary Lu Patton. Her maternal ancestors (GALL, GRAMITA) came from Rohrbach and Worms, Beresan District. We have three children and 18 grandchildren. I was ordained into the Christian ministry in 1966 and served within The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod as missionary to Ghana, Liberia, Botswana and South Africa for about 20 years.

I also served as parish pastor in North American congregations in Saskatchewan, South Dakota, Nebraska and Wisconsin. In the 1980s, I put in over 500 hours as a licensed single engine private pilot. When called to serve in the Kalahari Desert, I put that hobby to rest. My wife and I entered retirement in 2003 and are living in Eastern Iowa. Now my primary hobbies are carpentry, genealogy research and turning German documents into English for the benefit of others. My German-speaking upbringing allows for a feel of the language, but after years away from North Dakota German speakers, to do translating I find comfort in the well-worn dictionary at my side.

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For Members Only Culture & Heritage

Back to the German Baptism Names This document deals with the lament that Germans are not using recognized German names for the baptism of their children.  The author follows his article with an alphabetical list of recognized German Baptism Names. (New April 2014)

The Kaschuben A study of who the Kaschubisch people are and where they originally came from. (New April 2014)

Some Funny Experiences from the German Colonies  from DAI Film #599 Recollections by Miss A. Schrein, the daughter of a Lutheran pastor who served in South Russia.

A Century of German Colonist Settlement Progress  from DAI Film #599. A comparison of the ease with which the third generation of Germans from Bessarabia fared over against some of the difficulties faced by the first settlers.

Story:  A Severe Threat  from DAI Film #599. Boys get into a fight at the swimming hole on the hot prairie in Bessarabia.

Story:  First Year in the New Homeland  from DAI Film #599
What it was like when the first German settlers arrived in Sarata, Bessarabia in the early 1800s.

How We Obtained Membership  from DAI Film #599
What the boys of confirmation age had to experience in order to become ringers of the church bell.

Story:  It’s Burning!  from DAI Film #599
An insight as to how fires in a village are handled.

Journey to Odessa and Set-backs of Some Emigrants  from DAI Film #599 Speaks about the hardship, illness and death that people experienced as they migrated down the Danube River from Ulm, Germany to Odessa, Russia.

Church Year in the Lutheran Church Shows the Festival and Non-Festival names of the Church Year, lists Easter dates from 1777-2020, shows how Julian and Gregorian calendars differ, and indicates some web-sites to see about calendar data and conversion.

Church and Religious Life of Germans in Russia
Translation from "Heimatbuch der Deutschen aus Russland: Die Kirchen und das Religiöse Leben der Russlanddeutschen" (Jahrbuch 1969-1972)

Christmas and New Year Customs and Practices from Sarata, Bessarabia   from DAI Film #317

Egg Gathering - An Easter Game from DAI Film #317

Story – Legend of Pomane Well from DAI Film #599

Story – Legend of the Big Hill from DAI Film #599
A story about spirits moving across the hills near Brienne, Bessarabia, during the night.

Story – Lost Blood from DAI Film #599 A concern about people of German heritage losing that heritage by becoming disassociated with other Germans.

Wedding Celebration in Sarata, Bessarabia  from DAI Film #317

Youth Free Time in Friedenstal, Bessarabia  from DAI Film #317

Kulm (Bessarabia) Community Homeland Book
English translation of "Heimatbuch der Gemeinde Kulm", H.G. Gachet & Company, Langen Bez. Frankfurt/Main.

Table of Contents Description
Pages 5-33 founding of village, Tarutino parish report, church & school life
Pages 34-58 bios on key people, health care, craftsmen, youth
Pages 59-95 military service, agriculture, livestock, Oak Forest of Kulm, fishing, hunting, money, women's activities, weddings, Easter, snowstorms
Pages 96-124 various events in Kulm, Kulm Hermit, resettlement and the Flight in Jan. 1945
Pages 125-154 life in Kulm, list of emigrants
Pages 155-197 List of those resettled from Kulm in 1940

Folklore Collection of Maraslienfeld Resettlers (from DAI Film #606) About the life of German Maraslienfeld, Akkerman District, Bessarabia. Concerning the land, neighbors, clothing, farm life, religion, societies, customs, practices, superstitions, songs, riddles and proverbs.

Extract from the Sword & Pen (from DAI Film #623) A short summary by Rudolf Stratz of his grandfather Sebastian Stratz's emigration about 1857 from the Wildgutach Valley of the Black Forest to the Odessa, Bessarabia areas.


For Members OnlyFamily-specific information

Beresan District

For Members OnlyFamily-specific information

For Members OnlyVillage-specific information


For Members OnlyDiagram – Farmstead Residence and Barn from DAI Film #599 (Frame 5387033) A floor-plan of a farm residence and compartments within a barn.

For Members OnlyOccupation Statistics in German Settlements in Bessarabia   DAI Film #317  List of German settlements in Bessarabia ca. 1940, kinds of occupations in each village and how many involved in that kind of work. The chart also lists age distribution for each village, but this has not been transcribed here.

For Members OnlySettlement in Germany   DAI Film #317  Identifies the three areas in Germany where the Bessarabian people were settled and shows the percentage of occupations represented by those settled in Warthegau.

For Members Only Landed Property Economic Situation of Germans in Bessarabia in 1939   DAI Film #317  A 6 page document which identifies the ratio of landed property owned by German heritage people in mother colonies, daughter colonies, leased land and hectare communities, and those living in urban centers.

For Members Only Hectare Communities in Bessarabia 1940   DAI Film #317  A list in 1940 of 47 Hectare Communities in Bessarabia indicating district located in, date founded, number of residents, and number of German property owners in each community.

For Members Only German Hectare Communities in Bessarabia 1940   DAI Film #317  Explains how hectare communities came into existence in 1920 and lists the names of both the pure German and the mix nationality hectare communities that developed up to 1940.

For Members Only Bessarabian German Population Statistics 1827-1938   DAI Film #317  Lists birth and death rates in various government jurisdictions, regions, and some specific cities, among different occupations, between Lutherans and Catholics, and includes a document on student distribution in elementary, secondary and teacher training schools.

For Members OnlyBessarabia Before, During and After the German Settlements (12.6 mb Powerpoint presentation form 2010 Germans From Russia Heritage Society Convention)

For Members OnlyText to Powerpoint presentation

For Members OnlyParapara Farmyard Sketch from DAI Microfilm #318
Sketch of the Robert Keller farmyard in the Bessarabian village of Parapara around 1940.

( Church    Resettlement    Family data    Village info)

For Members OnlyChurch Records

For Members OnlyResettlement History & Records

For Members OnlyFamily-specific information

For Members OnlyVillage-specific information

For Members OnlyBessarabia Village Plat Maps

DAI Microfilm T-81, #318 contains 104 sketches of Bessarabia, Bukovina and Dobrudscha village plat maps.  They were drawn by people who had been evacuated from these areas during the Resettlement in 1940.  Some are simple drawings showing rectangles for yards and the name of the head of household in the box while others show a village sketch where farmyard lots are identified, the number that was assigned to each, who occupied them, names of streets, roads leading to neighboring villages, indicating where rivers ran, the location of village streams and wells, cemeteries, churches, other public buildings, etc. Other maps will be added as they become available and are not from this DIA microfilm.

About This Village Plat Project

Alexanderfeld 8313a
Alexanderfeld 8313b
Alexanderfeld 8314a
Alexanderfeld 8314b
Alexanderfeld Residents

Alt-Oneschti 8353a
Alt-Oneschti 8353b
Alt-Onesc hti Residents

Alt-Posttal 8322a
Alt-Posttal 8322b
Alt-Posttal 8323a
Alt-Posttal 8323b
Alt-Posttal 8326a
Alt-Posttal 8326b
Alt-Posttal 8327
Alt-Posttal 8347a
Alt-Posttal 8347b
Alt-Posttal 8348a
Alt-Posttal 8348b
Alt-Posttal Residents

Balaktschelly 8309a
Balaktschelly 8309b
Balaktschelly Residents

Benkendorf Plat 8273a
Benkendorf Plat 8273b
Benkendorf Residents

Bergdorf pq Plat 8352a
Bergdorf pq Plat 8352b
Bergdorf Residents

Brienne Plat 8274a
Brienne Plat 8274b
Brienne Plat 8275a
Brienne Plat 8275b
Brienne Residents

Dennewitz Plat 8317a
Dennewitz Plat 8317b
Dennewitz Plat 8370a
Dennewitz Plat 8370b
Dennewitz Plat 8371a
Dennewitz Plat 8371b
Dennewitz Residents

Ebenfeld Plat 8331a
Ebenfeld Plat 8331b
Ebenfeld Plat 8332a
Ebenfeld Plat 8332b
Ebenfeld Plat 8375a
Ebenfeld Plat 8375b
Ebenfeld Residents

Eigenfeld Plat 8362a
Eigenfeld Plat 8362b
Eigenfeld Residents

Eigenheim Plat 8262a
Eigenheim Plat 8262b
Eigenheim Residents

Emmental Plat 8285a
Emmental Plat 8285b
Emmental Plat 8286
Emmental Plat 8312a
Emmental Plat 8312b
Emmental Residents

Friedenfeld Land Parcels 8366a
Friedenfeld Land Parcels 8366b

Friedensfeld Plat 8296a
Friedensfeld Plat 8296b
Friedensfeld Plat 8297a
Friedensfeld Plat 8297b
Friedensfeld Residents

Fuerstenfeld I Plat 8666
Fuerstenfeld I Residents

Fundu-Sarazika Plat 8334
Fundu-Sarazika Residents

Gnadenfeld Plat 8292a
Gnadenfeld Plat 8292b
Gnadenfeld Residents

Halle Plat 8338a
Halle Plat 8338b
Halle Residents

Hannovka Plat 8301a
Hannovka Plat8301b
Hannovka Plat 8302a
Hannovka Plat 8302b
Hannovka Residents

Helenovka Plat 8293a
Helenovka Plat 8393b
Helenovka Plat 8298a
Helenovka Plat 8298b
Helenovka Residents

Hirtenheim Plat 8356a
Hirtenheim Plat 8356b
Hirtenheim Plat 8357a
Hirtenheim Plat 8357b
Hirtenheim Plat 8358
Hirtenheim Plat 8359a
Hirtenheim Plat 8359b
Hirtenheim Residents

Hoffnungsfeld Plat 8278
Hoffnungsfeld Residents

Jargara Plat 8373
Jargara Residents

Jekaterinowka Plat 8300a
Jekaterinowka Plat 8300b
Jekaterinowka Residents

Klöstitz 01 New Nov 2013
Klöstitz 02 New Nov 2013

Kolatschofka Plat 8287a
Kolatschofka Plat 8287b
Kolatschofka Plat 8288a
Kotatschofka Plat 8288b
Kolatschowka Residents

Plat Map of Kulm, extracted from the book: Heimatbuch der Gemeinde Kulm

Kulm 01 New Dec. 2013
Kulm 02 New Dec. 2013
Kulm 03 New Dec. 2013

Leowa Plat 8268
Leowa Plat 8376a
Leowa Plat 8376b
Leowa Residents

Luxemburg I Plat 8304
Luxemburg I Residents

Mannsburg Plat 8325a
Mannsburg Plat 8325b
Mannsburg Plat 8349a
Mannsburg Plat 8349b
Mannsburg Residents

Manukbejewka Plat 8394a
Manukbejewka Plat 8394b
Manukbejewka Plat 8395a
Manukbejewka Plat 8395b
Manukbejewka Plat 8396a
Manukbejewka Plat 8396b
Manukbejewka Residents

Maraslienfeld Plat 8319a
Maraslienfeld Plat 8319b
Maraslienfeld Plat 8320
Maraslienfeld Residents

Marienthal Plat 8377a
Marienthal Plat 8377b

Marienfeld Plat 8310a
Marienfeld Plat 8310b
Marienfeld Plat 8311a
Marienfeld Plat 8311b
Marienfeld Residents

Mathildendorf Plat 8343
Mathildendorf Plat 8344

Mischeni Plat 8374
Mischeni Residents

Neu-Alexanderowka Plat 8280a
Neu-Alexanderowka Plat 8280b
Neu-Alexandrowka Plat 8281a
Neu-Alexandrowka Plat 8281b
Neu-Alexandrowka Residents

Neu-Elft Plat 8321a
Neu-Elft Plat 8321b
Neu-Elft Residents

Neu-Kloestitz Plat 8399a
Neu-Kloestitz Plat 8399b

Neu-Luxemburg Plat 8259a
Neu-Luxemburg Plat 8259b
Neu-Luxemburg Plat 8260
Neu-Luxemburg Residents

Neu-Paris 01 New Nov 2013
Neu-Paris 02 New Nov 2013
Neu-Paris 03 New Nov 2013
Neu-Paris 04 New Nov 2013
Neu-Paris 05 New Nov 2013
Neu-Paris 06 New Nov 2013

Neu-Posttal Plat 8263a
Neu-Posttal Plat 8263b
Neu-Posttal Plat 8270a
Neu-Posttal Plat 8270b
Neu-Posttal Residents

Parapara Plat 8336
Parapara Residents

Paris 01 New Nov 2013
Paris 02 New Nov 2013
Paris 03 New Nov 2013
Paris 04 New Nov 2013
Paris 05 New Nov 2013
Paris 06 New Nov 2013

Plotzk Land Parcels Plat 8295a
Plotzk Land Parcels Plat 8295b
Plotzk Land Parcels Residents

Plotzk Plat 8261a
Plotzk Plat 8261b
Plotzk Residents

Sangerowka Plat 8283a
Sangerowka Plat 8283b
Sangerowka Plat 8283c
Sangerowka Residents

Sarata Plat 8355a
Sarata Plat 8355b

Schimke-Weiler Plat 8307a
Schimke-Weiler Plat 8307b
Schimke-Weiler Residents

Sofijewka Plat 8340a
Sofijewka Plat 8340b
Sofijewka Plat 8341a
Sofijewka Plat 8341b
Sofijewka Plat 8350a
Sifijewka Plat 8350b
Sofijewka Plat 8351a
Sofijewka Plat 8351b
Sofijewka Residents

Vladimirovca Land Parcels Plat 8367a
Vladimirovca Land Parcels Plat 8367b
Vladimirovca Land Parcels Plat 9368



For Members OnlyVillage-specific information

For Members OnlyVillage Plat Maps - Bukovina

Village Plat Map taken from DAI Microfilm T-81, #318

Eisenau Plat 8400a
Eisenau Plat 8400b
Eisenau Plat 8406
Eisenau Plat 8407
Eisenau Residents

For Members OnlyResettlement Records


For Members OnlyFamily-specific information

  • Family Registers from Katharinenfeld, Georgia, Caucasus from DAI Film #624 Families of Johannes and Sarah Remp Speiser, Jakob and Anna Max Wiedmeier, Daniel Wiedmeier.

For Members OnlyVillage-specific information

  • Elisabethtal, Georgia and its Residents Alphabetical Listing of Elisabethtal, Georgia (South Caucasus) Residents, place where they came from, vital statistics and information of some individuals.  Also a list of the pastors who served the community. New Nov 2013

  • Power of Attorney Index – Georgia 1820-1825 List of Württemberg colonists in Russia, the handing over of letters and full power of attorney of Württemberg colonists in Georgia. New Nov 2013
  • Elisabeththal Church Building from DAI Microfilm #599
    Pastor M. Fr. Schrenk comments on the construction of a new church building in the village of Elisabeththal, which was located in the Caucasus region of Georgia.

  • Bolshevik Destruction of Gnadenburg in the Caucasus from DAI Film #598 A verbal report about farmer Speimann as told by Oskar Franz Schardt. Published in the evening supplement of the "Stuttgart NS-Kurier" on 23 November 1936.

  • Jekaterinodar Parish from DAI Microfilm #599
    Pastor Joh. Kludt’s wife reflecting on the work of her husband in Jekaterinodar, an Evangelical (Lutheran) village in the North Caucasus, also known by the German name of Gnadau, in the Kuban River District, established in 1871, and some activities of the Ladies’ Society of the parish.

  • Katharinenfeld Colony Memories from DAI Microfilm #599
    What the Katharinenfeld Colony experienced during the Turkish-Russian War of 1877.

  • Neudorf School Dedication from DAI Microfilm #599
    Pastor M. Fr. Schrenk comments on the school building in the village of Neudorf, located in the Caucasus region of Georgia, that was dedicated in October of 1889.


For Members OnlyFamily-specific information

  • Marriages in Various Villages of Rayon Chortitza from DAI Film #607 Marriages in the villages of Alexejewka. Augustinowka, Belenjkoje, Bucharowka, Invalidenheim b. Lukaschewka, Ivangorod, Kujliesch, Lowchos Belenjkoye, Lowchos Lissa-Gora b. Belenjkoje, Marjewka, Otradnoje, Pechotinskoje, Portmaschewa, Pricoaljnoje, Rasumowka, Wessoloje.

For Members OnlyVillage-specific information


For Members OnlyFamily-specific information

  • Brief History of Andreas Demmler from DAI Film #599
    Summary report. His family history in the Volga and the Crimea, the severe famine of mid-1930s and the advance of the German Army.


Chronicle of the Village of Caratai, Dobrudscha   from DAI Microfilm #318 A brief account of how ethnic Germans happened to settle in the village of Caratai/Nisipari, located in the Romanian region of Dobrudscha.

For Members Only Resettlement records

For Members Only Village Plat Maps - Dobrudscha

Village Plat Maps taken from DAI Microfilm T-81, #318

Atmagea Plat 8412a
Atmagea Plat 8412b
Atmagea Residents

Caratai Plat 8418a
Caratai Plat 8418b
Caratai Residents

Cataloi Plat 8416a
Cataloi Plat 8416b

Ciucurowa Plat 8397a
Ciucurowa Plat 8397b
Ciucurowa Residents

Cogealac Plat 8264a
Cogealac Plat 8264b
Cogealac Plat 8385a
Cogealac Plat 8385b
Cogealac Plat 8386a
Cogealac Plat 8386b
Cogealac Plat 8410a
Cogealac Plat 8410b
Cogealac Residents

Colelia Plat 8409a
Colelia Plat 8409b
Colelia Residents

Gross-Pallas Plat 8413a
Gross-Pallas Plat 8413b
Gross-Pallas Residents

Horoslar Plat 8393a
Horoslar Plat 8398b
Horoslar Residents

Mangeapunar Plat 8380a
Mangeapunar Plat 8380b
Mangeapunar Residents

Mereaua-Malcoci-Malkotsch Plat 8382a
Mereaua-Malcoci-Malkotsch Plat 8382b
Mereaua-Malcoci-Malkotsch Plat 8383a
Mereaua-Malcoci-Malkotsch Plat 8383b

Tari-Verde Plat 8420a
Tari-Verde Plat 8420b
Tari-Verde Residents

Grossliebental District

For Members OnlyFamily-specific information

For Members OnlyVillage-specific information

  • Letter from Kleinliebenthal-1807  from DAI Film #599
    Kleinliebenthal colonist trying to encourage friends back in his old homeland to come to Russia by revealing to them how good his new land has been to him.  Kleinliebenthal located in Großliebenthal District—Kherson/Odessa and established in 1804


For Members OnlyVillage-specific information

  • Residents in Six Lutheran Parishes   from DAI Microfilm #599 Lutheran Pastor Martin Friedrich Schrenk served the Glückstal/Odessa Parish 1880—1902 and the Grossliebental/Odessa Parish 1904-1908.  Without any explanation, this document appears to be an attempt on the part of Anna, daughter of Pastor Schrenk, to list from memory individuals in the villages of Glückstal, Grossliebental, Hoffnungstal, Bergdorf, Neudorf, Kassel and Berlin where her father once served. New November 2013
  • 25th Anniversary of Pastor Schrenk’s Ministry  from DAI Film #599 A report by Pastor Birnbach on the celebration in Glückstal, Kherson/Odessa which honored Pastor Martin Friedrich Schrenk on his 25 years in ministry
  • A Confirmation in South Russia  from DAI Film #599
    A young man attends his confirmation rite in spite of the possibility that he could lose his job.
  • Biographical Report on Pastor Johannes Alber  from DAI Film #599 Lutheran Pastor Johannes Alber (1845-1932), born in Nikolayev and served in Worms and Grossliebental, Kherson/Odessa
  • Experience in a Lutheran Parsonage  from DAI Film #599
    A report by the daughter of a pastor who experienced the turmoil of the Bolshevik Revolution and World War 2 while living in the colonies of Hoffnungstal and Glückstal in Kherson/Odessa
  • Sexton-Teacher Weiss and District Secretary Holzwarth  from DAI Microfilm #599 A tribute  for the services rendered to the Glückstal community by sexton-teacher Christian Weiss and district secretary Johannes Holzwarth
  • German Settlements in Kherson Province in 1916 from DAI Film #606 Russian farm count of 1916, published by the District Administration of Kherson Province.
  • Hoffnungstal Colony – An Historical Overview   from DAI Microfilm #599 A brief history of Hoffnungstal Colony, established in 1819, located northwest of Odessa, in the Glückstal Province of the Kherson Jurisdiction.
  • Kherson Archival Material on Germans in Russia from DAI Film #606 List of files and Revision Lists pertaining to the Germans, located by DAI staff workers in 1943 at the Kherson Archives.
  • Pastor M.F. Schrenk in Glückstal – 1880 from DAI Microfilm #599 A pastor’s perspective on the conditions he finds himself called to as spiritual leader in the huge Lutheran Parish in the Kherson Jurisdiction villages around Glückstal and Neudorf.  Previously, he had served in Elisabethtal, Georgia, in the Caucasus.


For Members OnlyVillage-specific information


For Members OnlyFamily-specific information

Memories of Molotschna Colonies from DAI Microfilm #599
Memories of the Molotschna Mennonite colonies, in the Jekaterinoslaw Jurisdiction, as recorded by the wife of Pastor Kludt.

Map of Molotschna Mennonite Colonies from DAI Microfilm #599
Frame 5386468 as drawn by Hippenmeyer in 1852.

Mennonites Emigrating from Prussia to Chortitza 1818 from DAI Film #606 List of names, ages and place of residence.

Mennonites Emigrating from Prussia to Chortitza 1818b from DAI Film #623 Some of the same information as DAI Film #606

Mennonites in Gouv. Jekaterinoslaw Revision List 1795 from DAI Film #606 Revision list of 1795; Colonists who arrived on 1 August 1789 and also in 1792. Gives age and place of residence.

For Members OnlyVillage-specific information

  • Mennonite Villages in Russia from DAI Film #606, #607, #608
    Listing of Mennonite villages (some including their Russian names), districts in which they were located, name of village responsible for new settlement starts.
  • Mennonite Settlements in Melitopol and Mariupol Districts from DAI Film #606 German Military Affairs document of 1941 dealing with the area of Kriwoi-Rog, Saporoshje, Dnjepropetrowsk, in the District of Melitopol and in the District of Mariupol including a brief historical sketch of these Mennonite areas.
  • Mennonites in Europe, North & South America from DAI Film #606 Information about Mennonite migration to the Americas, dates when settlements were founded and number of inhabitants.


  • Kaisertal-Taurida Lutheran Community 1832-1913  from DAI Microfilm #599. In commemoration of it's 75 years of existence (1832-1913), Pastor J. Stach, together with others from the community, put together a 33 page document commemorating the history of the Evangelical Lutheran community of Kaisertal in the Eugenfeld Volost, Melitopol District of the Taurida Gouvernement.
  • Memories from Molotschna  from DIA Film #599
    Recollections by the wife of Lutheran Pastor Joh. Kludt of services rendered in the Prischib Parish in Molotschna/Taurida by a pastor’s daughter who came to be known as Aunt Blank
  • Mrs. Rike Flemmer of Glückstal  from DIA Film #599
    An account of a woman who used her self-education knowledge of medicine to gave medical assistance to her community
  • Murder of Pastor Paul Christian Baumann  from DAI Film #599
    An account of how a pastor and his family were murdered in the area of Prischib, Molotschna/Taurida just prior to the Russian Revolution in 1905


For Members OnlyVillage-specific information

Other areas of old Imperial Russia

For Members OnlyFamily-specific information

Germans Living in Rayon Chorol in Don Kossack Region from DAI Film #606 List of names, date & place born

Germans Living in Rayon Kamenka 1941 from DAI Film #606
List of names, date & place born.

Germans Living in Rayon Prokrowskoje-Jekaterinoslaw from DAI Film #606 List of names, date & place born

Karl and Wilhelmine Knaut Death Certificate from DAI Film #624
Couple died at Libau, Latvia, a seaport city.

Kaisertal Settlers of 1838 from DAI Film #599 List of families who settled Kaisertal Colony in 1838, located in Taurida Gouv., Melitopal District, Eugenfeld Wolost. Extracted from a 75th Jubilee document of 34 pages.

Civilian Prisoners in Sselo Petrowkoje, Orenburg Province 1915 from DAI Film #606 (revised Mar. 2009) This region is east of the Volga River, by the Ural River, and was once populated by Mennonites from the Molotschna area although this particular document includes only Catholics, Evangelicals, Lutherans and Reformed of German and Austrian descent.

For Members OnlyVillage-specific information

  • Belowesch Parish  from DAI Microfilm #599
    Pastor Johann Kludt’s wife giving a brief overview of the Belowesh Lutheran Parish in the Chernigov Gubernia of Russia.
  • German Settlements in the Dnjepropetrowsk General Region from DAI Film #607 1942 report concerning the 10 German settlements in the Districts of Dnjepropetrowsk, Petrikowka, and Werchnje-Dnjeprowsk, in the Dnjepropetrowsk General Region.
  • German Settlements in the Korosten District from DAI Film #607
    1942 report concerning the 32 German settlements in the Korosten District, Shitomir General Region, including the Germans in the scattered settlements and Ukrainain small-market town of Goroschki and Korosten.
  • German Settlements in the Kriwoj-Rog District from DAI Film #607
    1942 report concerning the 11 German settlements in the District of Kriwoj-Rog, including the scattered Germans in the surrounding Ukrainain villages and Apostolowo.
  • German Settlements in the Kronau-Orloff District from DAI Film #607
    1942 report concerning the 26 German settlements of Kronau-Orloff (now Marienburg) District on the Ingulets River, south of Kriwoj-Rog near the Molotschna River.
  • Ethnic German Settlement at Nestelejewka from DAI Film #606
    A letter from a German soldier on the Eastern Front in 1942 about the Lutheran village of Nestelejewka, near Losowaja/Charkow Province.
  • Rynowka Parish  from DAI Microfilm #599
    Pastor Johann Kludt’s wife reflecting on the work of her husband in Rynowka, an Evangelical (Lutheran) village in the Don District of Russian. NEW May 2012

For Members OnlyDeutsche Auslands Institut (DAI) Microfilms

These microfilms contain copies of documents captured from Germany by the U.S. after WWII. Many of the documents include information about our ancestors in Russia and during their resettlement back to Germany. Some of these documents are translated and available at this site. Other documents included in the indexes can be viewed on microfilm at the GRHS Library in Bismarck, ND. If you can't visit Bismarck, ND our headquarters personnel can provide copies.

For Members OnlyWelfare Committee records from Odessa Archive, Fond 252

Documents dealing with passports, character reference for travelers, voting lists, financial reports and Orphan Fund information of the Beresan District in South Russia. The microfilm indexed is located in the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (AHSGR) library in Lincoln, NE.


For Members OnlyResettlement History & Records

For Members OnlyFamily-specific information

  • Johann and Ursula Werner Family Tree from DAI Film #598
    Beginning in the 1600s in the Schorndorf, Giengen, Ludwigsburg area in Württemberg with Johann Georg and Ursula (geb. Kuenkel) Woerner/Werner.
  • Werner Family Tree (more info) from DAI Film #599
    Johann Georg & Ursula (nee Kunkel) Woerner/Werner family information dealing with church and civil records for the period from 1634 to 1799 of the German towns of Ludwigsburg & Schorndorf (north of Stuttgart) and Giengen on the Brenz River (northeast of Ulm).
  • Werner Family Baptisms at Schorndorf from DAI Film #598
    Names from Schorndorf, Württemberg area in 1600-1700s.
  • Request to Emigrate from Hamm/Worms District, Germany about 1840 from DAI Film #623 Letter to Russian Emissary at Stuttgart in 1841 with request for approval for 11 families from Hamm/Hesse to go to Russia.
  • Family Tree of Johannes Hammer from DAI Film #624
    Born 26 Oct 1783 at Allmersbach, Württemberg; several notations about moving to Poland.
  • Nuertingen, Württemberg Release for Emigration from DAI Film #624
    Names and villages of 30 persons released for emigration, by permission from the emperor, through Oberamt Nuertingen, Württemberg.
  • Potential Emigrants from Württemberg from DAI Film #624
    List of 297 people, places of residence, number in party who received permission in 1816 & 1817 to emigrate by authorities of the Kingdom of Württemberg.
  • Reasons for Emigrating from Germany to Russia 1818-1820 from DAI Film #599 This document deals with the names of 17 persons and their reasons given for wanting to leave Oberamt Waiblingen and Vaihingen, Wuerttemberg and go to the Caucasus and Georgia in 1818-1820. It also contains reasons given by others for leaving West Prussia, Danzig, Marienwerder and Flatow in 1875-1880.

For Members OnlyPrussia

  • Pomeranian Colonies and Colonists - 1754  from DAI Film #317 This document provides a list of Pomeranian colonies and the names of the colonists who were settled there by Prussia’s King Friedrich II, “the Great”, in the years 1747-1754, the main period of Pomeranian colonization. It is a document that can give valuable family research information since most church books do not go back that far. (New Sept. 2011, Revised Mar 2012)

North America

Town History Books

For Members OnlyChurches

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Photos of all headstones

For Members OnlyLaMoure County, ND

  • LaMoure Co. cemetery photos
  • LaMoure Co. cemeteries with photos
  • LaMoure Co. cemeteries ( revised Jul 2009)
    Includes locations, GPS, info on where records are kept, some names of persons buried, no photos
  • Burial Permits Filed at LaMoure County 1925-1970 (posted Jul 2010; revised Aug 2011)
    The first burial permit in the LaMoure Co. Courthouse is dated 1925. This 53-page document includes over 2,570 names. Along with the name, it includes a date of birth or age at time of death, the place of death, where buried, and date of burial. Cause of death has been excluded from this document for personal privacy reasons. Due to the page size of this document, the last column of information has also been excluded. This column shows those burial permits which noted the birth-place of the deceased, the names of parents or next of kin, whether the body was cremated or stored for burial at a later date, or the grave location in the cemetery where the body was buried.

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South America

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Mennonites in Europe, North & South America
Information about Mennonite migration to the Americas, dates when settlements were founded and number of inhabitants.

We extend special thanks to Allen for sharing his research with us. He has devoted much energy and time in developing this work for your edification and use.