January 2019

My, how time flies as a person gets more mature! The Christmas holiday has come and passes so quickly and we look forward to the beginning of the new year: 2019!

The Christmas music of the Glissando Bells presented at our last meeting was so inspiring and helped put us into the Christmas spirit. It was enjoyed by all.

At our January 19, meeting we will have the privilege of hearing a presentation by Lee Macklin, who is an expert on the meaning and use of DNA in learning about ourselves and how we are related to other people. Lee made several presentations at the national AHSGR convention and interest was so high that there was “standing room only.” Lee will introduce the meaning and usefulness of DNA. A number of us have had our DNA tested and need to know how it is useful in learning about ourselves and how it may tell us to whom we’re related. I’m sure there’ll be a lot of questions, so we’ll allow time for that.

We’re saddened to report the sudden passing of one of our members, Charlie (Chuck) Curtis. He and his wife, Rosemarie, have been active chapter members. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Rosemarie.

Most of you have renewed your chapter membership for 2019. Thanks. If you have not done so as yet, now is the time to do it. Send your $13 check made payable to “GR So Cal,” to Carol Epp (address provided in this newsletter).

We look forward to seeing you on the 19th of January!

Ein Gutes Neues Jahr!

David Karber

March 2019


Dear Chapter Members

WOW! What a day made at our last lunch meeting on January 19 with one of the largest in attendance; and not only with a great lunch, but with the privilege of hearing from our great speaker, Lee Macklin on the subject of DNA. His presentation was so captivating that when the attendees were asked if they would like to hear from him again at a future meeting, it was a resounding, absolutely yes. And so, with his schedule rearranged, Lee will return for our March 16 meeting in a continuance of DNA. Yes, it will not be the same presentation but will be, as I said, a follow-up to the first one. How fortunate we are to be able to make this all work out. I hope you all will be able to take advantage of his accommodating us as our guest. If there was anyone that did not make it to our meeting in January, then we hope your schedule will allow you to hear Lee in March. WOW! Another day made coming up with the potential of another “largest in attendance”.

So with the 2019 New Year starting off with a bang, we wish to acknowledge some other changes. As is always the case, these changes are sad but also glorious. Having said that, we wish to thank our departing long time editor Herb Epp for all of his many years of dedicated service. We will miss him, but he is not leaving the chapter, just taking some well-deserved time off. Thank you Herb. Taking his place is Diane Bonner; welcome Diane. Also leaving her position is Carol Epp in membership and we wish to thank Carol for all her efforts in membership as she will take some well deserved time off with her `hubby`. Her replacement will be Elaine Karber; welcome Elaine. Also a big thank you goes to Al Hart, our welcoming chair for his many years of chapter service who also will not leave the chapter, but will enjoy some well deserved time off. Thank you Al; and his replacement is chapter member Robert Gettman – welcome Robert for stepping up to the plate. As your co-president, I wish to thank all who have and are willing to serve in the capacity they were installed in January. A special thank you goes to David Karber who is not only the co- president with me, but also the treasurer As you see in the officers and directors and all those behind the scenes, we are well placed and hope that all of our members will be willing to take part as they see fit in this great Southern California Chapter (GR So Cal).

In keeping with our chapter schedule, be sure to calendar not only the meeting on March 16 with Lee Macklin, but also the Summer Picnic on July 13 hosted by member Bob Freeman. If you have not been to Bob’s house, you have missed a `wonder` and should not miss this one – trust me.

In closing, thank you for all your support,

Larry Stumpf, Co-President
September 2018

PRESIDENTS MESSAGE Dear Members of the GR So Cal Chapter,

I hope your summer is going well in spite of the unusual heat we have experienced. I’m sure that all of us are looking forward to the cooler days in Fall.

Chapter members have been involved in a number of activities since our last meeting. We had a delightful summer picnic at the beachside home of Bob Freeman and a number of our members attended the national conventions of GRHS and AHSGR We’ll have reports on both of those conventions at the next chapter meeting on September 15.

Peter Goldade, one of our chapter members made presentations at the GRHS convention and we will have the privilege of his making that presentation to our chapter. His presentations drew a lot of interest and were well-attended. Peter has done extensive research on the files which reflect the mass atrocities inflicted by the Russian Revolution of 1917. He has authored four books and is in the process of writing a 5th book. His website provides extensive information about personal and family data and the ultimate fate of many people. I’m sure you will find Peter’s presentation of great interest.

Future also brings us to our January meeting on the 19th January 2019 with Lee Macklin and his DNA presentation. Keep the date open. As you see, your chapter is actively involved not only for itself but for you the member. So put the 1st December on your calendar for your next meeting with the Glissando Bells. We will also have Stolen for sale.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and we’ll see you at the Phoenix Club on Saturday, September 15!

David Karber

December 2018


Happy Holidays; Yes it is that time of year; It’s Weihnachtszeit.. Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah, and all who celebrate. A Very Happy Celebration this festive time of year goes out to all from the So Cal Chapter of Germans from Russia...

December 1st is your chapter’s Holiday Luncheon Meeting at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim. And by popular demand, you will be entertained by the “Glissando Bells” featuring Beth, Kat, and Ruben on the multiple hand held bells; what a joy it was when we had them play before and now to enjoy them once more. The menu will include a delicious German Lunch. Please see the flyer included in the newsletter.

It is also the time of year that we wish to express our deepest gratitude to all our chapter members, friends and all mankind. It is a time of reflection on the past, to enjoy the present and to look to the future. We remember all the good gatherings of lunch and programs held at the Phoenix club and the summer picnic held at Bob Freeman’s home in Redondo Beach. Those who had the opportunity will remember the GRHS and AHSGR convention and the Heritage Fest in Northern California with great food and companionship. We trust you had a super time. Speaking of present and future brings us to membership dues. If you haven’t, please get your 2019 dues ($13.00 per family) into the Epps’s. Likewise, it is time for chapter board selection. We need new volunteers to fill in the positions that are being vacated. Yes, if all are filled, it really is not a big demand or workload. So please let us know what you would like to do. Many hands make light work, we need your talents and it is fun.

Future also brings us to our January meeting on the 19th January 2019 with Lee Macklin and his DNA presentation. Keep the date open. As you see, your chapter is actively involved not only for itself but for you the member. So put the 1st December on your calendar for your next meeting with the Glissando Bells. We will also have Stolen for sale.

Happy Holidays
Larry Stumpf