January 2018

Dear Members of the GR Chapter of Southern California,


We hope that you had a good time celebrating with family and friends and that your new year is off to a good beginning. We are so blessed to live in a country where we have so many precious freedoms and one of those freedoms is to celebrate various religious holidays like Christmas. 

All of us certainly enjoyed the festive music provided to us by the Glassando Bells at our Christmas Party! The trio of bellringers inspired us with their delightful Christmas music. 

We are planning a number of informative programs for the chapter meetings this year and look forward to your joining us on JANUARY 27 at the Phoenix Club. Because of conflicts we had to reschedule the meeting to a week later than our usual meeting weekend in January.

At the January meeting we will view an interesting video, “John Biel Returns: A Visit to the Volga German Villages.” This video tells the story of John Biel, a German-Russian man living in Chicago who returns to his home village of Enders, Russia, in 1930 to film village life and the “progress” (according to the Soviet government who sanctioned the film” under Communist rule. The film shows Mr. Biel’s family and friends who remained in Russia. It covers the Volga River villages of Enders, Reinwald, Rosenheim, Krasnojar, Reinhard and Grimm. I’m sure that you will find the video very informative giving an insight as to what life was like under the Soviet regime in the years after many Germans had emigrated to other countries. 

Many of you who have already renewed your membership for 2018. If you have not already done so, please do so now. The dues remain unchanged at $13 and details for renewal are given in this newsletter. 

We look forward to another good year and we’ll see you on Saturday, January 27! 


David Karber 


March 2018


Dear Chapter Members

Just to say that it is an honor and pleasure for us, the co chair presidents to share a few words about your chapter. I first want to thank all of you for your support not only in dues support, but in meeting attendance. Thank you all.

As you know and are aware, we had a great turnout for the last luncheon meeting to see the video, `A Visit to the Volga German Villages` by John Biel provided by your co president, David Karber. It was a tremendous presentation to say the least. Now once again, you will have the opportunity to see and review another outstanding presentation, `Life in Berlin During the Soviet Invasion` by Ingrid Radke-Azvedo, - what life was like living in Berlin after the Soviet invasion, at our next luncheon meeting on Saturday, March 17. This should be a great information and informative piece of documentation that should be in every one’s `personal library`. I personally am anxiously awaiting her discussion and presentation.

Now, how about the chapter`dues` issue. We are still waiting for your dues commitment for the year 2018. I know that it is just like I have done in not forwarding my dues because I thought I had accomplished that task before, but it `fell thru the crack and did not get to the treasurer, David Karber. Anyway, I looked at my records and realized that I had not completed the task. So, please look at your records and forward your dues commitment to David Karber as soon as possible to keep you on the membership rolls. It is so important that we not `lose` you.

Some other activities since we last met, included the gathering of our CDC meeing at Bob Freemans’s home scheduled for 24 February. I will keep you informed of the information of the outcome of that meeting – it is so important that we keep you informed and in the loop.

Once again, we would like to hear of your thoughts on our lunch menus and hope that you will forward your recommendations on future meals. We need your inputs.

I want to thank you again for all your support and hope that you will let us know of your desires and wants as this is your chapter and we hope you enjoy all the benefits it brings to all of us.

Larry Stumpf

September 2018

PRESIDENTS MESSAGE Dear Members of the GR So Cal Chapter,

I hope your summer is going well in spite of the unusual heat we have experienced. I’m sure that all of us are looking forward to the cooler days in Fall.

Chapter members have been involved in a number of activities since our last meeting. We had a delightful summer picnic at the beachside home of Bob Freeman and a number of our members attended the national conventions of GRHS and AHSGR We’ll have reports on both of those conventions at the next chapter meeting on September 15.

Peter Goldade, one of our chapter members made presentations at the GRHS convention and we will have the privilege of his making that presentation to our chapter. His presentations drew a lot of interest and were well-attended. Peter has done extensive research on the files which reflect the mass atrocities inflicted by the Russian Revolution of 1917. He has authored four books and is in the process of writing a 5th book. His website provides extensive information about personal and family data and the ultimate fate of many people. I’m sure you will find Peter’s presentation of great interest.

Our chapter has been asked to host the Heritage Fest in 2019.  We will provide opportunity for chapter members to discuss planning for that event.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and we’ll see you at the Phoenix Club on Saturday, September 15!

David Karber