Meeting Dates and Programs

All meetings and research gatherings will be held at All Saints Lutheran Church (formerly known as Emmanuel Lutheran), located at 314 S. Spruce in Spokane, and will begin at 1 PM unless otherwise posted.


Upcoming in 2014:

May 10th
This is a research meeting, but will focus mainly on convention planning and first skit rehearsal.

June 14th
Last meeting before convention! We will have a convention bag-stuffing party and a skit dress rehearsal.

July 22nd
Set up Registration Room at hotel in the evening.

July 23rd
Heritage Hall set up and Registration opens!
City Bus Tour begins at 2:30pm with dinner at the end.

July 24th-27th
Convention takes place at The Davenport Hotel in Spokane, WA

August 9th
Our annual summer picnic/potluck will begin at NOON. Anyone needing a ride should contact one of the chapter officers and we'll make sure you get there!  Bring a guest or two if you like!

September 13th
Back on track after the summer activities! Our September meeting will be a regular business meeting which will include a recap of the GRHS Convention. 

October 11th
This will be a research meeting, so bring your "stuff" and we will try to help you get through your "walls" and unravel your family.  Our library books and maps will be there for your use as well.

November 8th
This is a regular business meeting at 1:00 with a presentation yet to be announced.

December 13th
Our annual Christmas Party will be held at Timber Creek Bar & Grill located in the Spokane valley just off Argonne at 9211 E. Montgomery Avenue.  Join us Saturday afternoon at 3:00PM for dinner festivities in the banquet room just behind the cashier station.  The buffet dinner will be followed by loads of fun as we play our gift exchange game.  Guests are always welcome so bring your friends, relatives or neighbors along!  Anyone needing a ride can contact Valerie (509)220-6321 or Wanda (509)926-6951 and rides will be arranged.

Rules of our gift exchange game are simple:  Each person needs to bring a WRAPPED gift ($10 value) for the gift game.  Each male should bring a gift for another male, and each woman should bring a gift for another woman.  (Men just don't seem really thrilled to open a gift of sparkling beads...and ladies just can't appreciate the beauty of an awesome crescent wrench!)  Please tag the gift as either "MALE" or "FEMALE". (Guests should also bring a gift so they can join the fun!)

The game starts with the draw of a number.  That person selects a gift from the table and unwraps it.  It's your gift (for the time being) until the next person comes up.  They have a choice of selecting a new unwrapped gift from the table, or stealing yours.  If your gift is stolen, you then go back up and select another, or you can steal from someone else, but you can't directly steal your gift back from the person that just stole it from you.  A gift can only be "stolen" two times.  The 3rd person who has the gift deems it "safe" and no one else can steal it.  Either male or female can steal a gift if it's something they want when it's their turn.  It's a great game with lots of laughs!







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