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Hinsz spelling hint:

Contributed by: Dale Lee Wahl

Date: 12 Jan 2007

Subject: Brienne HINZ/HINTZ/HINSZ

Those of us who have spent any time doing family research, have seen spelling differences over time with some of our ancestors on our pedigree chart. My personal story here goes back to the HINSZ of Brienne. My great-grandfather Karl HINSZ tended to every once in awhile leave a trace of his name in the records in America as "HINZ" . . . most of us have had to learn that the tz and sz is often replaced by just z, so this was not surprising. But when the earliest church family book for Brienne became available and I decided to dig in on how the name was spelled there, I found from the first generation to come to Brienne, to the 3rd generation, that being Karl, the name was used in one family book with three spellings from one generation to the next in this line. Karl's grandfather was there as HINZ, Karl's father as HINTZ and Karl as HINSZ.

This has kept my surname spelling antenna's especially tuned ever since making this discovery!


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